Armed Worms

Armed Worms

Robot 139
Action / Strategy
Jonas Kukkonen / Team17 Software / Ocean / Team17 Software Limited / Ocean Software / Electronic Arts

Available at

TitleSystemYear Worms Mega Drive 1995
GamesWin Worms + (Plus) PC 1995
The Retro Spirit Worms PC 1995
XTC Abandonware Worms PC 1995
GamesWin Worms 2 PC 1997
The Good Old Days Worms PC 1995
Free Game Empire Worms PC
Smush The Cat Worms PC 1995
GamesWin Worms PC 1995
Abandonware Dos Worms PC 1995
DJ Old Games Worms unknown 1995
100KB ought to be enough for anybody Armed Worms PC Worms Game Boy 1995 Worms SNES 1995
The Retro Spirit Worms: Reinforcements PC 1995

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