A Games


Robot 999
A Boy and His Blobunknown
A Brief History of TimeEducationalCreative technology Ltd.
A Case For Cap & CoEducationalTivola
A Change in the WeatherAdventureInfocom
A Day At WorkAdventureEpic Banana
A Dudley DilemmaAdventuretbf
A Game of StrategyStrategyHenrik Hoexbroe
A Journey into XanthAdventureNeil Sorenson
A Line in the SandStrategySSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
A Mess O' TroubleAdventureRay Dunakin
A Mind Forever VoyagingAdventureInfocom
A New BeginningAdventureDaedalic Entertainment
A Nightmare on Elm Streetunknown
A Personal NightmareAdventureBox Office
A Silly Noisy HouseEducationalPeggy Weil
A Tale of Two KingdomsAdventureCrystal Shard
A View To A KillActionDomark
A-10 Attack!SimulationParsoft Interactive
A-10 CubaSimulationActivision
A-10 Tank Killerunknown
A-MazeActionNew Era Software
ÖkolopolyStrategyFrederic Vester
A.G.E.SimulationCoktel Vision
A.J.';s World of DiscoveryEducationalCoktel Vision
A.T.F. - Advanced Tactical FightersunknownElectronic Arts
A320 Airbusunknown
A320 Airbus: EuropeSimulationThalion Software
A320 Airbus: USASimulationThalion Software
A4 Networksunknown
AaarghunknownBinary Design
Abadía del Crimen Extensum, LaAdventureManuel Pazos & Daniel Celemin
Abadía del Crimen Remake, LaActionA. Giner
Abadía del Crimen, LaActionOpera Soft
Abadox - the Deadly Inner Warunknown
AbalonePuzzlePeter Tax
Abandoned PlacesRPGInternational Computer Entertainment
Abandoned Places 2RPGArtgame
Abbalone 3DPuzzleAnomic Software
ABC Fun KeysEducationalC.E. Krehbiel
ABC Monday Night FootballSportData East USA
ABC Wide World of Sports BoxingSportData East USA
Abenteuer Atlantisunknown
Abenteuer EuropaAdventureSPD
Abmis the LionAction
Abobo's Big AdventureActionTeam Bobo
Absolute Madnessunknown
Absolute Pinballunknown21st Century
Absolute SolitairePuzzleGlenn Seemann
Absolute StocksStrategySplinter Software
Absolute ZeroActionDomark
Abu Simbel ProfanationActionDinamic
Abu Simbel Profanation DeLuxeActionM.A. Soft
Abu Simbel Profanation RemakeActionM.A. Soft
AbuseActionCrack dot com
Academy: Tau Ceti IIunknown
AccesinatoAdventureIsxem Games
Accolade ComicsAdventureAccolade
AccordionStrategySoftdisk Publishing
ACE 2unknown
Ace ExplorerEducationalMindplay
Ace of AcesSimulationAccolade
Ace VenturaAdventure21st Century Entertainment
Ace: Air Combat EmulatorSimulationCascade Games Ltd
Aces High - The True Duel SimulatorSimulationCadaver
Aces of DeepSimulationDynamix
Aces of the PacificSimulationDynamix
Aces Over EuropeSimulationDynamix
Achtung die Kurve!Action
Achtung SpitfireStrategyAvalon Hill
Ack-Ack AttackActionKurt W. Dekker
Ack! ManActionCarey Nash
AcquireStrategyAvalon Hill
Across the RhineSimulationMicroProse
Action BikerSportMastertronic
Action CountdownunknownKixx
Action Fighterunknown
Action in the North AtlanticStrategyGeneral Quarters Software
Action Serviceunknown
Action SoccerSportLudimedia SAS
Action Stations!unknown
Action SuperCross v1.2SportBalász Rózsa
Action-Strategy BaseballSportCary Torkelson
Active LancerActionde software
Activision Anthology Remix EditionActionActivision
Activision Decathlon, TheSportActivision
Activision Game Vault Volume 3unknownActivision
Activision's Atari 2600 Action PackunknownMegamedia
Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack 2unknownActivision
Actua SoccerSportGremlin Interactive
Actua Soccer 3SportGremlin Interactive
Addams Familyunknown
Addy 5 Grade 7EducationalCoktel
Addy 7EducationalCoktel
Addy Junior - Natur und TechnikEducationalCoktel
Addy Junior 2 - Lesen und RechnenEducationalCoktel
Addy Junior 2 - MusikEducationalCoktel
ADDY Kids 5.0. Mathe Klasse 3 und 4EducationalCoktel
Addy Teens 5 Grade 5+6EducationalCoktel
AdelActionMind Games
Adiboo: Discover Music, Melody & RhymeEducationalKnowledge Adventure
Admiral: Sea BattlesStrategyMegamedia
Admirals CommandStrategySimoneSystems Software
Adom v1.1RPG
Advanced CivilizationunknownAvalon Hill
Advanced Destroyer SimulatorStrategyFutura
Advanced Dungeons & DragonsAdventureElectronic Arts
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragon Strikeunknown
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragons of Flameunknown
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Heroes of the Lanceunknown
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pool of Radianceunknown
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Masterpiece CollectionunknownMindscape
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collector's EditionRPGMacSoft
Advanced Flight TrainerSimulationEdward Lenner
Advanced Lawnmower SimulationSimulationGardensoft
Advanced NetwarsActionCaldera
Advanced Tacticalunknown
Advanced Tactical Fighter 2 (a.k.a. Airstrike USA)SimulationDigital Integration
Advanced Thinking SkillsEducationalCompedia Software
Advanced XoruAdventureCastle Technologies
Advantage TennisSportInfogrames
Advent RisingAdventureGlyphX Games
AdventureAdventureMr Creosote
Adventure (aka Colossal Cave Adventure)AdventureWilliam Crowther / Don Woods
Adventure at the Chateau d'OrAdventureKarma Labs
Adventure Collection, TheAdventureActivision
Adventure construction setRPGElectronic Arts
Adventure in Sereniaunknown
Adventure in the Magic Kingdomunknown
Adventure Island 2unknown
Adventure Island 3unknown
Adventure of LomaxunknownPsygnosis
Adventure WriterRPGGilsoft
Adventure!AdventureEpiboly Software
Adventureland (Graphic Version)AdventureAdventure International
AdventureMakerMiscEpiboly Software
Adventurers' Museum, TheAdventureLee Chapel
Adventures in MathEducationalIBM
Adventures In Odyssey 3: The Great EscapeAdventureDigital Praise
Adventures In Odyssey: The Sword Of The SpiritAdventureDigital Praise
Adventures In Odyssey: The Treasure Of The IncasAdventureDigital Praise
Adventures Of Bayou Billyunknown
Adventures of Captain ComicunknownColor Dreams, Inc.
Adventures of Dino Rikiunknown
Adventures of Down Under Dan, TheAdventurePowerVision
Adventures of Fatman, The: Toxic RevengeAdventureSOCKO! Entertainment
Adventures of LoloPuzzleHAL Laboratory
Adventures of Lolo 2PuzzleHAL Laboratory
Adventures of Lolo 3PuzzleHAL Laboratory
Adventures of Maddog Williams in The Dungeons Of Duridian, TheAdventureGame Crafters
Adventures of Micro Man - Crazy Computer v1.5MiscBrian L Goble
Adventures of Rad Gravity, TheActionInterplay Productions Ltd.
Adventures of RobboPuzzle
Adventures of Robin HoodAdventureMillennium Interactive Ltd.
Adventures of Tom Sawyerunknown
Adventures of TRONActionMattel
Adventures of Willy Beamishunknown
Adventures on Pirate IsleActionFeline Entertainment
Aegis - Guardian of the FleetSimulationSoftware Sorcery
AeroFighters AssaultActionVideo System U.S.A., Inc.
Aesop's FablesEducationalDiscis Knowledge Research Inc.
Aethra's Chroniclesunknown
Africa TrailAdventureMECC
African AdventureAdventureSoftside
African Desert CampaignStrategyMatt Kaufman
African RaidersSimulationInference
African SafariAdventureInterdisc
African Trail SimulatorSportPositive
After BurnerAction
After Burner 2SimulationSega
After Dark GamesActionBerkeley Systems
After the WarActionDinamic
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient ExpressAdventureAWE Productions
Age of EmpiresStrategy
Age of Empires 2: The Age of KingsStrategyEnsemble Studios
Age of Empires II: The ConquerorsStrategy
Age of Empires IIIStrategyEnsemble Studios
Age of MythologyStrategyEnsemble Studios
Age of WondersStrategy
Age of Wonders - Shadow MagicStrategycompany
Age of Wonders 2 - The Wizard';s ThroneStrategyTriumph Studios
AgeanPuzzleSplinter Software
Agent Mlíčňák (Teenagent)AdventureMetropolis Software House
Agent QT PieActionJohn Butler
Agent USAunknown
AggravationStrategyCutlass Software
AggressionStrategyExpert Source Code
AgitatePuzzleSplinter Software
AGONAdventurePrivate Moon Studios
aGORA: Soul of the OracleRPGKnowble Design
Aguas BravasSportLoad n Run
Agypten entdecken mit PlaymobilEducationalPlaymobil
AH-64D LongbowunknownElectronic Arts
Aha!PuzzleComputer Systems Odessa
Aigina'S ProphecyActionvic Tokai Inc
Air Attack IIStrategyJeff Miller
Air BallActionMicrodeal
Air BucksSimulationSierra Entertainment
Air BusterActionKaneko
Air CobraActionUnicornio
Air Combat Classicsunknown
Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfightingunknown
Air Force CommanderStrategyImpressions Games
Air Fortressunknown
Air HockeySportChristopher Gross
Air Power - Battle in the SkiesSimulationMindscape
Air RaidersActionMattel Electronics
Air Strike USASimulationCinemaware
Air SupportActionPsygnosis
Air Traffic ControllerSimulationCascoly Software
Air TraxPuzzlePresearch Incorporated
Air Warriorunknown
Air Warrior IIIunknownInteractive Magic
Air Warrior Plus v1.16bunknownOn-line
Air Wolfunknown
Air-Sea BattleActionAtari, Inc.
Airborne Rangerunknown
Airborne!ActionJonathan Gay
Airburst (Classic)ActionFreeverse
Airburst ExtremeActionFreeverse
Airlift RescueActionDavid Fleming
AirlineStrategyFalken Software
Airline TycoonSimulationMonte Cristo Multimedia
Airline Tycoon DeluxeStrategyRuneSoft
AirlinesSimulationInterActive Vision
AirpuckActionBob Mandel
AirstrikeSimulationDigital Integration
Airwolf IiActionElite
AIV Network$unknown
AjedrezMiscPatxi Projec
AkaklikéEducationalCécile Chaumet
AkalabethRPGRichard Garriot
AkbarrunknownA. Viedma
Al Unser Jr. Arcade RacingSportKalisto
Al Unser Junior's Turbo Racingunknown
Al-QuadimunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)
Alí-BebéActionFuture Stars
Aladdin Activity CenterEducationalDisney Interactive
AlbionRPGBlue Byte
Aldo AgainActionBen and Dave Ibach
Aldo's AdventureActionYAhoo Software
Aldos AssaultActionBen and Dave Ibach
Ale Hop!ActionTopo Soft
Alerta OvniunknownRicardo Vill
Aleshar - The World of IceRPGHypothermia
Alex Higgin's World SnookerSportLindensoft
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldActionSEGA
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted CastleActionSEGA Enterprises
Alex Kidd: High-Tech WorldActionSEGA Enterprises
Alex Kidd: The Lost StarsActionSEGA
AlfActionAlien Productions
Alf - World of WordsEducationalVision Software
ALF: The First Adventureunknown
Alf';s Thinking SkillsEducationalVision Software
Alge-Blaster 3EducationalDavidson & Associates
Alhambra TalesActionDinamic
Aliants: The Desperate Battle for EarthActionKeyPunch
Alice - Through the Looking GlassPuzzleSteve Capps and Marge Boots
Alice In VideolandActionAudiogenic Software Ltd
Alice in WonderlandAdventureR.C. Johnson
Alice in WonderlandAdventureWindham Classics
Alice in WonderlandAdventureEMME Interactive
Alice: An Interactive MuseumAdventureSynergy Interactive
Alicia en el País de las MaravillasActionDanisoft
Alida: The Enigmatic GiantAdventureDejavu Worlds
AlienActionFox Video Games
Alien 3ActionLJN
Alien AlleyActionThe Coriolis Group
Alien ArcadeActionLuxenberg Software
Alien AttackActionFantasoft
Alien Bash IIActionGlen Cumming
Alien BreedActionTeam 17
Alien breed - ObliterationActionFreeware
Alien Breed (Special Edition 92)ActionTeam17 Software Limited
Alien Breed 2: The Horror ContinuesActionTeam17 Software Limited
Alien Breed 3 - Tower AssaultActionTeam 17
Alien Breed 3DActionTeam 17
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing GroundsActionTeam 17
Alien CabalActionQASoft
Alien CarnageActionApogee
Alien ConspiracyActionEpic Banana
Alien CrossfireStrategyAspyr
Alien EarthActionFunsoft
Alien ForceActionRobert Epps
Alien IncidentunknownHousemarque Ltd.
Alien InvadersActionLinda Frasier
Alien LegacyStrategyYbarra Productions
Alien LogicRPGSSI
Alien NationsStrategyJoWooD Productions Software GmbH
Alien OdysseyunknownPhilips
Alien PhobiaActionFreeware
Alien RampagePuzzleInner Circle Creations
Alien ResurrectionActionFox Interactive
Alien ShooterActionSigma Team
Alien SyndromeActionSega
Alien TrilogyActionProbe Entertainment
Alien versus PredatorActionElectronic Arts
Alien VirusAdventureVic Tokai
Alien³ActionAcclaim, Probe Software Ltd.
Aliens - A Comic Book Adventure v1.0unknownMindscape
Aliens vs. Predator 2ActionMacPlay
All Around FrippleTownEducationalEdmark
All dogs go to heavenActionMerit Studios
All New World of Lemmingsunknown
All Point BulletinActionUnknown
Allan Border';s CricketSportAudiogenic
Alley 19 BowlingSportMidas Interactive
Alley CatActionSynSoft
Alley Cat 2unknownFreeware
AlleykatActionHewson Consultants Ltd
AlleywayMiscIntelligent Systems Co.
Allied GeneralunknownStrategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)
Alone in the DarkAdventureInfogrames
Alone in the Dark - The New NightmareAdventureAtari
Alone in the Dark 2AdventureInfogrames
Alone in the Dark 3AdventureInfogrames
Alpha StormActionPsygnosis Limited
Alpha WavesSimulationInfogrames
AlphaBonk FarmEducationalHeadbone Interactive
AltairPuzzleBarry Day
Alter EgoSimulationActivision
Alter Ego - FemaleSimulationActivision
Altered BeastActionSega
Altered DestinyAdventureAccolade
Alternate Reality - The CityRPGDataSoft
AmadoPuzzleYong Choi
AmagonActionSammy Co.
AmandaStoriesAdventureAmanda Goodenough
AmazingPuzzleSteve Capps
Amazing AnimalsEducationalEureka Multimedia
Amazing MazePuzzleDonovan W. Foster
Amazing Spider-Man, TheActionParagon Software Corporation
AmazonAdventureTelarium Corp.
Amazon (Arcade Version)ActionC. Disc Comp
Amazon Trail IIAdventureMECC
Amazon Trail, TheSimulationMECC
Amazon Trail: 3rd EditionEducationalThe Learning Company
Amazon WarriorActionNew Generation Software
Amazon: Guardians of EdenAdventureAccess Software
AMBER: Journeys BeyondAdventureChangeling Software
AmbermoonRPGThalion Software
Ambriel SnakeActionAmbriel Software
Ambush at SorinorStrategyMindcraft
America's Greatest Arcade Hits 3DActionMacSoft
America'S CupSportU.S. Gold
American Civil War: From Sumter To AppomattoxStrategyInteractive Magic
American GladiatorsSportGametek
American McGee's AliceActionAspyr
AmnesiaAdventureCognetics Corp.
Amo del MundoActionPositive
AmoebArenaStrategyCasady & Greene
Amoto's PufActionSPE
Amoto's Puf RemakeActionDock Tower
AmpsActionPaul A. Perkins
Amsilvania CastleActionMagic Team
Amulet of YendorRPGKeypunch
Amulets & ArmorRPG
An American Tail: Animated MovieBookAdventureSound Source Interactive
An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestAdventureCapstone
Anacreon: reconstruction 4021StrategyThinking Machine Associates
Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok!AdventureFox Interactive
Anatema: Legenda o prekliatiAdventureRune Software
AnchorheadAdventureMichael S. Gentry
Ancient art of warStrategyEvryware
Ancient Art of War at Seaunknown
Ancient EmpiresPuzzleLearning Company
Ancient EvilRPGSilver Lightning Software
Ancient Land of YsRPGKyodai
Ancient Land of YsRPGKyodai
Ancients 2 - Approaching EvilRPGFarr-Ware Software
Andromeda ApocalypseAdventureMarco Innocenti
Andromeda AwakeningAdventureMarco Innocenti
Angel Devoid: Face of the EnemyActionElectric Dreams
Ángel Nieto Pole 500SportOpera Sport
Anika's Odisseyunknown
Animal MathEducationalDonald Pavia
Animal QuestEducational
Animaniacs Game PackActionFunnybone Interactive
Animated Memory GameStrategy
AnkhAdventureDECK 13
Annals of RomeStrategyPSS
Anno 1602: Creation of a New WorldStrategyGT Interactive
Another Lifeless Planet and Me With No BeerAdventure
Another WarRPGMacPlay
Another WorldActionInterplay
Another WorldActionGolden Disk 64
Another World (15th Anniversay Edition)AdventureMC2
Anstoss: World Cup Editionunknown
Ant AttackActionQuicksilva
Antarctic AdventureActionKonami
AntaresActionDro Soft
Antartic adventuresActionFreeware
Anti Ballistic MissileActionEMD
AntiquadraPuzzleGrayson Myers
AntiriadActionPalace Software
Ants AfireActionMacromedia
Anvil of DawnRPGDreamforge
Anyone for Cards?PuzzleCapstone Software
Člověče, nezlob se!MiscAriel Software
ApacheActionF.J. Barroso
Apache LongbowSimulationDigital Integration
Apache StrikeSimulationUnknown
ApeironActionAmbrosia Software
Apocalipsis NewStrategyIdealogic
Apocalypse AbyssPuzzleSoftware Visions
Apogee Software Bonus Disk 7unknown
Apogee Software Shareware Libraryunknown
Apollo 18 - Mission to the MoonSimulationAccolade
Apple 2 Games - Sierra CollectionunknownSierra
Apple CD-ROM Titles SamplerEducationalApple
Apple Cider SpiderActionSierra Online Inc
Apple PanicActionBroderbund
Apple Spec Database 1.02 (run-time version).EducationalCasady & Greene
AppleFieldPuzzleLorenzo Cangiano
Apprentice (Deluxe Edition)AdventureFreeware
Apprentice II: The Knight's MoveAdventureFreeware
Apteryx IIActionMichael Zahniser
Aqua Blooper PiperPuzzleCasady & Greene
AquaManActionDoug Diego
Aquaman: War of the Water WorldsAdventureInverse Ink
AquanoidPuzzleHeineke and Finger
AquaNox 2 - RevelationActionJoWood
Aquazone DeluxeStrategy9003inc
ArañaActionEnrique Soto
ArachnophobiaActionBlueSky Software
ArashiActionProject STORM team
Arc of DoomAdventureKeystone Productions
Arc Of YesodAdventureThor Computer Software
Arcade #1ActionKeyPunch
Arcade #2unknown
Arcade AmericaunknownBMG Interactive
Arcade Blockbusters!unknown
Arcade Gamesunknown
Arcade Hitsunknown
Arcade PoolActionTeam 17
Arcade RallyunknownLukas Petrik
Arcade TriviaPuzzleZeppelin Games
Arcade VolleyballSportUnknown
Arcade Volleyball Deluxeunknown-
Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2unknownGT Interactive
Arcadia 64ActionImagine
ArcanaActionNew Generation Software
Arcanum - of Steamworks and Magick ObscuraRPGActivision
Arch RivalsActionAcclaim
Archaeology of the FutureEducationalClaude Guillemot
Archer MacLean's PoolSportVirgin
ArcherySportBrian Blankenship
Archimedean DynastySimulationMassive Development
ArchonStrategyElectronic Arts
Archon UltraStrategySSI
ArchRivals - Basketbrawlunknown
Arctic AdventureActionApogee
Arctic FoxStrategyElectronic Arts
Arctic MovesActionDinamic Mult
Arctic ShipwreckActionCommodore
Are We There Yet?PuzzleElectronic Arts
Are You Afraid of the Dark?AdventureNickelodeon
Area 51ActionMidway
Arena CrystalisActionCrystal Aura Software
Arena GamesRPGJeff Derstadt
Argo AdventureAdventureBBS Interactive Multimedia
Argonaut 2149ActionHolmes Futrell
Argos (fr)AdventureRichard Soberka
Ark of TimeAdventureInterplay Entertainment
Ark pandoraActionRino marketing
ARK...ActionScott DeMers
Arkanoid 2unknown
ArkkubeActionDevilish gam
Armaëth: The Lost Kingdomunknown
Armada 2525unknown
Armageddon: First StrikeActionCodenautics
Armchair QuarterbackSportPseudonym Software
Armed WormsActionJonas Kukkonen
ArmorStrategyBrad Sanders
Armor AlleyActionInformation Access Technologies
Armor AttackActionGCE
Armored fistSimulationNovalogic
ArmyStrategyDwain Goforth
Army MenActionThe 3DO
Army Men 2ActionThe 3DO
Army Men: Toys in SpaceActionThe 3DO
Army MovesActionImagine
ArnhemStrategyCases Computer Simulations
Arnie 2ActionZeppelin Games
Arquímedes XXIunknownDinamic
Arthur: The Quest for ExcaliburAdventureBob Bates
Arthur's BirthdayEducationalBrøderbund
Arthur's Camping AdventureEducationalMattel Interactive
Arthur's Computer AdventureEducationalBrøderbund
Arthur's KindergartenEducationalHuman Code
Arthur's Reading GamesEducationalSoftKey
Arthur's Teacher TroubleEducationalThe Learning Company
Arthur's Wilderness RescueEducationalThe Learning Company
Artic Adventureunknown
ArtilleryStrategyKirk Crawford
Artillery Combat \(EGAbomb\)StrategyRad Delaroderie
Artillery DuelStrategyXonox
ArtRageous!EducationalFuture Vision Multimedia
Artus contre le Démon du MuséeEducationalGyoza Media
Artus et le vaisseau fantômeEducationalMusée national de la marine
Arx FatalisRPGGOG.com
AscendancyStrategyThe Logic Factory
Ascii SectorActionChristian Knudsen
Asghan: The Dragon SlayerActionSilmarils
Ashes of EmpireActionMidnight
Ashes to AshesActionCorel Corporation
Aspar GP MasterSportDinamic Multimedia
AspirinActionSebastian Brytting
Aspirin 2ActionSebastian Brytting
Aspirin 3: Gynk's Big TroubleActionSebastian Brytting
AssassinStrategySteven H. Taylor
Assault Dragon (a.k.a. The Day 5: Assault Dragon)unknownGameland
Assault RigsActionPsygnosis
Assault TrooperActionWebfoot Technologies
Assault VehiclesActionWilliam R. Basaraba
AssholePuzzleGreg Munro
AstérixActionSEGA Enterprises
Astérix and the Secret MissionActionSEGA Enterprises
AsteraxActionArvandor Software
AsterbammActionDavid Cook
Asterix - Operation GetafixAdventureCoktel Vision
Asterix & ObelixActionInfogrames
Asterix and Caesar's ChallengeActionFreeware
Asterix and the magic cauldronActionBeam software
Asteroid StormActionDavid Stark
AsteroidsActionAtari, Inc.
Asteroids (flash movie & widget)ActionChris Marks
Astrid Lindgren's Pippi LongstockingEducationalAhead Multimedia
Astro BlasterActionRolf Franzon
Astro Chase 3DActionFirst Star Software
Astro DodgeActionDigital Marketing Corp.
Astro fireActionORT Software
Astro Marine Corps (A.M.C.)ActionDinamic
Astro WarriorActionSEGA Enterprises
AstronomicaAdventureHYPER-QUEST Inc.
AstroRock 2000ActionLogicware
Astrowulards, TheActionOff Software
AsylumAdventureDoppelganger Adventures Inc
AT RobotsPuzzleEd T. Toton
At the Carnival (aka The Puzzle Gallery)PuzzleCliff Johnson
ATAC: The Secret War Against Drugsunknown
AtalanAdventureAtlas Adventure Software
Atari Arcade Classics for MacintoshActionAtari
Atari Arcade Hits 1unknownHasbro Interactive
AtaxxPuzzleLarry Kepko
Aterrizaje en SaturnoActionMicrohobby
ATF NATO FightersunknownElectronic Arts
Atlántida 3000ActionKeops Soft
AtlantisunknownNoch Software Inc.
Atlantis - Das sagenhafte AbenteuerunknownCryo
Atlantis II (aka Beyond Atlantis)AdventureCryo Interactive
AtlasSimulationSunflowers Interactive
Atlas: The Gift of AramaiRPGDigital Terra
Atomic BombermanActionInterplay Productions
Attack of the Ma-Ma'sActionDavid P. Derwin
Attack on AltairActionWindmill Software
AttilaStrategyLüder Osmers
ATV RallyStrategyATV Information and Education Group
Auf dem Weg nach EuropaPuzzleAuswärtiges Amt
Auf Wiedersehen MontyActionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Aussie Joker PokerPuzzleJoker Software
Aussie SpellFORCEEducationalEdAlive
AusterlitzStrategyDr. Peter Turcan
Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest VictoryStrategyShrapnel Games, Inc.
Auto DuelSimulationOrigin
Auto ManiaActionMikro-Gen
AV-8B Harrier Assaultunknown
AvalonActionHewson Consultants
AvaraActionAmbrosia Software
Avara Aftershock 1.5ActionAftershock Team
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Path of ZukoAdventureNickelodeon
Aventura en el Siglo XXIVunknownRVM
Aventura en WildlandunknownInfodisc
Aventura Espacial, LaunknownAventuras AD
Aventura Original, LaunknownAventuras AD
AvishPuzzleBUG Multisystem Ltd.
Avoid the NoidActionSharedata, Inc.
Avventura nel castelloAdventureFreeware
AwakeningAdventureGeorg Rottensteiner
Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo, The - The Cyberplasm FormulaunknownSanctuary Woods
Awesome Animated Monster Maker: Ultra EditionAdventureHoughton Mifflin
Awesome BlackjackPuzzleBryan Arntson
Awesome CrapsPuzzleBryan Arntson
Awesome EarlSportBubble Bus Software
Awesome RoulettePuzzleBryan Arntson
Awesome SicBoPuzzleBryan Arntson
Axis & Allies: Iron Blitz EditionStrategyHasbro Interactive
Axis The Game CheaterMiscBaseline Publishing
Aymun: Aprendiz de PirataAdventureCMY Multimedia
Azile 4.5 and Eliza 6.0.1StrategyTom Bender
Azrael's TearAdventureIntelligent Games
AztecActionDatamost Inc
Aztec challengeActionCosmi corporation
Aztec TombAdventureAlligata Software