Educational Games


Robot 516
1893: A World's Fair MysteryIlluminated Lantern2002
3-D Tour of the Solar SystemLPI (Lunar and Planetary Institute Houston1997
3D Dinosaur Adventure (Anniversary Edition)Knowledge Adventure1996
3D Thinking LabEdmark1998
5 a Day AdventuresDole Food Company1994
A Brief History of TimeCreative technology Ltd.1994
A Case For Cap & CoTivola1996
A Silly Noisy HousePeggy Weil1991
A.J.';s World of DiscoveryCoktel Vision1992
ABC Fun KeysC.E. Krehbiel1989
Addy 5 Grade 7Coktel2007
Addy 7Coktel2006
Addy Junior - Natur und TechnikCoktel2003
Addy Junior 2 - Lesen und RechnenCoktel2000
Addy Junior 2 - MusikCoktel2000
ADDY Kids 5.0. Mathe Klasse 3 und 4Coktel2003
Addy Teens 5 Grade 5+6Coktel2003
Adiboo: Discover Music, Melody & RhymeKnowledge Adventure2000
Advanced Thinking SkillsCompedia Software1992
Adventures in MathIBM1983
Aesop's FablesDiscis Knowledge Research Inc.1993
Agypten entdecken mit PlaymobilPlaymobil2008
Aladdin Activity CenterDisney Interactive1994
Alf - World of WordsVision Software1988
Alf';s Thinking SkillsVision Software1988
Alge-Blaster 3Davidson & Associates1995
All Around FrippleTownEdmark1999
AlphaBonk FarmHeadbone Interactive1995
Amazing AnimalsEureka Multimedia2001
Amazon Trail IIMECC1996
Amazon Trail: 3rd EditionThe Learning Company1999
Animal MathDonald Pavia1986
Animal Quest1991
Apple CD-ROM Titles SamplerApple1992
Apple Spec Database 1.02 (run-time version).Casady & Greene2002
Archaeology of the FutureClaude Guillemot1996
Arthur's BirthdayBrøderbund1997
Arthur's Camping AdventureMattel Interactive2000
Arthur's Computer AdventureBrøderbund1997
Arthur's KindergartenHuman Code2000
Arthur's Reading GamesSoftKey1999
Arthur's Teacher TroubleThe Learning Company1993
Arthur's Wilderness RescueThe Learning Company2002
ArtRageous!Future Vision Multimedia1995
Artus contre le Démon du MuséeGyoza Media2000
Artus et le vaisseau fantômeMusée national de la marine2002
Astrid Lindgren's Pippi LongstockingAhead Multimedia1996
Aussie SpellFORCEEdAlive2002
Babe Animated Preschool AdventureSound Source Interactive1999
Babylon 5Sierra1997
BackPackerBMG Interactive Entertainment1995
BackPacker JuniorIQ Media Nordic AB1999
Bailey's Book HouseEdmark1995
Balance of the PlanetChris Crawford1990
Bananas in Pyjamas - It's Fun TimeKoei1997
Bank Street Music WriterMindscape1986
Barbie Super ModelTahoe Software1993
Barney Bear Goes to SchoolFree Spirit Software1991
Barney Bear Goes to SpaceFree Spirit Software1992
Barney Bear Goes to the FarmFree Spirit Software1993
Batman: Justice UnbalancedThe Learning Company2003
Being a Scientist: The Case of the Vanishing TreesAnglia Multimedia1996
Benjamin Blumchen. Bauernhofspielbmv2001
Benjamin Blumchen. ReporterspielBVM Produktion2000
Benjamin Blumchen. ZoospielBVM Produktion2000
Big Science ComicsTheatrix Interactive1996
Bygg hus med Mulle MeckGravity e-learning2002
C.Y.P.H.E.R. Operation US PresidentsTanager Software Productions1992
C'est pas sorcier: Menace sur le volcan TamakouLexis Numérique2006
Caillou: Magic PlayhouseBrighter Child Interactive2001
Carmen Sandiego Math DetectiveBrøderbund1998
Carmen Sandiego Word DetectiveBrøderbund1997
Carmen Sandiego: Junior Detective EditionBrøderbund1996
Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick ChallengeThe Learning Company1999
Casino MasterCentron Software Technologies1994
Central de Fantasmas: Viaje DisparatadoCMY Multimedia2006
Ciencias Naturaleza 8º EGBAnaya1985
ClueFinders: Empire of the Plant PeopleThe Learning Company1999
ClueFinders: Math Ages 9-12The Learning Company1999
Creative ContraptionsBantam1985
Cyberworld: Body Talkact-two2000
Daffy Duck P.I. - The Case of the Missing LettersHi-Tech Expressions1991
Daisy QuestJohan Strandberg1993
Daisy's CastleGreat Wave Software1992
DaisyQuestGreat Wave Software1993
Das TraumfressercheniENtertainment Network1999
Davidic MatchupGodly Games1994
DazzeloidsRodney Alan Greenblat1994
Destination: PyramidsEdmark1996
Dinosaur AdventureKnowledge Adventure1993
Dinosaur Adventure 3-DKnowledge Adventure1999
Dinosaur SafariCreative Multimedia1994
DinosaursEureka Multimedia1999
Disney Magic Artist DeluxeDisney Interactive2002
Disney's Ariel's Story StudioDisney Interactive1998
Disney's Magic Artist 3DDisney Interactive2000
Disney's Magic Artist ClassicDisney1999
Donald Duck';s PlaygroundSierra1986
Early Games (For Young Children)Springboard Software Inc1982
Eco-Adventures in the OceansChariot Software1992
Eco-Adventures in the RainforestChariot Software1992
Eco-SaurusFirst Byte1991
Einstein Jr.'s ClassroomDinosoft1992
El Pequeño FreaksteinEdi Group1998
Electric Crayon 3.1 - Super Mario Bros & FriendsMerit Software1992
Electric Crayon 3.1 - At the ZooMerit Software1992
Electric Crayon Deluxe - Dinosaurs are ForeverPolarware1988
Electric Crayon Deluxs - Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMerit Software1990
Elementary School Success Deluxe 2007Dragon Software2001
Elmo's Art WorkshopCreative Wonders1998
Elmo's PreschoolChildren's Television Workshop1998
Emergency Room: Disaster StrikesLegacy Interactive1999
Ernie';s Big SplashMuppets1986
Escape from Planet ArizonaEF Multimedia1995
Europe: September 1, 1939Entrex Software1992
FactoryWings for Learning1993
Facts in ActionSpirit of Discovery1994
Familie TreeThomas Keith Stone1990
Fatty Bear's Birthday SurpriseHumongous Entertainment1994
Firehouse RescueGameTek1988
Flygande Start: Första klassLevande Böcker i Norden1999
Frankenstein's Helper 3.0Robert Schenk1996
Fun & Spooky Adding & SubtractingEureka Multimedia2003
Funnels & BucketsData Sage1984
Galactic Multiplication & DivisionEdmark1998
GCSE: PhysicsDorling Kindersley1998
GeoBeeDigital Alchemy1995
GeoSafari AnimalsEducational Insights1996
Germicide 3D: Return to the Park (aka Health Quest)Entrex Software1996
Gertrude';s SecretsThe Learning Company1982
GovernmentLloyd Burchill1994
Grammar Ages 11-15+Advanced Software2002
Green Eggs and HamDr. Seuss1999
Haight-Ashbury in the SixtiesCompton's New Media1995
Halley ProjectMindscape Inc1986
Headline Harry and the Great Paper RaceDavidson & Associates1991
Hello Kitty Big Fun DeluxeSanrio1995
How Would You Survive?Grolier1995
I Can Be a Dinosaur FinderCloud 9 Interactive1997
I Can Be An Animal DoctorCloud 9 Interactive1997
I Can Be An Animal DoctorCloud 9 Interactive1997
I Love Phonics!Dorling Kindersley2000
I Spy / I Spy School DaysBlack Hammer Productions1997
I Spy Spooky MansionScholastic1999
I Spy Spooky Mansion DeluxeScholastic2004
I Spy Treasure HuntScholastic2001
I.M. MeenAnimation Magic1995
IBM BASIC QuizApogee1988
Ice Cream TruckSunburst2000
If Monks Had MacsBrian Thomas1988
In Search of the Most Amazing ThingSpinnaker Software1983
In the Race 1999Twilight Media1999
Infinity CityHeadbone Interactive1996
Isle of RightHaupt Digital1999
JabbertalkyAutomated Simulations1982
Janosch - Oh wie schoen ist PanamaTerzio2003
Janosch - Riesenparty für den TigerNavigo1996
Janosch - Tiger und Baer im StrassenverkehrTerzio1998
Jesus MatchupGodly Games1994
Josephine on HolidayMinimedia1997
Jump Start Spy Masters: Max Strikes BackKnowledge Adventure2001
JumpStart Math for Second GradersKnowledge Adventure1997
Jumpstart ToddlersKnowledge Adventure1996
Katie's FarmLawrence Productions1991
Key Skills for Language Arts: Vocabulary DevelopmentSunburst2005
Key Skills for Math: Basic Number ConceptsSunburst2003
Key Skills for Math: Addition and SubtractionSunburst2004
Key Skills for Math: Shapes, Numbers & MeasurementSunburst2003
Key Skills for Reading: Letters and WordsSunburst2003
Key Skills for Reading: Basic Word ConceptsSunburst2004
Key Skills: Phonics Mastery (Grades 2-3)Sunburst2005
KeyWackE&P Ware1993
Kid PhonicsDavidson & Associates1995
Kid Phonics 2 - Ages 7-9Davidson & Associates1996
Kid Pix Studio (1995)Brøderbund1995
Kid Pix Studio DeluxeBrøderbund1999
Kid's Language StartersEureka Multimedia2002
Kid's Paint & PuzzlesEurekaMultimedia2002
Kid's TypingBright Star Technology1993
Kids on KeysSpinnaker1984
KidsEdge Travel PackKnowledge Kids Network2003
KidsMathGreat Wave Software1987
KidsTime DeluxeGreat Wave Software1994
L'Emerillon: Enquête à la cour d'Aliénor d'AquitaineNémopolis2005
La Casa de la Ciencia de Sammy | Sammy's Science House (Español)Edmark1994
Lamb Chop Loves MusicMedia Station1995
Land of the Magic Stones 2: The Mist of OblivionI.C.E. Multimedia2002
Language Arts Grade 4: The Mission Masters Network Nightmare!McGraw-Hill1999
Last Chance to SeeDouglas Adams1992
Le Louvre: Collections et PalaisMontparnasse Multimedia1998
Le Roi des FjordsEuro CD Interactive1997
Le Secret de l'AlchimisteMindscape1999
Leap Ahead! 3rd GradeEureka Multimedia1999
Learn to Read & Spell with Phonics 3Eureka Multimedia2003
Leif and the American VikingSVT Sveriges Television2000
Leonardo the InventorSoftKey1996
Lernen macht Spass 4. KlasseTerzio2001
Lernspass 1. KlasseTerzio2003
Let's Go Read 2: An Ocean AdventureEdmark1998
Let’s Learn GermanTransparent Language2007
Life and Death II: The BrainThe Software Toolworks, Inc.1990
Little People Discovery AirportKnowledge Adventure2002
Lost in Space Animated Learning AdventureSound Source Interactive1998
Mac EdgeThink Educational Software1984
MacbethThe Voyager Company1995
MacToons 1.5Harley Bradley1999
Magnificent Marlena's Mind-Bending Magic ShowOhio Distinctive1999
Mama Muh und die Krähe spielen in Eis und SchneeOetinger2005
Mario Teaches TypingInterplay1992
Mario's Time Machine DeluxeMindscape1994
Math Blaster Episode II: Secret of the Lost CityDavidson1995
Math HeadsTheatrix1996
Math Rescue1992
Math WorkshopBrøderbund1995
Max and the PiratesBVM Produktion1998
Me and My HorseEureka Multimedia2004
Mia's Math Adventure: Just In Time!Kutoka Interactive2001
Mighty Math: Carnival CountdownEdmark1996
Millie Meter's Nutrition AdventureTivola Publishing2001
Mission Masters Math Grade 3 Defeat Dirty D!McGraw-Hill1997
Mission UFO: A Solar System OdysseyJ and B Associates1992
Mission: The Pharaoh's ChallengeAnglia Multimedia1997
Money TownDavidson & Associates1996
Monster MathIBM1983
Motorista Sideral, ElAnaya1986
Mr. Wonder's Greatest Toyshop on EarthMartin Koronka1996
Multimedia DinosaursLifeboat Productions/REMedia1999
New Math Blaster PlusDavidson & Associates1991
NFL MathSanctuary Woods1997
Nikolai's MysteriesI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.1996
Nikolai's PharaohsI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.1996
Nikolai's PiratesI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.1997
Nikolai's ToysI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.1996
Nikolai's TrainsI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.1994
Nikolai's TreatsI. Hoffmann + Associates Inc.1999
Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise - Freunde in GefahrTandem-Verlag2003
Number MunchersMecc1990
Numbers Up! Volcanic PanicNew Horizons2003
O!Kay! CD-ROM 1998BVM Produktion1998
O!Kay! CD-ROMs 1999BVM Produktion1999
O!Kay! CD-ROMs 2000BVM Produktion2000
O!Kay! CD-ROMs 2001BVM Produktion2001
O!Kay! CD-ROMs 20024ground2002
Odell Down UnderMECC1996
Off to EuropeGlamus1992
Ollie Saves the PlanetSustain Ability International2002
Ollie’s IslandSustain Ability International2007
Once Upon a Time... LifeThe Learning Company2000
One Small Square: BackyardMagnet Interactive1995
Operation NeptuneThe Learning Company1995
P.A.W.S. - Personal Automated Wagging SystemDomestic Funk1995
Pantsylvania: The Kingdom of the Fancy PantsHeadbone Interactive1995
PaperopolisVirgin Sound and Vision1995
Parenting: Prenatal to PreschoolCreative Multimedia1994
Peanuts Yearn2LearnImage Smith1995
Phonics Alive! 3: The SpellerAdvanced Software1999
Phonics Alive! 6: TypingAdvanced Software2000
Phonics SuccessMaestro Learning2005
POK the Little "Artiste" / Pok le Petit PeintreLiving Media1994
PokéROMBasis Applied Technology2000
Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge #1: Mojo Jojo's Clone ZoneThe Learning Company2002
Pub Trivia SimulatorCodemasters1989
Putt-Putt Joins the ParadeHumongous Entertainment1992
Puzzlemania ClubHighlights1999
Quarky & Quaysoo';s Turbo ScienceSierra1992
Rainbow Fish - The most beautiful fish in the oceanEmme/Lexis Numérique2002
Read, Write & Type!California Neuropsychology Services1995
Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud NineThe Learning Company2001
Reader Rabbit 2The Learning Company1992
Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship AdventureThe Learning Company2001
Reader Rabbit 3The Learning Company1995
Reader Rabbit and Friends: Let's Start Learning!The Learning Company1995
Reader Rabbit Dreamship TalesThe Learning Company2002
Reader Rabbit KindergartenThe Learning Company2001
Reader Rabbit Personalized Math Ages 6-9The Learning Company1999
Reader Rabbit Preschool: Sparkle Star Rescue!The Learning Company2001
Reader Rabbit ToddlerThe Learning Company1997
Reader Rabbit's Interactive Reading Journey 1The Learning Company1996
Reader Rabbit's KindergartenThe Learning Company1997
Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 4-6Inc.1998
Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 4-6Inc.1998
Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library 1The Learning Company1997
Reading Blaster: Ages 9-12Davidson and Associates1998
Reading GalaxyBrøderbund1995
Reading Made Easy - Phonics FunhouseDorling Kindersley2000
Reading MazeGreat Wave Software1991
Ready for Math with PoohDisney Interactive1996
Rockett's Adventure MakerPurple Moon1998
Rockett's Camp AdventuresAddictive Media1999
Rockett's First DancePurple Moon1998
Rockett's Tricky DecisionPurple Moon1998
Rocky';s BootsThe Learning Company1985
Safety Scavenger HuntSoftKey1994
School House Rock! America RockCreative Wonders1996
SchoolhouseMaverick Software1991
Schoolhouse Rock: Exploration StationCreative Wonders1996
Schoolhouse Rock: Exploration StationCreative Wonders1996
Schoolhouse Rock: Math RockCreative Wonders1996
Schoolhouse Rock!: 3rd & 4th Grade EssentialsThe Learning Company1997
Science Sleuths Vol 1: Mysteries of the Blob and the Exploding LawnmowersMECC1995
Scooter';s Magic CastleElectronic Arts1993
Secret Paths to the SeaPurple Moon1998
Sesame Street: Grover's TravelsEncore Software1998
Siebenstein 2: Rudi und die Glitzermanten von FrierlandTerzio2000
Smart Steps 2nd GradeDorling Kindersley1999
Snoopy Game ClubAccolade1991
Snoopy Troops 2Tom Snyder1982
SpongeBob SquarePants TypingThe Learning Company2004
SpråklådanAlfabeta Gammafon Multimedia1998
Spy Kids: Mega Mission ZoneDisney Interactive2002
Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game GalaxyLucas Learning2000
Star Wars: Yoda's Challenge Activity CenterLucas Learning1999
Stickybear's Math TownOptimum Resource1993
Strategy HeadsTheatrix1997
Super Solvers - Ancient EmpiresThe Learning Company1990
Super Solvers - Gizmos & Gadgets!The Learning Company1993
Super Solvers - Midnight RescueThe Learning Company1989
Super Solvers - OutNumberedThe Learning Company1990
Super Solvers - Treasure MathStormThe Learning Company1992
Super Solvers - Treasure MountainThe Learning Company1990
Super Solvers Reading Ages 9-12The Learning Company1998
Tales of the Wild ZeepWestwind Media1994
Targeting Maths Lab 3Pascal Press2004
Teach Yourself HyperCardMark Gregory1996
Technicus: 10 Hours LeftBrainGame/Heureka-Klett2005
The Baby-Sitters Club Friendship KitSidewalk Studios1996
The Fish Who Could WishTivola1998
The Greatest Paper AirplanesKitty Hawk Software, Inc.1995
The Incredible MachineDynamix1992
The Incredible Machine 2Sierra On-Line Inc.1994
The Incredibles: When Danger CallsDisney Interactive / THQ2004
The Louvre MuseumLearn Interactive1996
The Magic School Bus: In ConcertKnowWonder2000
The Magic School Bus: Volcano AdventureKnowWonder2001
The Magic School Bus: Whales & DolphinsKnowWonder2001
The Oregon Trail 4th EditionThe Learning Company1999
The Otter's AdventureSoftKey1995
The Swiss Family Robinson: An Island AdventureMulti Dimensional Communications1993
The Tell-Tale HeartDiscis1992
The TreehouseBroderbund1991
Thinkin' Things: Sky Island MysteriesEdmark1998
Time TreksEARTHQUEST Inc.1992
TKKG 11: Film Ab!Tivola2003
TKKG 12: Alarm in der GeisterbahnTivola2004
Troggle Trouble MathMECC1994
Typing IntrigueMicro Courseware Corporation1984
Typing Tutor 7Davidson & Associates1996
Ultimate Word AttackDavidson & Associates1997
Underground Detective AgencyThe Web Production2001
Undersea AdventureKnowledge Adventure1995
US HistoryBureau Development1990
USA ExplorerDorling Kindersley1999
Virtual Physics: The Eggs of TimeCubic Science1998
Virtual Reality StudioDomark Software1991
Virtual Reality Studio 2.0Domark Software1992
Vladimir Difusius: Menudo DepisteCMY Multimedia2005
Was ist los bei Hanni und NanniRavensburger1999
Was ist Was - Das interaktive QuizBVM Produktion2002
Was ist Was - Wissen von A - ZBVM Produktion2001
Where in America's Past Is Carmen Sandiego?Brøderbund1992
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?Brøderbund Software1989
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? CD-ROMBrøderbund Software/The Learning Company1997
Wishbone Activity ZonePalladium Interactive1997
Word HeadsSanctuary Woods1997
Words Rock!EdAlive2005
X-Files Trivia ChallengeBrian Kelley1998
Xiro y la Ciudad SumergidaCMY Multimedia2005
Yogi Bear';s Math AdventuresGenus Microprogramming1990
Young MathStone & Associates1985
ZipZapMap! CanadaNational Geographic Society1994
ZipZapMap! USANational Geographic Society1994
ZipZapMap! WorldNational Geographic Society1994
Zoboomafoo: Animal KidsBrighter Child Interactive2000
Zoboomafoo: Creature QuestBrighter Child Interactive2002
Zoo KeeperDavidson & Associates1993
Zoo Tycoon 2Blue Fang Games2005
Zoo VetLegacy Interactive2004
Zoombinis Island OdysseyThe Learning Company2002
Zoombinis Logical JourneyBrøderbund1996
Zoombinis Mountain RescueThe Learning Company2001
Zug and GrugPlaylearn Software1995