F Games


Robot 834
F-1 World Grand PrixSportVideo Systems
F-117A - Stealth Fighter 2SimulationMicroProse
F-14 TomcatSimulationDynamix
F-14 Tomcat: Fleet DefenderSimulationMicroProse
F-15 Strike EagleSimulationMicroProse Software
F-15 Strike Eagle 2SimulationMicroprose
F-15 Strike Eagle 3unknown
F-16 Combat Pilotunknown
F-16 Fighting FalconSimulationDigital Integration Ltd.
F-19 Stealth fighterSimulationMicroProse Software
F-22 RaptorunknownNova Logic
F-29 RetaliatorSimulationDigital Image Design Ltd.
F-A-18 Hornet 3.0unknownEmpire
F-ZeroMiscNintendo Co., LTD
F.A.R.M. PatrolActionFive Guys from Stanford
F.A.S. SoccerSportGeorge Loo
F.GodmomActionJohn Blackwell
F/A-18 HornetSimulationGraphic Simulations
F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 (Strike! Missions)SimulationFront
F/A-18 Hornet 3.1 & KOREA 1.1 (Updates)SimulationGraphic Simulations
F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom (F/A-18 Hornet OIF)SimulationGraphSim
F1 Championship Season 2000SportExitdata/Image Space
F1 ManagerunknownSoftware 2000
F1 Managerunknown
F1 Manager 96SimulationSoftware 2000
F1 Manager ProfessionalunknownSoftware 2000
F1 RaceSportNintendo
F1 Race!SportJoel Quejada
F1 World Championship EditionunknownDomark
F1GPSportSatoru Nishisaka
F22 Lightning IIunknownNova Logic
F40 Pursuitunknown
FableAdventureSimbiosis Interactive
Fables & Fiends - Hand of FateunknownVirgin
Fabulous WandaActionGames Machine Ltd
Face OffSportActivision
FaceMakerPuzzleJeff Buell
FacesStrategySpectrum Holobyte
FaceTrexPuzzleSoleau Software
Facing the EmpireStrategyMVP Software
FactoryEducationalWings for Learning
Factory InfectionActionKaroshi corp
Factory: The Industrial DevolutionPuzzleRoundHouse Software
Facts in ActionEducationalSpirit of Discovery
Fade to BlackunknownElectronic Arts
Faery Tale AdventureunknownMicroillusions
Faery Tale Adventure 2 - Halls of the DeadRPGEncore Software
Fahrenheit 451AdventureByron Preiss
FairAdventureHanon Ondricek
Fairlight: A PreludeAdventureThe Edge
FalconSimulationSpectrum Holobyte
Falcon 3.0SimulationSpectrum Holobyte
Falcon 4.0SimulationHasbro Interactive
Falcon A.T.unknown
Falcon BeertenderActionFalcon
Falcon PatrolActionVirgin Games
Falcon Patrol IiActionVirgin Games
Falklands 82StrategyPSS ltd.
Fall GuyActionElite
Fallen AngelActionEmerald Software
Fallen EmpireActionMidnight
Fallen HavenStrategyInteractive Magic
FalloutRPGBlack Isle Studios
FalloutPuzzleBrad P. Taylor
Fallout 2RPGBlack Isle Studios
Fallout TacticsRPGGOG.com
FallthruAdventurePaul H. Deal
Familie TreeEducationalThomas Keith Stone
Family FeudMiscSharedata
Family FeudPuzzleGametek
Family Restaurantunknown
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, TheActionCodemasters Software
Fantastic Four - a.k.a. Questprobe feat. The Human Torch and The ThingAdventureLoad n Go
Fantasy EmpiresStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc
Fantasy GeneralunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)
Fantasy WarsStrategy1C Publishing
Fantasy world DizzyunknownCodemasters
Fantasy ZoneActionSEGA Enterprises
Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-OpaActionSEGA Enterprises
Far CryActionCrytek
Farenheit 451AdventureTelarium / Trillium
Farmers MahjonggPuzzleTomi Engel
FascinationAdventureCoktel Vision
Fast Breakunknown
Fast EddieActionSirius Software
Fast FoodActionCodemasters Software
Fast FoodActionTelesys
Fast TracksSportActivision
Fatal ChallengeActiontbc
Fatal FumesunknownSpectrum Pacific Publishing
Fatal ImpactActionNico Galis
Fatal RacingunknownGremlin Interactive
Fatal RelationsAdventure
Fatal RunSportSculptured Software
Fate by NumbersAdventureRevival
Fate: Gates of DawnRPGreLINE Software
Fates of TwinionRPGSierra Entertainment
Fatman - The Caped ConsumerActionIO Product
Fatty Bear's Birthday SurpriseEducationalHumongous Entertainment
FawnRPGArmadillo Games
Fawn IIRPGArmadillo Games
FaxanaduRPGHudson Soft
Fearless Fred And The Factory Of DoomActionMr. Chip Software
FearsActionBomb Software
Feasibility ExperimentAdventureChannel 8 Software
Feathered SoccerSportBlue Pixy Software
Feathers & SpaceActionPBI Software
Felix In The FactoryActionMicro Power
Felix the CatActionHudson Soft
Fellowship of the RingAdventureAddison-Wesley
Ferazel's WandActionAmbrosia Software
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest Coloring Bookunknown
Ferrari Formula 1SportElectronic Arts
Ferrari Grand PrixSportBullseye Software
Fester's Questunknown
Fever Pitch SoccerunknownU.S. Gold
Fidelity Chessmaster 2100StrategySoftware Toolworks
FidgetPuzzleAnthony Cote
Field CombatActionJaleco Ltd.
Fields of GloryStrategyMicroprose
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunSportMindscape
FIFA '96SportElectronic Arts
FIFA 2000SportElectronic Arts
FIFA 97SportElectronic Arts
FIFA 98 - Die WM-QualifikationunknownElectronic Arts
FIFA 99SportElectronic Arts
FIFA Internatioan SoccerSportElectronic Arts
Fifteen MinutesAdventureAde McT
Fifty Mission CrushStrategySSI
Fight NightSportU.S. Gold
Fighter BomberSimulationActivision
Fighter Bomber: Advanced Mission Discunknown
Fighter DuelSimulationPhilips Interactive Media
Fighter WingSimulationMerit Studios
Fighter Wing: Manual Viewunknown
Fightin' SpiritActionLight Shock
Fighting WarriorActionMelbourne House
FillerPuzzleLeo Posazhennikov
Final assaultMiscInfogrames
Final BattleRPGMirrorsoft
Final conflictActionImpressions
Final DOOMActionGT Interactive
Final FantasyRPGSquare Co., Ltd.
Final Fantasy 2unknown
Final Fantasy 3unknown
Final Fantasy IVAdventureSquare Co., Ltd.
Final Fantasy Legend, TheRPGSquare Co.
Final Fantasy VIIRPGSquare
Final FightActionCapcom
Final Fight 2ActionCapcom
Final FighterActionFreeware
Final FrontierStrategyPersonal Software Services
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000StrategyHolistic Design
Final Orbitunknown
Final Soccer ChallengeunknownM. Magnusson and M. Brynervall
Final SoulAdventuretbc
Final WarStrategyAlfredo Delg
Fire & ForgetSimulationTitus
Fire & Forget 2 - The Death ConvoySimulationTitus
Fire & Iceunknown
Fire AntActionMogul Communications Ltd
Fire EmblemRPGNintendo Co., LTD
Fire FightActionElectronic Arts
Fire FighterActionImagic
Fire FighterStrategyEben Sprinsock
Fire Hawk: Thexder - The Second Contactunknown
Fire KingRPGElectronic Arts
Fire PowerActionFreeware
Fire StarActionOMK
Fire WarriorActionElectromagic
Fire-Brigade - The Battle for Kiev - 1943StrategyPanther Games
FirefallActionRecreational Software
Firehouse RescueEducationalGameTek
Firestorm - The Forest Fire SimulationSimulationCricket Software
FireTeam 2200unknown
First SamuraiActionVivid Image
FishStrategyOriol Ferrer Mesia
Fish BowlAdventureEthan Rupp & Joshua Rupp
Fish FilletsPuzzleALTAR Interactive
Fish TycoonStrategyLDW Software
Fishing DerbySportActivision
Fist +ActionMelbourne House
Fist 2: The legend continuesActionBeam software
Fist FightActionSunstar
Fist FighterSportZeppelin Games
Five-a-Side Indoor SoccerSportMastertronic
Fix-It Felix Jr.ActionTobiKomi
FlakActionFunsoft Inc
Flames of Freedomunknown
Flasch BierPuzzleWerner Soft
Flash Gordon: Il Rapimento di DaleAdventureHolodream Software
Flash Traffic: City of AngelsAdventureTime Warner Interactive
FlashbackActionDelphine Software
Fleet Sweepunknown
Flek!PuzzlePivo?ka Software
Flesh FeastActionSegaSoft
Flight Commander 2unknown
Flight DeckSimulationBytebusters
Flight of the Amazon QueenAdventureRenegade Software
Flight of the Intruderunknown
Flight Simulator IISimulationsubLOGIC
Flight UnlimitedSimulationLooking Glass
Flight Unlimited IIunknownSold Out
FlintstonesActionHanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.
Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppyActionTaito
Flipper the ZipperActionRussco
FlippersPuzzleMichel de Messieres
Floor 13SimulationVirgin Interactive
Flop ChopActionJ.R.F.
Floppy FrenzyAction
Flowers of MysteriaAdventureDavid Sweeney
Floyd The DroidAdventureRadarSoft
Flug 714 nach SydneyAdventureMr Creosote
FlyerfoxSimulationTymac Software
Flygande Start: Första klassEducationalLevande Böcker i Norden
Flying CorpsunknownEmpire
Flying TigersunknownTicsoft
Flying Tigers 2unknown
Flying Warriorsunknown
Follow the ReaderAdventureDisney Software
FootballSportAtari, Inc.
Football (For Windows)Sport
Football Gloryunknown
Football ManagerSportAddictive Games
Football Manager 2008SportSports Interactive
Football Manager 3SportAddictive
Forbidden CastleAdventureMindscape
Forbidden ForestActionCosmi
Forbidden QuestAdventurePryority software
Ford Racing 2SportRazorworks/Zonic
Ford SimulatorSimulationFord Motor Company
Ford Simulator 2SimulationThe SoftAd Group
Ford simulator 3SportThe SoftAd Group
Ford simulator 5SimulationThe SoftAd Group
Forest of DoomRPGPuffin Books
Forestia (FR)AdventureLaserMedia
Forestia 3 - RevoltozooAdventureDaddyoak
Forgotten AsylumAdventure
Forgotten Realms - Unlimited AdventuresRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Forgotten Realms I - Pool Of RadianceAdventureSSI
Forgotten Realms Ii - Curse Of The Azure BondsAdventureSSI
Forgotten Realms Iii - Secret Of The Silver BladesAdventureSSI
Forgotten WorldsActionCapcom
Forgotten, The: It BeginsAdventureDreamCatcher Interactive
Formation ZActionJaleco
Formula 1unknown
Formula One Build to Winunknown
Formula One Grand PrixSportMicroProse
ForsakenActionAcclaim Entertainment
Fort ApocalypseActionSynapse Software
Fortress of Dr. Radiaki, TheActionMerit Studios
Foso, ElActionJASAP Soft
Fountain of DreamsRPGElectronic Arts
Four Hillsunknown-
Fourth Generation, TheunknownAssistant Publishing
Fourth ProtocolAdventureHutchinson Computer Publishing
Fourth ProtocolAdventureHutchinson Computer Publishing
FoxunknownTitus Interactive
Fox Collection, TheActionTitus Interactive, S.A.
Fox RangerActionSoft Action
Fragile AllegianceStrategyGremlin Interactive
Frank Bruno'S BoxingSportElite
Frankenstein - Mit den Augen des MonstersunknownAmazing Media
Frankenstein Jnr.AdventureCodemasters
Frankenstein's Helper 3.0EducationalRobert Schenk
Frankie Goes To HollywoodAdventureOcean
Franko: The Crazy RevengeActionMirage Interactive
Frantic FreddieActionCDS
Freak ShowAdventureThe Residents
Freakin' Funky Fuzzballsunknown
Freddy Fishunknown
Freddy HardestActionDinamic
Freddy Pharkas - Frontier PharmacistunknownSierra
Freddy's Rescue RoundupActionIBM
Frederik Pohl's GatewayAdventure
Free ClimbingSportZafiro
Free D.C!AdventureCineplay Interactive
Free EnterpriseSimulationTsunami Games
FreeColStrategyThe Freecol Team
Freedom ForceStrategyIrrational Games
Freedom Force vs The 3rd ReichActionIrrational Games
FreelancerSimulationDigital Anvil
Freespace + Expansion (a.k.a. Descent: Freespace)SimulationGOG.com
Freespace 2ActionInterplay
Friday the 13thunknown
Friday The 13thAdventureDomark
Friendlyware PC Arcadeunknown
Frog 64ActionAlligata Software
Frog MasterActionCommodore
Frog SquadActionLightmare Interactive
Frogger - RemakeActionHasbro Interactive
Frogger 2 - Three Deepunknown
Frogrun 64ActionAnirog Software
Frogs and FliesActionMattel Electronics
Front LineActionTaito
Front Linesunknown
Front Page Sports Baseball 94unknownDynamix
Front Page Sports Football Prounknown
Front Page Sports: FootballSportDynamix, Inc.
Front Page Sports: Football Pro '95SportDynamix, Inc.
Frontier - First EncountersunknownGametek
Frontier: Elite 2SimulationGameTek
Frozen-BubbleActionGuillaume Cottenceau
Fruit Machine SimulatorMiscCodemasters
Fuck QuestAdventureFreeware
Fuego de DragónunknownLogin
Fuenfte Dimension, DieunknownEidos
Full ContactActionTeam 17
Full Metal Planeteunknown
Full ThrottleAdventureLucasArts
Fun & Spooky Adding & SubtractingEducationalEureka Multimedia
Funky Funny AliensAdventureBandai Visual Co. LTD.
Funnels & BucketsEducationalData Sage
Fury 3Simulation
Fury Furriesunknown
Fussball Total!unknownBlack Legend
Future KnightActionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Future WarsAdventureDelphine Software
Fuzzy's world of miniature space golfunknownPixel Painters Corporation
Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space GolfSimulationPixel Painters Corporation
FX FighterActionArgonaut Software Ltd.
FX-15ActionMind Games