Simulation Games


Robot 821
1000 MigliaSimulmondo1992
1869Max Design1992
1942: The Pacific air warMicroProse Software1994
1st Person PinballTynesoft Computer Software1989
3-D Helicopter SimulatorSierra1987
4D Sports TennisDistinctive Software1990
4x4 Off-Road RacingEpyx1988
688 Attack SubElectronic Arts1991
A-10 Attack!Parsoft Interactive1995
A-10 Cuba!Activision1996
A-10 Tank KillerDynamix1989
A-TrainMaxis Software1992
A.G.E.Coktel Vision1991
A320 AirbusThallion Software1993
A320 Airbus: EuropeThalion Software1993
A320 Airbus: USAThalion Software1993
Abrams Battle TankDynamix1989
ACE 2Artronic Limited1987
Ace of AcesArtech Studios1987
ACE: Air Combat Emulator1986
Aces High - The True Duel SimulatorCadaver1996
Aces of the deepDynamix1994
Aces of the PacificDynamix1992
Aces Over EuropeDynamix1993
Across the RhineMicroProse1995
Action in The North AtlanticGeneral Quarters Software1989
Action Stations! Aka Naval Surface Combat 1922 - 1945RAW Entertainment1991
Advanced Destroyer SimulatorFutura1990
Advanced Flight TrainerEdward Lenner1987
Advanced Lawnmower SimulationGardensoft1988
Aegis - Guardian of the FleetSoftware Sorcery1994
African RaidersInference1986
After BurnerSEGA1989
After Burner 2Sega1989
Air BucksImpressions Games1992
Air Power - Battle in the SkiesMindscape1995
Air Strike USACinemaware1990
Air Traffic ControllerCascoly Software1985
Air trax1983
Air WarriorKonami1992
Airstrike USASpotlight Software1990
Alpha WavesInfogrames1990
Alter EgoActivision1986
Alter Ego - FemaleActivision1986
Apache LongbowDigital Integration1996
Apache StrikeUnknown1989
Apollo 18 - Mission to the MoonAccolade1988
Archimedean DynastyMassive Development1996
Arctic FoxElectronic Arts1986
Armored fistNovalogic1994
Aspar GP MastersDinamic1989
Auto DuelOrigin1988
B-1 nuclear bomberAvalon Hill1981
B-17 Flying FortressMicroProse Software1992
B-24 Combat SimulatorSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Ball RaceCarl McLawhorn1988
BaryonACRO Studio1995
Battle CommandOcean Software1990
Battlehawks 1942Lucasfilm Games1988
BC RacersCore Design1993
Big Game FishingSimulmondo1991
Big Red RacingDomark1995
Birds of PreyElectronic Arts1991
CampaignEmpire Software1992
CapitalismEnlight Software1995
Car & DriverLooking Glass Technologies1993
Car Builder v2.02Optimum Resource1982
CarmageddonStainless Software1997
CarnageZeppelin Games1993
Carrier CommandRainbird1988
Carrier Strike - South Pacific 1942-44Strategic Simulation Inc.1992
Carriers at War 2SSG Strategic Studies1993
Championship ManagerDomark, Ltd1992
Championship Manager 2Sports Interactive1995
Chicago 90Microids1989
Chopper CommandoUnknown1988
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu WarriorPositive1990
Chuck Yeager Air CombatElectronic Arts1992
Cisco HeatImage Works1991
ColonizationSid Meier1995
Conflict - The Middle East Political SimulatorVirgin Mastertronics1990
Conflict: FreespaceVolition1998
ConstructorSystem 3 Software1997
Corncob 3D1992
Corporate RaiderSoftServ, Inc.1987
Crazy CarsTitus1989
Crazy Cars 2Titus1989
Crazy Cars 3Titus1992
Crime Fighter1993
DarkerPsygnosis Limited1995
Das BootArtech Studios1990
David's midnight magicBroderbund1982
DawgfightSoftdisk Publishing1992
Dawn of AcesiENtertainment Network1995
Dawn PatrolRowan Software Ltd.1994
Days of ThunderMindscape1990
Death SquadronGatecom1992
DeathtrackActivision, Inc.1990
Deep space: Operation CopernicusLerner Research1986
Deer HunterSunstorm Interactive1997
DescentParallax Software1995
Descent: FreeSpace - The Great WarVolition, Inc.1998
Destruction DerbyPsygnosis1995
Destruction Derby 2Psygnosis1996
DethKarzBeam Software1998
DetroitImpressions Games1993
Dinopark TycoonMECC1993
Dive BomberUS Gold, Ltd.1988
Dogfight - 80 Years of Aerial WarwareMicroProse1993
DragonStrikeWestwood Associates1990
EchelonAccess Software1988
EF2000Digital Image Design Ltd.1995
El-FishMaxis Software1993
Emergency RoomLegacy Interactive1995
Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche versus KA-52 HokumZonic/Razorworks2004
Eos - Earth Orbit StationElectronic Arts1987
EpicDigital Image Design Ltd.1992
Epic PinballDigital Extremes1993
EsheepGod's Pet Lama Corp.1998
ESS MegaCoktel Vision1991
Evasive ActionParticle Systems1993
ExplorationSoftware 20001994
F-1 World Grand PrixVideo Systems1998
F-117A - Stealth Fighter 2MicroProse1991
F-14 TomcatDynamix1990
F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software1985
F-15 Strike Eagle 2Microprose1989
F-15 Strike Eagle 3MicroProse1993
F-16 Combat PilotElectronic Arts1989
F-16 Fighting FalconDigital Integration Ltd.1996
F-19 Stealth fighterMicroProse Software1988
F-29 RetaliatorDigital Image Design Ltd.1989
F/A-18 HornetGraphic Simulations1993
F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 (Strike! Missions)Front1996
F/A-18 Hornet 3.0.xGraphic Simulations1997
F/A-18 Hornet 3.1 & KOREA 1.1 (Updates)Graphic Simulations2000
F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom (F/A-18 Hornet OIF)GraphSim2005
F1 Manager 96Software 20001996
FalconSpectrum Holobyte1987
Falcon 3.0Spectrum Holobyte1991
Falcon 4.0MacSoft1998
Falcon ATSpectrum Holobyte1988
Ferrari Formula OneElectronic Arts1989
Fighter BomberActivision1989
Fighter DuelPhilips Interactive Media1995
Fighter WingMerit Studios1995
Fire & ForgetTitus1988
Fire & Forget 2 - The Death ConvoyTitus1990
Firestorm - The Forest Fire SimulationCricket Software1995
Fleet DefenderMicroprose1994
Flight DeckBytebusters1986
Flight of the IntruderRowan Software1990
Flight Simulator IIsubLOGIC1984
Flight UnlimitedLooking Glass1995
FlightmarePeter Adams1984
FlyerfoxTymac Software1984
Football Manager 3Addictive1993
Ford SimulatorFord Motor Company1987
Ford Simulator 2The SoftAd Group1989
Ford simulator 5The SoftAd Group1994
Free EnterpriseTsunami Games1996
FreelancerDigital Anvil2003
Frontier: Elite 2Frontier Developments1993
Fury 31995
Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space GolfPixel Painters Corporation1995
Galleons of GloryBroderbund1990
GatoSpectrum Holobyte1984
Gone fishinAmtex1994
Grand Prix 500 2Microids1991
Grand Prix CircuitAccolade1988
Grand Prix Manager 2MicroProse Software, Inc1996
Great Naval Battles vol. 2: Guadalcanal 1942 - 43SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1994
Great Naval Battles vol. 3: Fury in the Pacific 1941-1944Divide by zero1995
Great Naval Battles vol. 4: Burning Steel, 1939-1942Divide by zero1995
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939 - 1943SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1992
GunboatAccolade, Inc.1990
GunshipMicroProse Software, Inc.1986
Gunship 2000MicroProse Software, Inc.1991
Hard Drivin';Domark Software1990
Hard Drivin'; 2Domark Software1990
Harley Davidson: Road To SturgisMindscape1989
HarpoonThree-Sixty Pacific1989
Harpoon IIThree-Sixty Pacific1994
Harrier Jump JetMicroProse1992
Harrier Strike MissionMiles Computing1985
Harrier Strike Mission IIMiles Computing1987
Heat Wave - Offshore Superboat RacingAccolade1990
Heavy MetalAccess Software1989
Helicopter MissionRauser Advertainment1993
Helicopter Simulator??unknown
Hellcat AceMicroProse1984
Hellfire ZonePanoramic Software1995
High FlyerCommodore1983
Holiday islandSunflowers1997
Hot WheelsMattel1985
I-WarParticle Systems1997
IL-2 Sturmovik - 1946Ubisoft2006
Independence DayFox Interactive1997
Indianapolis 500Papyrus Design Group1989
IndyCar RacingPapyrus Publishing1993
IndyCar Racing 2Sierra1996
Inferno: The Odyssey ContinuesDigital Image Design Ltd.1994
Inside traderCosmi corporation1987
Iron Seed1994
Ironman Offroad RacerVirgin1990
Jack Charlton's match fishingAligata software1985
Jane's Combat Simulations: Advanced Tactical FightersElectronic Arts1996
Jet MotoSony Interactive Studios1997
JetFighter - The AdventureVelocity1988
JetFighter 2 - Advanced Tactical FighterVelocity1990
JetstrikeRasputin Software1994
Jimmy White's wirlwind snookerVirgin1991
JuggernautPete Cooke1985
Ka-50 HokumSimis Limited1995
Kennedy ApproachMicroProse Software1985
KenoTed Gruber Software1989
King of the RoadSoftlab-NSK2002
KingpinTeam 171995
Knights of the SkyMicroProse1990
Kosmonaut aka SkyroadsBluemoon Interactive1990
Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic MissionActivision1987
LHXElectronic Arts1990
Life & deathSoftware Toolworks1988
Life & death 2Software Toolworks1990
Line WarsFreeware1989
LionSanctuary Woods1995
Little Computer People (Disk Version)Activision1985
Lombard RAC RallyRed Rat Software1988
Lost Dutchman MineMagnetic Images1989
Lost Dutchman MineMagnetic Images1989
Lotus - The Ultimate ChallengeGremlin1993
Lunar Commandunknown
M1 Tank platoonMicroprose1989
Mac-ChallengerAegis Development1985
Macadam BumperERE Informatique1985
Mad TVRainbow Arts1991
Mean StreetsAccess Software1989
Mechwarrior 2Activision1995
Mechwarrior 3Zipper Interactive1999
MegafortressArtech Studios1991
Merchant PrinceHOlistic Design, Inc1993
Merlin ChallengeDigital Integration Ltd.1993
Metaltech: BattledromeDynamix, Inc.1995
Metaltech: EarthsiegeDynamix, Inc.1994
Micro MachinesCode Masters1994
Micro Machines 2 - Turbo TournamentCodemasters1995
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v3.0)Microsoft Game Studios1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0subLOGIC1982
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0Bruce Artwick Organization Ltd.1989
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1Bruce Artwick Organization Ltd.1995
Microsoft Space SimulatorThe Bruce Artwick Organization1994
MiG-29 FulcrumDomark1991
Millennia: Altered DestiniesTake-Two Interactive1995
Mind MirrorElectronic Arts1985
Moto RacerDelphine Software1997
Mutant Chicken Races1996
Nascar racingPapyrus design group1994
Navcom 6 - The Persian Gulf DefenseCosmi Corporation1988
Navy StrikeEmpire Interactive1996
Network Q RAC Rally ChampionshipEuroPress1994
Night mission pinballSublogic1982
NS ArnhemR. Plokhaar1994
NS HilversumR. Plokhaar1995
Ocean rangerActivision1988
Ocean TraderSoftware 20001996
Off RoadMontsoft1988
Off Shore WarriorTitus1988
Oil BaronsStarsoft Development1992
Oil ImperiumreLINE Software1989
OK Cash MachineComputer Experts1994
OligopolyXOR Corporation1988
OpenTTDChris Sawyer Productions2005
Oregon Trail DeluxeMECC1992
Oregon Trail, TheMECC1990
Oregon Trail, TheMECC1982
OverlordRowan Software Ltd.1994
P.H.M. PegasusLucasFilm Games1988
P47 The Freedom FighterFirebird Software1990
P51 Mustang Flight SimulatorBullseye Software1988
Pacific IslandsOxford Digital Enterprises1992
Pacific StrikeOrigin Systems1994
Panthers in the ShadowsHPS Simulations1995
Panzer General 3D - AssaultStrategic Simulations1999
Paris Dakar 1990Tomahawk1990
Parlour gamesCompile1987
Pinball DreamsDigital Illusions CE AB1992
Pinball FantasiesDigital Illusions CE AB1992
Pinball IllusionsDigital Illusions CE AB1995
Pinball MagicLoriciels1989
Pirates GoldMicroprose1993
Pitstop 2Epyx1988
Pizza TycoonMicroProse1994
Pole PositionUnknownunknown
Pole Position 2Mindscape1982
Ports of callAegis International1992
President ElectStrategic Simulations, Inc.1988
Princess Maker 2Gainax1995
Project Space StationAvantage1987
Psi 5 Trading CompanyDistinctive Software1986
Psycho PinballCodemasters1994
QuarterPoleMicroleague Interactive Software1993
Race Drivin';Tengen Inc.1991
Race!Carl Erikson1989
RaidenImagitec Design1994
Railroad TycoonMicroProse1990
Railroad Tycoon DeluxeMicroProse1993
Rally ChampionshipsFlair Software1994
Rally SportJukka Jakala1996
Rally-KKurt W. Dekker1995
Ralph Bosson';s High SeasGarde Games of Distinction1988
Re-VoltAcclaim Entertainment1999
Red BaronFreeware1990
Red BaronBMB Compuscience1984
Red Baron 3DDynamix, Inc.1998
Red LightningStrategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)1989
Red Storm RisingMicroProse Software1989
Rescue on Fractalus!Lucasfilm Games1984
Rms TitanicElectric Dreams Software1986
Road FighterKonami1985
Road RashElectronic Arts1996
Rock Star Ate My HamsterCodemasters1989
ScorcherGT Interactive1996
Sea RogueMicroplay1992
SEAL TeamElectronic Arts1993
Search And DestroyBroderbund1987
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffeLucasFilm Games1991
Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97Sensible Software1996
Sherman M4Loriciels1989
Shuttle: The Space Flight SimulatorVektor graphics1992
Silent HunterSSI1996
Silent ServiceMicroProse Software1985
Silent Service 2MicroProse1990
SilverballDigital Extremes1993
Sim CityMaxis Software Inc.1989
Sim City 2000Maxis Software Inc.1993
Sim CopterMaxis1997
Sim EarthMaxis1990
Sky SharkTaito1988
Skyroads: Xmas Special1994
Slicks ';n SlideT&J Kaupinnen1993
Slipstream 5000Gremlin1995
Solo FlightMicroprose1983
SopwithBMB Compuscience1984
Sopwith 2BMB Compuscience1985
Space RacerLoriciels1988
Space RogueGryphon Software1989
Speed HasteFriendware1995
SpyhunterBally Midway1984
Star CrusaderTake-Two Interactive1994
Star Fleet I: The War Begins!Interstel Corporation1983
Star Fleet II: Krellan CommanderInterstel Corporation1989
Star Ship CommandDon G. Bowen1987
Star Trek V: The Final FrontierMindscape1989
Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyInterplay1997
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Chekov's Lost MissionsInterplay1998
Star Trek: Starfleet CommandInterplay Productions1999
Star WarsAtari1988
StarlancerDigital Anvil2000
Station Nasa??unknown
Steel thunderAccolade1988
Street RodCalifornia Dreams1989
Street Rod 2California Dreams1990
StrikerDerek Williams1985
STUN RunnerDomark Software1990
Stunt Car RacerMicrostyle1990
Stunt IslandDisney1992
StuntsDistinctive Software1990
Su-25 StormovikElectronic Arts1990
Sub Battle SimulatorEpyx1987
Subwar 2050MicroProse1993
Super HueyCosmi1988
Super Huey 2Cosmi1988
Sword of the SamuraiMicroProse1989
Targetware 0.63Mark Nine Systems2003
Task Force 1942MicroProse Software1992
Tau Ceti1987
Team SuzukiGremlin1991
Team YankeeOxford Digital Enterprises1990
Terminal Velocity1995
Test DriveAccolade1987
Test Drive 2 - The DuelAccolade1989
Test Drive 3 - The PassionAccolade1990
Test Drive Offroad 2Accolade1998
TFXDigital Image Design Ltd.1993
The CyclesAccolade1989
The Hunt for Red OctoberArgus Press Software1988
The Incredible Machine 1unknown
The Interstate 76 ArsenalActivision1998
The Need for SpeedPioneer Productions1995
The Shadow of the Third MoonBlack Blade Design1998
The TerminatorBethesda Softworks LLC1991
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of BritainLucasfilm Games1989
Theme Hospital1997
Thunderhawk 2: FirestormCore Design Ltd.1995
TIE FighterLucasarts1994
TNM 6.2+ Wrestling Simulator2003
TomahawkDigital Integration1985
Top GunThunder Mountain1987
Toyota GTGremlin1992
Transport Tycoon Deluxeunknown
Triplane TurmoilDodekaedron Software1996
Tristan PinballLittleWing1991
Tunnels of ArmageddonCalifornia Dreams1989
Turbo CarDoug Ross1987
Turbo CupLoriciels1987
Turbo OutrunSega1990
U.S. Navy Fighters GoldElectronic Arts1995
U.S.S. John Young 2Magic Bytes1992
Ultimate golfGremlin1990
Ultrabots (Xenobots)NovaLogic, Inc.1993
Unchartered Waters 2 - New HorizonsKOEI1995
Up PeriscopeActionsoft Corp.1988
ValkyrieDonald A. Hill Jr.1993
Vegas gamblerLogical Design Works, Inc.1987
Veritech - Variable Fighter SimulatorRYLO Software1994
Viaje de Colón, ElMicronet1992
Video PinballAtari, Inc.1980
Video Trek 88Windmill Software1982
Virtual WingsCAT III Systems1997
Visual Star Trektbf1990
Wacky WheelsApogee1994
War EaglesCosmi Corporation1989
War in the GulfEmpire Software1993
Warbird 2.7 HiRes (!) CockpitsiEN2001
WarBirds 2.75iENtertainment Network1998
WarBirds III: Fighter Pilot AcademyiENtertainment Network2002
Wing CommanderOrigin1990
Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the KilrathiOrigin Systems1991
Wing Commander AcademyOrigin1993
Wing Commander: ArmadaOrigin Systems1994
Wing Commander: Privateer - Gemini GoldPrivateer Gemini Gold Project2005
Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous FireORIGIN Systems, Inc.1994
Wings of FuryBroderbund Software1989
Wings of GloryORIGIN Systems, Inc.1995
Wings of GloryOrigin1994
WolfSanctuary Woods1994
World Circuit: The Grand Prix Race SimulationMicroprose1992
X-15Absolute Entertainment Inc1986
X-Plane 2Laminar Research1996
X-Plane 3Laminar Research1997
X-Plane 4Laminar Research1998
X-Plane 5Laminar Research2000
X-Plane 6Laminar Research2001
X-Plane 7Laminar Research2003
X-Plane 8Laminar Research2004
X-Plane 9Laminar Research2008
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of PowerLucasArts1997
X-Wing: B-WingLucasArts1993
Yacht Racing SimulatorGeoff. Brayford & Associates1986
Yes, Prime MinisterOxford Digital Enterprises1988
Yoot TowerOPeNBooK90031999
Zona 0Topo Soft1991
Zone 66Epic Megagames1993
Zone Raiders1995