PC Games


Robot 493
007 A View To A KillAdventureMindscape1985
007 GoldfingerAdventureMindscape1987
1-0 Soccer ManagerSportWizard Games of Scotland, Ltd.1992
10 Gnomes – early spring gardenunknownunknown
10 Gnomes – foggy flatunknownunknown
10 Gnomes – the hallunknownunknown
10 Gnomes – the rooftopsunknownunknown
10 Gnomes – the shipyardunknownunknown
10 Gnomes – walk in the parkunknownunknown
1000 Migliaunknown1992
100000 Dollar PyramidMiscBox Office1988
101 Monochrome Mazesunknown1983
101: The Airborne Invasion of NormandyStrategyEmpire Interactive1998
10th FrameSportAccess Software1987
11th Hour, The - Der Nachfolger von 7th GuestunknownVirgin1995
1830 RailroadsunknownSimTexunknown
1869StrategyMax Design1992
18th Hole Miniature GolfSportUnknown1987
1942: The Pacific Air Warunknown1994
1944: Across The RhineunknownMicroproseunknown
1993trisPuzzleYoung K. Chung1993
20000 Leagues Under the SeaAdventureM. Rougeulle1988
221B Baker StreetPuzzleDatasoft1987
240 RacingSport1998
2400 A.D.RPGOrigin Systems, Inc.1988
25ActionDevilish gam1998
2c4 (Forza 4)StrategyFreewareunknown
3 Skulls of the ToltecsAdventureRevistronic1996
3-D Helicopter SimulatorSimulationSierra1987
3-D Tic-Tac-ToePuzzleAtari1980
3-D Ultra Mini GolfunknownSierra1997
3-D Ultra PinballunknownSierra1995
3-DemonActionJohn D. Price and Rick Richardson1984
3-K Triviaunknown1984
3D Construction Kitunknown1991
3D CyberPuckSportTicsoft1994
3D PitfallStrategyJ. Shramko1995
3D PoolSportMicroPlay Software1990
3D Power Games Volume 1unknownElectronic Entertainment Publishing1997
3D Shooter & Five Diceunknown1996
3D World & Flashcardsunknown1996
3D World Boxingunknown1992
3D World TennisSportSimulmundo1992
3x8MiscCírculo A.S.1992
4 Queens Computer CasinoStrategyApplications Plus1992
4-D Sports boxingunknownDistinctive Software1991
4D Prince of PersiaActionTerebilov K.A.1994
4D Sports - TennisSportMindscape1992
4D Sports DrivingSportBrøderbund Software1990
4D Sports: BoxingSportDistinctive Software1991
4th & Inchesunknown1988
4th ProtocolStrategyAriolasoft1985
4th ProtocolStrategyAriolasoft1985
4x4 Off-Road RacingSimulationEpyx1988
5 Éxitos de Opera SoftunknownOpera Soft1990
5 Days a StrangerAdventureFully Ramblomatic2003
5 Plus One - Super TetrisunknownPrism Leisure1996
5A Side SoccerSportMastertronic1984
5th Fleetunknown1994
5th Fleet Scenario Module 1unknown1995
6 Days a SacrificeAdventureYahtzeeunknown
688 Attack Subunknown1989
688I Hunter-KillerunknownElectronic Arts1997
7 Card StudStrategyVilla Crespo Software1991
7 CitiesunknownOzark Softscapeunknown
7 Cities of GoldStrategyElectronic Arts1993
7 ColorsPuzzleInfrogames1991
7 Days a SkepticAdventureYahtzeeunknown
7 dní a 7 nocíAdultPterodon Software1994
7 Spirits of RaActionSir-Tech Software, Inc.1987
7th LegionStrategyMicroProse1997
8 Ball DeluxeActionPAS Systems/Amte1993
8088 OthelloPuzzleUnknown1985
9 PokerStrategy1989
9 Princes in AmberAdventureTelarium / Trillium1985
A Change in the WeatherAdventureInfocom1995
A Dudley DilemmaAdventuretbf1988
A Game of StrategyStrategyHenrik Hoexbroe1990
A Golden WakeAdventureGrundislav Games2014
A Journey into XanthAdventureNeil Sorenson1993
A Line in the Sandunknown1992
A Mind Forever VoyagingAdventureInfocom1985
A New BeginningAdventureDaedalic Entertainment2010
A Nightmare on Elm Streetunknown1989
A Personal NightmareAdventureBox Office1989
A Tale of Two KingdomsAdventureCrystal Shardunknown
A-10 Cuba!unknownActivision1996
A-10 Tank Killerunknown1990
A-MazeActionNew Era Software1989
ÖkolopolyStrategyFrederic Vester1989
A.G.E.SimulationCoktel Vision1991
A.J.';s World of DiscoveryEducationalCoktel Vision1992
A.T.F. - Advanced Tactical FightersunknownElectronic Arts1996
A320 Airbusunknown1991
A320 Airbus: EuropeSimulationThalion Software1993
A320 Airbus: USASimulationThalion Software1993
A4 Networksunknown1995
AaarghActionBinary Design1988
Abadía del Crimen Remake, LaActionA. Giner2004
Abadía del Crimen, LaActionOpera Soft1987
Abandoned PlacesRPGInternational Computer Entertainment1992
Abandoned Places: A Time for Heroesunknown1992
ABC Fun KeysEducationalC.E. Krehbiel1989
ABC Monday Night Footballunknown1989
ABC Wide World of Sports BoxingSportData East USA1991
Abenteuer Atlantisunknown1992
Abenteuer EuropaAdventureSPD1994
Abmis the LionActionunknown
Abobo's Big AdventureActionTeam Bobo2012
Abrams Battle TankSimulationDynamix1988
Absolute Madnessunknownunknown
Absolute PinballActionUnique Development Studios1996
Absolute ZeroActionDomark Software1995
Abu Simbel Profanation DeLuxeActionM.A. Soft2003
Abu Simbel Profanation RemakeActionM.A. Soft1998
AbuseActionCrack dot com1996
Academy: Tau Ceti IIunknown1986
AccesinatoAdventureIsxem Games1996
AccordionStrategySoftdisk Publishing1990
ACE 2unknown1987
Ace of Acesunknown1986
Ace VenturaAdventure21st Century Entertainment1996
ACE: Air Combat EmulatorSimulation1986
Aces High - The True Duel SimulatorSimulationCadaver1996
Aces of the DeepSimulationDynamix1994
Aces of the PacificSimulationDynamix1992
Aces Over EuropeSimulationDynamix1993
AchetonAdventureTopologika Software1987
Achtung die Kurve!Action1995
Ack-Ack AttackActionKurt W. Dekker1995
Ack! ManActionCarey Nash1989
AcquireStrategyAvalon Hill1991
Action Fighterunknown1989
Action in the North AtlanticStrategyGeneral Quarters Software1989
Action Serviceunknown1990
Action SoccerSportUbisoft Entertainment1995
Action Stations!unknown1990
Action SuperCross v1.2SportBalász Rózsa1997
Activision Game Vault Volume 3unknownActivision1997
Activision's Atari 2600 Action PackunknownMegamedia1997
Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack 2unknownActivision1995
Actua SoccerSportGremlin Interactive1995
Actua Soccer 3SportGremlin1999
Admirals CommandStrategySimoneSystems Software1991
Adom v1.1RPG1996
Advanced CivilizationStrategyThe Avalon Hill Game Company1995
Advanced Destroyer SimulatorSimulationFutura1990
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Masterpiece CollectionunknownMindscape1995
Advanced Flight TrainerSimulationEdward Lenner1987
Advanced NetwarsActionCaldera1997
Advanced Tacticalunknownunknown
Advanced Tactical Fighter IIunknown1990
Advanced Thinking SkillsEducationalCompedia Software1992
Advanced XoruAdventureCastle Technologies1989
Advantage TennisSportInfogrames Europe1991
Advent RisingAdventureGlyphX Games2005
AdventureAdventureMr Creosote1996
Adventure construction setRPGElectronic Arts1987
Adventure in Sereniaunknown1982
Adventure Mathunknown1992
Adventure WriterRPGGilsoft1983
Adventures in MathEducationalIBM1983
Adventures of Captain ComicunknownColor Dreams, Inc.unknown
Adventures of Micro Man - Crazy Computer v1.5MiscBrian L Goble1994
Adventures of RobboPuzzle1994
Adventures of Robin HoodAdventureMillennium1992
Adventures of Willy Beamishunknown1991
Aegis - Guardian of the FleetSimulationSoftware Sorcery1994
Aethra's Chroniclesunknownunknown
African AdventureAdventureSoftside1984
African Desert CampaignStrategyMatt Kaufman1986
African RaidersSimulationInference1986
African Trail SimulatorSportCrom Software1990
After BurnerSimulationSEGA1989
After Burner 2SimulationSega1989
After the WarActionDinamic Software1989
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient ExpressAdventureAWE Productions2006
Age of EmpiresMiscMicrosoft1997
Age of Empires II + The Conquerors ExpansionStrategyMicrosoft Corporation1999
Age of Empires II: The ConquerorsStrategy2000
Age of WondersStrategyTriumph Studios1999
Age of Wonders - Shadow MagicStrategycompany2004
Age of Wonders 2 - The Wizard';s ThroneStrategyTriumph Studios2002
Agent Mlíčňák (Teenagent)AdventureMetropolis Software House1995
Agent USAunknown1984
AggravationStrategyCutlass Software1991
AggressionStrategyExpert Source Code1990
AH-64D LongbowunknownElectronic Arts1996
Aide de Campunknown1993
Aide de Camp Module: Stalingrad Pocketunknown1993
Air BallActionMicrodeal1987
Air BucksSimulationImpressions Games1992
Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfightingunknown1993
Air Force CommanderStrategyImpressions Games1992
Air Power - Battle in the SkiesSimulationMindscape1995
Air Strike USASimulationCinemaware1990
Air Traffic ControllerSimulationCascoly Software1985
Air TraxPuzzlePresearch Incorporated1983
Air Warriorunknown1990
Air Warrior IIIunknownInteractive Magic1997
Air Warrior Plus v1.16bunknownOn-line1995
Airborne Rangerunknown1987
Airborne Rangerunknown1987
Airlift RescueMiscDavid Fleming1995
AirlineStrategyFalken Software1991
AirpuckActionBob Mandel1992
Airstrike USAunknown1990
AirtaxiActionSebastian Pech2001
AIV Network$unknown1995
AkalabethRPGRichard Garriot1980
AkbarrunknownA. Viedma1991
Al-QuadimunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)unknown
AlbionRPGBlue Byte1996
Aldo AgainActionBen and Dave Ibach1989
Aldo's AdventureActionYAhoo Software1987
Aldos AssaultActionBen and Dave Ibach1991
Aleshar - The World of IceRPGHypothermia1997
Alex Higgin's World SnookerSportLindensoft1986
AlfActionAlien Productions1988
Alf - World of WordsEducationalVision Software1988
ALF: The First Adventureunknown1987
Alf';s Thinking SkillsEducationalVision Software1988
Aliants: The Desperate Battle for EarthActionKeyPunch1988
Alice in WonderlandAdventureR.C. Johnson1989
Alicia en el País de las MaravillasActionDanisoft2008
Alien AlleyActionThe Coriolis Group1994
Alien BreedActionAVM1993
Alien breed - ObliterationActionFreeware2005
Alien Breed 3 - Tower AssaultActionTeam 171994
Alien CabalActionQASoft1997
Alien CarnageActionApogee1994
Alien ForceActionRobert Epps1990
Alien IncidentAdventureGameTek1996
Alien LegacyStrategyYbarra Productions1993
Alien LogicRPGSSI1994
Alien OdysseyunknownPhilips1995
Alien PhobiaActionn.a.1997
Alien RampagePuzzleInner Circle Creations1996
Alien ShooterActionSigma Team2003
Alien Syndromeunknown1989
Alien TrilogyActionProbe Entertainment1996
Alien virusAdventureVic Tokai1996
Alien vs PredatorActionFox Interactive1999
Aliens - A Comic Book Adventure v1.0unknownMindscape1995
All dogs go to heavenActionMerit Studios1989
All New World of Lemmingsunknown1994
All Point BulletinActionUnknownunknown
Alla Scoperta Dell'Informaticaunknown1990
Allan Border';s CricketSportAudiogenic1994
Alley CatActionSynapse Software1984
Allied GeneralStrategySSI1995
Alone in the DarkAdventureInfogrames1992
Alone in the Dark - The New NightmareAdventureAtari2001
Alone in the Dark 2AdventureInfogrames1994
Alone in the Dark 2unknown1993
Alone in the Dark 3AdventureInfogrames1994
Alpha StormActionPsygnosis1997
Alpha WavesSimulationInfogrames1990
Alter EgoSimulationActivision1986
Alter Ego - FemaleSimulationActivision1986
Altered Beastunknown1989
Altered Destinyunknown1990
Alternate Reality - The CityRPGDataSoft1988
AmadoPuzzleYong Choi1990
Amarillo Slim's Real Poker: 5 Card Studunknown1989
Amazing MazePuzzleDonovan W. Foster1983
Amazing Spider-Man, TheActionParagon Software Corporation1989
AmazonAdventureTelarium Corp.1984
Amazon: Guardians of Edenunknown1992
Amazon: Guardians of Edenunknown1992
Amazon: Guardians of Edenunknown1992
Amber: Journeys BeyondAdventureHue Forest Entertainment1996
Ambush at SorinorStrategyMindcraft1993
American gladiatorsunknownMagicom Multimedia1992
American McGee's AliceActionElectronic Arts2000
American McGee's AliceActionElectronic Arts2000
Amerzone - The Explorer';s LegacyAdventureMicroids1999
AmnesiaAdventureCognetics Corp.1986
Amoto's Puf RemakeActionDock Tower2007
Amulet of YendorRPGKeypunch1986
Amulets & ArmorRPG1997
An American Tailunknown1993
An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestAdventureCapstone1993
Anacreon: reconstruction 4021StrategyThinking Machine Associates1987
Ancient Art of Warunknown1984
Ancient Art of War at Seaunknown1987
Ancient Land of Ysunknown1989
Ancient Land of YsRPGKyodai1989
Ancients 2 - Approaching EvilRPGFarr-Ware Software1993
Ángel Nieto Pole 500SportOpera Sport1990
Anika's Odisseyunknownunknown
Animal MathEducationalDonald Pavia1986
Animal Questunknown1992
Animated Memory GameStrategy1991
Animation Creationunknown1983
Annals of RomeStrategyPSS1986
Anno 1602: Erschaffung einer neuen WeltStrategyMax Design1998
Another Lifeless Planet and Me With No BeerAdventure1991
Another WorldActionInterplay1990
Anstoss: World Cup Editionunknown1994
Antarctic AdventureActionKonami1984
Antartic adventuresActionFreeware1984
Anti Ballistic MissileActionEMD1982
Anvil of DawnRPGDreamforge1995
Člověče, nezlob se!MiscAriel Software1990
Apache StrikeSimulationUnknown1989
Apogee Software Bonus Disk 7unknown1991
Apogee Software Shareware Libraryunknown1992
Apollo 18 - Mission to the MoonSimulationAccolade1988
Apple 2 Games - Sierra CollectionunknownSierra1980
Apple Panicunknown1982
AquanoidPuzzleHeineke and Finger1992
AquaNox 2 - RevelationActionJoWood2003
Arcade #1ActionKeyPunch1986
Arcade #2unknown1988
Arcade Blockbusters!unknown1991
Arcade Footballunknown1989
Arcade Gamesunknown1988
Arcade Hitsunknown1991
Arcade Poolunknown1994
Arcade RallyunknownLukas Petrik2001
Arcade TriviaPuzzleZeppelin Games1993
Arcade VolleyballSportUnknown1987
Arcade Volleyball Deluxeunknown-1996
Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2unknownGT Interactive1997
Arcanum - of Steamworks and Magick ObscuraRPGActivision2001
Archer MacLean's PoolSportVirgin1993
ArcherySportBrian Blankenship1983
Archimedean DynastySimulationMassive Development1996
Archon Ultraunknown1994
Arctic Adventureunknown1991
Arctic AdventureActionApogee1988
Arctic FoxStrategyElectronic Arts1985
Arctic MovesActionDinamic Mult1995
Area 51ActionMidway2005
Ark of TimeunknownDice1997
ARK...ActionScott DeMers1988
Arkanoid 2unknownunknown
ArkkubeActionDevilish gam2001
Armaëth: The Lost Kingdomunknown1993
Armada 2525unknown1991
Armchair Quarterbackunknown1986
Armchair QuarterbackSportPseudonym Software1985
Armed WormsActionJonas Kukkonenunknown
Armor Alleyunknown1991
Armored FistStrategyNovaLogic1994
Armorik the Viking: The Eight Conquestsunknown1988
ArmyStrategyDwain Goforth1989
ArnhemStrategyCases Computer Simulations1987
Arnie 2ActionZeppelin Games1993
Artillery Combat \(EGAbomb\)StrategyRad Delaroderie1988
Arx FatalisRPGArkane Studios2002
AscendancyStrategyThe Logic Factory1995
Ascii SectorActionChristian Knudsen2009
Ashes of EmpireActionMidnight1992
Aspar GP MasterSportDinamic Multimedia1989
Assault TrooperunknownWebfoot Technologies1997
Asterix - Operation GetafixAdventureCoktel Vision1989
Asterix & ObelixActionInfogrames1996
Astro BlasterActionRolf Franzon1988
Astro DodgeActionDigital Marketing Corp.1982
Astro fireActionORT Software1994
Astro Fire & Arcade Paddleunknown1996
AsylumAdventureDoppelganger Adventures Inc1991
AT RobotsPuzzleEd T. Toton1997
ATAC: The Secret War Against Drugsunknown1992
Atari Arcade Hits 1unknownHasbro Interactive1999
ATF NATO FightersunknownElectronic Arts1996
AtlantisunknownNoch Software Inc.unknown
Atlantis - Das sagenhafte AbenteuerunknownCryo1997
Atomic BombermanActionInterplay Productions1997
Attack on AltairActionWindmill Software1983
AttilaStrategyLüder Osmers1996
Auf dem Weg nach Europaunknown1991
AusterlitzStrategyDr. Peter Turcan1989
Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest VictoryStrategyShrapnel Games, Inc.2002
Auto DuelSimulationOrigin1988
AV-8B Harrier Assaultunknown1992
Aventura en el Siglo XXIVunknownRVM1997
Aventura en WildlandunknownInfodisc1989
Aventura Espacial, LaunknownAventuras AD1990
Aventura Original, LaunknownAventuras AD1989
AvishPuzzleBUG Multisystem Ltd.1993
Avoid the NoidActionCalifornia Merchandising Concepts, Inc.1989
Avventura nel castelloAdventureFreeware1982
Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo, The - The Cyberplasm FormulaunknownSanctuary Woods1994
Awesome EarlSportBubble Bus Software1988
Awesome Earl in SkateRockunknown1988
Axis & Allies: Iron Blitz EditionStrategyMicroProse1999
Azrael's TearAdventureIntelligent Games1996
B-1 Nuclear BomberSimulationThe Avalon Hill Game Company1983
B-17 Flying Fortressunknown1992
B-24 Combat SimulatorSimulationSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
B.A.D.ActionWebfoot Technologies1997
B.A.T. 2 : The Koshan ConspiracyAdventureComputer's dream1992
Baby Jo in Going HomeActionLoriciel1991
Back to the Future 2ActionImage Works1990
Back to the Future 3ActionImage Works1991
BackgammonPuzzleThe Dream Machine1992
Backgammon 5.0unknown1983
Backgammon RoyaleStrategyOxford Softworks1990
BackGround TetrisPuzzleAlex Yakovlev1993
BackrgammonStrategyKrista Comp.1991
Bad Bloodunknown1990
Bad Bloodunknown1990
Bad Catunknown1987
Bad Dudesunknown1988
Bad Dudes VS Dragon NinjaActionData East1988
Bad MojounknownAcclaim1996
Bad Street BrawlerActionMindscape1987
Balance of Powerunknown1986
Balance of Power - The 1990 EditionStrategyChris Crawford1990
Balance of the PlanetEducationalChris Crawford Games1990
BaldiesStrategyCreative Edge1995
Baldur';s GateRPGAtari1999
Baldur';s Gate 2 - Shadows of AmnRPGAtari2000
Ball GameActionEsprit Software1991
Ball RaceSimulationCarl McLawhorn1988
BallernActionMr Creosote1996
Ballgame 2PuzzleToxic Dream1992
BalloonzActionAcumen Software1993
BananoidActionWilliam Rieder1989
BanatronActionThomas G. Hanlin III1989
Bandit Kings of Ancient ChinaStrategyKOEI1989
Bank Street Music WriterEducationalMindscape1986
Banyon WarsStrategyWilliam Soleau1990
Banzai BugunknownMulti Media International1996
Baphomets FluchunknownMegamedia1997
Baphomets Fluch II - Die Spiegel der FinsternisunknownVirgin1997
Bar Gamesunknown1989
BarbarianunknownPsygnosis Ltd.unknown
Barbarian 2ActionPalace Software1989
Barbarian QuestunknownDarkkat Adve1995
Barbie Super ModelEducationalTahoe Software1993
Bard's ConstructionsetMiscInterplay1991
Bard's TaleRPGInterplay1985
Bard's Tale 2 - The Destiny KnightRPGInterplay1985
Bard's Tale 3 - Thief of FateRPGInterplay1988
Bargon AttackAdventureCoktel Vision1992
Bargon AttackAdventureCoktel vision1992
Barney Bear Goes to SchoolEducationalFree Spirit Software1991
Barney Bear Goes to SpaceEducationalFree Spirit Software1992
Barney Bear Goes to the FarmEducationalFree Spirit Software1993
Barschsoft SpecialPuzzleBarschsoft1997
BaryonSimulationACRO Studio1995
Baseball \(+ Pong pack\)SportKeypunch1987
Basket MasterSportDynamic Multimedia1990
Basketball ChallengeSportXOR Corporation1987
Bass Duelunknown1993
BasstourSportOlsen Outdoors1991
Bat 'n BallPuzzleButton Soft1995
Batlle Chess 4000StrategyInterplay Productions1992
Batman ForeverActionAcclaim1996
Batman Returnsunknown1992
Batman The MovieActionOcean1990
Batman: The Caped Crusaderunknown1988
Battallion Nemesisunknownunknown
Battle BeastActionInteractive Entertainment1995
Battle BugsStrategySierra1995
Battle CheeseStrategyBrad Boggess1995
Battle ChessPuzzleInterplay1989
Battle Chess 2 - Chinese ChessStrategyInterplay Productions1990
Battle CommandSimulationOcean Software1990
Battle FleetStrategyWade L. Corby1991
Battle For AtlantisStrategySoleau Software1990
Battle for NormandyStrategyTactical Design Group1983
Battle for WesnothStrategyVarious2004
Battle Isleunknown1991
Battle Isle 2StrategyBlue Byte1993
Battle Isle 3 - Shadow of the EmpireunknownBlue Byte1995
Battle Isle 93 - The Moon of ChromosStrategyBlue Byte Software, Inc.1993
Battle of Antietamunknown1987
Battle of AusterlitzStrategyGeneral Quarters Software1989
Battle WrathActionCerebral1995
Battle ZoneStrategyUnknown1987
Battlearena ToshindenActionPlaymates Interactive Entertainment1996
Battlecruiser 3000ADunknownTake 21995
Battlehawks 1942StrategyLucasFilm Games1988
Battles of Destinyunknown1992
Battles of NapoleonStrategySSI1990
BattlestarStrategyGregory Braun1989
BattleTech - The Crescent Hawk's InceptionStrategyInfocom1988
BattleTech - The Crescent Hawk's RevengeStrategyInfocom1989
BattleTech Compilationunknown1992
Bazooka SueAdventureStarbyte1997
BC RacersSimulationCore Design1993
BC's Quest for Tiresunknown1984
BeastPuzzleDan Baker1984
Beasts 'n BumpkinsMiscWorldweaver Productions Ltd.1997
Beavis & Butt-Head: Do UAdventureGT Interactive1998
Beavis & Butt-Head: Virtual StupidityAdventureViacom New Media1995
Beavis & Butthead: Bug JusticeAction1995
Beavis & Butthead: Court ChaosAction1995
Beavis & Butthead: Hock-a-LoogieAction1995
BedlamActionBeam International1987
BedlamActionMirage Technologies1996
Bedlam 2 - Absolute BedlamActionMirage Technologies1997
Beethoven's 2ndActionHi Tech Expressions1993
Beethovens 2ndActionHi Tech Expressions1993
Beetlejuice - Skeletons in the ClosetActionHi-Tech Expressions1990
BeetrisPuzzleSimsalabim Software1989
Below the Rootunknown1984
Beneath A Steel Skyunknown1994
Berlin 1948unknown1989
Berlin ConnectionAdventurePromotion Software GmbH1994
Bermuda SyndromeAdventureCentury Interactive1996
Bert and the SnakeAction1983
Best of Sierra #3unknownSierra1997
Betrayal at KrondorRPGActivision1997
Betrayal in AntaraunknownSierra1997
Beverly Hills Copunknown1990
Beyond Castle Wolfensteinunknown1985
Beyond ColumnsPuzzleBrad P. Taylor1989
Beyond DivinityRPGLarian Studios2004
Beyond the Black HolePuzzleSoftware Toolworks1989
Beyond the TitanicAdventureApogee1986
Beyond Zork - The Coconut of QuendorAdventureInfocom1987
Bicycle HolidayPuzzleSWFTE International1991
Big Blue Disk Samplerunknown1989
Big Boggleunknown1990
Big Businessunknown1990
Big Diamondunknownunknown
Big Game FishingSimulationSimulmondo1991
Big Red RacingSimulationDomark1995
Big Topunknown1983
Big Top o' FunMiscMindscape1989
Biing! – Sex, Intrigen und SkalpelleStrategyreLINE Software1995
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventureunknown1990
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventureunknown1990
Bill Elliot's NASCAR Challengeunknown1990
BilliardsunknownM. Miklyaev1989
Billy the Kid Returns!unknown1994
Bio MenaceActionApogee1993
BioForgeAdventureOrigin Systems1995
Bionic CommandoActionCapCom, U.S.A.,Inc1987
Birds of Preyunknown1991
BlödtrisPuzzlePhilip Winterberg2001
Black CrownStrategyTopo Soft1991
Black DahliaAdventureTake-Two Interactive1998
Black Goldunknown1990
Black HolePuzzleLouis DeSetto1993
Black MondayStrategyKeypunch Software1987
Black OrbActionCarl Eriksonunknown
Black SectAdventureLankhor1993
Black Star: Agent of JusticeAdventure1995
Black ThorneActionInterplay1994
BlackJackMiscJ.T. Chisholm1984
BlackjackStrategyJ. S.1989
Blackwell UnboundAdventureWadjet Eye Games2007
Blade RunnerAdventureWestwood Studios1997
Blades of Steelunknown1990
Blake Stone 1: Aliens of GoldunknownJAM Productions1993
Blake Stone 2: Planet StrikeunknownJAM Productions1994
Blake Stone: Planet Strikeunknown1994
Bleifuss FunActionUDS1997
Blind WarsStrategySoleau Software1994
Blip & BlopActionFreeware2002
BlitzPuzzlePC Solutions1993
Blitz DraughtsStrategyPC Solutions1992
Blitzkrieg - Battle at the ArdennesStrategyCommand Simulations1988
Blobby VolleySportD. Skoraszewski2001
Bloc's 2 – The Returnunknownunknown
Block BreakerPuzzleYutaka Emura1993
Block O ManiaPuzzleCrystal Shard1989
BlockadePuzzleDon Laabs1986
BlockageActionFabrizio Zavagli2003
BlockoutPuzzleP.Z.K. Co. Development Group1989
BlocksPuzzleScott Fiske1993
Blocks from HellPuzzleToren K. Smith1992
Blood & MagicStrategyInterplay1996
Blood 2 - The ChosenActionAtari1998
Blood BowlunknownDestiny Software Productions Inc.unknown
Blood Moneyunknown1989
BloodrayneAdventureTerminal Reality2003
Bloodrayne 2AdventureTerminal Reality2005
Blown AwayunknownMagellan1997
BluditunknownIng. Miroslav Nemecek1993
Blue Angels: Formation Flight Simulationunknown1989
Blue ForceAdventureTsunami1993
Blue Max: Aces of the Great WarActionArtech Studios1990
Bluebush ChessPuzzleBluebush Software1983
Blues BrothersActionTitus1991
Blues Brothers 2ActionTitus1993
Blues Brothers RPGRPG2004
Bluewater HunterSportEncore1999
Bo Jackson Baseballunknown1991
Bob the HamsterMiscHamster Republic1994
Bob WinnerAdventureLoriciels1986
Bobby Fisher teaches chessStrategyMission Studios1994
Body Blowsunknown1993
BogglePuzzleHVB Softwareunknown
Bomb Itunknownunknown
Bonanza BrothersActionunknown
Border ZoneAdventureInfocom1987
Borland Turbo Basic 1.0unknown1988
Borland Turbo C++unknown1992
Borrowed Time aka Time to DieAdventureActivision1985
Boston Bomb ClubPuzzleSilmarils1991
Boulder Dashunknown1984
Boulder Dash [remake]PuzzlePetr Simonunknown
Boulder Dash 1 & 2unknown1985
Boulder Dash 2PuzzleFirst Star Software1985
Boulder Dash Construction Kitunknown1987
Bounce ZoneAction1990
Bouncing BabiesActionDave Baskin1986
Bowja the Ninjaunknownunknown
Bowja the Ninja 2unknownunknown
Boxer RebellionPuzzleCarpenter1982
Boxhead 2unknownunknown
Brain Dead 13 Starring FritzunknownEmpire1995
Bram Stoker';s DraculaActionPsygnosis1992
Breach 2unknown1990
Breaking the TowerStrategyMarkus Perssonunknown
BreakoutMiscAtari, Inc.1978
BreakoutActionKenneth Silvermanunknown
Brett Hull Hockey 95SportAccolade1995
Bricks 2000PuzzleInner-Smile.com2000
Bridge HopperPuzzleI. Harness1990
BrixPuzzleEpic Megagames1992
Brix 2nd versionPuzzleMichael Riedel1992
BrogueRPGBrian Walker2009
Broken Sword 3 - The Sleeping DragonAdventureRevolution Software2003
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's CurseAdventureRevolution Software2013
Broken Sword: The Angel of DeathAdventureRevolution Software/Sumo Digital2006
Bruce Leeunknown1984
Bruce Lee [remake]ActionMark Rosten2001
Brutal Sports FootballSportMillenium1994
Brutal: Paws of Furyunknown1994
Bubble Bobbleunknown1989
Bubble DizzyunknownCodemastersunknown
Bubble Ghostunknown1988
Bubble GhostAction3RE International1988
Bubble PopActionSoftware of Sweden1997
Buck RogersActionSega1984
Buck RogersRPGSSI1990
Buck Rogers - Matrix CubedRPGSSI1992
Buck Rogers: Matrix CubedRPGSSI1992
Bud Tucker in Double TroubleunknownTopWare1997
BudokanActionElectronic Arts1989
Budokan: The Martial Spiritunknown1989
Buffalo Bills Rodero gamesActionMicroValue1989
Bug BomberunknownKingsoftunknown
Bug WorldunknownKd Gamesunknown
Buggy Rangerunknown1990
Buichi Terasawa's Takeru - Letter of the LawunknownSunsoft1996
Buick Dimensionsunknown1992
Building PanicActionYamada No Ana Project2001
Bully's Sporting DartsSportAlternative Software Ltd.1993
Bundesliga Manager HattrickSportKRON Software1994
Bundesliga Manager ProfessionalStrategySoftware 20001992
Bureau 13AdventureGameTek1995
Burger BlasterPuzzleUnknownunknown
Burger TimeActionDate East USA1982
BurgertimeunknownData East Corporationunknown
Buried in Time - Verschollen in der ZeitunknownSanctuary Woods1995
BurntimeStrategyMAX Design1993
Bush BuckStrategyPC Globe Inc.1991
BushidoActionEbenel Enterprises1983
Bust a movePuzzleFreeware1997
Buzz Aldrin's Race into Spaceunknown1992
Byte BanditunknownRinzai Satori1991
C-DogsActionRonny Wester2000
C.I.A. AdventureAdventureInternational PC Owners1982
C.R.B. (Cuerpo Rompe Bolas)ActionKronos1993
C.Y.P.H.E.R. Operation US PresidentsEducationalTanager Software Productions1992
Cadaver - The PayoffRPGBitmap Brothers1991
CaesarStrategyLüder Osmers1996
Caesar 2StrategySierra1995
Caesar 3StrategyActivision1999
Caesar's PalaceSportUnknown1991
California Draw Low-BallMiscRaymond M. Buti1986
California GamesSportEpyx1988
California GamesActionEpyx, Inc.1988
California Games 2unknown1991
California Pro Golfunknown1989
Calixto IslandAdventureMark Data Products1984
Call of Chtulhu: Prisoner of IceAdventureChaosium Inc.1995
Call of Chtulhu: Shadow of the CometPuzzleInfogrames Europe1993
Call of DutyActionActivision2003
Call of Duty: United OffensiveActionActivision2004
Call to Power 2StrategyActivision2000
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonAdventureLegend Entertainment1997
Camelot Warriors RemakeActionBuhonero & C2007
CampaignSimulationEmpire Software1992
Campaign 2StrategyEmpire Software1993
Campeones PCunknownTopo Soft1990
Cannon Fodderunknown1993
Cannon Fodder 2unknown1994
Capitán Trueno, ElActionDinamic1989
CapitalismSimulationEnlight Software1995
Captain Bible in Dome of DarknessAdventureBridgestone Multimedia1994
Captain Bloodunknown1988
Captain Comic 2unknown1990
Captain Dynamounknown1993
Captain Gysi - Galaxis FuturaAdventureBURNS Entertainment1998
Captain Gysi und das Raumschiff BonnAdventurePDS1997
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the FutureActionBox Office Inc.1988
Captain Zinsunknown1994
Capture the Enemy Space ShipStrategyInternational PC Owners1983
Capture the FlagStrategyCarr Software1993
Captured by Pirates!Strategytbf1992
Car & DriverSimulationLooking Glass Technologies1993
Car Builder v2.02SimulationOptimum Resource1982
Card Sharksunknown1988
Card SharksPuzzleSharedata1988
Cardinal of Kremlin, TheStrategyIntracorp Entertainment1990
Cargo Bay DeluxePuzzleMVP Software1995
CarmageddonSimulationStainless Software1997
Carmageddon: TDR 2000ActionTorus Games2000
CarnageSimulationZeppelin Games1993
Carrier CommandSimulationRainbird1988
Carrier Strike - South Pacific 1942-44SimulationStrategic Simulation Inc.1992
Carriers at Warunknown1993
Carriers at War 2unknown1993
Carriers at War: Construction Kitunknown1993
Cartels & CutthroatsStrategyStrategic Simulation Inc.1984
CascadePuzzlePC Solutions1990
Casino GamesStrategyIBM1982
Casino MasterMiscUnknownunknown
Caso Cerrado I: La MansiónunknownPapada Soft1997
Caso Cerrado II: El PueblounknownPapada Soft1998
Castelian (Tower Toppler)ActionHewson Consultants1987
CastleunknownSami Tammilehto1991
Castle AdventureRPGKevin Bales1985
Castle ElsinoreAdventureTemple Software1992
Castle MasterAdventureDomark Software1990
Castle Master 2 - The CryptAdventureDomark Software1990
Castle of Dr BrainPuzzleSierra1991
Castle of the WindsRPGEpic MegaGames1993
Castle of the Winds II: Lifthransir's Baneunknown1994
Castle of the Winds: Part 2RPG1989
Castle WolfensteinActionMuse Software1984
Castles II: Siege & ConquestStrategyInterplay1994
Castles: The Northern Campaignunknown1991
CastlevaniaActionUnlimited Software1990
Castlevania Dark CenturyActionCoptron game2004
Cataclysm: Dark Days AheadRPGKevin Granade2013
Catacomb 2ActionSoftdisk1991
Catacomb 3-DAdventureSoftdisk1991
Catch the KreisActionDregenrocks2001
Catch'emMiscDave Edson1989
CatFight: The Ultimate Female Fighting GameActionPhantom Card1996
Cave QuestRPGLightwave Consultants1985
Caveman Ugh-Lympicsunknown1989
Caverns of BobActionBob, Inc.1983
Caverns of ChaosAdventurePaul Martinez and Alison Castro1992
Caverns of GinkActionGinkware1985
Caverns of KrozActionApogee1989
Caverns of Kroz 2ActionApogee1989
Caverns of ZoarreAdventureThomas Hanlin III1984
Caves of ThorAdventureApogee1990
CavewarsStrategyBroken Arrow Entertainment1996
CD ManActionCreative Dimensions1989
CD-Man 2ActionCreative Dimensions1989
Celtic Tales - Balor of the Evil EyeStrategyKOEI1995
CentaurPuzzleVictor Vikhrev1990
Center Court TennisSportVisutech1991
Centerfold SquaresPuzzleArtworx Software Co1988
CenturionunknownBits of Magicunknown
Ceremony of InnocencePuzzleReal World Multimedia1997
Cerv IActionVladimir Chvatil1993
Cerv IIActionVladimir Chvatil1993
ChalkActionJoakim Sandbergunknown
Challenge of the Ancient EmpiresPuzzleLearning Company1991
Challenge of the Five RealmsRPGMicroProse Software1992
Chamber of the Sci-Mutant PriestessAdventureMindscape1989
CHAMP AsteroidsActionChamProgramming corp.1997
CHAMP KongActionChamProgramming corp.1996
CHAMP Ms. Pac-manActionChamProgramming corp.1994
Champion of the RajStrategyLevel 9 Computing, Ltd.1990
Champions of KrynnRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.1990
Championship BackgammonStrategySpinnaker1987
Championship BoxingSportSierra On-Line1984
Championship Lode Runnerunknown1984
Championship ManagerunknownDomark Software1992
Championship Manager 2SportDomark1995
Championship Manager 2006SportBeautiful Game Studios2006
Championship Manager 97/98SportSports Interactive Limited1997
Championship Manager ItaliaStrategyDomark1993
Championship Manager QuizSportKing of the Jungle2001
Chaos – RemakeStrategyunknown
Chaos – The Battle of WizardsStrategyunknown
Chaos Engineunknown1994
Chaos EngineActionBitmap Brothers1992
Chaos OverlordsStrategyNew World Computing, Inc.1996
Charlie ChaplinMiscU.S. Gold1988
Charlie de EendActionWiering Software1996
CHASM The RiftunknownAction Forms Ltd.unknown
Cheat Machine 2.03AdventureA Forest Software1995
Checkers for WindowsStrategy1997
Cheesy Invadersunknownunknown
ChessStrategyInternational PC Owners1981
ChessPuzzleMichael Rakaska1980
Chess \(english\)StrategyPsion Ltd.1985
Chess \(french\)StrategyPsion Ltd.1985
Chess 8088StrategyDon Berg1984
Chess HousersActionDDM1991
Chess Simulatorunknown1989
Chessmaster 2000StrategySoftware Country1986
Chessmaster 2100StrategySoftwork Toolworks1988
ChessNet 3unknown1994
Chewy - Esc von F5 v1.0unknownBlue Byte1995
Chex QuestActionDigital Cafe1996
Chicago 90unknown1989
Chicago 90SimulationMicroids1989
Chichén ItzáunknownAventuras AD1992
Chicken InvadersActionInterAction Software1999
ChickensPuzzleMartin Magnusson1996
China Sea Traderunknown1989
Chinese CheckersPuzzleImagiSOFT1992
Chip';s ChallengePuzzleEpyx1990
Chip'n Dale: Rescue Rangers : The Adventure in Nimnul's Castleunknown1990
Chopper CommandoSimulationUnknown1988
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu WarriorSimulationPositive1990
Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection)unknownunknown
Christoph KolumbusStrategySoftware 20001994
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay (Director's Cut)unknownVivendi Universal2004
Chuck Yeager Air CombatSimulationElectronic Arts1992
Chuck Yeager's Air Combatunknown1991
CifroidePuzzleD. Alonso2003
Circuit's Edgeunknown1990
Circus Attractionsunknown1989
Circus GamesSportKeypunch1987
Circus MaximusSportThe Avalon Hill Game Co.1984
Cisco Heatunknown1991
Civil Warunknown1987
Civilization 1.0 for WindowsStrategyMicroProse \(Sid Meier\)1993
Civilization IIStrategyMicroprose Software, Inc.1996
Civilization VStrategy2K Games2010
Claas APS-SpielAction?1995
Clash of SteelStrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.1993
Classic ConcentrationPuzzleShareData1988
Classic Concentration 2PuzzleSharedata1989
Classic Games for OS2 WarpunknownIBM1995
Classifiche e Primatiunknown1992
Clif DangerunknownCDV1997
Clone InvadersActionGary Quiring1989
Cloud KingdomsPuzzleMillenium1990
Club Football - The ManagerunknownBOMS1995
Clue Master DetectivePuzzleVirgin Mastertronic1989
Clue: Master Detectiveunknown1989
Clue!, TheAdventureneo Software1994
Clueless ChessStrategy-1996
CoachSportNew Era Software1989
Cobra MissionRPGMegaTech Software1992
Cobra's Arc RemakeAdventureNerlaska Stu2007
Code-name: IcemanAdventureSierra On-Line1989
Code: Europeunknown1993
Cohort - Fighting for RomeStrategyImpressions Games1991
Cold DreamsunknownImmortality productionunknown
Colección de Juegos '92unknownTopo Soft1992
Colmena, LaMiscOpera Plus1992
Colony Wars 2492StrategyBlack Legend Software GmbH1996
Color BusterPuzzle1992
Color HarmonyPuzzleCountry Fox2000
Color TailsPuzzleCountry Fox1998
Colossus Backgammonunknown1990
Colossus Bridgeunknown1990
Colossus Chess Xunknown1990
Colossus Draughtsunknown1990
Columbus DiscoveryPuzzleGamos1992
Comanche 3unknownNova Logic1997
Combat Air PatrolunknownGT Interactive1995
Combat Classics 3unknown1994
Combat Courseunknown1989
Comic, Arcade & AventuraunknownDro Soft1991
Coming Attractionsunknown1991
Comix ZoneunknownSega1995
Command & ConquerStrategyWestwood Studios1995
Command & Conquer - Red AlertunknownVirgin1996
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2StrategyElectronic Arts, Inc.2000
Command & Conquer: Tiberian SunStrategyWestwood Studios Inc.1999
Command Adventures - StarshipunknownMerit Studios1995
Command H.Q.StrategyMicroprose1991
Commander Keen - Episode 1Action1990
Commander Keen - Episode 4Action1991
Commander Keen - Keen DreamsMiscApogee1991
Commander Keen 2: The Earth ExplodesActionid software1990
Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die!Actionid software1990
Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon MachineActionid software1991
Commander Keen 6 - Aliens Ate My Baby SitterActionFormGen, Inc.1991
Commander Keen 7: The Keys of KrodaciaActionCeilick2006
Commander Keen 8: Dead in the DesertActionCeilick2009
Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy!ActionApogee1991
Commandos - Behind Enemy LinesStrategyPyro Studios1999
Commandos: Beyond the Call of DutyStrategyPyro Studios1999
Companions of Xanthunknown1993
Complete Chess Systemunknown1993
Complete Ultima VII, TheunknownElectronic Arts1995
Conan - The CimmerianRPGVirgin Interactive1992
Concurrent DOS (CDOS) 386unknown1989
Conflict - The Middle East Political SimulatorSimulationVirgin Mastertronics1990
Conflict Europeunknown1989
Conflict in Vietnamunknown1987
Conflict: FreespaceSimulationVolition1998
Conflict: Korea the First Year 1950-1951unknown1992
Congo Bongounknown1984
Congo: Descent Into ZinjAdventureViacom New Media1995
Conquered Kingdomsunknown1992
Conqueror A.D. 1086unknownSierra1996
Conquest by Sean O'ConnorStrategy2004
Conquest of CamelotAdventureSierra1990
Conquest of Japanunknown1992
Conquest of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin HoodAdventureSierra1993
Conquest of the New WorldStrategyInterplay1996
Conquests of the Longbowunknown1991
Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin HoodAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.1991
ConstructorSimulationSystem 3 Software1997
ContraActionBanana Development1988
Contraption ZackPuzzleMindscape1992
Conway's Game of LifeStrategyAlan Hensel1996
Cool Coyote aka Fire & IceActionRenegade Software1993
Cool Croc TwinsActionEmpire Interactive1992
Cool SliderPuzzleCountry Fox1998
Cool SpotActionVirgin Interactive1994
Cool Worldunknown1992
Core War PlusStrategy1984
Corncob 3Dunknown1991
Corncob 3Dunknown1991
Corncob Deluxeunknown1994
Corona Mágica, LaActionOMK1990
Corporate RaiderSimulationSoftServ, Inc.1987
Corridor 7unknown1994
CorruptionAdventureMagnetic Scrolls1988
Cosmic Crusaderunknown1982
Cosmic Sheriffunknown1989
Cosmic Soldier: Psychic WarRPGKogado Software Products1989
Cosmic Spaceheadunknown1993
Cosmic SpaceheadActionCodemasters1993
Cosmo's Cosmic AdventureActionApogee1992
Cottage of DoomActionAlex Mayunknown
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroActionSierra Entertainment2004
Cover Girl Strip PokerStrategyEmotional Pictures1991
Coverdisk: PC Games (1992/10)unknown1992
Coverdisk: PC Games (1992/11)unknown1992
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/03)unknown1993
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/05)unknown1993
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/06)unknown1993
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/08)unknown1993
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/11)unknown1993
Coverdisk: PC Games (1993/12)unknown1993
Coverdisk: PC Games (1994/02)unknown1994
Coverdisk: PC Games (1994/03)unknown1994
Coverdisk: PC Games (1994/04)unknown1994
Coverdisk: PC Games (1994/05)unknown1994
Coverdisk: PC Games (1994/06)unknown1994
Covert ActionStrategyMicroprose1990
Crack Downunknown1990
Crash Courseunknown1990
Crash GarretAdventureEre Informatique1987
Crazy CarsSimulationTitus1989
Crazy Cars 2SimulationTitus1989
Crazy Cars 3SimulationTitus1992
Crazy Nick's Leisure Suit Larry CasinoStrategySierra On-Line1992
Crazy TaxiSportActivistion2002
Create with Garfield! Deluxe Editionunknown1987
Create with Garfield! Deluxe Editionunknown1987
Create with Garfield! Deluxe Editionunknown1987
Creative ContraptionsEducationalBantam1985
CreaturesunknownTime Warner Interactive1996
Cribbage Masterunknown1992
Cricket 97SportBeam Software1997
Crime and PunishmentStrategyJ. Kress and G. Newman1984
Crime CityAdventureImpressions1992
Crime CityAdventureISC1991
Crime FighterSimulation1993
Crime TimeAdventureStarbyte1990
Crime Waveunknown1990
Crimson LandunknownReflexive Entertainmentunknown
Crisis in the KremlinStrategySpectrum Holobyte1992
Critical MassActionDurell Software Ltd.1986
Croisère pour un cadavreunknown1992
CrossbowActionAbsolute Entertainment1989
CrossfireActionOn-Line Systems1982
CruncherunknownKarsten Finger1991
Crusade in Europeunknown1986
Crusader - No RegretunknownOrigin1996
Crusader - No Remorse v1.23unknownOrigin1995
Crypto CubePuzzleDesignWare1983
Crystal Cavesunknown1991
Crystals of ArboreaRPGSilmarils1990
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationAdventure369 Interactive2003
CSI: Deadly IntentAdventureTelltale Games2009
CSI: Fatal ConspiracyAdventureTelltale Games2010
CSI: Hard EvidenceAdventureTelltale Games2007
CSI: MiamiAdventure369 Interactive2004
Curse of Enchantiaunknown1994
Curse of Monkey Island, TheunknownLucasArts1997
Curse of the Azure BondsRPGSSI1989
Curse of the Azure BondsRPGSSI1989
Curse of the CatacombsActionFroggman1993
Cyber empireStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc1992
Cyber JudasunknownMulti Media International1996
Cyber RaceActionCyberdreams Inc.1993
Cyber SpherePuzzlePsycon Software1996
CyberboxPuzzleDoug Beeferman1991
Cyberbox 2PuzzleDoug Beeferman1992
CyberchessPuzzleGamer's Edge1992
Cybercon IIIunknown1991
Cybergenic Ranger: Secret of the Seventh Planetunknown1990
CyberiaActionXatrix Entertainment, Inc.1996
Cyberia 2 - ResurrectionunknownVirgin1995
CyberMage - Darklight Awakening v1.01funknownElectronic Arts1995
Cybersphere PlusAction1997
Cycle WarzActionVector Scope1995
Cycles, The: International Grand Prix RacingSportAccolade1989
CyClonesunknownRaven Software1994
CydoniaPuzzleVirtual Fant1996
CyrusStrategyIntelligent Chess Software1986
Czorian Siegeunknown1983
D-Day - America InvadesStrategyThe Avalon Hill Game Company1995
Déjà Vu 2AdventureICOM Simulations1986
Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes TrueAdventureMindscape1987
DADD: Der Aufstand der DingeActionVGA1994
Daffy DuckActionRiedel Software1991
DaggerfallRPGBethesda Softworks1996
Daily Double Horse Racingunknown1988
Dalek Attackunknown1992
Dames Simulatorunknown1991
Dangerous DaveActionSoftdisk, Inc.1990
Dangerous Dave in Copyright InfringementActionJohn Carmack, Tom Hall1990
Dangerous Dave: Dave Goes Nutz!ActionSoftdisk Publishing1995
Dangerous Dave: Risky RescueActionSoftdisk Publishing1993
Dangerous StreetsActionMicromania1994
Dare to Dreamunknown1993
Dark Agesunknown1991
Dark Ages 1 - The ContinentsRPGMike Hoopmann1997
Dark Castleunknown1986
Dark CenturyActionTitus France1990
Dark Designs 1 - Grelminar's StaffRPGSoftdisk Publishing1991
Dark Designs 2 - Closing the GateRPGSoftdisk Publishing1991
Dark EarthunknownMicroProse1997
Dark ForcesActionLucasarts1995
Dark Heart of Uukrul, TheRPGBrøderbund Software, Inc.1990
Dark LegionsStrategySilicon Knights1994
Dark Orbitunknownunknown
Dark Queen of KrynnRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1992
Dark SeedAdventureCyberdreams1992
Dark Seed 2AdventureCyberdreams Inc.1995
Dark SideActionIncentive1988
Dark Sun - Shattered Landsunknown1993
Dark Sun - Wake of the RavagerRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.1994
Dark WolfActionD'India Software1994
Dark WoodsActionJocke The Beast2002
Dark Woods 2AdventureJocke the Beast2002
DarkerSimulationPsygnosis Limited1995
DarkspyreRPGEvent Horizon1990
Dart 'm UpSportDommelsch1999
DartsSportSoftdisk Publishing1991
Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest - SWATunknownSierra1995
Das Amtunknown1995
Das BootSimulationThree Sixty1990
Das Schwarze Auge 2: Sternenschweifunknown1994
Das Schwarze Auge 2: Sternenschweif (Demo)unknown1994
Das Schwarze Auge 2: Sternenschweif (Speech pack)unknown1994
Das Schwarze Auge 2: Sternenschweif (Speech pack)unknown1994
Das Schwarze Auge: Die SchicksalsklingeRPGAttic1992
Das Telekommando kehrt zurückAdventureTelekom1993
Daughter of SerpentsAdventureMillenium1992
David Wolf - Secret AgentAdventureDynamix1990
Davidic MatchupEducationalGodly Games1994
Davids KongActionDavidunknown
DawgfightSimulationSoftdisk Publishing1992
Dawn PatrolSimulationRowan Software1994
Dawn RaiderActionSoftstar1990
Day of the PharaohActionChip1989
Day of the TentacleAdventureLucas Arts1993
Day Of The ViperRPGAccolade1989
Days of Thunderunknown1990
Daytona USA DeluxeSportSega1996
DDM Soccer '96SportDDM1996
De Gouden KelkAdventure?1987
DeadlineStrategyNova Spring1996
Deadlock - Planetary ConquestunknownTime Warner Interactive1996
Deadlock II- Shrine WarsunknownElectronic Arts1997
Death Bringerunknown1991
Death GateAdventureLegend Entertainment1994
Death Knights of KrynnRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.1991
Death RallyActionApogee1996
Death SquadronSimulationGatecom1992
DeathbringerActionEmpire Software1992
DeathtrackSimulationActivision, Inc.1990
Deathtrack USAActionunknown
Decision at GettysburgStrategyTigLon Software1990
Decision in the DesertStrategyMicroProse Software1985
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol. 1StrategyStrategic Studies Group1987
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol. 2 and 3StrategyStrategic Studies Group1988
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Vol. 3StrategySSG Strategic Studies Group1992
Deep IIMiscALO-Software1994
Deep SpaceActionSir-Tech Software, Inc.1987
Deer HunterSimulationSunstorm Interactive1997
DefCon 1StrategyROMulus Software1992
Defcon 5StrategyVic Tokai1995
Defender II (Stargate)ActionWilliams Electronics1981
Defender of the CrownStrategyCinemaware1987
Deflektor X4PuzzleRetrospec1998
Deja Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Hardingunknown1992
Delta ForceActionNovalogic1998
Delta Vunknown1993
Deluxe Scrabble for Windowsunknown1992
Deluxe Ski JumpSportMediamond2001
Deluxe Trivial PursuitPuzzleDomark1992
DeluxePaint IIunknown1988
DeluxePaint IIunknown1988
Delvion Star Interceptorunknown1995
Demon Attackunknown1984
Demon BlueActionMicroValue1993
Demon StalkerRPGMicro Forte1988
Demon's Forgeunknown1987
Demon's Tomb - The AwakeningAdventurecompany1989
Demon's WinterRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1989
Demons WinterRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.1989
Depict1ActionKyle Pulver2010
Depth DwellersAction1994
Der Baulöweunknown1994
Der Patrizierunknown1992
Der PlanerStrategyGreenwood1994
Der Preis ist heißStrategyMr Creosote1996
Der Schatz im SilberseeAdventureLinel1994
Des Chiffres Et Des LettresPuzzleLoriciels1987
DescentSimulationParallax Software1994
Descent 2MiscParallax Software1995
Descent 3ActionInterplay2000
Desert RatsStrategyCases Computer Sim.1987
Desert StrikeActionGremlin1994
DesperabisAdventureFlorian Born2000
Desperado 2ActionTopo Soft1991
Destination: Marsunknown1991
Destruction DerbySportPsygnosis1995
Destruction Derby 2SimulationPsygnosis1996
DethKarzSimulationBeam Software1998
Deus ExAdventureEidos Interactive2000
Deus Ex: Invisible WarRPGIon Storm2004
DiabloRPGBlizzard North1996
Diabolik - 01 - Inafferrabile CriminaleActionSimulmondo1992
Diabolik - 02 - La Gemma di SalomoneActionSimulmondo1992
Diamond Balls 3PuzzleUnknown1992
Dick Tracy Crimestoppers Print Kitunknown1990
Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventureunknown1991
Die Abenteuer von Micromanunknown1994
Die by the SwordActionTreyarch Invention1998
Die Enviro-Kids greifen einAdventureArt Department1996
Die Fugger 2StrategySunflowers1996
Die Höhlenwelt-Saga: Der leuchtende KristallAdventureWeltenschmiede1994
Die Hardunknown1989
Die Hard 2ActionGrand Slam1992
Die Hard TrilogyActionFox Interactive1996
Die Hard: Nakatomi PlazaunknownSierra / Fox Interactive2002
Die KathedraleAdventureSoftware 20001991
Die Sage von NietoomAdventure4th Generation Studios1995
Die Schöne Und Das Biestunknown1993
Die Siedlerunknown1994
Die Siedler II: Veni, Vidi, ViciStrategyBlue Byte1996
Die total verrückte RallyeStrategyBlue Byte1995
DiepStrategyVincent Diepeveen1995
Dig Dugunknown1983
Dig ItunknownPixel Painters Corporationunknown
Dig-Dogs: Dumm Gelaufenunknown1994
Dig-Dogs: Streetbustersunknown1994
Dig, TheunknownLucasArts1995
Diggers 2 - ExtractorsStrategyPsygnosis, Ltd.1995
Dilbert's Desktop GamesAction1997
Dink SmallwoodActionRobinson Technologies1998
Dinopark TycoonStrategyMECC1993
DiplomacyStrategyAvalon Hill1984
Dirty SplitAdventureDreamaginationunknown
Disciples of SteelRPGFormGen, Inc.1994
DiscworldAdventurePerfect 10 Productions1995
DiscworldAdventurePerfect 10 Productions1995
Discworld II: Missing Presumed…!?AdventurePerfect Entertainment1996
Disney's Duck Tales: The Quest for GoldActionWalt Disney Computer Software1990
Dive Bomberunknown1988
Divine DivinityRPGLarian Studios2002
Dizionario Di Informaticaunknown1990
Dizzy - Fantasy WorldActionCodemasters1991
Dizzy - MagiclandActionCodemasters1993
Dizzy - Prince of the Yolk FolkActionCodemasters1990
Dizzy Diceunknown1990
Dizzy the other sideunknownAlexandriu Simionunknown
Dizzy';s FastfoodActionCodemasters1993
Dizzy's KwiksnaxPuzzleCodemasters1993
DJ Puffs Volcanic CapersActionunknown
DMCA's SkyAdventureASMB Games2016
DNDRPGR O Software1986
Dogs of WarStrategySoftware Engineering1997
Dolphin Boating SimulatorunknownDolphine marine systems1988
Domark PC Games Collection Vol 1unknown1992
DominusStrategyVisual Concepts1994
Don QuijoteunknownDinamic1987
Don't Go AloneRPGAccolade1989
Don't Go AloneRPGAccolade1989
Donald Ducks PlaygroundActionSierra / Disney1988
Donald's Alphabet Chaseunknown1988
Donald's Alphabet Chaseunknown1988
Donkey Kongunknown1983
Dont Go AloneRPGSterling Silver Software1989
DoomActionid Software1993
Doom 2: Hell on EarthActionid Software1994
Doom 3ActioniD Software2004
Doom: Special Editionunknown1992
Doomdark's RevengeRPGBeyond1985
Dope WarsunknownBeermat Software1998
DOS-Trend Heftdiskette 4/5/93unknown1993
DOS-Trend Heftdiskette 8/9/93unknown1993
DosmineStrategyDavid Vancina1993
Double Crossunknown1991
Double Dragonunknown1988
Double Dragon 2 - The RevengeActionVirgin Mastertronic1989
Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta StoneActionTechnos1990
Double Dribbleunknown1990
Down in the DumpsunknownPhilips1996
Downhill Challengeunknown1989
Dr. BlackjackMisc1992
Dr. MarioPuzzleJ. David Hamilton1992
Dr. RudyPuzzleKevin Jay North1991
Dr. Who: Dalek AttackActionAdmiral Software1992
Dr.Doom´s revengeActionMedalist International1989
Drachen von Laasunknown1991
Dracula UnleashedAdventureIcom Simulations1993
Dragon ForceStrategyInterstel Corporation1989
Dragon Lore - The Legend BeginsunknownMindscape1994
Dragon Lore II - The Heart of the Dragon ManunknownDice1996
Dragon Spiritunknown1988
Dragon StrikeActionWestwood, Strategic Simulations, Inc.1990
Dragon WarsRPGInterplay1990
Dragon WarsRPGInterplay1989
Dragon's Lair CD-ROMunknownReadySoft1993
Dragon's Breathunknown1990
Dragon's Lair 2: Time WarpAdventureSullivan Bluth Interactive Media1990
Dragon's Lair 3: The Curse of MordreadAdventureSullivan Bluth Interactive Media1992
DragonsActionF.A. Willshaw1986
Dragons of Flameunknown1989
Dragons of FlameRPGSSI1989
Drascula: The Vampire Strikes BackAdventureDigital Dreams Multimedia1996
Drazen Petrovic BasketSportTopo Soft1989
Dream Pinball 3DActionTopWare Interactive2006
Dream ZoneAdventureNaughty Dog1987
Dreamfall: The Longest JourneyAdventureFuncom2006
DreamwebAdventureEmpire Interactive1994
Driver: Parallel LinesunknownReflections2007
Drug WarsStrategyJohn E. Dell1984
DruglordStrategyPhil Erwin1992
Duck TaleunknownDisney Interactiveunknown
Duke Nukemunknown1991
Duke Nukem 2unknown1993
Duke Nukem 3DAction3D Realms Entertainment1996
Duke Nukem II - Episode 4Action1993
Duke Nukem: Nuclear WinterActionWizardWorks1997
Dune 2StrategyWestwood Studios1992
Dune 2000StrategyWestwood1998
Dungeon CrawlRPG1997
Dungeon ExplorerRPGJohn Murphy1990
Dungeon HackRPGSSI1993
Dungeon KeeperStrategyBullfrog1997
Dungeon Keeper 2StrategyBullfrog1997
Dungeon MasterRPGFTL1989
Dungeon Master 2unknownFTL Gamesunknown
Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of Skullkeepunknown1994
Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume I: Encountersunknown1988
Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume II: Characters and Treasuresunknown1989
Dungeon MercenaryRPGhgames2016
Dungeon of ShalanAdventure1988
Dungeon SiegeRPGGas Powered Games2002
Dungeons of KrozActionScott Miller1989
Dungeons of Kroz 2ActionApogee1989
Dunkle SchattenAdventureArt Department1994
Dunzhin - Warrior of Ras Volume 1unknown1982
Duracell: Run the Bunnyunknown1996
Dusk of the GodsRPGEvent Horizon1991
Dylan Dog - 01 - La regina delle tenebreActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 02 - Ritorno al crepuscoloActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 03 - Storia di nessunoActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 04 - OmbreActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 05 - La mummiaActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 06 - MaelstromActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 07 - Gente che scompareActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 08 - La clessidra di pietraActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 09 - Il maleActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 10 - I vampiriActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog - 11 - IL marchio rossoActionSimulmondo1993
Dylan Dog - 12 - Il lungo addioActionSimulmondo1993
Dylan Dog - 13 - I killer venuti dal buioActionSimulmondo1993
Dylan Dog - 14 - Il Bosco degli assassiniActionSimulmondo1993
Dylan Dog - 15 - InferniActionSimulmondo1993
Dylan Dog - 16 - FantasmiActionSimulmondo1993
Dylan Dog - 17 - Il cimitero dimenticatoActionSimulmondo1993
Dylan Dog - Gli UccisoriActionSimulmondo1992
Dylan Dog: MurderersActionSimulmondo1992
DynaunknownHudson Soft Company, Ltd.unknown
Dyna Blasterunknown1992
Eagle Eye MysteriesAdventureEA Kids1993
Eagle Eye Mysteries in LondonAdventureEA Kids1994
Eagle's RiderActionInfogrames1991
Earl Weaver Baseballunknown1987
Earl Weaver Baseballunknown1988
Earl Weaver Baseball 2SportElectronic Arts1991
Earth 2140 - TrilogyStrategyTopWare Interactive1997
Earth 2150StrategyStrategic Simulations, Inc.2000
Earth 2160StrategyTopWare Interactive2005
Earth InvasionActionOracle Software1993
Earthly delightsAdventureDatamost1984
Earthworm JimActionShiny Entertainment1995
Eastern Front - Der Russland-FeldzugunknownEmpire1997
Eat ItunknownMarko Teittinen1989
Ecco the DolphinAdventureunknown
EchoesunknownBinary Zoounknown
Eclipse TotalunknownIsxem Games1996
Eco PhantomsActionElectronic Zoo1990
Eco Quest 1 - The Search for CetusunknownSierra1991
Eco Quest 2 - The Lost Secret of the RainforestunknownSierra1993
Eco-SaurusEducationalFirst Byte1991
Eden BluesActionERE Informatique1987
Edward O. Thorp's Real Blackjackunknown1990
Edward O. Thorp's Real Blackjackunknown1990
EF2000 aka Eurofighter 2000SimulationOcean Software1995
EGA BackgammonPuzzle??unknown
EGA BombActionRad Delaroderie1988
Ega TrekStrategyNels Anderson1992
EGA wallsPuzzlePolik1989
EGA-RoidsActionDesigner Sortware1986
EgawallsActionMichelangelo Policarpo1989
EggerlandPuzzleVampire Vangeance1991
Ein ganz normaler SchultagAdventureMr Creosote1999
Einstein Jr.'s ClassroomEducationalDinosoft1992
Eishockey ManagerStrategySoftware 20001993
Eksperyment Delfinunknown1996
Elder Scroll ArenaRPGBethesda Softworks1994
ElectranoidPuzzlePixel Painters1994
Electric Crayon 3.1 - Super Mario Bros & FriendsEducationalMerit Software1992
Electric Crayon 3.1 - At the ZooEducationalMerit Software1992
Electric Crayon Deluxe - Dinosaurs are ForeverEducationalPolarware1988
Electric Crayon Deluxs - Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEducationalMerit Software1990
Electro Manunknown1992
Electronic Arts' World Tour GolfSportElectronic Arts1986
ElementsStrategyVilla Crespo Software1994
Elevators from HellActionJohn Shramko1992
ElfActionOcean Software1992
ElfActionNirvana Systems1991
ElflandActionCarl Erikson1992
EliminatorActionJerry Judd1991
Elite Plusunknown1991
Elizabeth IStrategyAscon1995
lovee, nehnevaj sa!unknown-unknown
Elvira - The Arcade GameActionFlair Software1991
Elvira 2 - The Jaws of CerberusRPGAccolade1991
Emergency RoomSimulationLegacy Interactive1995
Emilio Butragueño ¡Fútbol!SportTopo Soft1988
Emilio Sánchez Vicario Grand SlamSportZigurat1989
EmmanuelleAdventureCoktel vision1989
Emperor of the Fading SunsStrategyHolistic Design1996
Empire - War of the CenturyStrategyInterstel1988
Empire 2 - The Art of WarStrategyNew World Computing1995
Empire DeluxeStrategyNew World Computing1993
Empire EarthStrategyStainless Steel Studios2001
Empire Earth 2 - Gold EditionStrategySierra2005
Empire Earth 3StrategySierra2007
Empire SoccerSportGraftgold1994
En el Nombre del SeñorunknownKurioV Soft1996
En la Sima del Buho MalditounknownJarel1990
EnclaveActionTopWare Interactive2002
EnclosureAdventureFemo Duo Entertainmentunknown
EncounterActionCory Bruening1984
Enemy ZeroAdventureSega1998
Engineering Jones and The Time Thieves of DSPeaPuzzlePrentice Associates1991
Enigma de Aceps, ElunknownACE Soft1987
Entombed - Episode 1Adventure1997
Epic PinballActionEpic MegaGames1993
Erben des Thronsunknown1992
Eric the UnreadyAdventureLegend Entertainment1991
Ernie';s Big SplashEducationalMuppets1986
Escape from Hellunknown1990
Escape From Monkey IslandAdventureLucasArts2000
Escape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersActionTengen1990
Escom CD ROM Edition 2unknownSoftgold1993
EsheepSimulationGod's Pet Lama Corp.1998
Espada Sagrada, LaActionTopo Soft1990
ESS MegaSimulationCoktel Vision1991
Eternal DaughterActionBlackeye Software2002
EUFA EURO 96 EnglandSportGremlin Interactive1996
Eureka's 10 Red Hot GamesunknownNodtronics1998
Evasive Actionunknown1994
EverEternal WinterWorldActionSilverNova - FreeWare Game Developers2007
EvetsRPGSAck Enterprizes1988
Evil Blood Wolfensteinunknown1994
EvolutionActionSydney Development1983
EvolvaActionComputer Artworks Ltd.2000
Executive SuiteunknownArmonk Corporation1982
Exit FateAdventureSCFunknown
Exotic Car Showroomunknown1992
Expert Puzzles and Mazesunknown1992
Export PinballActionUnknownunknown
Extreme AssaultActionBlue Byte1997
Extreme PaintbrawlActionCreative Carnage1998
Extreme PinballActionElectronic Arts1995
Extreme TacticsunknownPiranha1997
Eye of Horusunknown1989
Eye of the Beholderunknown1991
Eye of The Beholder 2unknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)unknown
Eye of The Beholder 2unknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)unknown
Eye of The Beholder 3unknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)unknown
Eye of the Stormunknown1993
F-117A - Stealth Fighter 2SimulationMicroProse1991
F-14 Tomcatunknown1990
F-15 Strike Eagleunknown1984
F-15 Strike Eagleunknown1984
F-15 Strike Eagle 2unknown1989
F-15 Strike Eagle 3unknown1993
F-16 Combat Pilotunknown1989
F-19 Stealth Fighterunknown1988
F-22 RaptorunknownNova Logic1997
F-A-18 Hornet 3.0unknownEmpire1997
F.GodmomActionJohn Blackwell1992
F1 Managerunknown1989
F1 Manager 96SimulationSoftware 20001996
F22 Lightning IIunknownNova Logic1996
F29 RetaliatorActionOcean1990
F40 Pursuitunknown1989
FableAdventureTelstar Electronic Studios1996
Fables & Fiends - Hand of FateunknownVirgin1995
Face offSportGamestar1989
FacesStrategySpectrum Holobyte1990
Faces ...tris IIIunknown1990
Faces ...tris IIIunknown1990
Faces ...tris IIIunknown1990
FaceTrexPuzzleSoleau Software1993
Facing the EmpireStrategyMVP Software1991
Facts in ActionEducationalSpirit of Discovery1994
Fade to BlackAdventureDelphine1995
Faery Tale AdventureunknownMicroillusionsunknown
Faery Tale Adventure 2 - Halls of the DeadRPGEncore Software1997
Fahrenheit 451AdventureTelarium1986
Falcon 3.0SimulationSpectrum Holobyte1991
Falcon A.T.unknown1988
Falcon BeertenderActionFalcon1994
Fallen AngelActionEmerald Software1989
FalloutPuzzleBrad P. Taylor1992
Fallout 2RPGBlack Isle Studios1998
FallthruAdventurePaul H. Deal1990
Family FeudMiscSharedata1987
Family Restaurantunknownunknown
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, TheActionCodemasters Software1993
Fantastic Four - a.k.a. Questprobe feat. The Human Torch and The ThingAdventureLoad n Go1985
Fantasy EmpiresStrategySSI1994
Fantasy GeneralStrategySSI1996
Fantasy WarsStrategy1C Publishing2007
Far CryActionCrytek Studios2004
Farenheit 451AdventureTelarium / Trillium1984
Fast Breakunknown1988
Fatal ChallengeActiontbc1992
Fatal RelationsAdventure1998
Fate by NumbersAdventureRevivalunknown
Fates of Twinionunknown1993
Fates of TwinionRPGSierra1993
Fatman - The Caped ConsumerActionIO Product1994
Fatty Bear';s Birthday SurpriseEducationalHumongous Entertainment1993
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest Coloring Bookunknownunknown
Ferrari Formula Oneunknown1989
Ferrari Formula Oneunknown1989
Fields of Gloryunknown1993
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fununknown1989
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o' FunActionGray Matter1989
FIFA '96SportElectronic Arts1995
FIFA 2000SportElectronic Arts1999
FIFA 97SportElectronic Arts1996
FIFA 98 - Die WM-QualifikationunknownElectronic Arts1997
FIFA Internatioan SoccerSportElectronic Arts1994
FIFA International Soccerunknown1994
Fighter Bomberunknown1989
Fighter Bomber: Advanced Mission Discunknown1990
Fighter DuelSimulationPhilips Interactive Media1995
Fighter Wingunknown1995
Fighter Wing: Manual Viewunknown1995
Filler \(Russian\)StrategyGamos1990
Final Assault aka Chamonix ChallengeSportInfrogrames Europe1988
Final BattleRPGMirrorsoft1991
Final conflictActionImpressions1991
Final DoomActionGT Interactive1996
Final Doom: The Plutonia Experimentunknown1996
Final Doom: TNT: Evilutionunknown1996
Final Fantasy VIIRPGSquare1998
Final FighterActionZOK-Software2001
Final FrontierStrategyPersonal Software Services1989
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000StrategyHolistic Design1997
Final Orbitunknown1990
Final Soccer ChallengeunknownM. Magnusson and M. Brynervall1996
Final SoulAdventuretbc1995
Fire & ForgetSimulationTitus1988
Fire & Forget 2 - The Death ConvoySimulationTitus1990
Fire FighterStrategyEben Sprinsock1985
Fire Hawk: Thexder - The Second Contactunknown1990
Fire Kingunknown1990
Fire Powerunknown1988
Fire-Brigade - The Battle for Kiev - 1943StrategyPanther Games1989
FirefallActionRecreational Softwareunknown
Firehouse RescueEducationalGameTek1988
Firestorm - The Forest Fire SimulationSimulationCricket Software1995
FireTeam 2200unknown1991
First Samuraiunknown1992
First SamuraiActionVivid Image1991
Fish FilletsPuzzleALTAR Interactive1998
Flames of Freedomunknown1992
Flash Gordon: Il Rapimento di DaleAdventureHolodream Software1992
Flash Traffic: City of AngelsAdventureTime Warner Interactive1994
Fleet DefenderSimulationMicroprose1994
Fleet Sweepunknown1983
Flek!MiscPivoňka Software1992
Flight Commander 2unknown1994
Flight of the Amazon QueenAdventureInteractive Binary Illusions1995
Flight of the Intruderunknown1990
Flight of the Intruderunknown1992
Flight UnlimitedSimulationLooking Glass1995
Flight Unlimited IIunknownSold Out1997
FlightmareSimulationPeter Adams1984
FlintstonesActionHanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.1990
Flipper the ZipperActionRussco1987
Floor 13unknown1992
Floor 13StrategyPSI Software1992
Floppy FrenzyActionWindmill Software1982
Flowers of MysteriaAdventureDavid Sweeney2018
Flug 714 nach SydneyAdventureMr Creosote1996
Flying CorpsunknownEmpire1997
Flying Tigersunknown1994
Flying Tigers 2unknown1994
Follow the ReaderAdventureDisney Software1992
Fool's Errandunknown1989
Football (For Windows)Sport1992
Football Gloryunknown1994
Football Manager 3SimulationAddictive1993
Forbidden CastleAdventureMindscape1985
Forbidden QuestAdventurePryority software1983
Ford SimulatorSimulationFord Motor Company1987
Ford simulator 2SportThe SoftAd Group1990
Ford simulator 3SportThe SoftAd Group1992
Ford simulator 5SimulationThe SoftAd Group1994
Forgotten AsylumAdventureunknown
Forgotten Realms - Unlimited AdventuresRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.1993
Formula 1unknownunknown
Formula One Grand PrixSportMicroprose1993
Four Hillsunknown-unknown
Fourth Generation, TheunknownAssistant Publishing1997
FoxunknownTitus Interactiveunknown
Fox RangerunknownSoft Action1992
Frankenstein - Mit den Augen des MonstersunknownAmazing Media1995
Freakin' Funky Fuzzballsunknown1990
Freddy Fishunknown1983
Freddy Hardestunknown1988
Freddy Pharkas - Frontier PharmacistunknownSierra1993
Freddy's Rescue RoundupActionIBM1984
Frederik Pohl's GatewayAdventureLegend Entertainment1992
Free DC!unknown1991
Free EnterpriseSimulationTsunami Games1996
FreeColStrategyFreecol teamunknown
Freedom ForceStrategyIrrational Games2002
Freedom Force vs The 3rd ReichActionIrrational Games2005
Freespace 2ActionInterplay1999
Friendlyware PC Arcadeunknown1983
Frog SquadActionLightmare Interactive2001
Frogger 2 - Three Deepunknown1984
Front Linesunknown1994
Front Page Sports Baseball 94unknownDynamix1994
Front Page Sports Football Prounknown1993
Front Page Sports: Footballunknown1992
Frontier - First EncountersActionGameTek1995
Frontier: Elite 2SimulationGametek1993
Fuck QuestAdultRichard Eter1998
Fuego de DragónunknownLogin2000
Fuenfte Dimension, DieunknownEidos1996
Full Metal Planeteunknown1990
Full ThrottleAdventureLucas Arts1995
Funnels & BucketsEducationalData Sage1984
Fury 3Simulation1995
Fury Furriesunknownunknown
Fussball Total!unknownBlack Legend1995
Future Warsunknown1990
Future Warsunknown1990
Fuzzy's world of miniature space golfunknownPixel Painters Corporation1995
Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space GolfSimulationPixel Painters Corporation1995
Gabriel KnightAdventureSierra On-Line1993
Gabriel Knight 2 - The Beast WithinAdventureActivision1995
Gabriel Knight 3 - Blood of the Sacred Blood of the DamnedAdventureActivision1999
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathersunknown1993
Gal Pani XAction2005
Galacta - The Battle for SaturnActionSean M. Puckett1993
Galactic BattleActionSoftdisk Publishing1990
Galactic CapitalismStrategyUnknownunknown
Galactic ConquerorActionTitus France1988
Galactic Empireunknown1990
Galactic GladiatorsStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.1983
Galactic Warrior Ratsunknown1993
Galactix 2 - The Search for the Lost OrbsActionRichard L. Wright1991
GalaxyStrategyMicrocomputer Games Inc.1981
GalaxytrekAdventureCapital PC Software Exchange1983
Galdregon's Domainunknown1989
Galleons of GlorySimulationBroderbund1990
Game OverActionDinamic Software1988
Game Over & Phantisunknown1988
Game Over IIunknown1988
Gamer's Edge Samplerunknown1991
Gamma Force - The Pit of a Thousand Screamsunknown1988
Gary Grigsby's Pacific Warunknown1992
Gary Grigsby's War in Russiaunknown1993
Gateway 2 - HomeworldAdventureLegend Entertainment Company1993
Gateway to the Savage Frontierunknown1991
GatoSimulationSpectrum Holobyte1984
Gauntlet 2unknown1989
Gazza IIunknown1991
Gear Worksunknown1993
Gear WorksPuzzleIdea Software1992
Gearhead GarageunknownHead Games2000
Geekwad: Games of the GalaxyActionTsunami Media1993
Geh Aufs GanzeStrategyMr Creosote1996
Geheimprojekt DMSOPuzzleArt Department1993
GeishaPuzzleCoktel Vision1990
Gem CraftStrategyunknown
Gemini-2ActionParagon Software Corporation1986
GemstonesunknownWilliam D. Rinehart1993
Gemstones IIIPuzzleWilliam D. Rinehart1994
GemWorldAdventureWilliam O. Cain1995
Gendai Daisenryaku EXunknown1993
Gene MachineunknownBomico1996
GenewarsMiscBullfrog Productions1996
Genghis KhanStrategyKOEI1991
Genghis Khan - Clan of the Grey WolfStrategyKOEI Co., Ltd1989
Gertrude';s SecretsEducationalThe Learning Company1982
GesetzgebungStrategyDeutscher Bundestag1994
GesundheitActionMatt Hamillunknown
Gettysburg: The Turning Pointunknown1986
GFL Championship FootballSportActivision1987
Ghostbusters 2ActionActivision1989
Ghosts 'n GoblinsActionCapcom1987
Giana Sisters 32KActionMyth1998
Giana Sisters: Twisted DreamsActionBlack Forest Games2012
GiantkillerAdventureTopologika Software1987
Giants - Citizen KabutoActionInterplay2000
GladiatorActionForgotten Sages1992
Global ConquestStrategyMicroprose1992
Global Dominationunknown1993
Global Effectunknown1992
Gnap - Der Schurke aus dem AllunknownArtech1997
Gnome AloneActionVisionairs1992
Gnome RangerAdventureLevel 9 Computing1987
Go Simulatorunknown1992
GoalunknownNew Era Software1991
Goal 2SportWizard Games1992
Goal!SportVirgin Games1993
Gobble ManActionAlex Shah1992
Gobliiins 4AdventureSociete Pollene2009
Gobliins 2 - The Prince BuffoonPuzzleCoktel Vision1992
Goblin's Quest 3unknown1993
GobmanActionFilipe Mateus1992
God of ThunderAdventureAdept Software1993
GodsActionBitmap Brothers1991
GoJoeActionBJB Productions1990
GokkastPuzzleBig 'Elro'1988
Gold HuntPuzzleEric Saito1991
Gold of the AmericasStrategyStepehen Hart, Ian Trout1989
Gold RushAdventureSierra1988
Golden AxeActionSega1990
Golden BasketSportOpera Sport1990
GonzzalezzActionOpera Soft1989
GoodyActionOpera Soft1987
Goofy's Railway Expressunknown1991
Goonies Remake, TheActionSloth Team2010
Gorky 17RPGcompany1999
GothicRPGPiranha Bytes2001
Gothic IIRPGPiranha Bytes2003
GrailQuestunknownGuildhall Leisure Services1996
Gran Prix CircuitSportAccolade1988
Grand Monster SlamunknownGolden Goblins1989
Grand Prix 2SportMicroProse Software1995
Grand Prix 500 2SimulationMicroids1991
Grand Prix 500ccunknown1987
Grand Prix LegendsunknownSierra1998
Grand Prix Manager 2SimulationMicroProse Software, Inc1996
Grand Prix WizardSportWizard Games1996
Grand Slam BridgeSportCybron1986
Grand Theft AutoActionDMA Design1997
Grand Theft Auto 2ActionDMA Design1999
Grandmaster Chessunknown1992
Great Courts 2unknown1991
Great Naval Battles vol. 2: Guadalcanal 1942 - 43SimulationSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1994
Great Naval Battles vol. 3: Fury in the Pacific 1941-1944SimulationDivide by zero1995
Great Naval Battles vol. 4: Burning Steel, 1939-1942SimulationDivide by zero1995
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939 - 1943SimulationSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1992
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 - America in the Atlanticunknown1993
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 - Scenario Builderunknown1993
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 - Super Ships of the Atlanticunknown1993
Gremlins 2ActionHi Tech Expressions1991
Grid PokerSportJeff Anderson1994
Grim FandangoAdventureLucasArts1998
GrimeMiscMark Elendt1989
GripplePuzzleDoug B.1990
Grosse Schlacht von Napoleon in Russland, DieunknownEmpire1997
Ground ControlStrategyMassive Entertainment2000
Ground WarStrategyEnque Software1991
Ground War 2StrategyEnque Software1991
Grover's Animal Adventuresunknown1987
Guardians of Infinity: to Save KennedyAdventureParagon software1988
Guerilla WarActionData East1987
GuiltyAdventureDivide by zero1995
Guitar Zerounknownunknown
Gulf Strikeunknown1985
Gunman ChroniclesActionSierra2000
Gunship 2000SimulationMicroprose1992
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddonunknown1992
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddonunknown1992
H.U.R.L.ActionMillennium Media Group1994
H.U.R.L. (Slob Zone 3D)Action1994
H2OStrategyWebfoot Technologies1996
Hacker 2 - The Doomsday PapersStrategyActivision1986
HadesActionJ.M. Rodrígu1991
Haegemonia: Legions of IronStrategyDigital Reality2002
Halloween Harry in Zombie WarsunknownSprint1996
Halls of Montezuma: A Battle History of the United States Marine Corpsunknown1990
Halo: Combat EvolvedActionMicrosoft Games Studios2003
Hammer Boyunknown1990
Hammer of the GodsStrategyHolistic Design1995
HamstersPuzzleInterQuest Productions1993
Hank’s QuestAdventureFemo Duo Entertainmentunknown
Hanse - Die Expedition \(German\)StrategyAscon GmbH1994
Happyland AdventuresActionFree Lunch Design2000
Harald HardtandActionPalmolive A/S1992
Hard Drivin'unknown1990
Hard Hat Mackunknown1984
Hard Novaunknown1990
Hard Novaunknown1990
Hardball 2unknown1989
Hardball 3unknown1992
Hardball 4SportAccolade1994
Hardball 5SportAccolade1995
Harlem GlobetrottersSportGameTek1990
Harley Davidson: Road To SturgisSimulationMindscape1989
Harpoon 2unknown1994
Harpoon 2unknown1994
Harpoon 2: BattleSet 2 - WestPacunknown1994
Harpoon 2: BattleSet 3 - Cold Warunknown1995
Harpoon BattleSet 2: North Atlantic Convoysunknown1989
Harpoon BattleSet 4: IOPGunknown1991
Harpoon Challenger Pak - Signature Editionunknown1991
Harpoon Designers' Series 1: BattleSet Enhancerunknown1992
Harpoon Designers' Series 2: Post-Graduate Naval Operations & Tacticsunknown1993
Harpoon Patch Diskunknown1992
Harpoon Scenario Editorunknown1989
HarpoonedunknownConor O’Kaneunknown
Harrier Jump Jetunknown1992
HarvesterAdventureDigiFX Interactive1996
Hat TrickSportCapcom1987
Hattrick!StrategyIkarion Software1995
Haunted Mission AdventureAdventureAdventureWare1986
Head over Heels RemakeActionHelmantika2003
Headline Harry and The Great Paper Raceunknown1991
Heart of Chinaunknown1992
HeartlightActionMoon Doggie1994
Heat Wave - Offshore Superboat RacingSimulationAccolade1990
Heaven and EarthStrategyBuena Vista Software1992
Heaven';s DawnAdventureArt 9 Entertainment Inc.1995
Heavy BarrelActionData East Corporation1989
Heavy GearunknownActivision1997
Heavy MetalSimulationAccess Software1989
Heimdall 2ActionCore Design1994
Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of WorldsRPGCore Design1994
Heli Boardingunknownunknown
Helicopter Missionunknown1994
Helicopter Missionunknown1994
Helicopter SimulatorSimulation??unknown
HeliousStrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.1993
Helious 2StrategyAlbino Frog Software, Inc.1993
Hell - A Cyberpunk ThrillerAdventureGameTek1994
Hellcat Aceunknown1984
Hellfire ZoneSimulationPanoramic Software1995
Helter SkelterActionThe Assembly Line1989
HerculesActionEurocom Developments1997
HereticActionRaven Software1994
Hernán CortésunknownNCF Soft1997
Hero QuestAdventureGremlin Interactive1991
Hero';s HeartStrategyEverett Kaser Software1992
Hero';s Quest aka Quest for Glory IAdventureSierra1989
Heroes of Might & MagicStrategyNew World Computing1996
Heroes of Might & Magic 2 - Gold EditionStrategyNew World Computing1996
Heroes of Might & Magic 3MiscNew World Computing1999
Heroes of the 357thunknown1992
Heroes of the Lanceunknown1989
Heroes of War and MoneyActionunknown
Heroquest 2004StrategyFreeware2004
Heros: The Sanguine SevenAction1993
HerrscherStrategyMr Creosote1999
Hexen - Deathkings of the Dark Citadelunknownid Software1996
HextrisPuzzleEzra Dreisbach1991
HexxagonPuzzleArgo Games1993
Hexxagon 2PuzzleArgo Games1993
Hidden AgendaStrategySpringboard1988
High Command: Europe 1939-'45unknown1992
High Seas TraderunknownImpressions Games1995
Highway FighterSportSafari Software Ltd.1995
Highway HunterActionSafari Software1994
Highway Hunter: Episode 1unknown1995
Highway Patrol IIunknown1990
Hill Street BluesAdventureKrisalis Software Ltd.1991
HindunknownSold Out1995
Hired Gunsunknown1993
History Line 1914-1918StrategyBlue Byte1992
Hitchhiker's Guide To The GalaxyAdventureInfocom1987
Hits for Six: Vol. 7unknown1994
Hobbit, The: Software AdventureAdventureBeam Software1982
Hockey League SimulatorunknownBethesda Softworks1990
Hocus Pocusunknown1994
Hocus Pocusunknown1994
Hole in One Miniature GolfActionDigitek Software1989
Holiday IslandunknownSunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software1996
Holiday Lemmings '94MiscDMA Designs1994
Hollywood HijinxAdventureInfocom1986
Hollywood PicturesStrategyStarbyte1995
Hollywood SquaresPuzzleGametek1988
Holye Classic Card GamesStrategySierra1993
Home Aloneunknown1991
Homeworld: CataclysmStrategyBarking Dog Studios2000
Homey D. Clownunknown1993
Horror Zombies from the CryptActionAstral Software1990
Hostile WatersStrategyRage2001
House of Cardsunknown1989
House of the DeadunknownSega1998
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 1unknown1989
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 1unknown1989
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 2unknown1990
Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 3unknown1991
Hoyle Classic Gamesunknown1995
HugounknownTresor TV1996
Hugo 2 - Whodunit?AdventureGray Design Associates1991
Hugo 3: Jungle of DoomAdventureGray Design Associates1992
Hugo's House of HorrorAdventureGray Design Ass.1990
Humphrey RemakeActionRetrospec2004
Hunter HuntedActionSierra On-Line1996
Hurra DeutschlandStrategyPromotial Software1994
Hyper Princess PitchActionRemar Games2011
HyperoidActionFree Software Foundation1989
I Have No Mouth And I Must ScreamAdventureAcclaim Entertainment1995
I Wanna Be the GuyunknownKayinunknown
I-0 Jailbait on the InterstateAdventureAdam Cadre1997
I-WarSimulationParticle Systems1997
I-War - Enter InfinityunknownOcean1997
I, Damiano - The Wizard of PartestradaAdventureBantam1985
I.M. MeenEducationalAnimation Magic1995
Ian Botham's CricketSportGamart, Mason Software1992
IBM BASIC QuizEducationalApogee1988
Icewind DaleRPGBlack Isle Studios/ Interplay2000
Icewind Dale 2RPGAtari2002
Icon - The Quest for the RingAdventureMacrocom, Inc.1984
If It Moves, Shoot ItActionBroderbund1989
IffermoonActionScott Gamesunknown
Igor - Objective UikokahoniaAdventureOptik Software1995
Ikari III: The RescueActionSNK Corporation1990
Ikari Warriorsunknown1986
Ikari Warriors 2 - Victory RoadActionSNK1986
Il drago delle caverneAdventureFreewareunknown
Il Filo di Ariannaunknown1990
Il giardino incantatoAdventureFreeware1995
Il Grande Gioco di Tangentopoliunknown1993
IL-2 Sturmovik - 1946SimulationUbisoft2006
iM1A2 AbramsunknownMegamedia1997
Imperial Conquest 2StrategySerious Games1997
ImperialismStrategyFrog City1997
Imperialism 2: The Age of ExplorationStrategyFrog City1999
ImperiumStrategyElectronic Arts1990
Imperium GalacticaunknownGT Interactive1997
Imperium Galactica 2StrategyDigital Reality2000
Imperium RomanumAdventureEGO Software1996
Impossible Mission 2ActionEpyx1988
In Extremisunknown1993
In Search of Dr. RiptideActionMindStorm Software1994
In Search of the Most Amazing ThingEducationalSpinnaker Software1983
In the 1st DegreeAdventureBroderbund Software, Inc.1995
In the Chipsunknown1984
In the Days of Knights & KingsStrategyEntrex Software1989
In the Dead of NightAdventureTrecision S.p.A.1995
Inca 2unknown1993
Inca 2 - Nations of ImmortalityAdventureCoktel Vision1994
IncubationStrategyBlue Byte1997
IncunabulaStrategyAvalon Hill1986
IndentureAdventureCraig Pell1991
Independence DaySimulationFox Interactive1997
Independence War 2ActionAtari2001
Independence War DeluxeMiscAtari1999
Indiana Jones 3 - and the Last CrusadeunknownLucasArts1989
Indiana Jones 4 - and the Fate of AtlantisunknownLucasArts1992
Indiana Jones and his Desktop AdventuresAdventureLucas Arts1996
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantisunknown1992
Indiana Jones and the Infernal MachineAdventureLucasArts1999
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeActionLucasGames1989
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Gameunknown1989
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doomunknown1989
Indiana Jones in Revenge of the AncientsAdventureMindscape1987
Indianapolis 500SportPapyrus1989
Indianapolis 500: The Simulationunknown1989
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Expansion Packunknown1994
Indycar RacingSportPapyrus1993
IndyCar Racing 2SimulationSierra1996
Infiltrator 2StrategyMindscape1987
Infra ArcanaRPGMartin Törnqvist2011
Ingrid';s BackAdventureLevel 9 Computing1988
Inherit the Earth - Quest for the OrbAdventureNew World Computing1994
Inner WorldsActionSleepless Software Inc.1996
Innocent Until CaughtAdventureDivide By Zero1994
Inordinate Desireunknown1995
Inside TraderStrategySoftServ, Inc.1987
Inspector GadgetAdventureAzeroth1992
Inspektor Zebok: Das ErbeAdventureSillyWood Productions1994
Intelligent Strategy Games 10StrategyOxford Softworks1993
Interactive Girls collectionAdultInteractive Girls Club1993
International AthleticsSportTrue Emotions1993
International Bridge ContractorsStrategyGreystone Software1984
International Karateunknown1989
International Ninja Rabbitsunknown1991
International Open Golf ChampionshipSportOcean Software1993
International Rugby Challengeunknown1993
International Sensible Soccerunknown1992
International Soccerunknown1994
International Soccer Challengeunknown1990
International Soccer ChallengeSportRed Rat Software1990
International Sports ChallengeSportEmpire Software1992
International Superstar Soccer 3SportKonami Computer Entertainment Osaka (KCEO)2003
International Tennisunknown1993
International Tennisunknown1993
International Tennis OpenSportInfogrames1994
InterposeActionKatz Media1996
Interstate '76ActionActivision1997
Into the Eagle';s NestActionMindscape1987
Intruder, TheunknownMicrofolie's1997
Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of DoomActionPop Software1994
Iron BloodunknownMicroforum1996
Iron Crossunknown1994
Iron Lordunknown1990
Iron SeedSimulation1994
Ironman OffroadunknownThe Leland Corporationunknown
IronSeedStrategyChannel 71994
Ishar - Legend of the FortressunknownSilmarils1994
Ishar 2: Messengers of Doomunknown1994
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityRPGSilmarils1994
Ishar compilationRPGSilmarils1994
Ishido: The Way of Stonesunknown1990
Ishido: The Way of Stonesunknown1990
IskibActionCompute! Publication1989
Isla de Tokland, LaunknownÁngel Ros1999
Isla, Amante NaturalunknownEdison Soft1999
Island of DangerAdventureRichard E. Carr1991
Island of Dr. BrainunknownSierra1992
Island of Mystery AdventureAdventureAdventureWare1985
Isle of the Deadunknown1993
Isle WarsStrategySoleau Software1994
It Came from the Desertunknown1990
Italy 1990unknown1990
Italy 90 aka World Class SoccerSportUS Gold1990
J-BirdPuzzleOrion Software, Inc.1983
J.R.R. Tolkien's Riders of RohanStrategyPapyrus Design Group1997
JabbertalkyEducationalAutomated Simulations1982
Jack in the DarkAdventureInfogrames Europe1993
Jack Nicklaus 4 v4.1unknownMegamedia1997
Jack Nicklaus Gold & Course Design - Signature EditionSportAccolade1992
Jack Nicklaus Gold & Course Design - Signature EditionSportAccolade1992
Jack Nicklaus Screen Saversunknown1994
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golfunknown1988
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfSportAccolade1988
Jack Orlando - A Cinematic AdventureunknownTopWare1997
Jack the RipperMiscGameTek1995
JackalActionViper Games1993
Jagged AllianceStrategySir-Tech1995
Jagged Alliance - Deadly GamesStrategySir-Tech Software1995
Jagged Alliance 2StrategyTalonSoft, Inc.1999
Jahanghir Khan';s SquashSportKrisalis1991
Jai AlaiSportOpera Sport1991
James Bond 007: GoldfingerAdventureAngelsoft1986
James Clavell's Shogununknown1986
James Pond 2 - Codename: Robocodunknown1991
James Pond 2 - Codename: Robocodunknown1991
Janitor JoeActionKevin Bales1984
Jazz JackrabbitActionEpic Megagames1994
Jazz Jackrabbit - Holiday Hare 1995ActionEpic MegaGames1995
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 v1.00unknownEpic MegaGames1998
Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret FilesActionEpic Games1999
Jazz the Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare '98ActionEpic Games1998
Jazz the Jackrabbit 2: The Christmas ChroniclesActionEpic Games1999
Jazz The Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare '94ActionEpic Games1994
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces IIAction1997
Jeopardy!PuzzleSharedata Inc1987
Jeopardy! 1st Editionunknown1990
Jeopardy! 1st Editionunknown1990
Jeopardy! 2nd Editionunknown1990
Jeopardy! 2nd Editionunknown1990
Jeopardy! 3rd EditionStrategyShareData1989
Jeopardy! 4th EditionStrategyShareData1990
Jeopardy! Junior EditionStrategyShareData1989
Jeopardy! New Sports EditionStrategyShareData1988
Jeopardy! Sports Editionunknown1990
Jeopardy! Sports Editionunknown1990
Jesus MatchupEducationalGodly Games1994
Jet MotoSimulationSony Interactive Studios1997
Jet Set Willy (remake)Action1999
JetFighter - The AdventureSimulationVelocity1988
JetpackActionAdam Petersen1993
Jetsons: The Computer Gameunknown1992
Jewels of Darkness \(Trilogy\)AdventureLevel 9 Computing1986
Jill of the JungleActionApogee1992
Jill the GoddessActionWOPR2K2001
Jim Henson';s Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the CarnavalActionMicromosaics1989
Jim Power - The Lost Dimension in 3DActionLoriciel1993
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis TourSportUnknown1990
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snookerunknown1991
Jimmy's Lost His Toilet PaperPuzzlePetri Purhounknown
JinxterAdventureMagnetic Scrolls1987
Joan of Arc - Siege and the SwordStrategyBroderbund1989
Joe & Mac - Caveman NinjaActionNew World Computing1991
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninjaunknown1991
Joe Bladeunknown1992
Joe Montana Footballunknown1990
John Elway's Quaterbackunknown1988
John Madden Footballunknown1989
John Madden Football IIunknown1991
John Romero's DaikatanaActionEidos2000
John Saul's Blackstone ChroniclesAdventureLegend Entertainment1998
Johnny CastawayunknownSierra1991
Jonah Barrington's Squashunknown1987
JONES in the Fast LaneStrategySierra On-Line1990
Jonny Quest: Curse of the Mayan Warriorsunknown1993
Jordan vs Bird: One on Oneunknown1988
Journey to the Center of the EarthAdventureFrogwares2003
Joust VGAActionDave and Ron Sharpless1990
Jr. Pac-ManActionThunder Mountain1988
Judge DreddActionAcclaim1996
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs DeathActionSierra2003
JuicedunknownJuice Games2005
Julius Erving vs. Larry Bird One-on-oneunknown1984
Jumper Dude & Xerixunknown1996
JumpjoeActionKevin Bales1984
Jumpman 2ActionApogee1991
Jungle Bookunknown1988
Jungle BookunknownVirgin Interactive Entertainmentunknown
Jungle Huntunknown1984
Jungle StrikeActionOcean1995
Jurassic Parkunknown1993
Jurassic Parkunknown1993
Jurassic Park: Operation GenesisunknownUniversal Interactive2003
Justicieros, LosAdventureDinamic Mult1996
K3ActionI. Ecenarro1996
KA-50 HokumSimulationVirgin Interactive1995
KaasMiscSM spellen1994
Kaiser Deluxe \(German\)StrategySoftgold Computerspiele1995
Kamikazi AlienActionVeriSoft Works1982
Kampf um TrubellandAdventureTriNeT Computer GmbH1996
KampfgruppeStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.1986
KaroshiunknownJesse Venbruxunknown
Kasparov';s GambitStrategyElectronic Arts1993
Katie's FarmEducationalLawrence Productions1991
Keef the Thiefunknown1989
Keef the Thiefunknown1989
Kens LabyrinthActionFreeware1993
KengiPuzzleSoftware 20001991
KenoSimulationTed Gruber Software1989
KentrisPuzzleKen Silverman1991
Kerboom!unknownKurt W. Dekker1995
Keys to MaramonRPGMindcraft Software1990
KhurdianunknownIceberg Soft1993
Kick Off 2SportAnco Software1990
Kick Off 3 - European ChallengeSportAnco Software1994
Kick Off 96SportAnco Software1996
Kick Off 97SportAnco Software1997
Kick Off 98unknownUbi Soft1997
Kids on KeysEducationalSpinnaker1984
Kids Rule OK 2unknown1994
Killing TimeActionStudio 3DO1996
KiloblasterActionEpid MegaGames1992
King Arthur's Knights of the Round TableStrategyMVP Software1994
King of ChicagoActionCinemaware1988
King of the RoadSimulationSoftlab-NSK2002
King Pin arcade sports bowlingSportTeam 171995
Kings quest II - Romacing the throneAdventureSierra1987
Kings quest IIIAdventureSierra1987
Kings Quest IV - The perils of RosellaAdventureSierra1988
Kings Quest V - Absence makes the heart go yonderAdventureSierra1990
Kings Quest VI - Heir today gone tomorrowAdventureSierra1992
King's Quest VII - The Princeless BrideunknownSierra1997
King';s Bounty - The LegendRPGKatauri Interactive2008
King';s QuestAdventureSierra1987
King';s Table - The Legend of RagnarokStrategyGameTek1993
King';s ValleyActionKonami1985
King's BountyStrategyNew World Computing1990
King's Quest 1 - SCI remakeAdventureSierra1990
King's Quest 3: To Heir is Humanunknown1987
King's Quest 8 - Mask of EternityunknownSierra1998
King's Quest IV: The Perils of RosellaAdventureSierra On-Line1988
King's Quest: Quest for the Crownunknown1990
King's Quest: Quest for the Crownunknown1990
Kingdom - The Far ReachesAdventureInterplay Entertainment1996
Kingdom at WarStrategyInterscan1992
Kingdom o' MagicunknownSCi1996
Kingdom of HamilAdventureJonathan Partington1987
Kingdom of KrozActionApogee1988
Kingdom of Kroz 2ActionApogee1990
Kingdoms of GermanyStrategyRealism Entertainment1994
Kingpin: Life of CrimeActionInterplay1999
Kings of beachSportElectronic Arts1989
Kings of the Beachunknown1988
Kings Quest 1 RemakeAdventureAGD Interactiveunknown
Kings Quest 2 RemakeAdventureAGD Interactiveunknown
Kings Quest 3 RemakeAdventureInfamous Adventuresunknown
KixMiscEdward Mueller1995
KKND - Krush, Kill 'n DestroyunknownElectronic Arts1997
KlaxPuzzleTengen, Inc.1990
Klik & Playunknown1994
Knight ExchangeStrategySoftdisk Publishing1988
Knight Gamesunknown1988
Knight Lore RemakeActionDevilish gam2002
Knight orcAdventureLevel 9 Computing1987
Knight Rider: The GameActionDavilex2002
Knight's Chase - Das Zeitlose AbenteuerunknownInfogrames1995
Knights of Legendunknown1989
Knights of LegendRPGOrigin Systems1989
Knights of the DesertStrategyTactical Design Group1983
Knights of the Skyunknown1990
Knights of Xentarunknown1991
Koala Lumpur - Reise ins ChaosunknownBroderbund1997
Kobayashi Naruunknown1987
Kong's RevengeActionZigurat1991
KoolahPuzzleMarko Teittinen1991
KosmonautunknownBluemoon Interactive1990
Kronolog - The Nazi Paradox aka Red HellAdventureMerit Software1993
Krusty';s Super Fun houseActionAcclaim Entertainment1993
KryminiPuzzleSoftware Agency1990
Krypton EggPuzzleC2V1994
Kung Fu Louie vs The Martial Art PosseActionElite Software1989
Kurt's Spaced InvadersActionKurt W. Dekker1995
Kuwait AssaultActionOMK1991
KyePuzzleColin Garbutt1992
L.A. CrackdownAdventureNexa Corporation1988
L.A. LawAdventureSynergistic Software1992
L.A. Law: The Computer GameAdventureCapstone Software1992
L'eternauta: Gli Invasori della Citta' EternaAdventure1994
L'Apprendista StregoneAdventureFreewareunknown
L'astronave condannataAdventureFreewareunknown
Léto s OskaremAdventureVochozka Trading1997
Ladder ManActionSoleau Software1992
Laffer's Utilitiesunknown1991
Laffer's Utilitiesunknown1991
Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA PlayoffsSportElectronic Arts, Inc.1989
Landing PartyStrategyPC-SIG1989
Lands 2: El AprendizActionAlien Soft1995
Lands of Lore - The Throne of ChaosRPGWestwood Studios1993
Lands of Lore 2: Guardians of DestinyRPGWestwood Studios1997
Lane Mastodon vs. The Blubbermanunknown1988
LapiMiscD. Pavlovsky1985
Larry LoaderPuzzleSoleau Software1993
Las Vegas Video PokerStrategyMastertronic1987
Laser ChessStrategyDavid Kujawski1992
Laser LightStrategyPixel Painters Corporation1994
Laser Squadunknown1992
Laser SurgeonMiscActivision, Inc.1987
LaserwarsStrategyForbidden Gap1994
Last Action HeroActionPsygnosis1994
Last Days of DoomAdventureToplogika Software1988
Last Express, TheunknownBroderbund1997
Last Half of DarknessAdventureSoftLab Laboratories1989
Last NinjaActionSystem 31988
Last Ninja 2unknown1988
Last RitesActionOcean Software1997
Laura BowAdventureSierra1989
Laura Bow - The Dagger of Amon RaAdventureSierra1992
Lawn MowerActionChristopher D. Orr.1987
Lawnmower ManMiscChristopher D. Orr1987
Le Fetiche MayaAdventureSilmarils1989
Le Maitre Des AmesRPGUBI Soft1987
Leaper \(VGA\)ActionLee Chapel1992
Leather Goddesses of Phobosunknown1986
Leather Goddesses of PhobosAdventureInfocom1986
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2AdventureInfocom1992
Legacy of the AncientsRPGQuest Software1989
Legend - The Four Crystals of TrazereRPGMindscape1992
Legend of DjelRPGCoktel Vision1987
Legend of FaerghailRPGElectronic Design Hannover1990
Legend of GrimrockRPGAlmost Human Games2012
Legend of KyrandiaAdventureWestwood Studios1992
Legend of Kyrandia 3 - Malcolm's RevengeAdventureWestwood Studios1994
Legend of MyraPuzzleGamezone1992
Legend of the SwordAdventureSilicon Soft1988
Legends of murderRPGSoftDisk Publishing1993
Legends of Valourunknown1992
Leisure Suit LarryAdventureSierra1987
Leisure Suit Larry - Yacht nach Liebe!unknownSierra1996
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Remake - Land of the Lounge LizardsunknownSierra1991
Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Goes Looking for LoveAdventureSierra1988
Leisure Suit Larry 3AdventureSierra1989
Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals!unknown1989
Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals!unknown1989
Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals!unknown1989
Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover WorkunknownSierra1991
Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Workunknown1991
Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up or Ship OutunknownSierra1993
Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry Bonus Diskunknown2018
Lemmings 2unknownRockstar North Ltd.unknown
Lemmings 95PuzzleDMA Design Limited1994
LemrisPuzzleAutotech Software1994
Les Manley in: Lost in L.A.AdventureAccolade1991
Les Manley in: Search for the KingAdventureAccolade1990
Les Manley: Lost in L.A.unknown1991
Les Manley: Search for the Kingunknown1990
Les Voyageurs du Temps: La Menaceunknown1990
Lethal Tenderunknown1993
Leviathan - The Tone RebellionunknownLogic Factory1996
Leygref's CastleRPGFrank Dutton1986
LHXSimulationElectronic Arts1990
Liberación de Silvania, LaunknownAventuras FJ1991
Liberty or DeathStrategyKOEI1989
LieroActionMetsän Eläimet1998
Life & deathSimulationSoftware Toolworks1988
Life & death 2SimulationSoftware Toolworks1990
Life GenesisPuzzle1992
Lighthouse - The Dark BeingunknownSierra1996
Line WarsSimulationFreeware1989
LingoPuzzleDavilex Software1989
Links 386 Prounknown1992
Links 386 Pro Update Diskunknown1992
Links: The Challenge of GolfSportAccess Software1990
LionActionManley and Associates1995
Lion KingActionDisney1994
Litil Divilunknown1993
Little Big AdventureAdventureAdeline1994
Little Big Adventure 2AdventureAdeline Software International1997
Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey)AdventureAdeline Software International1997
Little FighterActionMarti Wong1995
Living BallAction21st Century Entertainment1995
Livingstone 2ActionOpera Soft1989
Livingstone I PresumeActionunknown
Llaves del Tiempo, LasunknownJarel1999
Lloni be GoodActionDevilish gam2000
LobSterActionScott Haag1998
Lock 2unknownDungeon Dwellers Designtunknown
Lode Runnerunknown1983
Lode Runner (Remake)ActionAleksey V. Vaneev1995
Lode Runner: The Legend Returnsunknown1994
Lola huele bien y adora el MariscounknownA. Bárcena1988
LollypopActionRainbow Arts1994
Lombard Rac Rallyunknown1990
Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Deathunknown1991
Longbow 2unknownElectronic Arts1997
Longbow GoldunknownElectronic Arts1997
LoomAdventureLucasFilm Games1990
LoopzPuzzleAudiogenic Software Ltd.1990
Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the RingRPGInterplay1990
Lord of the Rings 2 - The Two TowersRPGInterplay1991
Lords of Conquestunknown1986
Lords of Midnight III: The CitadelStrategyMaelstrom Games1995
Lords of the Realmunknown1994
Lords of the Realm IIStrategySierra On-Line1996
Lords of the Realm II - Siege PackunknownSierra1997
LornaActionTopo Soft1990
Lost Dutchman MineAdventureMagnetic Images1989
Lost Dutchman MineAdventureMagnetic Images1989
Lost EdenAdventureCryo1995
Lost in TimeAdventureCoktel Vision1993
Lost Treasures of Infocomunknown1990
Lost VikingsunknownBlizzardunknown
Lost Vikings 2unknownBlizzardunknown
Lotus - The Ultimate ChallengeSimulationGremlin1993
Low Blowunknown1990
LucasArts Air Combat Classicsunknown1994
LucasArts Classic Adventuresunknown1992
Luigi & SpaghettiActionTopo Soft1992
Luigi en CircuslandActionTopo Soft1994
Lunar CommandSimulationunknown
Lure of the Temptressunknown1992
M.A.X - Mechanized Assault & ExplorationActionInterplay Productions1996
M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty SportSportRainbow Arts Software GmbH1990
M1 Tank PlatoonSimulationMicroprose1989
Macadam BumperActionAccolade1987
MacArthur's War - Battles for KoreaStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.1990
Mach 3ActionLoriciels1987
Mach One: America's Best 25 Entertainment Hitsunknown1991
Machiavelli the PrinceStrategyMicroProse1995
MachinariumPuzzleAmanita Design2009
Machine HunterActionEurocom Entertainment1997
Mad MixActionTopo Soft1988
Mad Mix Game RemakeActionZikitrake So2004
Mad Newsunknown1994
Mad News - Extrablattunknown1994
Mad Painter!ActionSteve Elder1991
Mad ParadoxRPGSamourai1994
Mad ShowMiscSilmarils1986
Mad TVStrategyRainbow Arts1991
Mad TV 2StrategyGreenwood Entertainment1996
MaelstromStrategyDon Bluth Multimedia1992
Magic BoxesPuzzleSoftdisk Publishing1989
Magic BoyActionBlue Turtle1993
Magic Candle, TheRPGMindcraft1989
Magic CarpetActionBullfrog1994
Magic Carpet 2 - The NetherworldsActionElectronic Arts1995
Magic Carpet PlusunknownElectronic Arts1995
Magic Jhonson's MVPunknown1989
Magic Maycabsunknownunknown
Magic of EndoriaStrategyGerman Design Group1994
Magic PocketsActionBitmap Brothers1991
Magic: The GatheringStrategyMicroProse Software1997
MagneticStrategyX-ample Architectures1993
Magnetic CranePuzzleDialog, Moscow1989
Magnetic Scrolls CollectionAdventureMagnetic Scrolls1991
Mah Jongg for WindowsPuzzleRon Balewski1988
Mah Jongg SolitaireStrategyArcanum Computing1987
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom SimStrategyCyberlore2000
MajikActionChris Busch1990
Major Strykerunknown1993
Man Enough: The Ultimate Social AdventurePuzzleTsunami1993
Manchester Unitedunknown1990
Manchester United - The DoubleSportKrisalis1995
Manchester United Europeunknown1992
Manhunter - New YorkAdventureSierra1988
Manhunter 2 - San FranciscounknownSierra1990
Maniac Mansionunknown1987
Maniac Mansionunknown1987
Manic MinerActionAndy Noble1997
Manic MinerActionSoftware Projects1983
Marathon 2: DurandalunknownBungie1996
Marble CookingPuzzleNegative1994
Marble Madnessunknown1985
Marine Fighters - U.S. Navy Fighters Expansion DiskunknownElectronic Arts1997
MariounknownWiering Softwareunknown
Mario and LuigiAction2001
Mario Andretti's Racing Challengeunknown1991
Mario Bros VGAAction1990
Mario Bros.ActionNintendo1983
Mario is Missing!unknown1992
Mario Teaches Typingunknown1992
Mario Teaches Typingunknown1992
Mario Teaches Typingunknown1992
Mario Teaches Typingunknown1992
Mario!!! RemakeAction1995
Mario's Time Machineunknown1993
Martian DreamsRPGOrigin1991
Martian Memorandumunknown1991
Massacre TotalActionAlien Soft2000
Master Blasterunknown1987
Master Ninjaunknown1987
Master of MagicStrategyMicroprose1994
Master of OrionStrategySimTex1993
Master of Orion 1 + 2StrategyMicroProse1993
Master of Orion 3StrategyAtari2003
Math Climbersunknown1992
Math RabbitPuzzleThe Learning Company1987
Math Rescueunknown1992
Mathe-Blaster: Auf der Suche nach Spotunknown1994
Matrix Rampageunknownunknown
Maupiti Islandunknown1991
Max PayneActionGathering of Developers2001
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max PayneActionRockstar2003
Mayday Squadunknown1989
Maze AdventuresMiscKeyPunch / Scott Miller1989
Maze of Galious Remake, TheActionBrain games2002
McDonaldlandActionVirgin Games1992
MChess ProfessionalPuzzleMarty Hirsch1992
MDK 2ActionInterplay2000
Me marcho pa' Francia 98unknownPapada Soft1998
Mean 18unknown1986
Mean Streetsunknown1989
Mech warStrategy1992
Mechwarrior 2SimulationActivision1995
Mechwarrior 3SimulationZipper Interactive1999
Medieval Lords: Soldier Kings of Europeunknown1991
Medieval Warriorsunknown1991
Mega 4unknownTopo Soft1991
Mega Blastunknown1995
Mega BoxunknownDinamic1991
Mega Lo Maniaunknown1992
Mega Manunknown1990
Mega Man 3ActionHi-Tech Expressions1992
Mega Man XActionCapcom1995
Mega Man X3unknownCapcom1998
Megafenix ReloadedActionCoptron Game2007
MegaraceunknownSoftware Toolworks1994
Megarace 2unknownMindscape1997
Megatraveller 2unknownParagon Studiosunknown
MegaZeuxActionSoftware Visions1994
Men in Black: The GameAdventureSouthpeak Interactive1997
Menace of Dr. Spoil SportAdventureDavid Leithauser1992
Merchant ColonyStrategycompany1991
Merchant PrinceunknownHolistic Design1993
Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo BabesActionMegaTech Software1993
Metal GearActionBanana Development1990
Metal Gear 2 - Solid SnakeActionKonami1990
Metal MarinesStrategyMindscape1994
Metal MutantActionSilmarils1991
Meteor MissionActionKurt W. Dekker1995
MeteorsMiscScott Miller1989
Metro Siberiaunknownunknown
Meurtres en SeriePuzzleCobra Soft1987
Mgt aka Magic TankStrategyLoriciels1986
Miami ViceActionCapstone1989
Michael Jordan in Flightunknown1993
Mickey's Space AdventureAdventureDisney1986
Mickey's ABC: A Day at the Fairunknown1992
Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzlesunknown1991
Mickey's Runaway Zoounknown1991
Mickey's Space Adventureunknown1985
Micro League BaseballSportMicro League1989
Micro Machinesunknown1994
Micro Machines 2unknownSupersonic1995
Micro Machines V3ActionCodemasters1998
Micro! DeluxePuzzleAcumen Software1995
MicroLeague Baseballunknown1984
MicroLeague Footballunknown1992
MicropedeActionRobert B. Easter1994
MicroProse Entertainment Pack Vol #1: Dr Floyd's Desktop Toysunknown1993
Microprose Pro SoccerSportMicroProse1989
Microsoft AdventureAdventureMicrosoft1981
Microsoft Arcadeunknown1993
Microsoft Decathlonunknown1982
Microsoft Entertainment PackPuzzleMicrosoft1992
Microsoft Entertainment Pack Volume 2unknown1991
Microsoft Entertainment Pack Volume 3unknown1991
Microsoft Entertainment Pack Volume 4unknown1992
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v3.0)SimulationMicrosoft Game Studios1988
Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0unknown1982
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0unknown1984
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0unknown1989
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1unknown1995
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1unknown1995
Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Diskunknown1993
Microsoft Golfunknown1992
Microsoft Mouse Microsoft Paintbrushunknown1990
Microsoft Return of Arcadeunknown1996
Microsoft Space Simulatorunknown1994
Microsoft Space Simulatorunknown1994
Microsoft Space Simulatorunknown1994
Microsoft Windows 3.11unknown1994
Middle EarthRPGVirgin1988
Midnight RescueActionThe Learning Company1990
Midtown MadnessunknownAngel Studios1999
Midtown Madness 2unknownAngel Studios2000
Midway CampaignStrategyMicrocomputer Games Inc.1983
MiedosoActionM. Toscano1996
MiG-29 Fulcrumunknown1991
MiG-29: Deadly Adversary of Falcon 3.0unknown1993
Might & Magic Book 1 - Secret of the Inner SanctumRPGNew World Computing1987
Might and Magic 2 - Gates to Another WorldRPGNew World Computing, Inc.1988
Might and Magic 3 - Isles of TerraRPGNew World Computing, Inc.1991
Might and Magic 4: Clouds of XeenRPGNew World Computing1992
Might and Magic 5: Darkside of XeenRPGNew World Computing1993
Might and Magic: World of XeenRPGNew World Computing1993
Mighty BombjackActionElite Systems1990
Mike Ditka Ultimate Footballunknown1991
Millenium 2.2StrategyParagon1991
Millenium: Return to Earthunknown1990
Millennia: Altered DestiniesSimulationTake-Two Interactive1995
Mimi & The MitesActionThe Unobstructed Reason Corporation1995
Mind MirrorMiscElectronic Arts1986
MindwheelAdventureSynapse Software1984
Mine BombersunknownSkitso Productionsunknown
Mine Shaftunknown1983
Miner 2049erActionMicro Fun1983
Miner VGAMiscFrodoSoft1989
Mines of Titanunknown1989
Mines of TitanRPGWestwood Associates1989
MiniwarMiscJussi Aittoniemi1992
Minus 90MiscALO-Software1993
Mirage Thunderunknown1993
Missile CommandActionPeter Siamidis1992
Missile CommanderunknownCyberium1998
Missing / In MemoriamAdventureUbiSoft / The Adventure Company2003
Missing: The 13th VictimAdventureThe Adventure Company2005
Mission CriticalAdventureLegend Entertainment1996
Mission Force: CyberstormunknownDynamix1996
Mission UFO: A Solar System OdysseyEducationalJ and B Associates1992
Mission: ImpossibleAdventureDistinctive Software1991
Mixed up Fairy TalesunknownSierra1991
Mixed up Mother GooseAdventureSierra1987
Mixed Up Mother Goose DeluxeunknownSierra1995
Mixed-Up Fairy Talesunknown1991
Modem WarsStrategyOzark Softscape1988
MoebiusActionOrigin Systems1987
Moktar Adventure \(french\)ActionTitus1991
Monkey Island 1 - Secret of Monkey IslandunknownLucasArts1990
Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's RevengeunknownLucasArts1991
MonopolizeStrategyFrank R. Neal1984
MonopolizeStrategyFrank R. Neal1984
Monopoly - Star Wars CD-ROM EditionunknownHasbro1997
Monopoly \(the official one\)StrategyLeisure Genius1988
Monopoly DeluxeStrategyVirgin Interactive1992
Monster Bashunknown1993
Monster MathEducationalIBM1983
Montezuma's RevengeActionBCI Software1984
Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy GrailPuzzle7th Level1996
Monty Python's - The Meaning of LifeunknownTake 21997
Monty Python's Complete Waste of TimePuzzle7th Level1994
Monty Python's Flying Circusunknown1990
Monuments of Marsunknown1991
Moon BugsActionWindmill Software1983
Moon Patrolunknown1983
MoonbaseStrategyWesson International1990
MoonwalkerActionUS Gold1989
Moraff's RevengeRPGMoraffWare1988
Moraff's BlastActionMoraffware1991
Moraff's StonesPuzzleMoraffWare1991
Moraff's Super Blast 3PuzzleMoraffware1993
Mordor: The Depths of DejenolRPG1995
Moria 2AdventureAJM861986
Morkin 2StrategyAnthony Hamilton1992
MorphmanAdventureDynamic Dimensions Development1993
Mortadelo y Filemón IIunknown1989
Mortal CoilunknownVirgin1995
Mortal KombatSportMidway1993
Mortal Kombat 2ActionBally Midway Manufacturing Co.1994
Mortal Kombat 3ActionMidway Games1995
Mortal PongActionCheesy Software1997
Mortville ManorAdventureLankhor1988
Moscow Nightsunknown1993
MotActionOpera Soft1989
Moto RacerSimulationDelphine Software1997
Motor CityunknownMax Design GesMBH1994
Motor ManiaSportUnknown1988
Motorbike Madnessunknown1988
Mountain Bike RacerSportPositive1990
MozaikAdultImage Line Entertainment1993
Ms Pac PCActionMagicom Multimedia1995
MS-DOS 6.22unknown1993
Ms. Pac-Manunknown1983
MTV's Remote ControlPuzzleHi-Tech Expressions1989
Multi SportsunknownDinamic1991
Mundial de FútbolSportOpera Sport1990
Murder in SpaceAdventureHi Tech Software1990
Murder in the AtlanticAdventureCobraSoft1988
Murder in VeniceAdventureCobra Software1990
Murder Makes Strange DeadfellowsAdventureTiger Media1992
Murder on the Atlanticunknown1988
Murder on the Zinderneufunknown1984
Murders in Spaceunknown1990
Murders in Spaceunknown1990
Mus 2000MiscJuan Parra2001
Museum Madnessunknown1994
Mushroom ManiaActionBritanniaunknown
Mutan ZoneActionOpera Soft1988
Mutant Chicken RacesSimulation1996
Muzeum mrtvolAdventureComputer Experts1993
My ChessStrategyDavid Kittinger1984
My TennisunknownDima Bashurov1985
MychessStrategySoftware Toolworks1984
Mystic TowersPuzzleApogee1994
Myth - The Fallen LordsunknownVirgin1997
Myth KnightmareAdventureKonami1989
NahlakhRPGTom Proudfoot Games1994
NanobotsAdventureErin Robinson, Vince Wesselmannunknown
NanukunknownMago Soft1994
Narco Policeunknown1990
Nascar RacingSportPapyrus1994
National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1StrategySpectrum Holobyte1993
Navcom 6 - The Persian Gulf DefenseSimulationCosmi Corporation1988
Navigation Simulatorunknown1991
Navy MovesActionDinamic Software1990
Navy Sealunknown1989
Navy StrikeSimulationEmpire Interactive1996
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSportAcclaim Entertainment1995
NBA Live 95unknownElectronic Arts1994
NBA Live 96unknownElectronic Arts1996
NBA Live 98unknownElectronic Arts1997
NCAA - Road to the Final FourSportBethesda Software1991
Need for Speed IIunknownElectronic Arts1997
Need for Speed, TheSportElectronic Arts1994
Need for Speed: Hot PursuitunknownCriterion Games2010
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2unknownElectronic Arts Canada2002
Need for Speed: UndercoverunknownEA Black Box2008
Need for Speed: Underground 2unknownEA Black Box2004
Negra Nocheunknown3PSoft1994
Nemesis the Go MasterStrategyNemesis Enterprises1991
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Iron MaidenunknownGAINAX1997
Nephi's Questunknown1990
Nerves of SteelActionMerit Studios1995
NethackRPGStichting Mathematisch Centrum1992
Nether Earth RemakeStrategyBrain games2002
Network Q RAC Rally ChampionshipSimulationEuroPress1994
Never MindPuzzlePsygnosis1989
Neverhood, TheunknownDreamWorks1996
Neverwinter NightsRPGSSI1991
Neverwinter NightsRPGAtari2005
New GyrussActionDevilish gam2003
New Math Blaster Plus!unknown1990
New Star Soccer 5SportNew Star Games2011
NFL ChallengeSportXOR Corporation1985
NFL Coaches Club Footballunknown1993
NFL Footballunknown1992
NFL FootballSportKonami1992
NFL Pro League Footballunknown1995
NHL '94SportElectronic Arts1993
NHL 95SportElectronic Arts1994
NHL 95unknownElectronic Arts1994
NHL 96unknownElectronic Arts1995
NHL 97unknownElectronic Arts1996
NHL 99unknownElectronic Arts1998
Niño MalounknownCyberniño2001
Nicky BoomActionMicroids1992
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racingunknown1993
Night Hunterunknown1988
Night Hunterunknown1988
Night Mission PinballActionSublogic Corporation1982
Night mission pinball 3.0PuzzlesubLOGIC1988
Night RaidActionArgo Games1992
Night Shiftunknown1990
Nightlong: Union City ConspiracyAdventureTrecision1998
Ninga Demo Reelunknown1991
Ninja Gaidenunknown1989
Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaosunknown1991
Ninja Hunterunknownunknown
Nippon Safes, Inc.AdventureDynabyte1992
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M’s WayActionMonolith2002
Nobunaga's AmbitionStrategyKOEI Co., Ltd.1988
Nobunaga's Ambition 2StrategyKOEI1989
NoctropolisAdventureFlashpoint Productions1994
NocturneActionGathering of Developers1999
Noitu LoveActionJoakim Sandbergunknown
Nonamed - The remakeActionJosé Mª Clim2009
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of ItAdventureInfocom1987
NormalityAdventureGremlin Interactive1996
North & SouthStrategyInfogrames1989
Norton Commander 1.0unknown1986
Norton Commander 3.0unknown1989
Norton Commander 5.51unknown1998
Norton Utilities 3.0unknown1985
Nova 9unknown1991
NoxRPGWestwood Studios2000
NS ArnhemSimulationR. Plokhaar1994
NS HilversumSimulationR. Plokhaar1995
NugisActionEternal Drea2003
Number MunchersEducationalMecc1990
NY Warriorsunknown1991
Oberon 69ActionG.LL.1990
ObitusRPGPsygnosis Limited1991
Ocean RangerStrategyActivision1988
Ocean TraderSimulationSoftware 20001996
Oddworld: Abe's OddyseeActionOddworld Inhabitants Inc.1997
Odell Down Underunknown1994
Odysseus KentAdventureYahtzeeunknown
Off RoadSimulationMontsoft1988
Off Shore WarriorSimulationTitus1988
OffensiveStrategyWave Software, Ltd1996
OgreStrategyJoe Applegate1987
Oh No More LemmingsPuzzlePsygnosis1991
Oil BaronsSimulationStarsoft Development1992
Oil BaronsStrategyEpyx1983
Oil ImperiumPuzzleReline Software1989
Oil';s WellActionSierra Online1984
Oil';s WellActionSierra Online1990
Oil's WellActionunknown
Oklib';s RevengeAdventureCastle Technologies1992
OligopolyStrategyP.C. Design Associates1987
Olimpiadas 92: AtletismoSportTopo Soft1992
Olimpiadas 92: Gimnasia DeportivaSportTopo Soft1992
Oliver and CompanyActionCoktel Vision1989
Olympic SoccerSportSilicon Dreams1996
Omni Play BasketballunknownDesignStar Consultants1990
Omnicron ConspiracyRPGEpyx1989
On Safariunknown1990
On Safariunknown1990
Once Upon a ForestAdventureSanctuary Woods1995
Once Upon a Time - AbracadabraAdventureCoktel Vision1991
Once Upon a Time - Baba YagaAdventureCoktel Vision1991
Once Upon a Time - Little Red Riding HoodAdventureCoktel Vision1991
One Must Fall 2097ActionEpic Megagames1994
One Unit Whole BloodActionAtari1998
Oo-ToposAdventurePolarware, Inc.1987
OozeAdventureDragonware Games1989
OpenTTDSimulationChris Sawyer Productions2005
Opera Super SportsunknownOpera Plus1992
Operation Body Countunknown1994
Operation CleanerPuzzleJan Nyman1998
Operation Cleanstreetsunknown1988
Operation Crusaderunknown1994
Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45StrategyKoei Corporation1994
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War CrisisActionCodemasters Software Company, Limited2001
Operation Harrierunknown1990
Operation Overlordunknown1994
Operation Stealthunknown1990
Operation Stealthunknown1990
Operation Wolfunknown1989
Operation: Inner SpaceActionSoftware Dynamics1994
Oregon TrailunknownMECCunknown
Oregon Trail DeluxeSimulationMECC1992
Origin FXunknown1993
Orion BurgerAdventureSanctuary Woods1996
Orion Conspiracy, TheunknownDomark1995
OscarActionFlair Software, LTD.1994
Out on a LemActionUnknown1984
Out RunSportSEGA1989
Outer RidgeActionWizard Software1995
OutpostMiscSierra On-Line Inc.1994
Outpost 2unknownDynamix1997
Over the Netunknown1991
OxydPuzzleDongle ware1992
Oxyd Magnum!unknown1993
P.H.M. PegasusSimulationLucasFilm Games1988
P47 The Freedom FighterSimulationFirebird Software1990
P47 ThunderboltunknownNMK Co.1990
Pac GalPuzzleJ. Jimenez1982
Pac GirlPuzzleJ. Jimenez1982
Pac ManPuzzleOrion Software1983
Pac ManActionFreeware2001
Pac-MaineActionRaymond T. Albert1988
Pacific GeneralStrategySSI1997
Pacific IslandsActionEmpire Simulation1992
Pacific Strikeunknown1994
Pack Dinamic 90unknown1990
Pack PCunknown1985
Pack PC Opera Softunknown1990
Pack RatActionSteve Blanding1992
Pack Regalo Gun Stickunknown1989
Pack-manActionMagicom Multimedia1983
PakoActionUranium Software1994
Pako 2ActionUranium Software1995
Paladin + Quest Disk - The Scrolls of TalmouthRPGOmnitrend Software1988
Paladin 2StrategyImpressions Games1992
Panda Dodge-ballSportPanda Entertainment1994
Pandemonium!ActionCrystal Dynamics, Inc.1997
Pandora Akte, DieunknownVirgin1996
Pangea - Return to Planet EarthRPGInteractive Computer Entertainment1993
Panic!ActionAmaka Soft2002
Panthers in the ShadowsSimulationHPS Simulations1995
Panza Kick Boxingunknown1990
Panzer GeneralStrategySSI1994
Panzer General 2StrategyStrategic Simulations1997
Panzer General 3D - AssaultSimulationStrategic Simulations1999
Paper BoyActionElite Systems1987
Paper Boy 2ActionMindscape1991
ParashooterActionPeter Leahy1998
ParatrooperActionMons & Simen1984
Paris Dakar 1990SimulationTomahawk1990
Parlor Games with Laura BowStrategySierra On-Line1993
PasqilPuzzleMiloš Zavřel1998
Patrician 2: Quest for PowerunknownASCARON Entertainment2000
Patton Strikes Back: The Battle of the Bulgeunknown1991
Patton vs RommelStrategyElectronic Arts1986
PC Arcade ActionunknownJackson1992
PC AsteroidsActionRobe Inie2001
PC Basket 2.0SportDinamic Mult1994
PC Basket 3.0SportDinamic Mult1995
PC Basket 4.5SportDinamic Mult1997
PC Bowl - Electron LanesunknownBearWare Systems1986
PC Calciounknown1995
PC calcio 3.0 (94/95)SportDinamic1994
PC calcio 5.0 (96/97)SportDynamic1996
PC Fútbol 2000SportDinamic Mult1999
PC Fútbol 2001SportDinamic Mult2000
PC Illustrator 3.0unknown1985
PC MaziacsActionS. Romero2002
Pc PoolSportn.d.1984
PC Pool Challengesunknown1984
PC RallySportDDM1995
PC Zone Demo Disk (Sep 2 1993)unknown1993
PC-ManActionOrion Software1982
PCKaiser++StrategyMartin Gelter1992
Pedro TankActionSammyspace Software1998
Penthouse electric jigsawPuzzle1990
Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxeunknown1993
Penthouse Mahjongunknown1993
Pepper's Adventure's in TimeunknownSierra1993
Pepper's Adventures in Timeunknown1993
Perestroika (Toppler)ActionLocis1990
Perfect AssassinunknownGrolier Interactive1997
Perico Delgado Maillot AmarilloSportTopo Soft1989
Perry MasonAdventureTelarium1986
Pete Rose BaseballSportAbsolute, Dynamix, GameStar1988
Pete Rose Pennant Feverunknown1988
PGA GolfSportElectronic Arts1990
PGA Tour Golfunknown1990
PGA Tour Golf 486unknownElectronic Arts1994
PGA Tour Golf: Tournament Course Diskunknown1991
Phantasie 3 : The Wrath of NikademusRPGSSI1988
Phantasmagoria 2AdventureActivision1996
Phantomasa ReduxActionHorrorosoft2007
Pharao's Tomb Vol 1-4ActionApogee1990
PharaohStrategyImpression Games1999
Pharaoh's Pursuitunknown1990
Pick 'n PilePuzzleUbi Soft1990
Pictionary: The Game of Quick Drawunknown1989
Pilgrims QuestStrategyDecision Development Corp.1991
Pinball Construction Setunknown1985
Pinball Dreamsunknown1992
Pinball DreamsActionDigital Illusions AB1993
Pinball Dreams 2Action21st Century Entertainment1994
Pinball Dreams IIunknown1994
Pinball Fantasiesunknown1994
Pinball IllusionsActionDigital Illusions1995
Pipe DreamPuzzleLucasfilm1989
PipesPuzzleCreative Software1983
Pirates GoldSimulationMicroProse1993
Pirates of the Barbary Coastunknown1987
Pit FighterActionAtari1991
Pitstop 2unknown1984
Pizza ConnectionStrategySoftware 20001994
Plan 9 From Outer Spaceunknown1992
Planescape - TormentRPGAtari1999
Planet X3unknown2018
Planet X3unknown2018
Planet X3unknown2018
Planet X3unknown2018
Planet's Edge - The Point of No Returnunknown1991
PlayboyAdventureVictory Software1993
Playhouse Strip PokerAdultPlayhouse1988
Plundered HeartsAdventureInfocom1987
PocahontasActionTeeny Weeny Games1995
POD - Back to HellunknownUbi Soft1997
Point of AttackStrategyHPS Simulations1991
Poko Memorial: 18 Hole Miniature GolfunknownGold Hill Software1987
Pole Positionunknown1988
Pole PositionSimulationUnknownunknown
Pole Position 2SimulationMindscape1982
Police Quest - in Pursuit of the Death AngelAdventureSierra1987
Police Quest (VGA Remake)AdventureSierra On-Line1992
Police Quest 2 - The VengeanceAdventureSierra1988
Police Quest 3 - The KindredAdventureSierra1990
Police Quest 4 - Open SeasonunknownSierra1993
PolyWindows DeskPlusunknown1985
PongActionFabrizio Zavagliunknown
Pong v.2.1 cloneAction1984
PonorkyStrategyJaroslav Křepinský1991
Pool 'm UpSportDommelsch1999
Pool ChampionunknownMindscape1996
Pool of RadianceRPGSSI1988
Pool Sharkunknown1997
Pools of Darknessunknown1991
Popeye 2ActionSyndicate Inc.1992
Populous 2 - Trials of the Olympian GodsStrategyBullfrog1991
PornPipeAdultImage Line Entertainment Software1993
PorntrisAdultImage Line Entertainment Software1993
Ports of CallStrategyKlein & Ulrich1994
PostalActionRunning With Scissors2003
Postal 2ActionRunning With Scissors2003
PowballActionAnthony Hamilton2000
Power Driftunknown1990
Power Driveunknown1994
Power Putt GolfunknownClubware1992
Power ShooterActionJay Kramer1993
Powerboat USA: Offshore Superboat Racingunknown1990
PršíMiscPavel Káš1993
Prairie Dog HuntAction1993
Predator 2ActionKonami1991
Prehistorik 2ActionTitus Interactive1993
Premier ManagerStrategyGremlin Graphics1992
Premier Manager 2StrategyGremlin1993
Premier Manager 3StrategyGremlin1995
President ElectSimulationStrategic Simulations, Inc.1988
President's Choiceunknown1984
Press Your LuckPuzzleGameTek1988
Presumed Guiltyunknown1989
Primal RageActionATARI1994
Prince of EvilActionSoftstar1993
Prince of Persiaunknown1990
Prince of Persia 2ActionBroderbund1993
Princess maker 2unknownGainax1993
Principio del Fin, ElAdventureBass Softwar1994
Prisión, LaunknownDinamic Mult2000
Private EyeAdventureSimon & Schuster Interactive1996
Privateer 2 - The DarkeningunknownOrigin1996
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010SportKonami2009
Pro Managerunknown1984
Pro-League Baseballunknown1987
Project IGI: Im Going InActionInnerloop Studios2000
Project NeptuneStrategyInfogrames1989
Project NomadActionGameTek1993
Project Space StationSimulationAvantage1987
Project XActionTeam 171995
ProliferationStrategySilicon Commander1995
Prophecy 1 - The viking childActionElectronic Zoo1990
Prophecy of the ShadowRPGSSI1992
Prophecy: the fall of TrinadonRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1989
Prost Grand PrixSportInfogrames1998
ProtostarAdventureTsunami Media1993
PrPuzzleMartin Filip1991
Psi 5StrategyAccolade1986
Psi 5 Trading Co.unknown1986
Psion ChessPuzzlePsion Software1982
PsychoAdventureStarsoft Development1988
Psycho PinballActionCodemasters1995
PsychonautsAdventureDouble Fine Productions2005
Psygnosis Entertainment Pak - Obitus & AtominounknownSoftprime1995
Pub Pokerunknown1993
Pub Poolunknown1987
Pub PoolSportMastertronic1987
Punq, the fleaActionPaco Suárez2003
Puppen, Perlen und PistolenunknownPhilips1996
Purple Saturn Dayunknown1989
Push OverPuzzleOcean1992
Putt-Putt Joins the ParadeEducationalHumongous Entertainment1992
Pyro 2MiscMichael O'brien1990
QBasic GorillasStrategyMicrosoft Corporation1991
Quake 2MiscId1997
Quake III: ArenaActionActivision1999
Quake IVActionRaven Software, id Software2005
Quarky & Quaysoo';s Turbo ScienceEducationalSierra1992
QuarterPoleSimulationMicroleague Interactive Software1993
Quest 2: The Forest TrapunknownMVD Software1997
Quest for Glory - Shadows of DarknessunknownSierra1994
Quest for Glory [remake]AdventureSierra1992
Quest for Glory 2 - Trial By FireAdventureSierra1990
Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fireunknown1990
Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fireunknown1990
Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of WarAdventureSierra1992
Quest for Glory V: Dragon FireAdventureSierra1998
Quest for The TimebirdAdventureFirebird1989
Quest: The Dungeon EscapeunknownMichael Duhm1996
Questron 2RPGStrategic Simulations Inc.1988
Quick Majik AdventureRPGNeurosport1991
Quick the Thunder RabbitActionTitus1994
Quien mato a Brett Penance - El Caso del Surfista EcologistaunknownSystem 41997
QuinkStrategyCBS Software1984
R TypeActionIrem1987
Race Drivin';SimulationTengen Inc.1991
Race the NagsSportDick Olsen1992
RACE: The WTCC GameunknownSimBin2006
Race!SimulationCarl Erikson1989
RacerunknownPC Solutions1994
Rack 'emSportAccolade1988
Rad Warriorunknown1987
Radio BaseballSportElectronic Arts1986
Radix - Beyond the VoidActionEpic MegaGames1995
Raetsel des Master Lu, DasunknownCentreGold1996
Raft Warsunknownunknown
Rags to Richesunknown1993
RAH-66 Comanche versus Ka-52 HokumSimulationRazorworks1999
RaidenSimulationImagitec Design1994
Railroad EmpireStrategySeika Corporation1989
Railroad TycoonStrategyMicroprose1990
Railroad Tycoon - The Next MillenniumunknownLearning Company2001
Railroad Tycoon 2unknownPop Software1998
Railroad Tycoon DeluxeStrategyMicroprose1993
Railway Challengeunknown1993
Rallo GumpActionEdge Creations1994
Rally Championshipsunknown1994
Rally SportSimulationJukka Jakala1996
Rally TrophyunknownBugbear2001
Rally-KSimulationKurt W. Dekker1995
Ralph Bosson';s High SeasSimulationGarde Games of Distinction1988
Rambo - First Blood Part 2AdventureMindscape1985
Rambo 3unknown1989
RampartActionElectronics Arts1992
RanxActionUbi Soft Entertainment Software1990
Ranx: The Video GameActionUBI Soft1990
Raptor - Call of the ShadowsActionApogee1994
Ravenloft - Strahd';s PossessionRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.1994
Ravenloft: Stone ProphetRPGDreamForge Intertainment1995
RaymanActionUbi Soft1995
Re-VoltSimulationAcclaim Entertainment1999
Re!MiscPivoňka Software1993
Re! (Mari)Puzzle1993unknown
Realms of Arkania 3 - Shadows over RivaRPGAttic Entertainment1996
Realms of Chaosunknown1994
Realms of the HauntingAdventureGremlin Interactive1997
Reaping The DungeonRPG1993
Rebel Charge Chickamaugaunknown1987
Rebelstar 2: Alien EncounterStrategyunknown
Red BaronSimulationDynamix1990
Red BaronSimulationBMB Compuscience1984
Red CatActionDavilex1994
Red FactionActionVolition, Inc.2001
Red Hook's RevengeMiscImagiSoft1993
Red LightningStrategySSI1989
Red sky at morningStrategySimulations Canada1993
Red Storm RisingSimulationMicroprose1989
Redneck Deer Huntin'unknownInterplay1998
Redneck RampageActionInterplay1997
Reelect JFKAdventureQuadra1995
Rendezvous with Ramaunknown1985
Renegade Legion: Interceptorunknown1990
Republic: The RevolutionStrategyEidos, Inc.2003
RescateunknownJosé Pons1987
Rescate en el Golfounknown1990
Rescue at RigelRPGEpyx1983
Rescue RoverPuzzleSoftDisk1993
Rescue Rover 2 (Dognapped!)Puzzleid Software1991
Resolution 101unknown1990
Restricted AreaRPGWhiptail Interactive2004
ResummaPuzzleJ.S. Franses1999
RetributionunknownGremlin Interactive1994
Retro City RampageActionVBLANK Entertainment2012
Retro City Rampage: 486unknown2015
Return FireActionSilent Software1996
Return of the Incredible Machine - ContraptionsunknownDynamix2000
Return of the PhantomAdventureMicroprose1993
Return to doomAdventureTopologika Software1988
Return to KrondorRPGActivision1998
Return to KrozActionApogee1990
Return to RingworldAdventureTsunami Games1994
Return to ZorkAdventureInfocom1993
Returned RacoonActionKyunghee University1992
ReunionStrategyMerit Studio, Inc.1994
Revenge of DefenderActionEpyx1989
Revenge of the Mutant CamelsActionLlamasoft, LTD.1994
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderAdventureMicroProse1992
RexChessPuzzleLarry Kaufman, Don Dailey1989
Rick Dangerousunknown1989
Rick Dangerousunknown1989
Rick Dangerous 2ActionCore Design1990
Rick Davis's World Trophy Soccerunknown1989
Riders of Rohanunknown1991
Ring CycleRPGMaelstrom1996
Rings of MedusaAdventureStarbyte1990
Rings of Medusa 2unknownStarbyte Softwareunknown
Rings of Zilfinunknown1987
Ringworld - Revenge of the PatriarchunknownTsunami1993
Rise of Nations/Rise of Nations: Thrones and PatriotsStrategyMicrosoft Game Studios2003
Rise of the Dragonunknown1992
Rise of the RobotsActionMirage Technologies1994
Rise of the TriadActionApogee1994
Rise of the Triad: Dark Warunknown1994
Rise of the Triad: Power Packunknown1995
RisicoStrategyVirgin Interactive1989
RiskStrategyParker Brothers1989
Risky Woodsunknown1992
Rival ChessPuzzleAlastair Scott1995
Riven - The Sequel to MystPuzzleCyan Worlds1997
River RaidActionActivision1982
River Raid II RemakeAction1993
Road FighterSimulationKonami1985
Road Fighter RemakeActionBrain games2003
Road RashSimulationElectronic Arts1996
Road RunnerSportAtari1989
Roadwar 2000unknown1990
Roadwar Europaunknown1990
Rob BlancAdventureYahtzeeunknown
Rob Blanc 2AdventureYahtzeeunknown
Rob Blanc 3AdventureYahtzeeunknown
Robinson's Requiemunknown1994
Robo RumbleStrategyMetropolis Software House1998
Robocop 3unknown1992
Robot OdisseyStrategyThe Learning Company1985
Robot RascalsMiscOzark Softscape1986
Robotron 2084unknown1983
Rock 'n Rollunknown1990
Rock 'n Rollunknown1990
Rock 'n Shaolinunknown1994
Rock'n RollerActionTopo Soft1988
Rocket Rangerunknown1988
RockfordPuzzleFirst Star Software1987
Rockford: The Arcade Gameunknown1988
Rockford: The Arcade Gameunknown1988
RockstarAdventureWizard Games1989
Rocky';s BootsEducationalThe Learning Company1985
Rodent's RevengePuzzle1991
Roger Rabbit in Hare Raising HavocActionBlueSky Software1991
Roll 'm UpSportDommelsch1999
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2unknownChris Sawyer Productions2002
Rollercoaster RumblerActionTynesoft1989
Rollo and the Brush Brosunknown1984
Romance of the Three KingdomsStrategyKOEI1988
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2StrategyKOEI1990
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3StrategyKOEI1993
Romantic encounters at the domeAdventureMicroIllusions1988
Rome – Pathway to PowerAdventureMillennium1993
Rooms of Doomunknown1993
Rorke's Driftunknown1990
Rose and Camelliaunknownunknown
Round 42ActionElven Software1985
Rubik CubePuzzle-unknown
Ruins of CawdorRPGSierra On-Line1995
Rules of Engagementunknown1991
Rules of Engagement 2unknown1993
Rush 'N AttackActionKonami1989
S.C. OutPuzzleKalisto1992
SaborActionGamos Ltd.1991
SabotajeActionPJ Soft1988
SaboteurAdventurePavel Pospíšil1993
Saboteur 2ActionDurell Software1987
Sabre TeamStrategyKrisalis Software1994
Sacred GoldRPGAscaron2004
Sacrificio por la HumanidadunknownLast nivel1995
Safari GunsActionInforgrames Europe1989
SailingActionDynetron Company1983
Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must DieAdventureTelltale Gamesunknown
Sand StormActionMVP Software1993
Sand Storm - The Championship VersionStrategyMVP Software1992
Sands of FireStrategyThree-Sixty Pacific1990
Sango FighterActionPanda Entertainment Technology Co.1993
Santa Claus in TroubleActionCDV Software2002
Santa Claus in Trouble...again!MiscCDV2004
Santa ParaviaStrategyKeypunch1988
Santa Ride! 2ActionInvictus Games, Ltd.2006
Santa';s Xmas CaperActionZeppelin Games1993
Santa's Secret ValleyAdventureAHA Software2001
SarakonPuzzleStarbyte Software1991
Sargon 3StrategyHayden Software1984
Sargon 4StrategySpinnaker Software1989
Sargon VStrategyActivision Publishing1991
SatoriPuzzleRinzai Satori1990
SavageActionMicroplay Software1988
Savage Warriors aka WarriorsActionMindscape1995
ScapeghostAdventureLevel 9 Computing1991
Scavengers of the Mutant WorldRPGInterstel Corporation1988
ScenarioStrategyStarbyte Software1992
SchoolhouseEducationalMaverick Software1991
Scooter';s Magic CastleEducationalElectronic Arts1993
Scopa FreeStrategyFreeware1999
Scorched EarthStrategyWendell Hicken1991
Scorched PlanetunknownCriterion1996
ScorcherSimulationGT Interactive1996
Screamer 4×4unknownChannel 42 Software2000
Screen Antics: Jhonny Castawayunknown1993
Scuba VentureActionSoftdisk Publishing1993
Scubaman's Questunknown1994
Sea BattlePuzzleBady1992
Sea DragonStrategyAdventure International1983
Sea Rogueunknown1992
Seal Teamunknown1993
Search And DestroySimulationBroderbund1987
Season of the SakuraAdventureJAST USA1997
Second Lifeunknownunknown
Secret Agentunknown1992
Secret of the Silver Bladesunknown1990
Secret of the Silver Bladesunknown1990
Secret of The Silver BladesunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)unknown
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffeSimulationLucasfilm Games1991
Sega Rally 2unknownSega1999
Sensible GolfunknownSensible Software1994
Sensible Soccerunknown1992
Sensible Soccer: European ChampionsSportSensible Software1993
Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97SimulationSensible Software1996
Sensible World of Soccer 95/96SportSensible Software1996
Sentinel ReturnsPuzzleHookstone1998
Sentinel Worlds 1: Future MagicRPGElectronic Arts1988
Septerra CoreRPGValkyrie Studios1999
Serious Sam - The First EncounterActionCroteam2001
Serious Sam 2ActionCroteam2005
Serious Sam: The Second EncounterActionCroteam2002
Serve & VolleySportAccolade1987
Set the Hostages FreeActionTexaSoft1985
Settlers of catanStrategyFreeware1998
Sex Olympicsunknown1990
Sex Vixens from Spaceunknown1989
SextrisPuzzleÍñigo Ayo1993
Sexy droidsAdultEleven Software1992
Sfida Olimpicaunknown1992
Shadow CasterRPGRaven Software1993
Shadow KnightsActionid Software1990
Shadow ManActionAcclaim1999
Shadow of YserbiusunknownYbarra Productions1992
Shadow SorcererActionU.S. Gold1990
Shadow SorcererRPGSSI1991
Shadow WarriorAction3D Realms1997
Shadow Warrior: Wanton DestructionAction3D Realms2005
Shadows of MordorRPGBeam International1988
ShannaraAdventureLegend Entertainment1995
Shard of Inovarunknown1988
Shard of Inovarunknown1988
Shard of SpringRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
ShawlStrategyAcademy Soft1986
ShenanigansAdventureMark Data Products1984
Sherlock HolmesPuzzleEverett Kaser1992
Sherlock Holmes - Secret of the Silver EarringAdventureFrogwares2004
Sherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveAdventureICOM Simulations1991
Sherlock Holmes: Another Bowunknown1985
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. IIPuzzleIcom Simulations1992
Sherlock Holmes: The Riddle of the Crown Jewelsunknown1987
Sherlock Holmes: The Vatican CameosAdventureMagicom Multimedia1986
Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown JewelsAdventureChallenge1988
Sherman M4unknown1989
Shift 2unknownunknown
Shift 3unknownunknown
Shih Tao ProunknownHemming1997
Shogi MasterStrategyIshi Press International1991
Shogo: Mobile Armor DivisionActionInterplay1998
Shooting GalleryunknownArcanum Computing1990
Shufflepuck CafeActionBrderbund1989
Shuttle: The Space Flight SimulatorSimulationVektor Grafix1992
Sid & Al's Incredible Toonsunknown1993
Sid Meier's Alpha CentauriStrategyElectronic Arts, Inc.1999
Sid Meier's Pirates!ActionFiraxis2004
Sid Meier's SimGolfunknownFiraxis Games2002
Side Arms Hyper Dyneunknown1988
Side Arms Hyper DyneunknownCapcom1988
SidearmsActionCapCom, U.S.A.,Inc1987
Sierra Demosunknown1991
Sign of the SununknownPMR International1997
Silent HunterSimulationSSI1996
Silent Serviceunknown1985
Silent Service 2unknown1990
Silent Service 2unknown1990
Silent ShadowActionTopo Soft1988
Silicon DreamsAdventureLevel 9 Computing1986
Silly master blasterActionRussco1985
Silverball Plus 2unknown1994
SilverloadAdventureMillenium Interactive1995
Sim City 2000StrategyMaxis1994
Sim CopterSimulationMaxis1997
Sim EarthSimulationMaxis1990
Sim Healthunknown1994
Sim Theme ParkStrategyElectronic Arts1999
Sim TowerStrategyMaxis1994
Sim Town - The Town You Build YourselfunknownDice1995
SimCity 2000 Scenarios Vol. I: Great Disastersunknown1994
SimCity 2000: Berlin 1994unknown1994
SimCity 2000: Urban Renewal Kitunknown1994
SimCity 3000unknownMaxis1999
SimCity Graphics Set 1: Ancient Citiesunknown1991
SimCity Graphics Set 2: Future Citiesunknown1991
SimCity Terrain Editorunknown1989
SimIsle - Missions in the RainforestunknownDice1997
Simon the SorcererAdventureAdventure Soft1993
Simon the Sorcererunknown1993
Simon the Sorcerer 2: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobeunknown1995
Simon Woodroffe's Floyd - Es Gibt noch HeldenunknownBomico1997
Simpsons TetrisPuzzlePaer J2002
Simpsons, The - Arcade GameActionKonami1991
Simulman - 01 - Simulman!ActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 02 - Nella morsa di SS-DOSActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 03 - Nel regno di DoorsActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 04 - Il mondo simulatoActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 05 - I rapitori di sogniActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 06 - Luna ParkActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 07 - Il grande freddoActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 08 - Il giardino virtualeActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 09 - Il giocattolaioActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 10 - PentagramActionSimulmondo1993
Simulman - 11 - Jailhouse RockActionSimulmondo1993
SinActionRitual Entertainment1998
Sinbad and the Throne of the FalconAdventureCinemaware1988
Sink or Swimunknown1993
Sink or SwimPuzzleZeppelin Games1993
SirwoodunknownOpera Soft1990
Sito Pons 500 c.c. Grand PrixSportZigurat1991
Skat und PokerunknownSybex1998
Skate BoardingActionApoky! Softwareunknown
Skate Dragonunknown1990
Skate or Dieunknown1987
Ski FreeAction1991
Ski or DieSportElectronic Arts1990
Skool Daze: Klass of '99AdventureRichard Jordan1999
Skullduggery - Adventures in HorrorAdventureDavid Jewett1989
SkunnyunknownMulti Media International1993
Skunny KartSportCopysoft1993
Sky Runnerunknown1987
Sky Runnerunknown1987
Sky Sharkunknown1989
Skyfox 2 - The Cygnus ConflictActionElectronic Arts1988
SkyRoads - Xmas SpecialActionBlueMoon Software1994
Slam!SportRobert Epps1993
Slater & Charlie Go CampingunknownSierra1993
SleuthAdventureNorland Software1984
Slicks ';n SlideSimulationT&J Kaupinnen1993
Slipstream 5000SimulationGremlin1995
Small TetrisPuzzleTore Bastiansenunknown
Snack Attack 2ActionFuntastic1982
SnakeunknownIlija Mihajlov2012
SnarfActionEverett Kaser1990
Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945StrategyRebellion2005
SnipesMiscSuperset Software1982
Snoopy Game ClubEducationalAccolade1991
Snoopy Troops 2EducationalTom Snyder1982
SołtysAdventureL.K. Avalon1995
Soccer KidActionKrisalis Software Ltd.1994
Softstar PokerStrategySoftstarunknown
Soko-BanPuzzleASCii Corporation1984
Sol Negrounknown1988
Solar Hockey LeagueActionHarm Hanemaayer and John Remyn1992
Solar WindsAction1993
Soldier of FortuneActionActivision2000
Solitaire's Journeyunknown1992
SolitareSportBill Franklin1985
SolounknownOpera Soft1989
Solo Flightunknown1985
Solomon's KeyActionU.S. Gold Ltd.1987
Solomon's Key RemakeActionZikitrake So2004
Solver Go-MokuPuzzleArtyom V. Shaposhnikov1992
Son of Stagefright, the SequelAdventureMike McCauley1989
Sonic & Knuckles CollectionunknownSega1995
SopwithActionBMB Compuscience1984
Sopwith 2SimulationBMB Compuscience1985
Sorcerer LordStrategyPSS1988
Sorcerer of the Claymorgue Castleunknown1993
South ParkActionAcclaim Entertainment1999
Space 1889unknown1991
Space AceActionReadySoft Incorporated1989
Space Ace 2: Borf's RevengeAdventureReadySoft1991
Space BugsActionN.K. Dann1992
Space CommandersActionData Products, Inc.1983
Space Commanders 2ActionData Products, Inc.1983
Space Crusadeunknown1992
Space DudeActionEvryware1994
Space Federationunknown1994
Space Harrierunknown1989
Space HulkStrategyElectronic Arts1993
Space HulkStrategyTeardrop2003
Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood AngelsunknownElectronic Arts1996
Space InvaderActionIO Development1998
Space InvadersActionTaito1978
Space InvadersActionPaul S. Reid1995
Space invaders (clone)Action1995
Space JobActionKarstadt AG1993
Space M+A+Xunknown1986
Space Marines: Der stählerne KaiserStrategySoftware 20001995
Space MinerActionCharles Karp1983
Space Quest - The Sarien EncounterAdventureSierra1987
Space Quest 1 VGA - The Sarien EncounterAdventureSierra1991
Space Quest 2 - Vohaul';s RevengeAdventureSierra1987
Space Quest 3 - The Pirates of PestulonAdventureSierra1989
Space Quest 4 - Roger Wilco and the Time RippersAdventureSierra1991
Space Quest 5 - Roger Wilco in the Next MutationunknownSierra1993
Space Quest 6Adventure1995
Space Quest: The Lost ChapterAdventureFreeware2001
Space RacerSimulationLoriciels1988
Space RogueSimulationGryphon Software1989
Space School Simulator: The Academyunknown1987
Space Strikeunknown1982
Space Taxi 2ActionTwilight Games2004
Space WarActionB. Seiler1985
Spaceward Ho!unknown1992
Spear of Destinyunknown1992
Spear of Destiny Mission 2: Return to Dangerunknown1994
Spear of Destiny Mission 3: Ultimate Challengeunknown1994
Special Edition 4 Pack Volume OneunknownGremlin1996
Special Forcesunknown1992
Spectre Challengerunknown1992
Spectre VRunknownVelocity1995
Spectre VRunknownVelocity1995
Spectre VRunknownVelocity1995
Speed HasteSportNoriaworks1995
Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer Xunknown1993
Speedball 2 - Brutal DeluxeSportBitmap Brothers1992
Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the GirlsAdventureLegend Entertainment1990
Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's ApplianceAdventureLegend Entertainment1991
Spellcasting 301: Spring BreakAdventureLegend Entertainment1992
SpellCraft: Aspects of ValorRPGAsciiware1992
Spellforce PlatinumRPGJoWood2005
Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspaceunknown1992
SpielautomatStrategyMr Creosote1993
Spirit of ExcaliburStrategyVirgin1990
Spirits RemakeActionM.A. Soft2007
Spiritual Warfareunknown1993
Spit Wad WillyActionRaoul Said1993
Spitfire Aceunknown1984
Splay MasterActionChris Elsbfree1993
SplaymasterActionChris Elsbree1996
Spoils of Warunknown1992
SporeAdventureProwler Productions (Mike Snyder)1991
Sport ActionunknownIntertoys1997
Sport of KingsSportSportTime1989
Sports Mastersunknown1993
Sports Spectacularunknown1988
Sports Spectacularunknown1988
Spy Hunterunknown1984
Spy HunterSportBally Midway1983
Spy vs Spy 3: Arctic AnticsActionEpyx1987
Spycraft: The Great GameAdventureActivision1996
SpyderActionMirror Images Software1983
Sram 2RPG3RE1987
SSN-21 Seawolfunknown1994
Stíny nociAdventureComputer Experts1994
Star BattleActionAmaka Soft2002
Star BowlsActionZigurat1991
Star Commandunknown1988
Star ControlStrategyAccolade1990
Star Control 2unknownToys For Bobunknown
Star Control 3ActionAtlam Toys1996
Star Crusaderunknown1994
Star Fleet I: The War Begins!SimulationInterstel Corporation1983
Star Fleet II: Krellan CommanderSimulationInterstel Corporation1989
Star GeneralStrategyMindscape1996
Star GliderActionArgonaut Software1986
Star Legionsunknown1992
Star LordActionSoftbook1987
Star Packunknown1992
Star QuakeActionBubble Bus1987
Star saga: One - Beyond the boundaryStrategyMasterplay Publishing Corporation1987
Star Saga: Two - The Clathran MenaceStrategyMasterplay Publishing Corporation1989
Star Ship CommandSimulationDon G. Bowen1987
Star Trek - 25th AnniversaryunknownVisual Concepts Entertainment, Inc.unknown
Star Trek - BorgunknownSimon & Schuster1996
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Harbinger v1.0unknownViacom New Media1996
Star Trek - GenerationsunknownMicroProse1997
Star Trek - Judgment Rites - Limited CD-ROM Collector's EditionunknownInterplay1995
Star Trek - Klingon v1.0unknownSimon & Schuster1996
Star Trek - Starfleet AcademyunknownInterplay1997
Star Trek - The Kobayashi AlternativeAdventureMicromosaics1985
Star Trek - The Next Generation - A Final UnityunknownMicroProse1997
Star Trek - The Rebel UniverseStrategySimon & Schuster1988
Star Trek 5: The Final Frontierunknown1989
Star Trek TNG: The Transinium ChallengeAdventureTRANS Fiction Systems1989
Star Trek: 25th Anniversaryunknown1992
Star Trek: Away TeamStrategyReflexive Entertainment2001
Star Trek: Captain's ChairAdventureImergy1997
Star Trek: Elite Force IIunknownActivision2003
Star Trek: First ContactAdventureSimon & Schuster Interactive1988
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Chekov's Lost MissionsSimulationInterplay1998
Star Trek: Starfleet CommandSimulationInterplay Productions1999
Star Trek: the promethean prophecyAdventureTRANS Fiction Systems1986
Star Trek: Voyager - Elite ForceActionActivision2000
Star Warsunknown1989
Star Wars - Rebel AssaultunknownLucasArts1993
Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden EmpireunknownLucasArts1996
Star Wars - TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROMunknownLucasArts1995
Star Wars - X-Wing - CD-ROM EditionunknownLucasArts1995
Star Wars - Yoda StoriesunknownLucasArts1997
Star Wars 2unknown1989
Star Wars Chessunknown1993
Star Wars RebellionStrategyLucasArts1998
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the SithActionLucasArts1998
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicRPGLucasArts2003
Star WolvesRPG1C Publishing2005
StarflightRPGBinary Systems1987
Starflight 2unknown1989
Starship InvasionActionThinking Machine Associates1984
Starship TitanicAdventureThe Digital Village1998
Starship TroopersActionStrangelite2005
Station NasaSimulation??unknown
Stay Tooned!unknown<span class="small">Funnybone Interactive</span>1996
Steam SkyStrategyBartek Jasicki2016
Steel PanthersStrategySSI1995
Steel Thunderunknown1989
Steel Thunderunknown1989
Steel ThunderStrategyAccolade1989
Steg the SlugActionCodemasters1993
Stellar 7unknown1990
Stellar Crusadeunknown1988
Stellar EmpiresStrategyTahuya Bay Software1993
Still LifeAdventureMicroids2005
Stir Crazy featuring Bobounknown1988
Stone AgePuzzleEclipse Productions1992
StoneAge Samunknownunknown
Storm Across Europeunknown1990
Storm Masterunknown1992
Stormovik: SU-25 Soviet Attack Fighterunknown1990
Stormovik: SU-25 Soviet Attack Fighterunknown1990
Strange Adventures in Infinite SpaceAdventureDigital Eel2001
StrangleholdActionTiger Hill Entertainment2007
Street Fighterunknown1988
Street Fighter 2ActionCapcom1992
Street Fighter X Mega ManActionCapcom Co., Ltd.2012
Street Fighting Manunknown1989
Street Rodunknown1989
Street Rod 2unknown1991
Street Rod 2: The Next GenerationSportLogical Design Works1991
Street Sports BasketballSportEpyx1987
Street Sports SoccerSportEpyx, Inc.1988
Streets of Rage RemakeunknownSorR projectunknown
Strike Acesunknown1989
Strike BaseActionMax Design1996
Strike Commanderunknown1993
Strike Commander Speech Packunknown1993
Strike Commander: Tactical Operationsunknown1994
Strike Fleetunknown1988
Strike Forceunknown1987
Strike Forceunknown1987
Strike Squadunknown1993
StrikerActionDerek Williams1985
Strip BlackjackAdult??unknown
Strip Poker 2unknown1988
Strip Poker 3AdultArtworx1991
Strip Poker de LuxeMiscDDM1994
Strip Poker Professionalunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 1: Kathy & Morganunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 10: Allison & Meganunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 11: Amy & Jessicaunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 12: Christi & Rebeccaunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 13: Barbra & Meredithunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 14: Erika & Sergiounknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 15: Jill & Marianneunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 16: Cindy & Michelleunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 2: Jack & Samanthaunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 3: Gina & Hollyunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 4: Desiree & Staceyunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 5: Kelly & Maureenunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 6: Melissa & Suziunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 7: Maria & Traciunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 8: Donna & Vickyunknown1993
Strip Poker Professional Data Disk 9: Lisa & Mikeunknown1993
Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game of ChanceAdultArtworx Software1982
STUN RunnerSimulationDomark Software1990
Stunt Car Racerunknown1989
Stunt Driverunknown1990
Stunt IslandSimulationDisney1992
Stunt RallySportCrystal Hammer2014
Sub Battle SimulatorSimulationEpyx1987
SubmarineStrategyMatt Kaufman1989
Submarino Experimental NeptunoPuzzleEd. Manali1999
Suburban Commandounknown1993
Subwar 2050unknown1994
Summer & Winter Olympic ChallengeunknownMedia Safari1996
Summer ChallengeSportAccolade1992
Summer GamesunknownAccoladeunknown
Summer Games 2unknown1986
Summer Olympiadunknown1988
Summoning, TheRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.1992
SupaplexPuzzleThink!Ware Development1991
Super Ball!PuzzleRaoul Said1992
Super Boulder DashActionElectronic Arts1984
Super Bruce PC RemakeActionToni Rocket2005
Super CActionDistinctive Software1990
Super Cauldronunknown1992
Super Dune 2unknownWestwood Studiounknown
Super FlyActionNels Anderson1994
Super Football Sundayunknown1985
Super Hang-Onunknown1987
Super HueySimulationCosmi1988
Super Huey 2SimulationCosmi1988
Super Jeopardy!PuzzleGameTek1991
Super kartsSportManic Media Production1995
Super Mario Bros. Print Worldunknown1991
Super Mario Bros. Print Worldunknown1991
Super Mario BrossAction??1994
Super Mario Ween DXunknownMario Weenunknown
Super Sales AcerActionMike Brent1995
Super ScrylisPuzzleTopo Soft1994
Super SextrisPuzzleMagic Studio1993
Super Skiunknown1990
Super Solvers - Gizmos & Gadgets!EducationalThe Learning Company1993
Super Solvers - Operation NeptuneEducationalThe Learning Company1991
Super Solvers - OutNumberedEducationalThe Learning Company1990
Super Solvers - Treasure MathStormEducationalThe Learning Company1992
Super Solvers - Treasure MountainEducationalThe Learning Company1990
Super Solvers: Treasure CovePuzzleThe Learning Company1992
Super Space Invadersunknown1991
Super Tetrisunknown1991
Super Tetrisunknown1991
Super TourSportHaza1996
Super Tour 3SportHaza2002
Super Transball 2PuzzleBrain games2002
Super Turnament PongActionMichael Duhmunknown
Super Zaxxonunknown1984
Super-VGA HarrierunknownDomark1993
Superbike ChallengeSportMicroids1987
Supercars InternationalSportThe Hit Squad1996
SupercyberActionBalance Game1993
SuperfrogunknownTeam 17unknown
Superhero League of Hobokenunknown1994
Superhero League of HobokenAdventureLegend Entertainment1994
Superman: The Man of Steelunknown1991
Superski Challengeunknown1988
Superstar Ice Hockeyunknown1987
Superstar Indoor Soccerunknown1987
Superstar Indoor Sports Volume 1unknown1987
Superstar Outdoor Soccerunknown1990
SuperVoice 2.0unknown1995
Supreme Ruler: Cold WarStrategyParadox Interactive2010
SWAT 3: Close Quarters BattleActionSierra On-Line1999
Sword of AragonStrategySSI1989
Sword of the SamuraiActionMicroprose1989
Sword Quest 1 - The SearchRPGErik Badger1992
Sword Quest 2 - Tale of the TalismanRPGErik Badger1993
Syberia 2AdventureMicroids2004
Symantec Game Packunknown1991
Syndicate WarsStrategyBullfrog1996
Syndicate: American RevoltStrategyElectronic Arts1993
System ShockRPGLooking Glass/Origin1995
System Shock 2RPGIrrational Games, Looking Glass Studios1999
T-Zero aka T-Zer5AdventureDennis Cunningham1991
T2 - The Arcade GameActionMidway1993
Tactical ManagerSportBlack Legend1994
Tag Team Wrestlingunknown1986
Taipan for WindowsStrategyThomas J. Carroll2002
Tajemství Oslího ostrovaAdventurePterodon Software1994
Take a Break! Pinballunknown1993
Take Down WrestlingSportGamestar1988
Tales of PiratesAdventureunknown
Talisman - Challenging the Sand of TimeAdventurePolarware1987
Tangentopoli (AKA Bribesville)Actionunknown
Tangled Talesunknown1989
Tangled TalesRPGOrigin Systems1989
Tank CommanderActionDomark Software1995
Tank TimeActionKlaus Reimer1995
Tank Warsunknown1990
Tank Wars 3.0StrategyKenny Morse1990
TanksStrategyRichard Z. Ward1991
Tanks DestroyerActionGamos Ltd.1993
TapperActionBally Midway1983
Task Force 1942SimulationMicroprose1992
Tass Times in Tone Townunknown1985
Tau Cetiunknown1985
Tchibo Spiele Paketunknown1995
Team Suzukiunknown1991
Team Suzukiunknown1991
Team Yankeeunknown1990
Tear Down the WallPuzzleLangin Software1990
Techno CopActionU.S. Gold1988
Teen AgentAdventure1996
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtlesunknown1990
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2unknownunknown
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - The Manhattan ProjectActionKonami1991
Teenage Queenunknown1988
TelengardRPGAvalon Hill1985
Tempest 2000ActionImagitec Design1995
Temple of Apshai TrilogyAdventureEpyx1985
Temple of KrozActionApogee1990
Templos Sagrados, LosunknownAventuras AD1991
TenDounknownBletchley Group1994
Tennis CupunknownLoriciels1990
Tennis Cup 2SportLoriciel1992
Tennis ElbowunknownMana Games1997
Tennis Masters SeriesSportMicroids2001
Tennis PCSportImagic1985
Tera: La Cit&eacute; des Cr&acirc;nesRPG1986
Terminal TerrorunknownPie in the Sky Software1994
Terminal Velocityunknown1995
Terminator 2unknown1991
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day - Chess WarsunknownCapstone1993
Terminator: Future ShockunknownBethesda Softworks LLCunknown
Terminator: SkyNETActionBethesda Softworks1996
Terminator:RampageActionBethesda Softworks1994
Terra Nova: Strike Force CentauriActionLooking Glass Studios1996
Terror of the Catacombsunknown1993
Terror T.R.A.X. - Track of the VampireunknownMulti Media International1995
Test DriveActionAccolade1987
Test Drive 2unknown1989
Test Drive 2 Scenery Disk: European Challengeunknown1990
Test Drive 3unknownAccoladeunknown
Test Drive III: The Passionunknown1990
Test Drive Offroad 2SimulationAccolade1998
TetrisPuzzleSpectrum HoloByte1987
TetrisPuzzleKris Cieslak2004
Tetris \(original\)PuzzleAcademySoft CCAS USSR1986
Tetris ClassicPuzzleSpectrum Holobyte1992
Tetris Triounknown1992
Text - 01 - MefistoActionSimulmondo1992
The 3 StoogesActionCinemaware1987
The 7th GuestPuzzleTrilobyte1993
The Adventures of LomaxActionPsygnosis Limited1997
The Adventures of Maddog Williams...AdventureGameCrafters1992
The All New Family Feudunknown1989
The all new Family FeudPuzzleSoftie1989
The Alpine Encounterunknown1985
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!ActionParagon software1989
The Amazon Trailunknown1993
The Ancient Art of War in the Skiesunknown1992
The Astronomy QuizPuzzleSoftdisk Publishing1988
The Atlas Stationunknownunknown
The ball gameStrategyEsprit Software Programs1991
The Bard's Tale Construction Setunknown1991
The Bard's Tale Construction Setunknown1991
The Basket Managerunknown1990
The Battle of the Bulge: Tigers in the SnowStrategyTactical Design Group1982
The Beverly Hillbilliesunknown1993
The Big Deal - Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Clubunknown1990
The Big Deal - Gin King-Cribbage Kingunknown1989
The Big Deal - Trump Castleunknown1988
The Big Red AdventureAdventureCore Design1995
The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the SchnibbunknownCoktel Vision1994
The Black Cauldronunknown1988
The Blackwell ConvergenceAdventureWadjet Eye Games2007
The Blackwell DeceptionAdventureWadjet Eye Games2011
The Blackwell LegacyAdventureWadjet Eye Games2006
The Blue & the Grayunknown1993
The BoomtownRPGMindscape1988
The Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained AdventureActionHi Tech Expressions1990
The Cardinal of the Kremlinunknown1990
The Case of the Cautious CondorAdventureTiger Media1992
The Charge of the Light Brigadeunknown1991
The Chase on Tom Sawyer's Islandunknown1987
The Chessmaster 3000unknown1991
The Colonel's BequestAdventureSierra1989
The ColonyAdventure1988
The Complete Universal Military Simulatorunknown1993
The Corporate MachineStrategy2001
The Dam BustersStrategyAccolade1985
The Dark Halfunknown1992
The Dream Teamunknown1992
The Dungeon of DunjinAdventureMagnus Olsson1991
The Even More Incredible MachinePuzzleDynamix1993
The ExterminatorMiscWindmill Software1983
The Faery Tale Adventure: Book 1unknown1988
The Fancy Pants Adventureunknownunknown
The Fancy Pants Adventure 2unknownunknown
The Fellowship of the RingAdventureBeam Software1986
The Final Crusade of KrozActionApogee1990
The FlinstonesActionHi Tech Expressions1990
The Fool's ErrandPuzzleMiles Computing1989
The Gamblerunknown1985
The Games - Summer EditionSportEpyx1988
The Games '92: Españaunknown1992
The Games Winter ChallengeSportAccolade1991
The Games: Winter EditionunknownEpyx1988
The Global Dilemma: Guns or ButterStrategyMindscape1990
The Godfather: The Action Gameunknown1991
The Gold of the Aztecsunknown1990
The Grandest Fleetunknown1994
The Great EscapeStrategyOcean1987
The Great Giana SistersActionTime Warp Software1987
The Greatest Paper AirplanesEducationalKitty Hawk Software, Inc.1995
The Guild of Thievesunknown1987
The Holy Grailunknown1984
The Holy GrailAdventureStoryTeller1984
The HoneymoonersMiscFirst Row Software1988
The HordeStrategyCrystal Dynamics1993
The Hound of ShadowAdventureEldritch Games1989
The Hulkunknown1984
The Humansunknown1992
The Humans 2unknown1993
The Hunt for Red Octoberunknown1987
The Imagination Networkunknown1994
The Imagination Networkunknown1994
The ImmortalRPGElectronic Arts1991
The Immortalunknown1991
The Incredible Machineunknown1992
The Incredible Machine 3unknownDynamix1995
The Incredible Toon Machineunknown1994
The Italian JobunknownPixelogic2002
The Journeyman Project 2AdventurePresto Studios1995
The Killing CloudStrategyVektor Grafix1991
The Last Canopyunknownunknown
The Last Missionunknown1987
The Last Standunknownunknown
The Legacy of the NecromancerAdventureLee Chapel1989
The legend of ZeldaActionNintendo Co., Ltd.1986
The Lemmings Chroniclesunknown1994
The Lion King Playable Demounknown1994
The Longest JourneyAdventureFuncom2000
The Lost Admiralunknown1991
The Lost Admiralunknown1991
The Lost Episodes of Doomunknown1995
The Lost Files of Sherlock HolmesAdventureElectronic Arts1992
The Lost Mind of Dr. BrainunknownSierra1995
The Lost PatrolStrategyOcean1990
The Lost Treasures of Infocom Vol IIunknown1991
The Lost TribeStrategyLawrence Productions1992
The Lurking HorrorAdventureInfocom1987
The Magic Candle 2unknown1991
The Magic Candle 3unknown1992
The MasterplanStrategyShark Punch2015
The mistAdventureAngelsoft1985
The New York Times Crossword Puzzles Vol. 3unknown1987
The New Zealand StoryActionunknown
The Patricianunknown1993
The PawnAdventureMagnetic Scrolls Ltd.1986
The Perfect Generalunknown1991
The Perfect General (2934)unknown1991
The Perfect General Scenario Disk: World War II Battle Setunknown1991
The Perfect General: Greatest Battles of the 20th Centuryunknown1992
The PremiershipSportCodemasters1994
The President is Missing!unknown1988
The Price is RightPuzzleGameTek1990
The ProphecyAdventureCoktel Vision1993
The Punisherunknown1990
The PunisherAdventureParagon Software1988
The PunisherActionTHQ2005
The Pyramids of EgyptActionSoftdisk1985
The Quest for the Time-Birdunknown1989
The Rocketeerunknown1991
The Roslin Stationunknownunknown
The Savage EmpireRPGOrigin1990
The Scoopunknown1989
The Scottish Open: Virtual Golfunknown1995
The ScrabblePuzzleUnknown1987
The SentinelPuzzleFirebird1987
The ShivahAdventureWadjet Eye Games2006
The Sierra Networkunknown1992
The Sierra Networkunknown1992
The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutantsunknown1991
The SimsunknownElectronic Arts, Inc.2000
The Sluggerunknown1988
The SmurfsActionInfogrames1995
The Software Toolworks Game Pack 3unknown1993
The Sporting News BaseballunknownOgdon Micro Design1988
The Spy's Adventure in North AmericaPuzzlePolarware1987
The Strength of Nationsunknown1988
The Taking of Beverly Hillsunknown1992
The Temple of Elemental EvilRPGAtari2003
The TerminatorSimulationBethesda Softworks LLC1991
The Testament of Sherlock HolmesAdventureFrogwares2012
The ThingAdventureBlack Label Games2002
The Third CourierAdventureAccolade1989
The Time Warp Of Dr. BrainunknownDynamix1996
The Tracer Sanctionunknown1984
The Treehouseunknown1993
The Typing of the DeadActionSEGA2000
The Ultimate Doomunknown1993
The UndersideActionInsignificant Studios2007
The UntouchablesActionOcean1989
The Warp FactorStrategySSI1982
The White ChamberAdventureStudio Trophisunknown
The WitcherRPGAtari2007
The WitnessAdventureInfocom1983
The World's Greatest Baseball Gameunknown1985
The X-FilesAdventureFox Interactive1998
Theatre of DeathActionThe Software Shed1994
Theatre of Warunknown1992
Their Finest Hour - Battle of BritainunknownLucasArts1989
Theme HospitalStrategyBullfrog1997
Theme ParkStrategyBullfrog1994
Theme Park Mysteryunknown1990
ThexderActionGame Arts1987
Thief 2: The Metal AgeActionEidos2000
Thief: The Dark ProjectActionLooking Glass Studios1998
Thimbleweed ParkAdventureTerrible Toybox2017
Thor's HammerAction1995
Three Sisters' StoryAdventureJAST USA1999
Thunder Bladeunknown1989
Thunder Bladeunknown1989
Thunderhawk AH-73Munknown1991
Tic TacticsPuzzle1992
Tie BreakSportStarbyte Software1990
Tie Fighterunknown1994
Tie Fighter Demounknown1993
Tie Fighter Demounknown1993
Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empireunknown1993
Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empireunknown1993
Tiger Roadunknown1989
Tigers on the Prowl 2unknown1996
Time and Magik: The TrilogyAdventureLevel 9 Computing1988
Time BanditActionMichTron1988
TimequestAdventureLegend Entertainment1991
Times of LoreRPGOrigin Systems, Inc.1988
Tintin - The Prisoners of the SunActionInfogrames1997
Tintin in TibetActionInfogrames1996
Tintin on the MoonActionInfogrames1989
Tiny Skweeksunknown1992
Titan QuestRPGIron Lore Entertainment2006
TitanicActionTopo Soft1988
TitanionunknownKenta Chounknown
TNM 6.2+ Wrestling SimulatorSimulation2003
TOCA Touring Car ChampionshipunknownCodemasters1997
Toi Acid Gameunknown1989
Tom & JerryActionHi-Tech Expressions1993
Tom and the GhostActionBlue Byte Software1990
Tom Clancy';s Ghost ReconStrategyRed Storm Entertainment2001
Tom Clancy';s Rainbow SixStrategyRed Storm Entertainment1998
TomahawkSimulationDigital Integration Ltd.1987
Tomb RaiderPuzzleCore Design1996
Tongue of the FatmanActionBrian A. Rice1989
Tony La Russa Baseball IIunknown1993
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseballunknown1991
ToobinActionDomark Software1989
Top GunSimulationOcean1986
Top Gun - Fire at Will v1.0unknownMicroProse1996
Top Gun: Danger Zoneunknown1991
Top SecretAdventureLoriciels1987
Torched EarthActionDelta Code2000
ToribashunknownNabi Studiosunknown
Torin's PassageunknownSierra1995
Tornado: Operation Desert Stormunknown1993
Total AnnihilationStrategyAtari1997
Total Eclipseunknown1989
Total SoccerSportLiveMedia UK1998
Touché - The Adventures of the 5th MusketeerAdventureUS Gold1995
Tour 91SportTopo Soft1991
TowerStrategyBAO Ltd.1996
Toyota GTSimulationGremlin1992
Trackmania SunriseunknownNadeo2005
Traffic Department 2192ActionSafari Software1994
TrailblazerSportShadowBit Interactive2004
Trainer, DerunknownBlack Legend1994
Traitors GateAdventureDreamcatcher Interactive, Inc.1999
Transport Tycoon DeluxeStrategyMicroprose1995
TraumaActionNoria Works1996
Treasure IslandAdventureTelarium1985
Treasure Island DizzyActionunknown
Treasure Trapunknown1990
Treasures of the Savage Frontierunknown1992
Tres Luces de Glaurung Remake, LasActionM.A. Soft2006
Trespasser: Jurassic ParkAdventureElectronic Arts1998
Trick or treatAdventureACA Soft1994
TriggerunknownOpera Soft1989
Trilby the art of theftAdventureYahtzeeunknown
Trilby's NotesAdventureYahtzeeunknown
Trilogía de Ci-U-Than, LaunknownJackson1992
Triplane TurmoilSimulationDodekaedron Software1996
Triple Action Volume 2unknown1993
TripleAStrategySean Bridges & Others2001
TriskelionPuzzleNeil J. Rubenking1987
Trivia 101unknown1984
Trivial Pursuitunknown1987
TroddlersPuzzleSales Curve1993
TrogActionAcclaim Entertainment1990
TroikaActionDima Pavlovski1991
Troll's Taleunknown1984
Tropico ReloadedStrategyKalypso Media Digital2003
True loveAdventureSpectrum Holobyte1995
TruggPuzzleDigital Workshop1995
Trump Castle IIunknown1991
Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling SimulationStrategyCapstone1988
Trust & Betrayal - The Legacy of SibootStrategyMindscape1987
TubesPuzzleImpulse Software1994
Tubular Worldsunknown1994
Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazanunknown1990
Tunnels of Armageddonunknown1990
TurbounknownDoug Ross1987
Turbo CarSimulationDoug Ross1987
Turbo CupSimulationLoriciels1987
Turbo GomokuPuzzleUnknown1986
Turbo Out Rununknown1990
Turbo OutrunSimulationSega1990
TuroidActionJason Truong1995
Turok: Dinosaur HunterActionAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.1997
Turrican 2002ActionPekaro Software2002
Tut's TombPuzzle1992
TV and Cinema 101unknown1984
TV Sports BaseballunknownCinemaware1991
TV Sports BasketballSportCinemaware1990
TV Sports Footballunknown1990
TV Sports: BoxingunknownACME Interactive1991
Twilight ZoneAdventureGigabit Systems, Inc.1988
Twilight: 2000unknown1991
Twisted Metal 2ActionSingleTrac Entertainment Technologies1997
Two WorldsRPGTopWare Interactive2007
Typhoon of SteelStrategySSI1991
TyrianActionEclipse Software1995
Tyrian 2000ActionEclipse Software1999
U.S.S. John Young 2SimulationMagic Bytes1992
Udoiana RaunesAdventure1998
UEFA Champions LeagueSportKrisalis Software1995
UFO - AftermathStrategycompany2003
UFO - AftershockStrategyAltar Interactive2005
UFO - Enemy UnknownunknownMicroProse1994
UFO: AfterlightStrategy1C Publishing2007
UFO: Alien InvasionStrategy2015
UFO: The Card GameStrategyFreeware1994
UGHunknownBlue Byteunknown
UlisesActionOpera Soft1989
Ultima - The First Age of DarknessRPGOrigin System1986
Ultima 2 - Revenge of the EnchantressRPGSierra1983
Ultima 3unknownOrigin Systems Incunknown
Ultima 3 - ExodusRPGOrigin System1983
Ultima 4 - Quest of the AvatarRPGOrigin System1987
Ultima 5unknownOrigin Systems Incunknown
Ultima 6 - The False ProphetRPGOrigin System1990
Ultima 7 - Part 2 - Serpents IsleRPGORIGIN Systems, Inc.1993
Ultima 7, part II: The Silver Seedunknown1993
Ultima 7, part II: The Silver Seedunknown1993
Ultima 8RPGOrigin Systems1994
Ultima 9: AscensionRPGOrigin Systems1999
Ultima Underworld - The Stygian AbyssRPGOrigin Software1992
Ultima Underworld 2 - Labyrinth of WorldsRPGORIGIN Systems, Inc.1992
Ultima: Escape from Mount DrashActionSierra2003
Ultimate BackgammonStrategySentient Software1994
Ultimate Body Blowsunknown1994
Ultimate CardsStrategyMicroleague Interactive1992
Ultimate Flash Sonicunknownunknown
Ultimate Football ';95SportMicroProse Software1995
Ultimate GinStrategyAccidental Software1993
Ultimate NFL Coaches Club FootballSportMicroProse Software1994
Ultimate Soccer ManagerSportImpressions Games1995
Ultimate Soccer Manager 2SportImpressions Games1996
Ultimuh MCMLXVII: Part 2 of the 39th TrilogyRPG1993
Ultra SlotunknownUnited Innovations Plus1991
Ultris - The Ultimate Tetrisunknownunknown
Ulysses and the Golden Fleeceunknown1981
UMS 2: Nations at Warunknown1991
Uncharted WatersunknownKOEI1990
Uncharted Waters 2unknownKOEI Co., Ltd.unknown
Under a Killing MoonAdventureAccess Software, Inc.1994
Under Fireunknown1987
UninvitedAdventureICOM Simulations1987
Universe 2StrategyOmnitrend1989
Universe 3StrategyOmnitrend1990
Unnatural Selectionunknown1993
Unnecessary Roughnessunknown1993
Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amandaunknown1993
UnoStrategyCarel Schutteunknown
UnrealActionEpic MegaGames1998
Unreal 2: The AwakeningActionEpic Games2003
Unreal TournamentActioncompany2000
Unreal Tournament 2004 ECEActionEpic Games2004
Up PeriscopeSimulationActionsoft Corp.1988
UplinkStrategyIntroversion Software2001
Uru - Complete ChroniclesAdventureCyan Worlds2004
USA Soccer '94SportDDM1994
USS Ticonderoga - Life and Death on the High SeasunknownMindscape1995
V For VictoryStrategyThree-Sixty Pacific1991
V for Victory: D-day Utah BeachStrategyAtomic Games1991
V for Victory: Gold-Juno-Swordunknown1993
V for Victory: Gold-Juno-Swordunknown1993
V for Victory: Market Gardenunknown1993
Valiant Hearts: The Great WarActionUbisoft Montpellier Studios2014
Vampire The Masquerade - RedemptionRPGActivision2000
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodlinesRPGActivision2004
Vampyr - Talisman of InvocationRPGBrian Weston, Victor Shao1990
VanSlug: X Missionunknown1995
VaritaleAdventurePinnacle Software1987
VaxinePuzzleU.S. Gold1990
Vegas GamblerMiscCalifornia Dreams1987
Veil of DarknessRPGEvent Horizon1993
Velcro MindMiscJohn White1995
Vengeance of ExcaliburRPGVirgin Games1991
Veritech - Variable Fighter SimulatorSimulationRYLO Software1994
Vermeer – Die Kunst zu erbenStrategyAscaron1997
Vette!SportSpectrum HoloByte1989
VGA Sharksunknown1990
VGA SharksActionAlive Software1990
Viaje al Centro de la TierraActionTopo Soft1989
Viaje de Colón, ElSimulationMicronet1992
Video CasinoMiscMastertronic Ltd.1987
Video Trek 88SimulationWindmill Software1982
Vier GewinntStrategy???1983
Vigilance on Talos VActionPolyEx Software1996
VikingsStrategyRealism Entertainment1993
Virtua CopunknownSega1997
Virtua Cop 2unknownSega1997
Virtual CorporationunknownTopWare1996
Virtual PoolSportCeleris1995
Virtual Reality StudioEducationalDomark Software1991
Virtual Reality Studio 2.0EducationalDomark Software1992
Virtual Worldsunknown1991
VirtuosoActionVic Tokai1994
Vision 2unknown1994
Visual Star TrekSimulationtbf1990
Viz - The GameActionVirgin Games1992
VlakActionMiroslav Nemecek1993
Volleyball SimulatorSportRainbow Arts Software GmbH1988
Voodoo IslandAdventureMindscape1985
Voodoo Lunchunknownunknown
VoyeurAdventureInterplay Entertainment1994
VR Soccer 96SportGremlin Interactive1995
VulcanStrategyR.T. Smith1986
Vynil Goddess from MarsActionSix Pound Sledge Studios1995
Vysvoboď princeznu ArabeluAdventureEleps1991
W!ZoneunknownWizard Works1996
Wacky Funsters! The Geekwad';s Guide to GamingActionTsunami Media1992
Wacky WheelsSimulationApogee1994
Wall PipePuzzleSoleau Software1993
Walls of RomeStrategyMindcraft1993
WandererActionSteven Shipway1988
War DiaryStrategyTrigger Soft1997
War EaglesSimulationCosmi Corporation1989
War in Middle EarthStrategySynergistic Software1988
War in the GulfSimulationEmpire Software1993
War in the Middle Earthunknown1989
War of the Lanceunknown1989
War WindunknownSSi1996
Warcraft 2 - Tides of DarknessStrategyBlizzard Entertainment1995
Wargame Construction Setunknown1990
Wargame construction setStrategyWestwood Studios1986
Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!unknown1994
Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! Scenario Disk 14unknown1995
Wargame construction set III: Age of rifles 1846-1905StrategySSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1996
Warhammer 40,000: Fire WarriorActionKuju Entertainment2003
Warhammer 40000: Chaos GateStrategyRandom Games1998
Wari - The Ancient Game of AfricaStrategyImagiSoft1994
WarlordsStrategyStrategic Studies Group1990
Warlords 2StrategyStrategic Studios Group1993
Warlords 2 DeluxeunknownS S Gunknown
Warlords Battlecry 3StrategyInfinite Interactive2004
Warlords III: Darklords RisingStrategySSG1998
Warlords III: Reign of HeroesStrategySSG1997
WarpathActionSynthetic Reality1994
Warrior EpicActionunknown
Warriors of LegendRPGVirgin1993
WarshipStrategyStrategic Simulations Inc.1988
Warzone 2100StrategyPumpkin Studios1999
WastelandRPGElectronic Arts1988
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All StarsSportTime Warner Interactive1995
Wayne Gretzky Hockeyunknown1990
Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2unknown1991
Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3unknown1992
Wayne';s WorldAdventureCaptstone Software1993
Weird DreamsAdventureRainbird Software1989
Weird IslandAdventure1992
Wembley Rugby LeagueSportAudiogenic Software1994
West AdventureActionPanda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.1994
West BangActionCascade2000
Western Front: The Liberation of Europe 1944-1945unknown1991
WET: The Sexy EmpireStrategyInteractive Strip1998
Whale's Voyageunknown1993
Wheel of FortuneMiscSharedata, Inc.1987
Wheel of Fortune: Golden Editionunknown1991
Wheel of Fortune: New Second Editionunknown1988
Wheel of TimeActionLegend Interactive1999
Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego?unknown1991
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego?unknown1990
Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?unknown1993
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?unknown1994
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?unknown1987
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?unknown1994
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?unknown1986
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Deluxe)MiscBrøderbund Software1990
Where in Time is Carmen SandiegoPuzzleBroderbund Software1990
Where Time Stood StillAdventureOcean1987
Who Framed Roger Rabbitunknown1988
Wild West – The Incredible Adventures of Donald ReddishAdventureProline1993
Willy the WormActionAlan Farmer1985
Window Wizardunknown1991
Windows Entertainment Pack 1unknown1990
Windows Entertainment Pack 2unknown1990
Windows Entertainment Pack 3unknown1991
Windows Entertainment Pack 4unknown1992
Windsurf WillySportSilmarils1989
Wing Commanderunknown1990
Wing Commander - Heart of the TigerunknownOrigin1994
Wing Commander - ProphecyunknownElectronic Arts - Origin1997
Wing Commander 2 + Special Ops 1,2unknownOrigin Systems Incunknown
Wing Commander 2: Special Operations 1unknown1991
Wing Commander 2: Speech Accessory Packunknown1991
Wing Commander AcademySimulationOrigin1993
Wing Commander Armadaunknown1994
Wing Commander: The Secret Missionsunknown1991
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2unknown1991
Wing Nuts: Battle in the SkyActionRocket Science Games1997
Wings of Furyunknown1989
Wings of GlorySimulationOrigin1994
Winnie the Pooh - In The Hundred Acre WoodAdventureSierra1985
WinpolisStrategyChristian Jung1995
WinRiskStrategySteve Stancliff1992
Winter Gamesunknown1986
Winter Olympiad 88unknown1988
Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94unknown1993
Winter Supersports 1992unknown1992
WipEoutActionPsygnosis Limited1995
Wizard of OzAdventureWindham Classics1985
Wizard of Wor '98unknownSYS647381998
Wizard WarzRPGCanvas1987
Wizard's CrownRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.1987
Wizardry 1: Proving grounds of the mad overlordRPGSir-tech Software1981
Wizardry 2: The Knight of Diamondsunknown1982
Wizardry 4: The Return of Werdnaunknown1987
Wizardry 5: Heart of the Maelstromunknown1988
Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forgeunknown1990
Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark SavantRPGSir Tech1992
Wizardry 8RPGSir-Tech2001
Wodan - The TrialStrategyArbeitskreis Spielkultur1999
Wolfenstein 3DActionid Software1992
WolfsbaneAdventureMidnight Games1995
Word Rescueunknown1992
Word WhizPuzzle1988
Word ZapPuzzle1992
World at War: Volume II - Stalingradunknown1995
World Championship Boxing Managerunknown1990
World Championship Soccerunknown1991
World ChessStrategySoftcorp Software1987
World Class Leader Boardunknown1987
World Class Leader Boardunknown1987
World Class RugbySportAudiogenic1992
World Cup SoccerSportNovotrade1989
World Cup USA '94unknown1994
World DartsSport1001 Limited1987
World EmpireStrategy??unknown
World Gamesunknown1986
World War II: Battles of the South Pacificunknown1993
Worlds of Ultima 2: Martian Dreamsunknown1991
Worms 2Action1997
WraptrapActionMartin Round2004
Wrath of the Demonunknown1990
WurmunknownDavid Hoogvorstunknown
Wurmi aus FrankfurtAction?1985
WWF European Rampage Tourunknown1992
WWF WrestlemaniaSportAcclaim1995
WWF Wrestlemaniaunknown1991
X-COM - Terror from the DeepunknownMicroProse1995
X-COM: ApocalypseStrategyMythos Software1997
X-Men - Madness in MurderworldActionParagon Software Corporation1989
X-Men 2 - The Fall of the MutantsActionMedalist International1990
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of PowerSimulationLucasArts1997
X-Wing: B-Wingunknown1993
X-Wing: Imperial Pursuitunknown1993
X-Wing: Upgrade Kitunknown1993
XaptronActionRinzai Satori1990
XataxActionPixel Painters1994
Xeno BallActionHomebrew Software1995
Xenon 2unknown1989
Xenophage: Alien BloodSportActionArgo Games1996
XenopodsActionSoftdisk Publishing1991
XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighterunknown1992
XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighterunknown1992
XiphosActionElectronic Zoo1990
XixitPuzzleOptik Software1995
Xmas LemmingsPuzzleDMA Design1993
Xmas Lemmings 1992MiscDMA Designs1992
XO-FighterActionHeigen Corporation1982
XSActionSci Games1996
XtronActionKeyPunch Software1991
Xwing FighterActionInternational PC Owners1982
XXIV!PuzzleMark Ambachtsheer1993
XyphrActionEugene Lin1991
YAB! BaseballSporttbf1992
YabogPuzzleKevin Peckunknown
Yacht Racing SimulatorSimulationGeoff. Brayford & Associates1986
YatzyMiscJan Ivar Gundersen1985
Yendorian Tales - Book 1RPGSmithWare1994
Yes, Prime MinisterSimulationOxford Digital Enterprises1988
Yie Ar Kung FuActionKonami1985
Yie Ar Kung Fu 2: The Emperor Yie-GahActionKonami1985
Yo! Joe! Beat the GhostsActionHudson Soft Company1993
Yogi Bear';s Math AdventuresEducationalGenus Microprogramming1990
Yoot TowerSimulationOPeNBooK90031999
You Don't Know JackPuzzleJellyvision1998
Young MathEducationalStone & Associates1985
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaRPGNihon Falcom Corporation2005
Ys: The Vanished OmensRPGNihon Falcom1989
Yuppi';s Revenge \(German\)StrategyAriolasoft GmbH1988
ZStrategyBitmap Brothers1996
ZahlenratenPuzzleMr Creosote1999
Zak McKracken - and the Alien MindbendersunknownLucasArts1988
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbendersunknown1988
Zany GolfunknownSandcastle1988
Zappa RoidzActionSoftdisk1989
Zee ArtilleryActionzee-artillery2004
Zeek The Geek: Part 1Puzzle1995
ZentrisPuzzleRobert J. Sundling1992
Zeppelin - Giants of the SkyStrategyMicroProse1995
Zero PrototypeActionM.F.G.C.1998
Zeus: Master of OlympusunknownImpressions Games2000
Zipman 3ActionZipTeam1994
ZombiRPGUBI Soft1986
Zona 0SimulationTopo Soft1991
Zone 66ActionEpic Megagames1993
Zone RaidersActionImage Space Inc.1995
Zool 2unknown1994
Zoom!StrategyDiscovery Software1988
ZoopPuzzleViacom New Media1995
Zork - Der GrossinquisitorunknownActivision1997
Zork - Nemesis - Das Verbotene LandunknownActivision1996
Zork - The Great Underground EmpireAdventureInfocom1982
Zork 2 - The Wizard of FrobozzAdventureInfocom1983
Zork 3 - The Dungeon MasterAdventureInfocom1984
Zork Quest - Assualt on Egreth CastleAdventureInfocom1987
Zork Quest 2 - The Crystal of DoomAdventureInfocom1988
Zork Zerounknown1989
Zork ZeroAdventureInfocom1988
ZZTActionEpic MegaGames1991