Borland Turbo Basic 1.0

Borland Turbo Basic 1.0

Robot 629
Logotron / Spinnaker / Logotron Ltd / Spinnaker Software

Available at

The Good Old Days Star Goose! PC 1988
Lostgames Abandonware Star Goose PC 1988
The Good Old Days Star Goose! PC 1988
GamesWin Star Goose! (a.k.a. Stargoose Warrior) PC 1989
The Good Old Days Star Goose! PC 1988
The Good Old Days Borland Turbo Basic 1.0 PC 1988
The Retro Spirit Star Goose PC 1988
DJ Old Games Star Goose! unknown 1988
Bunny Abandonware Stargoose PC
Abandonware Dos Stargoose Warrior (A.K.A. Star Goose!) PC 1988
The Good Old Days Star Goose! PC 1988
XTC Abandonware Star Goose PC 1988
100KB ought to be enough for anybody Star Goose! PC 1988

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