Apple II Games

Apple II

Robot 123
007 gold fingerunknownunknown
008 SandsOfEgyptunknownunknown
009 LawOfTheWestunknownunknown
012 AppleCiderSpiderunknownunknown
012 Tapperunknownunknown
014 Misc Side1unknownunknown
015 Choplifterunknownunknown
017 TheHeistunknownunknown
020 Microwaveunknownunknown
021 Miner2049erunknownunknown
023 CavernCreaturesunknownunknown
023 SammyLightfootunknownunknown
024 SeaDragonunknownunknown
035 ShortCircuitunknownunknown
038 GMs Assistant Vol 1 Side1unknownunknown
040 JungleHuntunknownunknown
051 Wizardry Bootunknownunknown
057 Misc Side1unknownunknown
100000 Pyramidunknownunknown
100000 Pyramid Basanda Inc 1988unknownunknown
221b baker street 1unknownunknown
3 in 1footballcollegeteamsofthepastunknownunknown
3 in 1footballgameunknownunknown
3 in 1footballteamsofthepastunknownunknown
3-D Docking MissionunknownProgramma International1978
A City Dies Whenever Night Fallsunknownunknown
A Lot of Mathematicsunknownunknown
A.E. Side 1unknownunknown
a2 a2sudoku v1.3 A2Sudoku Version 1.3 Supports Real Time Clocksunknownunknown
a2 adventureunknownunknown
a2 Bop N Wrestleunknownunknown
a2 crosswordunknownunknown
a2 Crystal Questunknownunknown
a2 derbyunknownunknown
a2 eliteunknownunknown
A2 FS1, Apple Panic, Sabotage, Raster Blasterunknownunknown
a2 Lords of Conquestunknownunknown
a2 reversiunknownunknown
a2 TAKE 1unknownunknown
a2 TimeOut Central 10unknownunknown
a2 TimeOut Central 11unknownunknown
a2 TimeOut Central 14unknownunknown
a2 TimeOut Central 16unknownunknown
a2 Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego demounknownunknown
a2 world championship.karateunknownunknown
A2-FS1 Flight SimulatorunknownsubLOGIC1981
a2anaunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
abracadata designyourowntrain s1unknownunknown
Acid TrapunknownDemetrius Cross1982
ADV CON1unknownunknown
ADV WASTELANDunknownunknown
advanced blackjackunknownunknown
Advanced BlackjackunknownMuse1983
AdventureunknownA Bit Better Associates1980
Adventure - 1unknownunknown
Adventure - Only the Fittest Shall Survive, The v3.5unknownGreen Valley Publishing1985
Adventure 4 - Voodoo CastleunknownAdventure International1980
Adventure Construction Set Disk 1 Frontunknownunknown
Adventure Disk 21unknownunknown
Adventure Masterunknownunknown
Adventure Masterunknownunknown
Adventure Masterunknownunknown
Adventure Writerunknownunknown
Adventuredisk Number 1unknownunknown
adventureland thecount missionimpossible mysteryfunhouse pirateadventure voodoocastleunknownunknown
AE Frontunknownunknown
AE List AE Boss Dick Muncher 10 DDDunknownunknown
AE RGB option v1.7 for RAmWorks & RamWorks IIunknownunknown
AeronautunknownBill Edison1984
Agent USAunknownScholastic1984
Agent USA, Ballblazer, Drelbsunknownunknown
AINunknownMatteo Trevisan2017
Air Cars II Tronunknownunknown
Airplane SimulatorunknownTed Kurtz1983
AkalabethunknownCalifornia Pacific Computer1980
AkalabethunknownCalifornia Pacific Computer1980
Akalabeth: World of Doomunknownunknown
Alcazar the Forgotten FortressunknownActivision1985
Alcazar The Forgotten Fortressunknownunknown
Alcazar The Forgotten Fortressunknownunknown
Alf, The First AdventureunknownBox Office1985
Alf, The First AdventureunknownBox Office1985
ALF: The First AdventureunknownBox Office1987
Ali Baba and the Forty Thievesunknownunknown
Alice in WonderlandunknownWindham Classics1985
alice in wonderland 1unknownunknown
alice in wonderland 2unknownunknown
AlienunknownAvalon Hill1982
Alien Ambush, Congo, Gold Rush, Ribbitunknownunknown
Alien Life Form ALFunknownunknown
Alien Rain .nibunknownunknown
Alien TyphoonunknownStarcraft1981
Aliens: The Computer Gameunknown1987
Aliens: The Computer GameunknownActivision1987
Aliens: The Computer GameunknownActivision1987
Aliens: The Computer Gameunknown1987
alpine encounter 1unknownunknown
alpine encounter 2unknownunknown
Alternate Reality The Cityunknownunknown
Alternate Reality The Cityunknownunknown
Alternate Reality The Dungeon Disk 1 Frontunknownunknown
Alternate Reality The Dungeon Disk 2 Frontunknownunknown
American Challenge, TheunknownMindscape1986
American Challenge, TheunknownMindscape1986
amnesia 1unknownunknown
amnesia 2unknownunknown
amnesia 3unknownunknown
amnesia 4unknownunknown
Amnesia Data Diskunknownunknown
An Afternoon in 1989unknownGil Megidish2021
Ancient PyramidunknownEvan Wright2021
Andomeda Conquestunknownunknown
Andromeda ConquestunknownAvalon Hill1982
Angel 1unknownunknown
Ankh or 64 Rooms: An Adventure in the Metareal WorldunknownDavid Van Brink1984
Another World Demake for Apple IIunknownVince Weaver2021
Anti Gtyunknownunknown
AntiISDA WarriorunknownVentzislav Tzvetkov2003
Apple 2 Trekunknownunknown
Apple BowlunknownApple Computer1979
Apple Cider SpiderunknownSierra1983
Apple Cider SpiderunknownSierra1983
Apple Crunch for GameDOS vol 1unknownunknown
Apple Crunch for GameDOS vol 2unknownunknown
Apple Crunch for GameDOS vol 3unknownunknown
Apple Crunch for GameDOS vol 4unknownunknown
Apple Crunch for GameDOS vol 5unknownunknown
Apple DOS 3.3Punknownunknown
Apple Education II Elementary, My Dear Appleunknownunknown
Apple File Text File Utilitiesunknownunknown
Apple Games Discovery Softwareunknownunknown
Apple Games by Allen WyattunknownAllen Wyatt1984
Apple Graphics Gamesunknownunknown
Apple II Desire 1k DemounknownVince Weaver2022
APPLE II GARAGEunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
APPLE II GARAGE TWOunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Apple II Kerbal Space ProgramunknownVince Weaver2016
Apple II Lemmings / Homestar ExpansionunknownVince Weaver2022
Apple II Peripherals diskette 077 0217 Aunknownunknown
Apple II Trek Later versionunknownunknown
Apple II Twitter Bot EntriesunknownVince Weaver2022
Apple II Wargames DemounknownVince Weaverunknown
Apple InvaderunknownCreative Computing1981
Apple InvaderunknownCreative Computing1981
Apple Invadersunknownunknown
APPLE OIDS CHIP OUT funknownunknown
Apple PairingunknownFan's Brotherunknown
Apple PanicunknownBroderbund1981
Apple PanicunknownBroderbund1981
Apple PanicunknownBroderbund1981
apple panic 17k file DOSunknownunknown
apple panic 17k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Apple SpiceunknownMarin Computer Center1991
Apple TrekunknownApple1979
apple trekunknownunknown
Apple-Siders Disk 060unknownApple-Siders of Cincinnati1983
Appleodian II, other gamesunknownunknown
Apventure to AtlantisunknownSynergistic Software1982
Apventure to AtlantisunknownSynergistic Software1982
AquatronunknownJustin Gray1983
aquatron PRODOSunknownunknown
Aquatron uncredited crack The Factor Game Paul A Page 1978 Intruder Martiansunknownunknown
Arcade Album 1unknownunknown
Arcade BonanzaunknownKeypunch Software1987
Arcade Boot Campunknownunknown
Arcade Boot Campunknownunknown
Arcade Boot CampunknownJohn Besnard1984
Arcade Boot CampunknownJohn Besnard1984
Arcade InsanityunknownAvant-Garde1983
arcade machine 1unknownunknown
arcade machine 2unknownunknown
ArchonunknownElectronic Arts1984
Archon IIunknownunknown
archon ii adeptunknownunknown
ArdyunknownDaily Computer Game1985
Ardy the Aardvarkunknownunknown
Ardy The Aardvarkunknownunknown
Argos Arcade Gameunknownunknown
Arkanoid Editorunknown2c1989
ArmageddonunknownKing Cruces Software1986
ArtesiansunknownReno Softunknown
askey_prodosunknownPaul Wasson2021
Asteroid Field, Star Thief, Missile Command, Bach, Keysunknownunknown
AsteroidsunknownCavalier Computer1980
ATCunknownAvante Garde1979
Atlas Explorer side Aunknownunknown
autoduel docs and mapunknownunknown
Avalon Hill collectionunknownunknown
AWACSunknownJohn Hitchcock1982
awacs funknownunknown
Axis Assassinunknownunknown
Axis Assassinunknownunknown
B 29AP Twerps Horizon Vunknownunknown
B1 Bomber GameunknownAvalon Hill1980
Ball Blasterunknownunknown
BallblazerunknownLucasfilm Games1985
Ballyhoo r97 851218unknownunknown
BanditsunknownSirius Software1982
BanditsunknownSirius Software1982
BanditsunknownSirius Software1982
BanditsunknownSirius Software1982
Bank Street Writer III 20 column versionunknownunknown
Bank Street Writer III teacher toolsunknownunknown
Bard's Tale II Dungeon 1 Diskunknownunknown
Bard's Tale II Dungeon 2 Diskunknownunknown
Bard's Tale II The Destiny Knight Side 1unknownunknown
Bard's Tale II The Destiny Knight Side 2unknownunknown
Baron - The Real Estate SimulationunknownBlue Chip1983
Baseball StrategyunknownAvalon Hill1981
BatatlanunknownSimulations Canada1984
Batman: The Caped CrusaderunknownSpecial FX Software1988
Batman: The Caped CrusaderunknownSpecial FX Software1988
Battalion CommanderunknownSSIunknown
Battle Chess side Aunknownunknown
Battle Chess side Aunknownunknown
Battle for NormandyunknownSSI1982
Battle of HothunknownTukumo1980
Battle of Shiloh, TheunknownSSI1981
Battle of Shiloh, The .nibunknownunknown
Battle of the Parthian KingsunknownAvalon Hill1983
Battlecruiser 1unknownSSI1987
Battlecruiser 2unknownSSI1987
BattleshipunknownEagle Computer Systems1980
Battleship Commander 1980 Quality Software DOS 3.3 conversionunknownunknown
BattlesightunknownVersa Computing1982
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's InceptionunknownWestwood Associates1988
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's InceptionunknownWestwood Associates1988
baudville videovegas v12511 crackedunknownunknown
BC's Quest For Tiresunknownunknown
BC's Quest For Tiresunknownunknown
Beach Headunknownunknown
Beach LandingunknownOptimun Resource1984
Beach-Head IIunknownAccess1985
Beach-Head IIunknownAccess1985
Beach-Head IIunknownAccess1985
Beast Warunknownunknown
Beast WarunknownAvalon Hill1985
Beer Rununknownunknown
Beneath Apple Manorunknownunknown
Beneath the PyramidsunknownCrystal1980
Bermuda Race, TheunknownSams Software1983
Berzap!unknownInfinity Limited1984
Berzap!unknownInfinity Limited1984
Berzap! Captain InfinityunknownInfinity Limited1984
Berzap! v2.1unknownInfinity Limited1985
Best of Bill Budge, TheunknownBill Budge1979
Beyond Beyond Wolfenstein 1unknownunknown
Beyond Beyond Wolfenstein 2unknownunknown
Beyond Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1984
Beyond Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1984
Beyond Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1984
Beyond Castle Wolfensteinunknownunknown
Beyond Castle Wolfensteinunknownunknown
Beyond Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1984
Beyond Castle Wolfensteinunknownunknown
Beyond FloppyunknownGreg Hale - Ted Cohnunknown
Beyond PinballunknownDark Logic1986
Beyond Rescue Raidersunknownunknown
BezareunknownSouthwestern Data Systems1982
Big MacunknownG. Bredonunknown
Big MacunknownApple1982
Big Mac IIeunknownAppleunknown
Bilestoad, TheunknownMangrove Earthshoeunknown
Biology The Cell side Aunknownunknown
BITMANunknownA.J. Bedard2019
Black BeltunknownEarthware1984
Black Beltunknownunknown
Black Cauldron Disk 1 Backunknownunknown
Black Cauldron Disk 1 Frontunknownunknown
Black Cauldron Disk 2 Frontunknownunknown
Black Cauldron Disk 3 Frontunknownunknown
Black MagicunknownDatasoft1987
Black MagicunknownDatasoft1987
Black MagicunknownDatasoft1987
Black Sage, TheunknownPoly-Versa-Technology Software1980
Blacksmith Market Falconsunknown1981
Blaster, Minotaur, Raster Blaster, Shuffleboardunknownunknown
BLAZING PADDLESunknownunknown
Blazing Paddlesunknownunknown
blazing paddlesunknownunknown
Blazing Paddlesunknownunknown
BLAZING PADDLESunknownunknown
Blazing Paddlesunknownunknown
BlitzkriegunknownProgramma Software1979
Blitzkrieg, Photar, Nightcrawler, Sabotage, Sneakersunknownunknown
Blood QuestunknownQuestwareunknown
BolounknownSynergistic Software1982
bolo 14k file DOSunknownunknown
bolo 14k file PRODOSunknownunknown
BOLO UNTOUCHED 2012CRACKunknownunknown
Bolo, Dig Dug, Drelbs, Guardian, Robotron2084unknownunknown
Bolo, People Pong, Trick Shotunknown1982
Bongo's BashunknownRomero, John1984
bop n wrestleunknownunknown
BorgunknownSirius Software1981
Both BarrelsunknownSirius Softwareunknown
Boulder DashunknownMicroLab1984
Boulder DashunknownMicroLab1984
Boulder Dash Construction Setunknownunknown
Boulder Dash IIunknownMicro Fununknown
boulderdash 2unknownunknown
Bouncing Kamungas, TheunknownPenguin Software1983
Box WorldunknownTzvetkov, Ventzislavunknown
brainteaserblvd 11k file DOSunknownunknown
brainteaserblvd 11k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Break the Bank!unknownGentry Software1983
Break the Bank!unknownGentry Software1983
Breakout ORIGINAL version by Steve Wozniakunknownunknown
Bridge 5.0unknownunknown
Bridge ChallengerunknownGeorges Duisman1978
Brimstone disk 1unknownunknown
Brimstone S1unknownunknown
broderbund applepuckman crackedunknownunknown
Broderbund Pirated Softwareunknownunknown
Bronze Dragon Side IIunknownunknown
Bronze Dragon Side IIunknownunknown
Bruce LeeunknownDatasoft1984
Bruce LeeunknownDatasoft1984
Bruce Leeunknownunknown
btlaiunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Bubble Bobble Backunknownunknown
Bubble Bobble Frontunknownunknown
Bubble Bobble 1unknownunknown
Bubble-HeadunknownTellus Systems1983
Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoomunknownunknown
Buck Rogers - Planet of ZoomunknownSega1984
Buck Rogers - Planet of ZoomunknownSega1984
Buck Rogers - Planet of ZoomunknownSega1984
Buck Rogers and the Planet of Zoomunknownunknown
Bucks!unknownJaeger, Bruce1984
Bucks!unknownJaeger, Bruce1984
Bucks!unknownJaeger, Bruce1984
Budgie Kongunknownunknown
Bug AttackunknownCavalier Computer1981
Bug Battleunknownunknown
Buick Dimensions Frontunknownunknown
Bunker, LeunknownSylvain Fatome1984
Bunny Game and Pinballunknownunknown
bureaucracy 1unknownunknown
bureaucracy 2unknownunknown
bureaucracy 3unknownunknown
Burgertime , Buzzard Baitunknownunknown
burgertime 21k file DOSunknownunknown
burgertime 21k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Burgertime, Cubit, Alien Typhoonunknown1983
C'est La Vie, The Ice Cave, Mini-Golf, Gremlinsunknown1984
C7 Card and Board gamesunknownunknown
CaddrawunknownKitchen Sink Software1985
Calc-Man v1.3unknownDan Tobias1982
california games 1of2unknownunknown
california games 2of2unknownunknown
Canfield, Cube, Duchess, Biblical Flash Cardsunknownunknown
Cannon Ball BlitzunknownOn-Line Systemsunknown
Captain Goodnightunknownunknown
captain goodnight aunknownunknown
captain goodnight bunknownunknown
Captain Goodnight Side 1unknownunknown
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the FutureunknownBox Office1988
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Futureunknown1988
Card SharkunknownZelman, Paulunknown
carribean questunknownunknown
Carrier Aviationunknownunknown
Carrier ForceunknownSSI1983
Carriers at War side Aunknownunknown
Carriers at War side Bunknownunknown
Cartels & CutthroatsunknownSSI1981
Cartels & CuttthroatsunknownSSI1981
Castle of the Nerdsunknownunknown
Castle Smurfensteinunknownunknown
Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1981
Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1981
Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1981
Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1981
Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1981
Castle WolfensteinunknownMuse1981
Castle Wolfenstein .nibunknownunknown
Castle Wolfenstein 061984unknownunknown
castle wolfenstein stos161unknownunknown
Castles of DarknessunknownCashen, Michael J.1981
Castles of DarknessunknownCashen, Michael J.1981
cavaliercomputer theasteroidfield crackedunknownunknown
cavaliercomputer theasteroidfield tempunknownunknown
cave of time 1unknownunknown
cave of time 2unknownunknown
Cavern CreaturesunknownDatamost1983
Cavern CreaturesunknownDatamost1983
cavern of olympusunknownunknown
Caverns of CallistounknownChucklesunknown
Caverns of CallistounknownChucklesunknown
caverns of freitagunknownunknown
Caverns of Freitag, TheunknownMuse1982
Caverns of Freitag, TheunknownMuse1982
Caverns of Mordiaunknownunknown
Caves of Olympus, TheunknownSams Software1982
cbs murderbythedozen crackedunknownunknown
cbssoftware americacoasttocoast originalunknownunknown
cbssoftware dinosaurdig crackedunknownunknown
Centipede, Apple File Developer, Trap, Soldist, Dragon World, Gobblerunknownunknown
champ baseball1unknownunknown
champ baseball2unknownunknown
champ wrestling2unknownunknown
championship boxingunknownunknown
Championship Boxing Backunknownunknown
Championship Boxing Frontunknownunknown
Championship Gambler v3.6unknownGreen Valley Publishing1986
Championship GolfunknownHayden Software1982
Championship Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1984
Championship Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1984
Championship Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1984
Championship Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1984
Championship Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1984
Championship Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1984
Championship Wrestling Frontunknownunknown
Charge!, Crazy Mazy, Free Fallunknown1982
Charles Goren Learning Bridge Made Easyunknownunknown
Checkers v21 d Slateunknownunknown
CHESS 70unknownunknown
Chess Champion, Cribbageunknownunknown
Chess v7.0unknownOdesta1982
ChessColossus40 Microchess20 Sargon SargonIIunknownunknown
ChessMaster 2100 S1unknownunknown
ChessMaster Cribbageunknownunknown
Chez 21unknownMicrolon1983
Children's Games collection disk 1unknownunknown
Children's Games collection disk 2unknownunknown
Chinese Dragonunknown1985
ChivalryunknownOptimum Resource1983
ChivalryunknownOptimum Resource1983
ChoplifterunknownDan Gorlin (Published by Brøderbund)1982
choplifter 18k file DOSunknownunknown
choplifter 18k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Choplifter, Frogger, Spy's Demiseunknownunknown
Choplifter!, Robot Battle, Sab's Night Crawler, Star Blazerunknown1982
Chopperman DemounknownSSSunknown
Chrono Warriorunknownunknown
Chuck Yeager Advanced Flight Simulator Frontunknownunknown
cirtech flipper programmanagerunknownunknown
Clam Bake,Storm Warningunknownunknown
Class StruggleunknownAvalon Hill1985
Classic Concentration Side 1unknownunknown
Classic Concentration side Aunknownunknown
Classic Concentration side Bunknownunknown
Close AssaultunknownAvalon Hillunknown
Close Assault Game Masterunknownunknown
Club CasinounknownKeypunch Softwareunknown
Clue Frontunknownunknown
Clue Master Detectiveunknownunknown
Cogito!unknownReader's Digest Softwareunknown
Colonial ConquestunknownSSI1985
ColorixunknownTzvetkov, Ventzislavunknown
comics aunknownunknown
comics bunknownunknown
comics cunknownunknown
comics dunknownunknown
comics eunknownunknown
comics funknownunknown
CommandounknownData East1987
CommandounknownData East1987
compact disk #1unknownunknown
Compilation: Kamikaze, The Snapper, Spindizzy, Star Clonesunknownunknown
Computer Air CombatunknownSSI1980
Computer AmbushunknownSSI1982
Computer BaseballunknownSSI1981
Computer BaseballunknownSSI1981
Computer BismarckunknownSSI1980
Computer ConflictunknownSSI1980
Computer Conflict .nibunknownunknown
Computer NapoleonicsunknownSSI1980
Computer QuarterbackunknownSSI1981
computercrosswords dellunknownunknown
conan 1 side bugfix PRODOSunknownunknown
conan 1 side DOSunknownunknown
Conflict 2500unknownAvalon Hill1981
Conflict In Vietnamunknownunknown
Conflict In Vietnamunknownunknown
Conglomerates CollideunknownRockroy1981
Congo BongounknownSega1983
Congo BongounknownSega1983
Congo, Epoch, Gold Rush, Mating Zoneunknown1983
Conquering Worldsunknownunknown
Conquering WorldsunknownDatamost1983
Copts and RobbersunknownSirius Software1981
Copts and Robbersunknownunknown
Copy II Plus 8.4unknownunknown
cornillon gomoku othellounknownunknown
Cosmic Balance 2, TheunknownSSI1986
Cosmic Balance, TheunknownSSI1982
Countdown to ShutdownunknownActivision1985
countdown to shutdownunknownunknown
County CarnivalunknownDan Illowskyunknown
coveted mirror1unknownunknown
coveted mirror2unknownunknown
Crack of Doom side Aunknownunknown
Crack of Doom side Bunknownunknown
crack of doom saunknownunknown
crack of doom sbunknownunknown
Cranston ManorunknownOn-Line Systems1981
Crazy Copy V1.0unknownunknown
Crazy Maczyunknownunknown
Crazy Mazeyunknownunknown
Create a Venture, Magic Square Danceunknownunknown
Creature VentureunknownHighland Computer Services1981
Creature VentureunknownHighland Computer Services1981
Cribbage Solitaireunknownunknown
CricketeerunknownThe Software Farm1982
Crime And PunishmentunknownJack Kress - Graeme Newman1984
Crime StopperunknownImaginative Systems1982
Crime Wave, Crystal Castles, Mario Brothersunknown1983
CrisisunknownMed Ed1984
crisis mountainunknownunknown
Crisis MountainunknownDavid Schroeder1982
Crisis MountainunknownSynergistic Software1982
Crisis Mountainunknownunknown
critical mass 1unknownunknown
critical mass 2unknownunknown
Critical Zoneunknownunknown
Cross CityunknownComputing Age1986
CrossfireunknownOn-Line Systems1981
Crossfire, Snack Attack, Labyrinthunknownunknown
Crossword Magicunknownunknown
Crossword Magic Dataunknownunknown
Crown and Anchor IIeunknownunknown
Crypt of MedeaunknownSir Tech1983
Crystal Castlesunknownunknown
Crystal Cavernsunknownunknown
Cubic Tic Tac ToeunknownSilver Bullet Systems1985
curse of crowley manorunknownunknown
Cut ThroatsunknownInfocom1984
Cutthroats r23 840809unknownunknown
Cyber Strikeunknownunknown
CyberchessunknownCyber Enterprisesunknown
Cyborg!unknownSentient Software1981
Cyborg!unknownSentient Software1981
Cytron MastersunknownSSI1982
Daily Crossword Puzzles From the New-York TimesunknownEvolving Tecnology Company1984
damiano 1unknownunknown
damiano 2unknownunknown
Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate's Hideout!unknownJohn Romero1988
dark crystal 1aunknownunknown
Dark ForestunknownSirius Software1981
Dark Forest Dunjonquest Sorcerer of Sivaunknownunknown
dark lord 1unknownunknown
dark lord 2unknownunknown
Dark the Disk Repair Kit , Beyond Wolfenstein Editorunknownunknown
DarkhornunknownAvalon Hill1986
DaveWinfield'sBatterUp S1unknownunknown
DaveWinfield'sBatterUp S2unknownunknown
Dawn PatrolunknownTSR1980
Dawn PatrolunknownTSR1980
Dawn PatrolunknownTSR1980
Dead LineunknownInfocom1982
death caribbean 1unknownunknown
Death in the CaribbeanunknownMicrofun1983
Death Race '82unknownAvant-Garde1982
Death SwordunknownDesigner Software1988
Death SwordunknownDesigner Software1988
DeathbounceunknownJordan Mechner2012
Deathlord Game Diskunknownunknown
Deathlord Scenario Aunknownunknown
Deathlord .nibunknownunknown
Deep Spaceunknownunknown
Deep Space - Operation CopernicusunknownSir-Tech Software1986
DefenderunknownHolt, Joeunknown
DefenderunknownHolt, Joeunknown
Defender, Centipede,Stargate, Ms Pacmanunknownunknown
Dell Crossword PuzzlesunknownEvolving Technology Company1984
Delta SquadronunknownNexaunknown
Demon's ForgeunknownSaber Software1981
Demon's ForgeunknownSaber Software1981
Demonic DecksunknownPeter Wardunknown
Depth ChargeunknownPenguin Softwareunknown
DerbyunknownBit Actionunknown
Desecration, TheunknownMind Gamesunknown
destiny 1unknownunknown
destiny 2unknownunknown
Diabolical Plot of Dr. Dracupig, TheunknownThe Southern Pirateunknown
Diamond Mine, Lady Tut, People Pong, Ribbitunknown1984
Die Berlassene Burgunknownunknown
Dig 'emunknownHigh Powered Games1982
Dig DugunknownAtarisoftunknown
Dino Eggsunknownunknown
dino eggs prodosunknownunknown
Dino SmurfunknownDead Smurfunknown
Dino Smurfunknownunknown
Dinosaur Dig 1unknownunknown
Dinosaur Dig 2unknownunknown
dinosaur dig1unknownunknown
dinosaur dig2unknownunknown
DinosaursunknownCross, Mark1981
Dinosaurs are Foreverunknownunknown
Dinosaurs are Foreverunknownunknown
Dinosaurs are Foreverunknownunknown
Dirty Harry Adventuresunknown1985
DISK234A TheCountunknownunknown
Dive BomberunknownAcme Animation1988
Dnieper River LineunknownAvalon Hill1982
Donkey KongunknownAtari1983
DONKEY KONGunknownunknown
Donkey Kongunknownunknown
Donkey KongunknownAtari1983
Donkey Kongunknownunknown
Donkey KongunknownNintendo1984
Donkey KongunknownAtari1983
donkey kong crackedunknownunknown
Dragon BlasterunknownGeneral Masters1983
Dragon Blasterunknownunknown
Dragon Fireunknownunknown
Dragon Maze and other Integer Basic gamesunknownunknown
Dragon's Eye, TheunknownSouthern Software Limited1981
Dragons Keepunknownunknown
Dragons of Hong Kong, TheunknownAdventure International1981
dragonworld 1unknownunknown
dragonworld 3unknownunknown
dragonworld 4unknownunknown
DRAW APPLE IIunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
DreadnoughtsunknownAvalon Hill1984
DreadnoughtsunknownAvalon Hill1984
Dream Traveler Part 1 - The Legend of Singeomunknown1987
drelbs 18k file DOSunknownunknown
drelbs 18k file PRODOSunknownunknown
DrolunknownBrøderbund Software1983
DSR Scroll 256-byte Apple II DemounknownVince Weaver2022
Duke Nukem1 Demake for Apple IIunknownVince Weaver2020
dunamis moosecaboose s1unknownunknown
dunamis moosecaboose s2unknownunknown
Dung Beetleunknownunknown
Dung BeetlesunknownDatasoft1982
Dung Beetles Ms. PacMan Pooyan Star Cruiser Star Thief Invas. Forceunknownunknown
Dungeon Campaign - Wilderness CampaignunknownSynergistic Software1980
Dungeon Campaign - Wilderness CampaignunknownSynergistic Software1980
Dungeon of the Dragon and other gamesunknownunknown
Dungeon! .nibunknownunknown
Dungeon! .nibunknownunknown
Dunjonquest Temple of Apshaiunknownunknown
E.T. Comes BackunknownAlliance Software1984
E.T. Comes BackunknownAlliance Software1984
E.T.'s Adventureunknownunknown
E7 E7 E7 EE: the story of the greatest copy protection ever inventedunknownMark Pilgrim2015
Eamon 001 - Main Hall & Beginners Caveunknown1990
Eamon 001 - Main Hall & Beginners Caveunknown1990
Eamon 002 - The Lair of the MinotaurunknownBrown, D.1984
eamon 004unknownunknown
Eamon 004 - The Zyphur RiverventureunknownJacobson, J.unknown
eamon 005unknownunknown
Eamon 005 - Castle of DoomunknownBrown, D.1984
Eamon 006 - The Death StarunknownBrown, D.1985
eamon 007unknownunknown
Eamon 007 - The Devil's TombunknownJacobson, J.1989
Eamon 008 - The Abductor's QuartersunknownJacobson, J.1985
Eamon 009 - Assault On the ClonemasterunknownBrown, D.1985
eamon 011unknownunknown
Eamon 011 - The Tomb of MolinarunknownBrown, D.unknown
Eamon 012 - The Quest for TrezoreunknownJacobson, J.1985
eamon 013unknownunknown
Eamon 013 - Caves of Treasure IslandunknownGenz - Braun1984
Eamon 014 - FuriosounknownDavis, W.unknown
eamon 015unknownunknown
Eamon 015 - Heroes CastleunknownNelson, J.1986
Eamon 016 - The Caves of MondamenunknownNelson, J.1989
eamon 017unknownunknown
Eamon 017 - Merlin's CastleunknownHersom, R.1984
Eamon 018 - Hogarth CastleunknownNestle, K.unknown
Eamon 019 - Death TrapunknownNelson, J.1993
Eamon 020 - The Black DeathunknownNelson, J.1990
Eamon 021 - The Quest for MarronunknownNelson, J.1989
Eamon 022 - The Senator's ChambersunknownPlamondon, J.1995
eamon 023unknownunknown
Eamon 023 - The Temple of NgurctunknownJ. & R. Plamondon1993
eamon 024unknownunknown
Eamon 024 - Black MountainunknownNelson, J.1990
eamon 025unknownunknown
Eamon 025 - Nuclear NightmareunknownNelson, J.1984
Eamon 026 - Assault On the Mole ManunknownNelson, J.1995
Eamon 027 - Revenge of the Mole ManunknownNelson, J.1995
Eamon 028 - The Tower of LondonunknownF.& S. Smithunknown
eamon 029unknownunknown
Eamon 029 - The Lost Island of AppleunknownBrown, D.1991
Eamon 030 - The Underground CityunknownAdelson, S.1989
eamon 031unknownunknown
Eamon 032 - House of Ill Reputeunknown1989
eamon 033unknownunknown
eamon 034unknownunknown
Eamon 034 - Death's GatewayunknownLinden, R.1988
eamon 035unknownunknown
Eamon 035 - The Lair of MutantsunknownHodson, E.1989
eamon 036unknownunknown
Eamon 036 - The Citadel of BloodunknownHodson, E.1993
Eamon 037 - Quest for the Holy GrailunknownHodson, E.1990
Eamon 038 - City in the CloudsunknownHodson, E.1990
eamon 039unknownunknown
Eamon 039 - Museum of Unnatural HistoryunknownVolberding, R.1985
eamon 040unknownunknown
Eamon 040 - Daemon's PlaygroundunknownVolberding, R.1984
Eamon 041 - Caverns of LanstunknownVolberding, R.1995
eamon 042unknownunknown
Eamon 042 - Alternate Beginners CaveunknownVolberding, R.1985
eamon 043unknownunknown
Eamon 043 - Priests of Xim!unknownM. & E. Bauman1994
eamon 044unknownunknown
Eamon 044 - Escape From the Orc LairunknownHinkleman, J.1990
Eamon 045 - SwordquestunknownPender, R.1990
eamon 046unknownunknown
Eamon 046 - LifequestunknownCrawford, D.1985
eamon 047unknownunknown
Eamon 047 - FuturequestunknownPender, R.1990
Eamon 048 - Picnic in ParadiseunknownNelson, J.1992
Eamon 049 - The Castle KophinosunknownDoumakes, D.1990
Eamon 050 - Behind the Sealed DoorunknownBerge, T.1993
eamon 051unknownunknown
Eamon 051 - The Caves of Eamon BluffunknownBerge, T.unknown
eamon 052unknownunknown
Eamon 052 - The Devil's DungeonunknownMerrill, J.1984
Eamon 053 - Feast of CarrollunknownD. & J. Lilienkamp1985
Eamon 054 - Crystal MountainunknownHoffman, K.1985
eamon 055unknownunknown
Eamon 055 - The Master's DungeonunknownAllen, J.1984
Eamon 056 - The Lost AdventureunknownAllen, J.unknown
eamon 057unknownunknown
Eamon 057 - The Manxome FoeunknownOlszewski, R.unknown
eamon 058unknownunknown
Eamon 058 - The Land of DeathunknownBerge, T.1989
eamon 059unknownunknown
Eamon 059 - Jungles of VietnamunknownAllen, J.1988
Eamon 060 - The Sewers of ChicagounknownJ. Allen1989
Eamon 061 - The Harpy CloudunknownA. Forter1986
eamon 062unknownunknown
Eamon 062 - The Caverns of DoomunknownMullin, M.1985
eamon 063unknownunknown
Eamon 063 - Valkenburg CastleunknownWeener, J.1985
eamon 064unknownunknown
Eamon 064 - Modern ProblemsunknownAnderson - Barban - Thompson1985
eamon 065unknownunknown
Eamon 065 - The School of DeathunknownTownsend, K.1986
eamon 066unknownunknown
Eamon 066 - Dungeons of XenonunknownBhayani, S.1985
eamon 067unknownunknown
eamon 068unknownunknown
Eamon 068 - The Smith's StrongholdunknownPorter, A.1991
eamon 069unknownunknown
Eamon 069 - The Black Castle of NagogunknownBurrows, D.1990
Eamon 070 - The Tomb of Y'golonacunknownRomanchuk, R.1987
eamon 071unknownunknown
Eamon 071 - Operation Crab KeyunknownVercellone, J.1984
Eamon 072 - House On Eamon RidgeunknownBerge, T.1989
Eamon 073 - The Deep CanyonunknownBlincoe, K.1984
eamon 074unknownunknown
Eamon 074 - DharmaquestunknownPender, R.1989
Eamon 075 - Temple of the GuildunknownDoumakes, D.1991
Eamon 076 - The Search for YourselfunknownDoumakes, D.1985
Eamon 077 - Temple of the TrollsunknownNelson, J.1990
Eamon 078 - The Prince's TavernunknownDavis, R.1991
Eamon 079 - The Castle of Count FueyunknownBrown, D.1984
Eamon 080 - The Search for the KeyunknownBrown, D.1984
Eamon 081 - The Rescue MissionunknownBrown, D.1989
Eamon 082 - Escape From Mansi IslandunknownStarkey, S.1986
eamon 083unknownunknown
Eamon 083 - The Twin CastlesunknownTankard, J.1986
Eamon 084 - Castle of RivenetaunknownKarsten, R.1990
Eamon 085 - The Time PortalunknownKuypers, E.1989
Eamon 086 - Castle MantruunknownConstanzo, S.1987
Eamon 087 - Caves of Hollow MountainunknownNelson, J.1985
eamon 088unknownunknown
Eamon 088 - The Shopping MallunknownPorter, A.1988
eamon 089unknownunknown
Eamon 089 - Super Fortress of Lin WangunknownBhayani, S.1986
Eamon 090 - The Doomsday ClockunknownTankard, J.1991
eamon 091unknownunknown
Eamon 091 - Futurequest IiunknownPender, R.1987
Eamon 092 - The FugitiveunknownDoumakes, D.1988
eamon 093unknownunknown
Eamon 093 - Flying CircusunknownKrebs, R.1985
eamon 094unknownunknown
Eamon 094 - Blood FeudunknownKrebs, R.1989
Eamon 095 - The Maze of QuasequetonunknownKondalski, B.1994
eamon 096unknownunknown
Eamon 096 - The Chamber of the DragonsunknownKondalski, B.1984
Eamon 097 - The House of SecretsunknownGunn, G.1994
Eamon 098 - Slave Pits of KzorlandunknownHersam, R.1989
Eamon 099 - In the Clutches of TorrikunknownNelson, J.1988
Eamon 101 - Ground ZerounknownSamunknown
eamon 102unknownunknown
Eamon 102 - The Eamon RailroadunknownSam1985
eamon 103unknownunknown
eamon 104unknownunknown
Eamon 105 - The Strange ResortunknownSamunknown
Eamon 106 - Camp EamonunknownSlemon, R.1985
Eamon 107 - The Last DragonunknownPender, R.1991
Eamon 108 - The Mines of MoriaunknownRuby, S.1990
Eamon 109 - The Forest of FearunknownRuby, S.1989
Eamon 110 - Fire IslandunknownGioia, G.1987
eamon 111unknownunknown
Eamon 111 - A Vacation in EuropeunknownSmith, D.1988
Eamon 112 - Hills of HistoryunknownSmith, D.1988
eamon 113unknownunknown
Eamon 113 - The Life - Orb of MevtrelekunknownVolberding, R.1988
Eamon 114 - Thror's RingunknownZuchowski, T.1990
eamon 115unknownunknown
Eamon 115 - The Ring of DoomunknownRuby, S.1994
eamon 116unknownunknown
Eamon 116 - The Iron PrisonunknownRuby, S.1992
eamon 117aunknownunknown
eamon 117bunknownunknown
Eamon 118 - PittfallunknownStarkey, S.1989
eamon 194unknownunknown
Eamon 194 - Attack of the KretonsunknownN. Segerlind1994
eamon 195unknownunknown
Eamon 195 - The Training GroundunknownC. Hewgleyunknown
eamon 200unknownunknown
Eamon 200 - The Lost Isleunknownunknown
Eamon 202 - The Plain of Sreviunknownunknown
eamon 205unknownunknown
Eamon 205 - Utterly Outrageousunknownunknown
eamon 206unknownunknown
Eamon 206 - Curse of the Hellsbladeunknown1994
Eamon Adventure Dungeon Designerunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure Hero's Castleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure Ingurct Temple 23unknownunknown
Eamon Adventure Merlin's Castleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure Modamen's Cavesunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 01 Dungeon Oneunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 02 Lair of the Minotaurunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 03 Mind Caveunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 04 Zyphur Riverunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 05 Doom Castleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 06 Boot Masterunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 06 Death Starunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 07 Devil's Tombunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 08 Abductors Quarterunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 09 Clone Masterunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 10 Magic Kingdomunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 101unknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 11 Molinar Tombunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 12 Trezore Questunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 13 Treasure Islandunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 14 Furiosounknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 15 Heroes Castleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 16 Mondamen Cavesunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 17 Merlin's Castleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 18 Hogarth Castleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 19 Death Trapunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 20 Black Deathunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 22 Senator's Chamberunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 23 Ngurct Templeunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 24 Black Mountainunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 25 Nuclear Nightmareunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 26 Assault on the Mole Menunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 28 Tower of Londonunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 29 The Lost Island of Appleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 30 Underground Cityunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 31 Gauntletunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 32 House of Ill Reputeunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 33 Orb of Polarisunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 34 Death's Gatewayunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 35 Mutant's Lairunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 36 Blood Citadelunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 37 Holy Grail Questunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 38 Cloud Cityunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 39 Museum of Unnatural Historyunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 40 Daemon's Playgroundunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 41 The Caverns of Lanstunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 42 Alternate Beginner's Caveunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 43 Priests of Ximunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 45 Swordquestunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 46 Lifequestunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 47 Futurequestunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 48 Picnic in Paradiseunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 48 The School of Deathunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 49 The Wizard Merchantunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 50 Behind the Sealed Doorunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 51 The Caves of Eamon Bluffunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 52 The Devil's Dungeonunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 53 Feast of Carrollunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 54 Crystal Mountainunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 55 The Master's Dungeonunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 56 The Lost Adventureunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 57 The Manxome Foeunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 58 The Land of Deathunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 59 The Jungles of Vietnamunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 60 The Sewers of Chicagounknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 61 The Harpy Cloudunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 63 Valkenburg Castleunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 64 Modern problemsunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 65 The School of Deathunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 66 Dungeons of Xenonunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 67 Chaosium Cavesunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 68 The Smith's Strongholdunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 69 The Black Magic of Nagogunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 70 The Tomb of Y'Golonacunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 71 Operation Crab Keyunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 72 House on Eamon Ridgeunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 73 The Deep Canyonunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 74 Dharmaquestunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 75 Temple of the Guildunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 76 The Search for Yourselfunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 77 Temple of the Trollsunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 78 The Prince's Tavernunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 79 The Castle of Count Fueyunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 80 The Rescue Missionunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 81 Wrong Wayunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 82 Escape from Mansi Islandunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 83 The Twin Castlesunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 84 Castle of Rivenetaunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 85 The Time Portalunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 86 Castle Mantruunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 87 Caves of Hollow Mountainunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 88 The Shopping Mallunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 89 Superfortress of Lin Wangunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 90 The Doomsday Clockunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 91A Futurequest IIunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 91B Futurequest IIunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 92 Fugitiveunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 93 Flying Circusunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 94 Blood Feudunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 95 Maze of Quasequetonunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 96 The Chamber of Dragonsunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 97 House of Secretsunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 98 Kzorland Pitsunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure 99 Clutches of Torrikunknownunknown
Eamon Adventure System Adventure Designer v7.0unknownunknown
Eamon Adventure Utilitiesunknownunknown
Eamon Aventure 100unknownunknown
Eamon Dungeon Designerunknownunknown
Eamon Dungeon Designer 6.0unknownunknown
Eamon Master 04unknownunknown
Earl Weaver Baseball Backunknownunknown
Earl Weaver Baseball Frontunknownunknown
Earl Weaver Baseball side Aunknownunknown
Earl Weaver Baseball side Bunknownunknown
Early Years Pack volume 9unknownunknown
Earth Orbit Stations A Gameunknownunknown
easterisland 1unknownunknown
easterisland 2unknownunknown
EASY ENVIRONMENTunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
EASY OS 1.0unknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Easyform v1.2unknownunknown
EASYOS 1.2cunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Eggs Itunknownunknown
Eidolon, TheunknownLucasfilm Games1985
Eidolon, TheunknownLucasfilm Games1985
Electra Laserunknownunknown
ElectroarenaunknownStockla, Jim1984
ElectroarenaunknownStockla, Jim1984
EliminatorunknownAdventure International1981
empire bootunknownunknown
Empire I World Builders v1.5unknownEdu-Ware1981
Empire II Interstellar Sharksunknownunknown
empire mapunknownunknown
Empire of the Over-MindunknownAvalon Hillunknown
empire programunknownunknown
Emulator Detection In 6502 Assembly Kansasfest 2014 PresentationunknownMark Pilgrim2014
EncephalonunknownAdent, Inc.1982
Enchanter r29 860820unknownunknown
Escape From ArcturusunknownSynergistic Software1981
Escape From ArcturusunknownSynergistic Software1981
Escape From RungistanunknownSirius Software1982
Escape From The Homebrew Computer ClubunknownDavid Schmenk2007
Escape From Traam, TheunknownAdventure International1981
Escape! -- Apple II, Silas Warner, 1978unknownSilas Warner1978
Essential Data Duplicator 3.0unknownunknown
EvolutionunknownSydney Development1982
EXTRA AEunknownunknown
F 15 Strike Eagleunknownunknown
Factory, TheunknownSunburst Communications1983
fahrenheit 451 1unknownunknown
fahrenheit 451 2unknownunknown
fahrenheit 451 3unknownunknown
fahrenheit 451 4unknownunknown
Fall GelbunknownSimulations Canada1983
Family Feud side Aunknownunknown
Family Feud side Bunknownunknown
FANDOM 3unknownMatteo Trevisan2020
FANDOM SEQUELunknownMatteo Trevisan, Alon Fliess, Roby Sherman,Tom Porter2020
Fantastic Four Frontunknownunknown
fantasticfour 1unknownunknown
fantasticfour 2unknownunknown
fantasticsoftware giantworld s1 crackedunknownunknown
fantasticsoftware giantworld s2 crackedunknownunknown
FastgammonunknownQuality Software1979
Fat CityunknownRichard Hefter - Steve Worthington1983
Fat CityunknownRichard Hefter - Steve Worthington1983
Fathoms FortyunknownTNA Enterprisesunknown
Fathoms FortyunknownTNA Enterprisesunknown
Fifth Eskadraunknownunknown
Fifty Mission CrushunknownSSI1984
Fight NightunknownAccolade1985
Fight Nightunknownunknown
Fight NightunknownAccolade1985
Fighter CommandunknownSSI1983
FiregroundunknownLesiak, Albertunknown
Fireware Pinballsunknownunknown
Fjarhagsbokhald adalbokunknownunknown
Flight Simulator 1unknownsubLOGIC1983
flight simulator 8k file DOSunknownunknown
flight simulator 8k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Flight Simulator IIunknownunknown
Flight Simulator II v1.0unknownsubLOGIC1983
Flight Simulator II v1.0unknownsubLOGIC1983
Flip Outunknownunknown
Flip OutunknownSirius Software1982
Flipper and other Integer Basic gamesunknownunknown
Flockland Island CrisisunknownVital Information1982
FloppyunknownGreg Hale - Ted Cohnunknown
Flowers of Crystalunknownunknown
Fly Warsunknownunknown
Football Ranking Systemunknownunknown
Force 7unknownunknown
Force SevenunknownDatasoft1987
Force SevenunknownDatasoft1987
Force SevenunknownDatasoft1987
Fore! Golfing Simulatorunknownunknown
Fore! the Golf Game SimulationunknownGreen Valley Publishing1985
formula nibbleunknownunknown
Fortress of the Witch KingunknownThe Avalon Hill Companyunknown
Fortress of the Witch KingunknownAvalon Hill1983
FracasunknownQuality Software1980
fraktured faebles 2unknownunknown
Friends or Loversunknownunknown
FroggerunknownOnline Systemsunknown
Frogger and other gamesunknownunknown
Frogger IIunknownunknown
Frogger, Spitfire Simulator, Missile Defenses, Night Driverunknown1983
FroyoFonts: Fontrix FontpakunknownFroyo Tam2022
Fun House MazeunknownSunburst1984
Fun House side A program diskunknownunknown
Fun House side B questions diskunknownunknown
Funhouse side Aunknownunknown
G.i. Joeunknownunknown
G.I. Joe: A Real American HerounknownEpyx1985
G.I. Joe: A Real American HerounknownEpyx1985
Galactic AttackunknownSiro-tech1980
Galactic AttackunknownSiro-tech1980
Galactic Empireunknownunknown
Galactic GladiatorunknownSSIunknown
Galactic Gliders, SpartanunknownMicro Arcade1983
GALACTIC QUESTunknownunknown
Galactic Saga - Empire v1.1unknownBroderbund1980
Galactic Saga - Empire v1.1unknownBroderbund1980
Galactic Saga - Galactic Revolution v1.2unknownBroderbund1980
Galactic Saga - Galactic Trader v1.1unknownBroderbund1980
Galactic Warsunknownunknown
galaxian 14k file DOSunknownunknown
galaxian 14k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Galaxian, Falcons, Eliminator, Froggerunknownunknown
Galaxy GatesunknownMagna Softunknown
Galaxy Travel, Mouskattack, Raster Blaster, Sea Foxunknownunknown
Galaxy! .nibunknownunknown
Game and Menu Programs by Red DeGroatunknownunknown
Game disk 1unknownunknown
Game disk 2unknownunknown
Gameboy Tetris for Apple IIunknownLee Fastenau (Port) Alexey Pajitnov (Design)2022
GardenunknownVentzislav Tzvetkov2005
Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker Bootunknownunknown
Gato v1.3unknownunknown
GBA Championship Basketballunknownunknown
Gemstone WarriorunknownSSI1984
Gemstone WarriorunknownParadigm Creators1984
Gemstone Warriorunknownunknown
Gemstone WarriorunknownSSI1984
Gemstone Warriorunknownunknown
Gemstone WarriorunknownSSI1984
Gemstone Warrior Cracked by the Burglarunknownunknown
GENIUS Apple ][ Ver4Bunknownunknown
GERMAN & RUSSIAN PRACTICEunknownGeorge Earl D'Asaro1982
Gertrude's Puzzlesunknownunknown
Ghost Town GoldunknownB.J. Software1984
gi joe1unknownunknown
Giant World Side Aunknownunknown
Giant World Side Bunknownunknown
Gin Rummyunknownunknown
Glidepath v1.0unknownHRM1985
Global Thermo Nuclear Warunknownunknown
Global Thermonuclear Warunknownunknown
Global WarunknownMuse1979
Global War .nibunknownunknown
Global War and Three Mile Islandunknownunknown
GounknownHayden Book1982
GoblinsunknownAntonson Labs1981
GoblinsunknownAntonson Labs1981
Golan FrontunknownSimulations Canada1985
Golden Oldies Backunknownunknown
Golden Oldies Frontunknownunknown
Golden Oldies disk 1unknownunknown
Golden Oldies disk 2unknownunknown
Golf Courseunknownunknown
Golf's Best v2.0Aunknown1 Step Software1985
golfs bestunknownunknown
goonies PRODOSunknownunknown
Goonies, TheunknownDatasoftunknown
GorgonunknownSirius Software1981
GorgonunknownSirius Software1981
GorgonunknownSirius Software1981
Gradebook Deluxe v3.5d side Aunknownunknown
Graph Itunknownunknown
GrappleunknownTony Lewisunknown
Great American Cross-Country Road Race, TheunknownActivision1985
Great Maine to California Race, TheunknownHayden Book1983
Gremlins , Spinnerunknownunknown
Grey Seas - Grey SkiesunknownSimulations Canada1983
Gruds in Space 1unknownunknown
Gty Rayunknownunknown
Guadalcanal Campaign v1.1unknownSSIunknown
GuderianunknownAvalon Hill1985
Guessing Game #2 and other programsunknownunknown
Gulf StrikeunknownAvalon Hill1985
Gulf StrikeunknownAvalon Hill1985
GumballunknownRobert Cook1983
Gumball altunknownunknown
Guns of the Fort Defiance, TheunknownAvalon Hill1981
GyroscopeunknownCatalyst Coders1986
GyroscopeunknownCatalyst Coders1986
H36 The Caves of Olympusunknownunknown
H36 The Sands of Egyptunknownunknown
HAAUG EPYX Summer Gamesunknownunknown
Hacker IIunknownunknown
Hacker IIunknownActivision1986
Hacker Side Aunknownunknown
Hacker Side Bunknownunknown
Hacker's Challenge .nibunknownunknown
Halley Project, TheunknownMindscape1985
Handy DandyunknownGentry Software1983
Hangman Jigsaw Puzzle Reverse FollowMe Yahtzeeunknownunknown
Hard Hat Mackunknownunknown
hard hat mackunknownunknown
Hard Hat Mackunknownunknown
Hard Hat MackunknownElectronic Arts1983
Hard Hat Mack clean crackunknownunknown
Hard Hat Mack, Spit Fire, Telengard, Draw Pokerunknownunknown
hard hat mack+unknownunknown
HBBS Version 0.7unknownMatthew Dornquast1985
Head OnunknownCalifornia Pacific Computer1980
Heavy BarrelunknownData East1989
Heavy BarrelunknownData East1989
Heinlein StationunknownEvan C. Wright2020
Heist, TheunknownMicrofun1983
Heist, TheunknownMicrofun1983
Heist, TheunknownMicrofun1983
Helicopter RescueunknownB.I.S.1983
hellfire warriorunknownunknown
hero 12k file DOSunknownunknown
hero 12k file PRODOSunknownunknown
HES Games Side 1unknownunknown
hes games1unknownunknown
HF ColumnsunknownLogo1989
Hi Res Computer Golfunknownunknown
Hi-Res Adventure 0 - Mission AsteroidunknownOn-Line Systems1980
Hi-Res Adventure 1 - Mystery HouseunknownOn-Line Systems1980
High Resolution OthellounknownHilger, Jimunknown
High RiseunknownMicro Learn1982
High RiseunknownMicro Learn1982
High Rollers side Aunknownunknown
High Rollers side Bunknownunknown
High StakesunknownMindscape1986
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, TheunknownInfocom1984
Ho! Ho! Ho! Five Family Christmas GamesunknownDavid H. Schroeder1985
hobbit 1unknownunknown
Hoehlen von Olymp, DieunknownNoone, Thomas - Noone, Patrickunknown
Holiday Greetings and Card Makerunknownunknown
Hollywood HijinxunknownInfocom1986
Hollywood HijinxunknownInfocom1986
Hollywood Hijinx r37 861215unknownunknown
Hollywood Squares side Aunknownunknown
Holmes 1 2 3unknownunknown
holtrinehartwinston thevoyageofthemini mapsandgation d1s1 piratesgold lostatsea crackedunknownunknown
holtrinehartwinston thevoyageofthemini mapsandgation d1s2 hurricane crackedunknownunknown
holtrinehartwinston thevoyageofthemini mapsandgation d2 rescuemission crackedunknownunknown
Home Run Derbyunknownunknown
Hong-Kong Mahjongunknownunknown
Horizon VunknownGebelli Software1981
Horizon VunknownGebelli Software1981
Horizon V, Night Mission Pinball, The Asteroid Field, Phantoms Fiveunknown1982
Horse Apple Downsunknownunknown
HORSE RACEINGunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Horse Racing ClassicunknownTazumi1982
Horse Racing ClassicunknownTazumi1982
How About a Nice Game of Chessunknownunknown
Human FlyunknownC.P.U.1982
hungryboy 10k file DOSunknownunknown
hungryboy 10k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Hunt for Red October Backunknownunknown
Hunt for Red October Frontunknownunknown
hunt for red october1unknownunknown
hunt for red october2unknownunknown
I.O. SilverunknownBeagle Bros1984
I.O. SilverunknownBeagle Bros1984
I.Q. BaseballunknownDavka1983
IAC Disk 6 ATTACH BIOS document for Apple II Pascal 1.1unknownunknown
Ice TimeunknownEvan C. Wright2020
IcewarunknownKen Coates1990
IFR Flight Simulatorunknownunknown
Ikari WarriorsunknownSNK1986
imagol memocave memdosunknownunknown
Impossible Missionunknown1984
Impossible MissionunknownEpyx1984
impossible mission DOSunknownunknown
impossible mission PRODOSunknownunknown
Incredible Shrinking Man, TheunknownChiang Brothers1982
Indiana Jones in Revenge of the AncientsunknownMindscape1987
Indiana Jones in Revenge of the AncientsunknownMindscape1987
indoor sport 1unknownunknown
indoor sport 2unknownunknown
Infiltrator IIunknownChris Gray Enterprises1987
Infiltrator, TheunknownLim Thye Chean1990
infocom zorki crackedunknownunknown
InfoMerge v1.7.1 bootunknownunknown
InfoMerge v1.7.1 dataunknownunknown
Inhumane Adventureunknownunknown
Injured EngineunknownImagic1984
Injured Engine v2.2.0unknownImagic1984
InmateunknownPhilip Goetz1987
institute 1unknownunknown
Integer Basic programsunknownunknown
Integer Gamesunknownunknown
Interlude iunknownunknown
International Grand PrixunknownRiverbank1981
International HockeyunknownArtworx Software1987
international hockeyunknownunknown
Into the Eagle's Nestunknownunknown
Into the Eagle's Nestunknownunknown
Into the Eagle's NestunknownPandora1986
islands of betaunknownunknown
Islands of Beta, TheunknownMilliken1984
It's the PitsunknownC. Anthony Ray1983
J.BirdunknownOrion Software1983
J.BirdunknownOrion Software1983
J20 Side A, Dirty Harryunknownunknown
Jailbreak!unknownEvan C. Wright2020
JakeCutterBeyondRescueRaiders S1unknownunknown
James Bond 007 - A View to a KillunknownMindscape1985
japanese breakout type attack etcunknownunknown
JawbreakerunknownOn Line1981
jawbreaker ][unknownunknown
Jawbreaker ][unknownunknown
Jawbreaker II, Lock 'n' Chase, Pooyan, Shuttle Interceptunknown1984
Jaws: The Computer GameunknownStarSoft Development Laboratories1989
Jaws: The Computer GameunknownStarSoft Development Laboratories1989
Jaws: The Computer GameunknownStarSoft Development Laboratories1989
Jeopardy Backunknownunknown
Jeopardy Frontunknownunknown
jeopardy iiunknownunknown
Jeopardy Second Edition side Aunknownunknown
Jeopardy Second Edition side Bunknownunknown
Jeopardy side Aunknownunknown
Jeopardy side Bunknownunknown
jeopardy sports side1unknownunknown
jeopardy sports side2unknownunknown
Jet Packunknownunknown
Jet, TheunknownsubLOGIC1986
Jig Sawunknown1984
Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure side Aunknownunknown
Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure side Bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 01aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 01bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 02aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 02bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 03aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 03bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 04aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 04bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 05aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 05bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 06aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 06bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 07aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 07bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 08aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 08bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 09aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 09bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 10aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 10bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 11aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 11bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 12aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 12bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 13aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 13bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 14aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 14bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 15aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 15bunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 16aunknownunknown
Jim's Favorite Games 16bunknownunknown
joe theisman pro football 1unknownunknown
joe theisman pro football 2unknownunknown
John Elway Quarterback Backunknownunknown
John Elway's Quarterbackunknownunknown
John Elways Quarterbackunknownunknown
John Madden Football Frontunknownunknown
John Madden Football NFLPA 1987unknownunknown
John Madden Football NFLPA 1988unknownunknown
John's Space War Games Saga Iunknownunknown
journey from end of timeunknownunknown
Journey into DarknessunknownEarthware1986
JoustunknownWilliams Electronics1983
joust 26k file DOSunknownunknown
joust 26k file PRODOSunknownunknown
juju harddelappleunknownunknown
juju promprogunknownunknown
Jungle Huntunknownunknown
Jungle HuntunknownAtari1984
Jungle HuntunknownAtari1984
Jungle HuntunknownAtari1984
Jungle HuntunknownAtari1984
Jungle HuntunknownAtari1984
Jungle HuntunknownAtari1984
jungle hunt PRODOSunknownunknown
Jungle Hunterunknowncopycat1983
Jungle Safariunknownunknown
KamikazeunknownHayden Softwareunknown
Kamikaze , LS Fast Copyunknownunknown
karate champunknownunknown
Karate ChampunknownData East1985
Karate ChampunknownData East1985
Karateka II The Wrath of Dudeunknownunknown
Karateka II - The Wrath of Dudeunknown19xxunknown
karateka ii the wrath of dude s1unknownunknown
karateka ii the wrath of dude s2unknownunknown
karateka PRODOSunknownunknown
KARATEKA S1unknownunknown
KAWASHIMA GUESSunknownMatteo Trevisan2021
Ken Uston's Professional Blackjack v1.10unknownIntelligent Statements, Inc.1982
KeyWords v3.3unknownunknown
Kid Venture #1 Little Red Riding Hoodunknownunknown
Killer KlamsunknownRod Nelsenunknown
King Cribbageunknownunknown
King Cribbageunknownunknown
King Quest .nibunknownunknown
King Quest II - Romancing the Throne .nibunknownunknown
King Quest III Save Disk .nibunknownunknown
King's Bounty Disk Aunknownunknown
King's Quest 1 Disk 1unknownunknown
King's Quest 4 Disk 7 Backunknownunknown
knight 1unknownunknown
knight 2unknownunknown
knight 3unknownunknown
knight 4unknownunknown
knight 5unknownunknown
knight 6unknownunknown
knight 7unknownunknown
knight 8unknownunknown
knight of legend characterunknownunknown
Knights of the DesertunknownSSI1983
KnockoutunknownAmerican Research1994
Koronis RiftunknownLucasfilm Games1985
Koronis RiftunknownLucasfilm Games1985
Kung Fu MasterunknownDataeast1985
L.A. Land MonopolyunknownContinental Software1980
labyrinth 2unknownunknown
Lady TutunknownProgame1984
Lady Tutunknownunknown
lady tut DOSunknownunknown
lady tut PRODOSunknownunknown
Land of the PyramidsunknownMach Three1983
Lantern of D'gammaunknownMilliken1985
Laser CourseunknownGeneral Masters1983
Last Gladiator, TheunknownElectronic Arts1983
Last Gladiator, The .nibunknownunknown
Last Gladiator, The .nibunknownunknown
LAVA PITS OF AZNAR S1unknownunknown
Law of the WestunknownAccolade1985
Law of the Westunknownunknown
Lawless Legends KFest playable demo v0 50unknownunknown
Lazer MazeunknownAvant-Garde1982
Lazer SilkunknownAtariunknown
Leather Goddesses of PhobosunknownInfocom1986
Leather Goddesses of PhobosunknownInfocom1986
Leather Goddesses of Phobos r59 860730unknownunknown
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Disk 1 Backunknownunknown
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Disk 1 Frontunknownunknown
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Disk 2 Frontunknownunknown
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Disk 3 Backunknownunknown
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Disk 3 Frontunknownunknown
Lemonade StandunknownApple1979
LemonadeStand LCunknownunknown
Life Starunknownunknown
little computer people 1unknownunknown
little computer people 2unknownunknown
Living Things Study Disk side Aunknownunknown
Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1983
Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1983
Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1983
Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1983
lodehax alternate lode runner editor v1.0unknownunknown
LodeRunner Corrupt Computing Crackunknownunknown
LodestoneunknownCross Educational Software1988
Lordlings of Yoreunknownunknown
Lords of Conquest Frontunknownunknown
Lords of Conquest side Aunknownunknown
Lords of Conquest side Bunknownunknown
Lower Case Adapterunknownunknown
lucasfilm pipedreamunknownunknown
Lucifer's Realmunknownunknown
Lucifer's RevengeunknownGeneral Masters Corp1983
Lucifer's RevengeunknownGeneral Masters Corp1983
Lucifers Realmunknownunknown
lucifers realm 1unknownunknown
lucifers realm 2unknownunknown
Lunar Landing and other programsunknownunknown
Lunar LeeperunknownSierra1982
Lunar LeeperunknownSierra1982
Lurking Horror, TheunknownInfocom1987
Mabel's MansionunknownDatamostunknown
mad ventureunknownunknown
Magic Moverunknownunknown
man engunknownunknown
Man-eng - Master of EvilunknownChiang Brothers1983
Maniac Mansion Bootunknownunknown
Maniac Mansion Gameunknownunknown
maniac mansion2unknownunknown
MarauderunknownSierra On-Line1982
Mario Bros.unknownAtariunknown
Mark I, Mark II, Mark IIIunknownMark C. Spaethunknown
Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VIunknownMark C. Spaethunknown
Mars Carsunknownunknown
masksun aunknownunknown
masksun bunknownunknown
Masquerade disk1 with titleunknownunknown
MasterunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Master of the LampsunknownActivision1985
Master of the Lampsunknownunknown
Mating ZoneunknownTom Luhrs1983
Mating Zoneunknownunknown
Mating Zoneunknownunknown
Matterhorn Screamerunknownunknown
Matterhorn Screamer!unknownWalt Disney Computer Software1988
Maxwell ManorunknownAvalon Hill1984
Maxx's Pinball GamesunknownMaxxunknown
Maze Crazeunknownunknown
Maze Craze Construction SetunknownEric Hammond1983
Maze Craze Construction SetunknownEric Hammond1983
Maze Craze Construction SetunknownEric Hammond1983
maze game funknownunknown
Maze, TheunknownFermented Software1981
MazeBloxunknownWilliam Stephens1983
MECC A339B Dog Sled Ambassadors side 1unknownMinnesota Educational Computing Corporation1993
Mechner Collection BEAT Data Disk Iunknownunknown
Mechner Collection BEAT Data Disk IIunknownunknown
Mechner Collection Karateka Artwork Diskunknownunknown
Mechner Collection Karateka II The Wrath of Dudeunknownunknown
Mechner Collection Scott Adams Adventures 3 7unknownunknown
Mechner Collection Scott Adams Adventures 8 12unknownunknown
Mechner Collection Various Karateka Artworkunknownunknown
Mechner Collection Way Outunknownunknown
Mechner Collection: KaratekaunknownJordan Mechner1984
MERRY CHRISTMASunknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Meteor MightunknownGeneral Masters1983
Mickey's Space Adventure Aunknownunknown
mickeys space adventure 1unknownunknown
mickeys space adventure 2unknownunknown
mickeys space adventure 3unknownunknown
mickeys space adventure 4unknownunknown
micro chessunknownunknown
Micro Chess 2.0unknownunknown
Micro Coop disk 20unknownunknown
Micro Coop disk 9unknownunknown
Micro Habitats Contruction Setunknownunknown
Micro League Baseballunknownunknown
Micro SubunknownRobert Stach1983
Microbe - The Tinkerer Jgv DickunknownSynergistic Software1982
Microbe, The Anatomical AdventureunknownSynergistic Software1982
MicroFinesse Demonstation diskunknownunknown
MicroFinesse Graphics Diskunknownunknown
MicroFinesse Model Master diskunknownunknown
MicroFinesse ProgramDisk crackedunknownunknown
Microscopic JourneyunknownHayden Book1982
Microsoft Adventure .nibunknownunknown
MicrowaveunknownCavalier Computer1982
MicrowaveunknownCavalier Computer1982
MicrowaveunknownCavalier Computer1982
Midway CampaignunknownAvalon Hill1980
Might & Magic: Lava Pits of AznarunknownSanctum Software1983
Mike Edwards' Realm of ImpossibilityunknownBRAM1983
Millionwaire v3.0unknownBrainbank1982
Mind Proberunknownunknown
Mind Prober Jr.unknownunknown
Mind Prober side Aunknownunknown
Mind Prober side Bunknownunknown
mindscape paperboy crackedunknownunknown
MindshadowunknownRebecca Heineman2015
Mindshadow side Aunknownunknown
mindwheel s1unknownunknown
mindwheel s2unknownunknown
mindwheel s3unknownunknown
MinerunknownDoug Smith1982
Miner 2049erunknownMicro Fun1982
Miner 2049er IIunknownunknown
Miner IIunknownMicro Fun1984
Miner IIunknownMicro Fun1984
Miner IIunknownMicro Fun1984
Ming's ChallengeunknownMike Livesay1982
Mini-Zork I - The Great Underground EmpireunknownInfocom1988
MINIT MANunknownunknown
Minit ManunknownPenguin Software1983
Missing Ring, TheunknownDatamost1982
Missing Ring, TheunknownDatamost1982
Mission Escape!unknownMicro-Sparc1982
Mission ImpossibleunknownAdventure International1981
Mission ImpossibleunknownScott Adams1979
Mission On ThunderheadunknownAvalon Hill1986
Mix & Match, Animal, Raise the Flags, Layer Cakeunknownunknown
MLB World Series 80 85unknownunknown
Mockingboard Developer's Toolkitunknownunknown
Mockingboard Battle cruiser SMS 2000 A stereo space adventureunknownunknown
Modem Surroundunknownunknown
Moebius Side 1unknownunknown
Moebius Side 2unknownunknown
moesin funknownunknown
Money Munchersunknownunknown
Monkey Island Demake for Apple IIunknownVince Weaver2020
Monolithic LaserunknownGeneral Masters Corp1983
Monopoly v2.0unknownunknown
Monster PanicunknownShareData1985
Monster Smashunknownunknown
Montezuma's Revengeunknownunknown
Montezuma's RevengeunknownParker Brothers1984
Montezuma's RevengeunknownParker Brothers1984
Monty Plays ScrabbleunknownRitam1980
Moon Lander Brick Star Wars Star Strek Apple Invader Lazer Blaster Dream Shipunknownunknown
moon patrolunknownunknown
moon patrol 18k file DOSunknownunknown
moon patrol 18k file PRODOSunknownunknown
mouse attack+unknownunknown
MouskattackunknownOn-Line Systems1982
Mr. CoolunknownSierra On-Line1983
mr. do 32k file DOSunknownunknown
mr. do PRODOSunknownunknown
Mr. Do!unknownDatasoft1985
Mr. MachineunknownRobert Muench1985
Mr. Robot and his Robot FactoryunknownDatamost1984
Mr. Stanleys Game Disk Autobahn The Razor crack Stopwatch Hopperunknownunknown
Ms. Pac Man with infinite lives cheatunknownunknown
Ms. PacmanunknownAtari1983
Mummy's CurseunknownHighlands Computer1981
mummys curseunknownunknown
Munch Mouse, etcunknownunknown
Murder On The Mississippiunknownunknown
Murder On The Mississippi Side 2unknownunknown
murder on the mississippi 1unknownunknown
murder on the mississippi 2unknownunknown
Murder on the Zinderneufunknownunknown
Murder on the Zinderneufunknownunknown
Murder On the ZinderneufunknownElectronic Arts1983
Murder on the Zinderunfunknownunknown
MutantunknownGreat Lakes1983
My Chess IIunknownunknown
MYCHESS II S1unknownunknown
Myst Demake for Apple IIunknownVince Weaver2020
mystery houseunknownunknown
Mystery House and other Scott Adams adventuresunknownunknown
Mystery Master - Felony!unknownCBS Software1984
Mystery Master - Murder By the DozenunknownCBS Software1983
Mystery Master Felony!unknownunknown
Napoleon's Campaigns 1813 & 1815unknownSSI1981
Nato CommanderunknownMicroprose1984
Naval Battle of TsushimaunknownAvalon Hill1986
NeptuneunknownGebelli Software1982
Neverending Story, TheunknownDatasoft1985
Nibbler .nibunknownunknown
Night DriverunknownBill Budgeunknown
Night Driver for the Apple IIGS v1.1unknownIan Schmidt and fatdog projects2022
Night MissionunknownsubLOGIC1982
Nightflyer and other Applesoft gamesunknownunknown
Nitro PlanetunknownGeneral Masters Corp1983
NoradunknownSouthwestern Data Systemsunknown
nord and bert 1unknownunknown
North Atlantic 86unknownSSI1983
North Atlantic Convoy RaiderunknownAvalon Hill1981
NPL II Information Management System Disk 1 NPL A2D0053 689 0017 Aunknownunknown
NPL II Information Management System Disk 2 Utility A2D0053 689 0018 Aunknownunknown
NukewarunknownAvalon Hill1980
Number Nine System diskunknownunknown
Objective KurskunknownSSI1984
Ocean Nightunknownunknown
Odyssey, The Compleat AdventureunknownSynergistic Software1980
Odyssey, The Compleat AdventureunknownSynergistic Software1980
Oil's Wellunknownunknown
Oil's Wellunknownunknown
Oils WellunknownSierra On-Line1983
Oils WellunknownSierra On-Line1983
Old IronsidesunknownXerox Education1983
Old IronsidesunknownXerox Education1983
Oldorf's RevengeunknownHighlands Computer Services1980
Oldorf's Revenge .nibunknownunknown
Olympic Decathlonunknownunknown
Olympic Decathlon .nibunknownunknown
Olympic Decathlon .nibunknownunknown
omega punknownunknown
ONE ON ONEunknownunknown
One On OneunknownElectronic Arts1983
One WorldunknownShark Byte Engineering1986
OO TOPOSunknownunknown
oo topos1unknownunknown
oo topos2unknownunknown
Operation ApocalypseunknownSSI1981
optimumresource stickybearbop modifiedunknownunknown
optimumresources punctuationrules crackedunknownunknown
Orion Trail v100 for the Apple IIunknownCrow Cousins2021
Other Side, TheunknownTom Snider1985
outpost 11k file DOSunknownunknown
outpost 11k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Overrun - Europe v1.0unknownSSI1988
pac manunknownunknown
Pac-ManunknownThe Dan Patch Stablesunknown
Pacific 231unknownEdiciel - Spinnakerunknown
PandemoniumunknownSoft Images1982
Pandora's Boxunknown1982
Panzer GrenadierunknownSSI1985
Panzer Strike AfricaunknownSSI1987
Panzer Strike EastunknownSSI1987
Panzer Strike SceneryunknownSSI1987
Panzer Strike WestunknownSSI1987
Party Quiz disk 1unknownunknown
Party Quiz disk 2 side Aunknownunknown
Party Quiz disk 2 side Bunknownunknown
Patrick's Pinball Gamesunknown1987
Pawn, TheunknownRainbird1986
Peasant's Quest Intro for Apple IIunknownVince Weaver2021
Peeping TomunknownMichael Livesay1982
pegasus 1unknownunknown
Pegasus 2unknownOn-Line Systems1981
pegasus 2unknownunknown
Penny ArcadeunknownApple1979
Penqueriel MazesunknownSadisticunknown
PentapusunknownTurning Point Softwareunknown
perry mason 2unknownunknown
perry mason 3unknownunknown
perry mason 4unknownunknown
Pest PatrolunknownSierra1982
Phantoms Five .nibunknownunknown
Pharaoh's RevengeunknownManley & Associates1988
Pharaoh's RevengeunknownManley & Associates1988
Pharoah's Revengeunknownunknown
Pharoah's Revengeunknownunknown
PHM Pegasus side Aunknownunknown
Pick 'n Pileunknown1991
Pick-A-Dilly PairunknownActioncraft1983
Pick-A-Dilly PairunknownActioncraft1983
Pierre de Vie, LaunknownBigoo1983
Pig Penunknownunknown
Pik'em vNFL 5.0unknownMarathon Software1988
Pinball Construction SetunknownBill Budge1983
Pinball Construction SetunknownBill Budge1983
Pinball Construction Setunknownunknown
Pinball Construction SetunknownBill Budge1983
pinball construction setunknownunknown
PINBALL GAMES1unknownunknown
Pirate's Adventure and other Scott Adams adventuresunknownunknown
PIRATES SOFT SEAS S1unknownunknown
PITFALL 2unknownunknown
pitfall II 14k file DOSunknownunknown
pitfall II 14k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsunknownActivision1984
Pitstop IIunknownunknown
Planet Miners, TheunknownAvalon Hill1980
Planet of CrawlersunknownGeneral Masters1983
Planetary Construction Setunknownunknown
planetary construction setunknownunknown
Planetfall r37 851003unknownunknown
PlanetoidsunknownS. Bakerunknown
Planetoids , Sharkunknownunknown
PlasmaniaunknownSirius Software1983
PlasmaniaunknownSirius Software1983
plasmania 21k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Platoon Backunknownunknown
Platoon Frontunknownunknown
Pleins GazunknownFroggy Software1986
Plundered HeartsunknownInfocom1987
Plundered Hearts r26 870730unknownunknown
PMH Pegasus Backunknownunknown
PMH Pegasus Frontunknownunknown
Police ArtistunknownSir-Tech Software1983
Pool of Radiance v1.1unknownSSI1989
Pool, Raster Blaster, Shuffleboardunknown1981
pooyan 15k file PRODOSunknownunknown
PopeyeunknownSoftware Computer1984
portal 1unknownunknown
portal 2unknownunknown
portal 3unknownunknown
portal 4unknownunknown
portal 5unknownunknown
portal 6unknownunknown
Portal Demake for Apple IIunknownVince Weaver2017
Power Botsunknownunknown
Power BotsunknownNeosoft1984
Power Plant Simulationunknownunknown
President Elect v2.0unknownSSI1987
Press Your Luck boot diskunknownunknown
prince of persia 2 drive ver1unknownunknown
prince of persia 2 drive ver2unknownunknown
prince of persia 2 drive ver3unknownunknown
prince of persia aunknownunknown
prince of persia bunknownunknown
prince of persia bootunknownunknown
prince of persia side aunknownunknown
prince of persia side bunknownunknown
Prisoner 2unknownInteractive Fantasies1982
Prisoner 2unknownEdu-Ware Services1982
Pro Football - The Gold EditionunknownSystem Design Lab1982
Pro GolfunknownHome Computer1983
ProDos Editor Assembler Release 1.0.1unknownunknown
Profession Detectiveunknownunknown
professionalsoftwaretechnology prismprint crackedunknownunknown
Programma's Flight Simulatorunknownunknown
Project Space Station side Aunknownunknown
PterodactylunknownWilliam Eidsonunknown
puck man 14k file DOSunknownunknown
puck man 14k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Puck Man, Reptonunknownunknown
Pure Noiseunknownunknown
Pursuit of the Graf SpeeunknownSSI1982
Pursuit of the Graf Spee .nibunknownunknown
Pylon Racerunknownunknown
PyramidunknownUnusual Software1982
Pyramid of Terrorunknownunknown
Pythagoras and the Dragonunknownunknown
Q Bit, Night Flight, Lady Tutunknownunknown
quake 2unknownunknown
QuasarunknownJonathan Dubman1983
Queen of HeartsunknownSSI1983
Queen of HeartsunknownSSI1983
Queen of Phobos, TheunknownPhoenix Software1982
questmaster s1unknownunknown
questmaster s2unknownunknown
questmaster s3unknownunknown
questmaster s4unknownunknown
questmaster s5unknownunknown
questmaster s6unknownunknown
Race for MidnightunknownAvant-Garde1981
Radio Control Flight SimulatorunknownJohn Kallendunknown
Radio Control Flight Simulator Disk Jockey crack ds Midnight Magic A.P.P.L.E. crackunknownunknown
radwarrior DOSunknownunknown
radwarrior PRODOSunknownunknown
Rai'Morth's HollowunknownMichael Walter1984
Raid Over MoscowunknownAccess1985
Raid Over MoscowunknownAccess1985
Raid Over MoscowunknownAccess1985
Raiders of the Lost Arkunknownunknown
Raiders of the Lost Ring Galaxy Gates Microgammon 2.0 Space Raiders v2 Side Invaders Burnout Bubblesunknownunknown
Rails West!unknownSSI1983
Rainy Day GamesunknownBaudville1985
Rambo S1unknownunknown
Rambo S2unknownunknown
Rambo: First Blood Part IIunknownAngelsoft1985
Rambo: First Blood Part IIunknownAngelsoft1985
RampageunknownMonarch Development1988
RampageunknownMonarch Development1988
RandamnunknownRon Nepsund1983
randamn bugfixedunknownunknown
Raster BlasterunknownBudgeCo1981
Raven 7unknownunknown
Reading Level, Concentration, Word Wars, Lemonade, Math Decathlonunknownunknown
Realm of Impossibilityunknownunknown
Realm of ImpossibilityunknownElectronic Arts1986
Realm of ImpossibilityunknownElectronic Arts1986
Realm of Impossibilityunknownunknown
Reforger 88unknownGary Grigsby1984
RegattaunknownSams Software1983
Rendezvous 1.0 Edu Ware working and restored titleunknownunknown
rendezvous rama 1unknownunknown
rendezvous rama 2unknownunknown
rendezvous rama 3unknownunknown
rendezvous rama 4unknownunknown
Rendezvous v1.0unknownEdu-Ware1982
Rendezvous v1.2unknownEdu-Ware1982
RenegadeunknownTechnos Japan1989
RenegadeunknownTechnos Japan1989
RenegadeunknownTechnos Japan1989
RenjuunknownS. Komiyaunknown
ReptonunknownSirius Software1983
ReptonunknownSirius Software1983
Repton, Frenzy, Mutantunknownunknown
Rescue on Fractalusunknownunknown
Rescue on FractalusunknownLucasfilm Games1985
Rescue RaidersunknownSir Tech1984
Rescue RaidersunknownSir Tech1984
Rescue RaidersunknownSir Tech1984
Rescue Raidersunknownunknown
Rescue Raidersunknowncopycat1982
Rescue Raiders 1.2unknownunknown
Return of HeraclesunknownStuart Smith1983
Revenge of Lode Runnerunknownunknown
Revenge of Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1986
Revenge of Lode RunnerunknownBroderbund1986
RIAG Bard's Tale Additional Floppyunknownunknown
RIAG Bard's Tale Characters and Utilitiesunknownunknown
RIAG Bard's Tale Main Bootunknownunknown
RIAG Eamon Volume E85 The Time Portal Adventure 85unknownunknown
RIAG Eamon Adventure Volume E1 Beginner's Caveunknownunknown
RIAG Eamon Adventure Volume E9 Assault on the Clone Masterunknownunknown
RIAG OSEJA Data Disk Pascalunknownunknown
RIAG OSEJA Master Disk Pascal From Paul Lebeauunknownunknown
RIAG Volume 02 Fire Organunknownunknown
RIAG Volume 215 Magic Scrollunknownunknown
RIAG Volume 370 Icewar Hi Res Strategy Gameunknownunknown
RIAG Volume 387 Adventure Writer 1unknownunknown
RIAG 10C Eamon Adventure 03 Caves of the Mindunknownunknown
Right AgainunknownAscension Designs1984
Rings of Zilfin Boot, Side 1unknownunknown
Ringside SeatunknownSSI1983
Ringside SeatunknownSSI1983
Risk .nibunknownunknown
Risk v1.4 .nibunknownunknown
Roach Hotel Roadblock Beachheadunknownunknown
Road Rally USAunknownBantam Software1985
Road to Gettysburg, TheunknownSSI1982
ROB J's Lunar Landerunknownunknown
RoboCop Backunknownunknown
RoboCop Frontunknownunknown
Robot Battleunknownunknown
Robot RascalsunknownElectronic Arts1986
Robot RascalsunknownElectronic Arts1986
Robot War .nibunknownunknown
Robot War.nibunknownunknown
Robotech S1unknownunknown
RoboticsunknownAndrew Willmott1986
Robotron 2084unknownunknown
Robotron 2084unknownunknown
Robotron 2084unknownAtari1983
Robots of DawnunknownEpyx1984
Rocky Horror Show, TheunknownActivision1986
roger rabbit 1aunknownunknown
roger rabbit 1bunknownunknown
roger rabbit 2aunknownunknown
roger rabbit 2bunknownunknown
RouletteunknownUniversal Software1991
Round AboutunknownDatamost1983
Run for ItunknownOptimun Resource1984
Run for ItunknownOptimun Resource1984
run for itunknownunknown
Run for the MoneyunknownScarborough Systemsunknown
Run Your Own Train Aunknownunknown
Run Your Own Train Bunknownunknown
Run Your Own Train Doxunknownunknown
Russki DuckunknownGebelli Software1982
Sab's Night CrawlerunknownSoftapeunknown
Sabotage by Mark Allenunknown1981
Sabotage Maze, Ringquest, Revenge, Snake Scramble, Concentrationunknownunknown
Sabotage, Reversal, Cyber Strike, Dungeonsunknownunknown
Sabotage, Spy's Demise, Taxman, Draw Poker, Froggerunknownunknown
Sacred Stone v1.0unknownOliver Bermanunknown
sadar's revengeunknownunknown
saga1 adventureland1unknownunknown
saga2 pirateadventure1unknownunknown
sammy lightfootunknownunknown
Sammy LightfootunknownSierra1983
Sammy Lightfootunknownunknown
Sammy LightfootunknownSierra1983
Sands of Egypt, TheunknownDatasoft1982
Sands of Mars, TheunknownCrystal1981
Santa Paravia And FiumacciounknownInstant1979
Sargon IIIunknownHayden Book1983
Sargon IIIunknownHayden Book1983
Sargon IIIunknownHayden Book1983
Sargon IIIunknownunknown
Sargon III Game Libraryunknownunknown
Saturn gator A2 3DAunknownunknown
Saxton's Questunknownunknown
Scary FootballunknownMicrosoft1987
scary football4unknownunknown
Scientist Revengeunknownunknown
scott adamsunknownunknown
Scott Adams Graphic Adventure 3unknownunknown
scrabble sideAunknownunknown
scrabble sideBunknownunknown
SCROLLunknownMatteo Trevisan, unknown editor from a book2021
Sea Dragonunknownunknown
SeadragonunknownAdventure International1982
SeadragonunknownAdventure International1982
SeadragonunknownAdventure International1982
SeadragonunknownAdventure International1982
seafox funknownunknown
Seastalker r86 840320unknownunknown
Secret Agentunknownunknown
Secret Agent - Mission OneunknownJor-Andunknown
Secret Agent - Mission OneunknownJor-Andunknown
secret agent mission oneunknownunknown
Seuis Shoot'em Up in SpaceunknownSSI1983
Seventh FleetunknownSimulations Canada1985
ShamusunknownSynapse Softwareunknown
shamus 11k file DOSunknownunknown
shamus 11k file PRODOSunknownunknown
shark adventure funknownunknown
Shattered Alliance, TheunknownSSI1981
SheilaunknownH.A.L. Labs1982
sheila hrunknownunknown
SHELL SHOCK GAMEunknownunknown
SHELL SHOCK MAPSunknownunknown
Sherlock Holmesunknownunknown
Sherlock Holmesunknownunknown
sherlock holmes another bow 1unknownunknown
sherlock holmes another bow 2unknownunknown
Sherwood ForestunknownPhoenix Software1982
Shifty SamunknownRandom House1983
shogun s1unknownunknown
shogun s2unknownunknown
shogun s3unknownunknown
shogun s4unknownunknown
shogun s5unknownunknown
Short CircuitunknownDavid Schroederunknown
Shuttle v11.0unknownunknown
Sieg in AfricaunknownSimulations Canada1984
Sierra Championship BoxingunknownSierra1985
silent serviceunknownunknown
Silicon SaladunknownBeagle Bros1983
Simulating the Great Depression 1929-1933unknownWilliam P. Yohe1986
Situation CriticalunknownPrism1984
Situation Criticalunknownunknown
Situation CriticalunknownPrism1984
Sixgun ShootoutunknownSSI1985
Ski CrazedunknownJAM Software1987
Ski Crazedunknownunknown
Ski CrazedunknownJAM Software1987
Sky DestroyerunknownElppa Computerunknown
SkyfoxunknownElectronic Arts1984
SkyfoxunknownElectronic Arts1984
SkyfoxunknownElectronic Arts1984
Smart Words v1.0unknownunknown
Smash Up, Red Alert, Missile Defense, Raster Blaster, MD, Circus, Tic Tac Toeunknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC I SMC II System disk s1unknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC I SMC II System disk s2unknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC I System disk s1unknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC I System disk s2unknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC II LPSII Pentrak 1.1 s1unknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC II LPSII Pentrak 1.1 s2unknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC II Routinesunknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC II+ System disk s1unknownunknown
SMC Laboratories SMC II+ System disk s2unknownunknown
Smooth MaxunknownTri-softunknown
Smooth MaxunknownTri-softunknown
SMT No Slot Clock Utilities Diskunknownunknown
snake byteunknownunknown
SnakeByte RemixunknownCraig Bower2005
Snakk attackunknownunknown
snapper funknownunknown
SneakersunknownSirius Software1981
Sneakers, Fastgammonunknownunknown
Sneakers, Zenith, Hard Hat Mack , Draw Pokerunknownunknown
snoggle 16k file DOSunknownunknown
snoggle 16k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Snooper Troops and the Case of - The Granit Point GhostunknownSpinmaker Software Corp1982
Softdisk - Alfredo's AdventuresunknownSoftdiskunknown
Softporn AdventureunknownBlue Sky1981
SolitaireunknownFish Gravel1986
Solo FlightunknownMicroprose1984
Solo FlightunknownMicroprose1984
Something's Fishy Applesoft programsunknownunknown
Sorcerer r18 860904unknownunknown
sorcerers mountain funknownunknown
sorry s1unknownunknown
sorry s2unknownunknown
South Pacific QuestunknownPeter Ward1985
South Pacific QuestunknownPeter Ward1985
Space Adventureunknownunknown
Space DodgeunknownGeneral Masters1983
Space IunknownEdu-Ware1978
Space IIunknownEdu-Ware1979
space probeunknownunknown
Space Quest 1 Disk 1 Backunknownunknown
Space Quest 1 Disk 1 Frontunknownunknown
Space Quest 1 Disk 2 Backunknownunknown
Space Quest 1 Disk 2 Frontunknownunknown
Space Quest 1 Disk 3 Backunknownunknown
Space Quest 1 Disk 3 Frontunknownunknown
Space Quest 1 Disk 4 Backunknownunknown
Space Quest 2 Disk 1 Backunknownunknown
Space Raidersunknownunknown
space rogue1unknownunknown
space rogue2unknownunknown
Space ShuttleunknownActivision1985
Space Shuttle - A Jouney into SpaceunknownActivision1985
Space SpikesunknownThree Sigma1983
Space Station ZuluunknownAvalon Hill1982
Space VikingsunknownsubLOGIC1982
Space VikingsunknownsubLOGIC1982
spaceship explorer forceunknownunknown
Spare ChangeunknownBroderbund1983
Sparkee v1.0unknownVagabondo Entreprises1982
Speed Script 3.0unknownunknown
Speedway Classicunknownunknown
speedway classicunknownunknown
Speedway ClassicsunknownActionCraft1984
Speedway Classicsunknownunknown
Speedy Mahjongunknownunknown
spell breakerunknownunknown
Spellbreaker r87 860904unknownunknown
spider raidunknownunknown
spider raid 14k file DOSunknownunknown
spider raid 14k file PRODOSunknownunknown
spirit of glenmore castle 1unknownunknown
spirit of glenmore castle 2unknownunknown
Spitfire Simulatorunknownunknown
Sports Gamesunknownunknown
Sports Judge's Thoroughbred Handicapping System, TheunknownPds Sports1984
Spud And Mug ShootunknownSams Software1983
Sputnik AttackunknownLeo Lawunknown
Sputnik AttackunknownLeo Lawunknown
Spy Hunterunknownunknown
spy hunter 19k file DOSunknownunknown
spy hunter 19k file PRODOSunknownunknown
Spy Vs SpyunknownFirst Star Software1984
Spy Vs SpyunknownFirst Star Software1984
Spy vs Spy 1 & 2unknownunknown
Spy Vs Spy 3 - Artic AnticsunknownEpyx1988
spy vs spy2unknownunknown
Spy's Demise, Sabotageunknownunknown
spys demise 8k file PRODOSunknownunknown
St Andrews Golf Backunknownunknown
St Andrews Golf Frontunknownunknown
star ballunknownunknown
Star BallunknownJim Bren - Dale Dehler1983
Star BlazerunknownStar Craft1981
Star Blazer, QBert, Joustunknownunknown
Star Blazer, Spy Hunter, Pooyanunknownunknown
star castles funknownunknown
Star Crystalunknownunknown
star destroyerunknownunknown
Star Fleet I Bootunknownunknown
Star Fleet I Playunknownunknown
Star League BaseballunknownGamestar Softwareunknown
Star MazeunknownSir Tech1982
Star Rank Boxing 2 v1.0unknownGamestar1988
Star TrekunknownSega1983
star trek promethean prophecy 1unknownunknown
Star Trek The Promethean Prophecy side Aunknownunknown
Star Trek The Promethean Prophecy side Bunknownunknown
Star Trek, Gamma Goblins, BBallunknownunknown
star venture funknownunknown
Star Warrior - StarquestunknownAutomated Simulations1981
Star Warsunknownunknown
Star Warsunknownunknown
Star Wars III, Baseballunknownunknown
Starcraft v2.0unknownTamura, Y.1981
Starcross r17 821021unknownunknown
Starship CommanderunknownVoyager1981
Starship Commanderunknownunknown
starwars lucasfilmunknownunknown
STATEOF...unknownMatteo Trevisan2020
Station FiveunknownMicro Fun1984
Stationfall r107 870430unknownunknown
Statistics with Daisy 1.2.2unknownunknown
Stellar 7unknownSoftware Entertainment Company1983
Stellar InvadersunknownMark Allenunknown
Stellar Trek v1.2unknownRainbow Computing1980
Stone of Sisyphus, TheunknownChameleon1981
Stone of Sisyphus, TheunknownChameleon1981
Strange Brew - The Electronic TarotunknownWarlock1983
Street Life v1.0unknownHardcore Software1981
Street Sports BaseballunknownEpyx1987
Street Sports BaseballunknownEpyx1987
Street Sports Basketball Frontunknownunknown
Street Sports Basketball side Aunknownunknown
Street Sports Basketball side Bunknownunknown
Street Sports Basketball work diskunknownunknown
street sports basketball 1unknownunknown
street sports basketball 2unknownunknown
Street Sports SoccerunknownEpyx1988
Strike Fleet Backunknownunknown
Strike Fleet Frontunknownunknown
Strip BlackjackunknownSansoft Plus1983
Strip Poker - David & TonyunknownArtwork1982
Strip Poker - Marlena & CandiunknownArtwork1982
Strip Poker - Melissa & SuziunknownArtwork1982
Strip Poker - Melissa & SuziunknownArtwork1982
Sub MissionunknownMindscape1986
Sub Missionunknownunknown
Sub MissionunknownMindscape1986
Sub Shoot and other BASIC programsunknownunknown
sublogic a2ed1 wholebrainspelling crackedunknownunknown
sublogic flight simulator 1 with docsunknownunknown
Submarine CommanderunknownPatrick Buckland1983
Submarine Commander, Robotron, Spy's Demise, Sargon Iunknownunknown
Summer Games Side 1unknownunknown
Summer Games Side 2unknownunknown
Summer Games Side 1unknownunknown
summer games 1unknownunknown
summer games 2unknownunknown
Summer Games II Side 1 Alternateunknownunknown
Summer Games II Side 2 Alternateunknownunknown
summer games ii 1unknownunknown
summer games II side1unknownunknown
summer games II side2unknownunknown
Summer Games Side 1unknownunknown
Summer Games Side 2unknownunknown
Sunburst: Geometric Supposer: TrianglesunknownSunburst Communications1983
Sunburst: Survival Math SkillsunknownSunburst Communications1983
Sunburst: The Muppet Word BookunknownSunburst Communications1986
Super Boulderdashunknownunknown
Super BoulderdashunknownElectronic Arts1986
Super BunnyunknownDatamost1983
Super Bunnyunknownunknown
Super Huey UH-IXunknownCosmi1988
Super Othello v1.0unknownunknown
Super Puckman v2.3unknownAdo-Softunknown
Super Quest v5.5unknownHurlburt, Jeff1999
Super Quest v5.51unknownHurlburt, Jeff1999
Super Quest v5.51unknownHurlburt, Jeff1999
Super Stellar Trekunknownunknown
Super Sunday 1986 Teams Disk Backunknownunknown
Super Taxmanunknownunknown
Super Taxman 2unknownH.A.L. Labs1981
Super Taxman 2unknownH.A.L. Labs1981
Super Trick OutunknownCharles Wong Kin Hang - Herman Chan Lik Hang1987
Super Triviaunknownunknown
Super ZaxxonunknownDatasoft1983
Super ZaxxonunknownDatasoft1983
superior software holy grailunknownunknown
superstar ice hockey s1unknownunknown
superstar ice hockey s2unknownunknown
Suspect - An Interactive MysteryunknownInfocom1984
Suspect - An Interactive MysteryunknownInfocom1984
Suspect r14 841005unknownunknown
swarmin smilies funknownunknown
swashbuckler PRODOSunknownunknown
Sweet Micro Systems Mockingboard Developers toolkit 1984unknownunknown
Sweet Micro Systems Mockingboard Sound II demo disk for Apple II Plus 1982unknownunknown
Sweet Micro Systems Mockingboard Speech development system 1982unknownunknown
Swiss Family RobinsonunknownTelarium1984
Swiss Family RobinsonunknownTelarium1984
Swiss Family Rsonunknownunknown
sword of kadash s2unknownunknown
Sword Stealersunknownunknown
SwordthrustunknownDonald Brown1981
SYSA 2 V 3unknownMatteo Trevisan2020
T Rexunknownunknown
T Shirt Shop side Aunknownunknown
T Shirt Shop side Bunknownunknown
T-Rex - The Dinosaur Survival AdventureunknownKeron1984
Tactical Armour CommandunknownAvalon Hill1983
take one s1unknownunknown
take one s2unknownunknown
TankticsunknownAvalon Hill1981
TankticsunknownAvalon Hill1981
TarturianunknownHighlands Computer Services1980
tasstimes 2unknownunknown
Tawala's Last Redoubtunknownunknown
TaxmanunknownH.A.L. Labs1981
TaxmanunknownH.A.L. Labs1981
TaxmanunknownH.A.L. Labs1981
TaxmanunknownH.A.L. Labs1981
TechnoCop Frontunknownunknown
Ted Nelson's JOT word-processing interface, 1970-2unknownTed Nelson (1986 Rebuild by Steve Witham)1986
Tele Cat ][+ 1.0 BBSunknownunknown
Temple of Apshai TrilogyunknownEpyx1985
Tennis ChampionshipunknownJean-Claude Levy1985
Tennis IIunknownunknown
terezin47unknownEvan C. Wright2020
TeritoryunknownSofthouse Sinunknown
Terrible Odyssey Iunknownunknown
Terrorist Game SystemunknownEdu-Ware1980
Tese LAB 1unknownunknown
Test Drive 1unknownunknown
Test Drive 2unknownunknown
Test Drive Bootunknownunknown
Test Drive Gameunknownunknown
Tetris 2unknownJockersoftunknown
Tetris for Applesoft BASICunknownMark Stock2018
Tharolian Tunnelsunknownunknown
Tharolian TunnelsunknownDatamost1982
Tharolian Tunnelsunknownunknown
The 19 Games ProDOS 2.4 CompilationunknownUsotsuki (and qkumba and game creators)2016
THE 2 STEVE's ADVENTUREunknownMatteo Trevisan2021
The Aliveness Life Dynamicunknownunknown
The Amazing Spider Man Hi Res Adventureunknownunknown
The Arcade Machine side Aunknownunknown
The Arcade Machine side Bunknownunknown
The Bard Apprentice disk 1 side Aunknownunknown
The Bard Apprentice disk 1 side Bunknownunknown
The Bard Apprentice disk 2 side Bunknownunknown
The Bard Apprentice disk 3 side Aunknownunknown
The Bard Apprentice disk 3 side Bunknownunknown
The Bard's Pro Am Apple IIe c Writing System disk 1 side Aunknownunknown
The Bard's Pro Am Apple IIe c Writing System disk 2 side Aunknownunknown
The Bard's Tale disk 1unknownunknown
The Bard's Tale disk 2unknownunknown
The Bard's Tale disk 3unknownunknown
The Best of Bill BudgeunknownBill Budge1980
The Bilestoadunknownunknown
The Buick Dimension side Aunknownunknown
The Buick Dimension side Bunknownunknown
The California RaisinsunknownBox Office1988
The California RaisinsunknownBox Office1988
The Chase on Tom Sawyer's Islandunknownunknown
The Complete Graphics SystemunknownPolarware1984
The Conditioning Life Dynamicunknownunknown
The Creativity Life Dynamicunknownunknown
The Crimson Crown Side 2unknownunknown
the crimson crown1unknownunknown
The Dam BustersunknownSydney Development1985
The Demon's Forgeunknownunknown
The Ebony CastleunknownMarney Kliever1983
The Environment Life Dynamicunknownunknown
The Fellowship of the Ring side Aunknownunknown
The Fellowship of the Ring side Bunknownunknown
THE FRENCH HANGMANunknownGeorge Earl D'Asaro1982
The Games Summer Edition Disc A Backunknownunknown
The Games Summer Edition Disc A Frontunknownunknown
The Games Summer Edition Disc B backunknownunknown
The Games Summer Edition Disc B Frontunknownunknown
The GooniesunknownDatasoft1985
The Guild of Thievesunknownunknown
The Halley Projectunknownunknown
The Heistunknownunknown
The Hobbit Backunknownunknown
The Hobbit Frontunknownunknown
The Ice Caveunknownunknown
The Last Ninja Aunknownunknown
The Last Ninja Bunknownunknown
The Lurking Horror r221 870918unknownunknown
The Mating Zoneunknownunknown
The MECC Collectionunknownunknown
The Millionaire The Stockmarket Simulationunknownunknown
The Missing Ringunknownunknown
The Missing Ringunknownunknown
the mistunknownunknown
The Other Side A Game of Strategy and Cooperationunknownunknown
The Other Side A Game of Strategy and Cooperation Side 2unknownunknown
The Overdue Writerunknownunknown
The Pawnunknownunknown
The Play L Program FINNISHunknownunknown
The Relationship Life Dynamicunknownunknown
The Seven Cities Of Gold Side 1 Programunknownunknown
The Seven Cities Of Gold Side 2 Create Worldsunknownunknown
The Seven Cities of Gold side Aunknownunknown
The Seven Cities of Gold side Bunknownunknown
THE SPANISH HANGMANunknownGeorge Earl D'Asaro1983
The Witnessunknownunknown
Theatre EuropeunknownDatasoft1986
Theatre Europeunknownunknown
Theseus And the MinotaurunknownTSR1982
thexder - bootunknownunknown
Thief Klondike 2000 Guardian Planet Protectorunknownunknown
Three Mile Island Special VersionunknownRichard Orban1980
Three Mile Island Special VersionunknownRichard Orban1980
Three Mile Island Special VersionunknownRichard Orban1980
ThresholdunknownOn-Line Systems1981
Tic Tac Showunknownunknown
Tic-Tac-Toe for BitcoinunknownEric Rangell2021
Tigers in the SnowunknownSSI1981
time pilotunknownunknown
time tunnelsunknownunknown
Time ZoneAdventureOn-Line Systems1982
Times of Lore Backunknownunknown
Times of Lore Frontunknownunknown
tinaunknownMATTEO TREVISAN2020
TINA 5unknownMatteo Trevisan2020
TINASPKunknownMatteo Trevisan2021
Titan EmpireunknownMuse1983
Tom Bombem for Apple IIunknownVince Weaver2004
TOM IS GROUNDED V 1.0.1unknownFrançois Vander Lindenunknown
Top Fuel EliminatorunknownActivision1987
Top Fuel Eliminatorunknownunknown
Top Fuel EliminatorunknownActivision1987
Torpedo Fire .nibunknownunknown
Torpedos Awayunknownunknown
towers of hanoiunknownunknown
Towers of HanoiunknownSoftside1979
toyroomunknownPaul Wasson2021
Track & FieldunknownAtari1984
Track AttackunknownBroderbund1982
track n fieldunknownunknown
Tranquility BaseunknownPeachtree Software1984
Tranquility Base and other gamesunknownunknown
TransylvaniaunknownPenguin Software1982
transylvania a PRODOSunknownunknown
transylvania b PRODOSunknownunknown
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TRex Crack: Where in Time is Carmen SandiegounknownBroderbund (Cracked by TRex)2016
Trickster Coyoteunknownunknown
Trivia Fever 1unknownunknown
Trivia Fever 2unknownunknown
TROD: Font SpecimenunknownFroyo Tam2022
Troll's Gold and other Applesoft gamesunknownunknown
Troll's TaleunknownSierra On-Line1983
Trolls and TribulationsunknownCreative1984
Tubeway ][unknownunknown
Tuesday Night FootballunknownShoestring Software1980
Twas the Night Before Christmasunknownunknown
Typhoon of Steel Asiaunknownunknown
Typhoon of Steel Europeunknownunknown
Typhoon of Steel Scenariounknownunknown
Typhoon of Steel - AsiaunknownSSI1988
Typhoon of Steel - EuropeunknownSSI1988
Typhoon of Steel - PacificunknownSSI1988
Typhoon of Steel - PacificunknownSSI1988
ULTIMA DOXunknownunknown
Ultima Editors 1unknownunknown
Ultima Editors 2unknownunknown
Ultima II Killer CharacterunknownBlack Hole1983
Ultima III - Exodus Construction SetunknownDan Gartung1984
Ultima III Editorunknownunknown
Ultima IV Construction SetunknownSouthwest Pirate's Guildunknown
Ultima IV Solve DiskunknownSector Seventeenunknown
Ultima Util Old mail text files doxunknownunknown
umicrocomputersltd structuredbasicunknownunknown
Under Southern Skiesunknownunknown
United States AdventureunknownFirst Star Softwareunknown
Unlabelled Disk 019unknownunknown
Up 'n' DownunknownSega1984
Up N Downunknownunknown
Utility 141unknownunknown
Vac manunknownunknown
Vaults of ZurichunknownArtwox1982
VCunknownAvalon Hill1982
victory road 1unknownunknown
victory road 2unknownunknown
Video VegasunknownBaudville1985
Viking Questunknownunknown
ViperunknownRDA Systemsunknown
Viper Patrol and Rod's Revengeunknownunknown
Viper Patrol and Rod's Revengeunknownunknown
Volume 391 Lifelikeunknownunknown
Volume 393 Flobynoid Gameunknownunknown
Volume 401 Eamon 01 Beginner's Dungeonunknownunknown
Volume 403 Eamon 03 Caves of the Mindunknownunknown
Volume 411 Eamon 11 Molinar Tombunknownunknown
Volume 412 Eamon 12 Trezore Questunknownunknown
Volume 416 Eamon 16 Mondamen Cavesunknownunknown
Volume 418 Eamon 18 Hogarth Castleunknownunknown
Volume 420 Eamon 20 Black Deathunknownunknown
Volume 421 Eamon 21 Quest for Marronunknownunknown
Volume 423 Eamon 23 Ngurct Castleunknownunknown
Volume 429 Eamon 29 Lost Islandunknownunknown
Volume 430 Eamon 30 Underground Cityunknownunknown
Volume 431 Eamon 31 Gauntletunknownunknown
Volume 432 Eamon 32 House of Ill Reputeunknownunknown
Volume 433 Eamon 33 Orb of Polarisunknownunknown
Volume 438 Eamon 38 Cloud Cityunknownunknown
Volume 446 Eamon 46 Lifequestunknownunknown
Volume 454 Eamon 54 Crystal Mountainunknownunknown
Volume 455 Eamon 55 The Master's Dungeonunknownunknown
Volume 457 Eamon 57 The Manxome Foeunknownunknown
Volume 459 Eamon 59 The Jungles of Vietnamunknownunknown
Volume 463 Eamon 63 Valkenburg Castleunknownunknown
Volume 464 Eamon 64 Modern Problemsunknownunknown
Volume 466 Eamon 66 Dungeons of Xenonunknownunknown
Volume 468 Eamon 68 The Smith's Strongholdunknownunknown
Volume 469 Eamon 69 The Black Castle of Nagogunknownunknown
Volume 472 Eamon 72 House on Eamon Ridgeunknownunknown
Volume 474 Eamon 74 Dharmaquestunknownunknown
Volume 480 Eamon 80 The Search for the Keyunknownunknown
Volume 481 Eamon 81 The Rescue Missionunknownunknown
Volume 482 Eamon 82 Escape from Mansi Islandunknownunknown
Volume 484 Eamon 84 Castle of Rivenetaunknownunknown
Volume 485 Eamon 85 The Time Portalunknownunknown
Volume 488 Eamon 88 The Shopping Mallunknownunknown
Volume 490 Eamon 90 The Doomsday Clockunknownunknown
Volume 491 Eamon 91 FutureQuest IIunknownunknown
Volume 493 Eamon 93 Flying Circusunknownunknown
Volume 494 Eamon 94 Blood Fuedunknownunknown
Volume 495 Eamon 95 The Maze of Quasequatonunknownunknown
Volume 496 Eamon 96 The Chamber of the Dragonsunknownunknown
Volume 497 Eamon 97 The House of Secretsunknownunknown
Volume 498 Eamon 98 Slave Pits of Kzorlandunknownunknown
Volume 500 Eamon 100 Sorcerer's Spireunknownunknown
Volume 501 Eamon 101 Ground Zerounknownunknown
Volume 502 Eamon 102 The Eamon Railroadunknownunknown
Volume 503 Eamon 103 Top Secretunknownunknown
Volume 504 Eamon 104 The Lost Worldunknownunknown
Volume 505 Eamon 105 The Lost Resortunknownunknown
Volume 506 Eamon 106 Camp Eamonunknownunknown
Volume 507a Eamon 107 The Last Dragonunknownunknown
Volume 507b Eamon 107 The Last Dragon Side 2unknownunknown
Volume 508 Eamon 108 The Mines of Moiraunknownunknown
Volume 509 Eamon 109 The Forest of Fearunknownunknown
Volume 510 Eamon 110 Fire Islandunknownunknown
Volume 511 Eamon 111 A Vacation in Europeunknownunknown
Volume 512 Eamon 112 Hills of Historyunknownunknown
Volume 513 Eamon 113 The Life Orb of Mevtrelekunknownunknown
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Volume 517 Eamon 117 Dungeon of Doomunknownunknown
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Von Neumann Machine Emulator For Apple 2 seriesunknownEric Rangell2021
Vulture Partyunknownunknown
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Wall Streetunknownunknown
Warp DestroyerunknownThomas Ball - Eric Varsanyi1982
Warp Factor, TheunknownSSI1981
Warrior of Ras Vol. 1 - DunzhinunknownScreenplay1982
Warrior of Ras Vol. 2 - KaivunknownScreenplay1982
Warrior of Ras Vol. 3 - The WyldeunknownScreenplay1982
Warrior of Ras Vol. 4 - ZigguratunknownScreenplay1982
warriorofras3 wyldeunknownunknown
Warship v1.1unknownSSI1986
Wasteland Disk 1unknownunknown
Wasteland Disk 2unknownunknown
Wasteland Disk 3unknownunknown
Wasteland Disk 4unknownunknown
Waterloo IIunknownCrystalware1981
wavy navyunknownunknown
Way OutunknownSirius Software1982
Way OutunknownSirius Software1982
Wheel of FortuneunknownSharedata1987
Wheel of FortuneunknownSharedata1987
Wheel of FortuneunknownSharedata1987
Wheel of FortuneunknownSharedata1987
Wheel of FortuneunknownSharedata1987
Wheel of FortuneunknownSharedata1987
Wheel of Fortune Backunknownunknown
Wheel of Fortune Frontunknownunknown
Wheel of Fortune Share Data Side 1unknownunknown
Wheel Of Fortune 1unknownunknown
Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition Side 1unknownunknown
Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition Side 2unknownunknown
Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition1unknownunknown
Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition2unknownunknown
Wheel of Fortune third edition side Bunknownunknown
wheel of fortune1unknownunknown
White Water Canoe Race, TheunknownSolutions Unlimited1984
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Disk 1 Aunknownunknown
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Disk 1 Bunknownunknown
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Disk 2 Aunknownunknown
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Disk 2 Bunknownunknown
whomper stomperunknownunknown
Wild Westunknownunknown
Wilderness A Survival Adventure Demonstration Disk Apple II Seriesunknownunknown
wilderness campaign integer versionunknownunknown
willy byte1unknownunknown
willy byte2unknownunknown
Win, Lose, or Draw Second Edition side Aunknownunknown
Win, Lose, or Draw Second Edition side Bunknownunknown
Win, Lose, or Draw Side 1unknownunknown
Win, Lose, or Draw Side 2unknownunknown
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Wings Out of Shadowunknownunknown
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Winter Games Side 1unknownunknown
Winter Games Side 2unknownunknown
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WINTER GAMES SIDE 1unknownunknown
WINTER GAMES SIDE 2unknownunknown
Wishbringer r69 850920unknownunknown
Wizard and the Princessunknownunknown
Wizard and the PrincessunknownGreen Valley Publishing1986
Wizard and the Princessunknownunknown
Wizard IunknownHighlands Computer Services1980
Wizard of ID's WizTypeunknownSierra On-Line1984
wizard of oz1unknownunknown
wizard of oz2unknownunknown
wizard of oz3unknownunknown
Wizard's Workbenchunknownunknown
Wizardry Proving Grounds Side 1unknownunknown
Wizardry Proving Grounds Side 2unknownunknown
Wizardry I Diskunknownunknown
Wizardry III Legacy of LlylgamynunknownSir-Tech Software, Inc.1983
Wizardry Proving Grounds Original Bootunknownunknown
Wizardry Proving Grounds Original Scenariounknownunknown
wizardry scenario editorunknownunknown
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlordunknownunknown
Wizardry: The Knight of Diamonds – The Second Scenariounknownunknown
Wizardry: The Legacy of Llylgamyn – The Third Scenariounknownunknown
Wizardry: The Return of Werdna - The Fourth ScenarioRPGSir-Tech1987
Wizfix - Wizardry Editorunknownunknown
Wonderland 2unknownBen Zotto1990
Word Challengeunknownunknown
Word Challengeunknownunknown
Word Zapper Advancedunknownunknown
World Class Leaderboard side A program diskunknownunknown
World Games disk 1 side Aunknownunknown
World Games disk 1 side Bunknownunknown
World Games disk 2 side Aunknownunknown
World Games disk 2 side Bunknownunknown
world karate champunknownunknown
World Karate Championshipunknownunknown
World War I, World War II, Middle Eastunknownunknown
World War IIIunknownCrystal Computer1980
World's Greatest Baseball Game, TheunknownEpyx1984
World's Greatest Bowlingunknownunknown
Worlds Greatest Football Backunknownunknown
Worlds Greatest Football Frontunknownunknown
worlds greatest football1unknownunknown
worlds greatest football2unknownunknown
Wormy Rununknownunknown
Woz apple ii fixing adventureunknownMatteo Trevisan2021
wrath of denethenor 1unknownunknown
wrath of denethenor 2unknownunknown
wrath of denethenor 3unknownunknown
wrath of denethenor 4unknownunknown
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wrath of denethenor s2unknownunknown
wrath of denethenor s3unknownunknown
wrath of denethenor s4unknownunknown
YACHT RACEunknownunknown
Your Apple Games Gallery Side Aunknownunknown
Your Apple Games Gallery Side Bunknownunknown
Your Apple Games Gallery II Side Aunknownunknown
Your Apple Games Gallery II Side Bunknownunknown
Zany Golf Testunknownunknown
Zardax 6.0unknownunknown
Zardax 6.0unknownunknown
ZenithunknownGebelli Software1982
zenith othersunknownunknown
Zero Gravity PinballunknownAvant-Garde1982
Zoo Masterunknown1983
Zork I - The Great Underground EmpireunknownInfocom1980
Zork I - The Great Underground EmpireunknownInfocom1980
Zork I - The Great Underground EmpireunknownInfocom1980
Zork I - The Great Underground EmpireunknownInfocom1980
Zork II - The Wizard of FrobozzunknownInfocom1981
Zork II - The Wizard of FrobozzunknownInfocom1981
Zork III - The Dungeon MasterunknownInfocom1982
Zork III - The Dungeon MasterunknownInfocom1982
zorro another1unknownunknown
zorro another2unknownunknown
ZSI Trailblazerunknownunknown
zulu raid funknownunknown