Kosmonaut aka Skyroads

Kosmonaut aka Skyroads

Robot 493
Simulation / Sport / Action
Bluemoon Interactive / Scandinavian PC Systems / Bluemoon Software / Creative Dimensions, Blue Moon Software

Available at

GamesWin SkyRoads PC 1993
11th Star Zoo Kosmonaut PC 1990
RetroGames.cz SkyRoads PC 1993
The Good Old Days SkyRoads PC 1993
Games Nostalgia Skyroads PC 1993
Abandonware Dos Skyroads PC 1993
XTC Abandonware Skyroads PC 1993
XTC Abandonware Kosmonaut aka Skyroads PC 1990
GamesWin Kosmonaut PC 1990
Smush The Cat Skyroads PC 1993
100KB ought to be enough for anybody Kosmonaut PC 1990

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