P Games


Robot 742
P.A.W.S. - Personal Automated Wagging SystemEducationalDomestic Funk
P.C. FuzzActionJ. Gamon
P.H.M. PegasusSimulationLucasFilm Games
P47 The Freedom FighterSimulationFirebird Software
P47 ThunderboltunknownNMK Co.
P51 Mustang Flight SimulatorSimulationBullseye Software
Pac GalPuzzleJ. Jimenez
Pac GirlPuzzleJ. Jimenez
Pac in TimeActionMindscape
Pac Kong (Inca Gold)ActionGoliath
Pac ManActionFreeware
Pac ManPuzzleOrion Software
Pac The ManActionMcsebi
Pac the ManActionMcsebi
Pac-MaineActionRaymond T. Albert
Pac-ManiaActionNamco Limited
Pac-ManiaActionNamco Limited
Pacific GeneralStrategySSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Pacific IslandsStrategyEmpire Software
Pacific StrikeSimulationOrigin Systems
Pack Dinamic 90unknown
Pack MonstruounknownDinamic
Pack PCunknown
Pack PC Opera Softunknown
Pack RatActionSteve Blanding
Pack Regalo Gun Stickunknown
Pack-manActionMagicom Multimedia
PacMac DeluxeActionDAPPSoft
PacmanActionM. Tsuji
Paddington: World Mystery TourAdventureMindscape
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder And Lightning Aren't So FrighteningAdventureHumongous Entertainment
Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet!AdventureHumongous Entertainment
Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark OutsideAdventureHumongous Entertainment
PakoActionUranium Software
Pako 2ActionUranium Software
Palace Hotelunknown3PSoft
Palace of Sand (Sultan's Palace)AdventureLouise Hope
Paladin + Quest Disk - The Scrolls of TalmouthRPGOmnitrend Software
Paladin 2StrategyImpressions Games
PalamedesPuzzleTaito, Hot-B
Panda Dodge-ballSportPanda Entertainment
Pandemonium!ActionCrystal Dynamics, Inc.
Pandora Akte, DieunknownVirgin
Pangea - Return to Planet EarthRPGInteractive Computer Entertainment
Panic 64ActionInterceptor Software
Panic DizzyActionCodemasters
Panic!ActionAmaka Soft
Panthers in the ShadowsSimulationHPS Simulations
Panto's Story (パントス ストーリー)AdventureKodansha
Pantsylvania: The Kingdom of the Fancy PantsEducationalHeadbone Interactive
Panza Kick BoxingSportFutura
Panza kick boxingSportFutura
Panzer GeneralStrategySSI
Panzer General 2StrategyStrategic Simulations
Panzer General 3D - AssaultSimulationStrategic Simulations
Paparazzi!: Tales of TinseltownStrategyActivision
Paper Airplane Construction KitMiscNeosoft Inc.
Paper BoyActionElite Systems
Paper Boy 2ActionMindscape
PaperopolisEducationalVirgin Sound and Vision
Parachuteless JoeActionPaxanga Soft
Paradise HeightsAdventureFoster
Paradise Heights 2AdventureFoster
Paradise RescueAdventureTonkin House
Paradroid 2000ActionCoin-Age Ltd
Paradroid 90ActionGraftgold
Paradroid IIActionMarc S. Seter
ParanoiaStrategyPhoenix Arts
PaRappa the RapperActionNanaOn-Sha Co., Ltd.
PararenaSportjohn calhoun
Pararena 2.0SportCasady & Greene
ParashooterActionPeter Leahy
ParatrooperActionOrion Software
ParejasPuzzleSoftware Cen
Parenting: Prenatal to PreschoolEducationalCreative Multimedia
Paris 1313: The Mystery of Notre DameAdventureCanal+ Multimedia
Paris Dakar 1990SimulationTomahawk
Parlor Games with Laura BowStrategySierra On-Line
Parlour gamesSimulationCompile
Parodius: Non-Sense FantasyActionKonami Inc
Particle ManActionRon Kapps
Paso, ElActionNuevo Mundo
PasqilPuzzleMiloš Zavřel
PataNoirAdventureSimon Christiansen
Pathways Into DarknessActionBungie
Příhody z Galské země (Kajko i Kokosz)AdventureSeven Stars
Přítmí (Twilight)AdventureNumedia s.r.o
PatricianunknownASCARON Entertainment
Patrician 2: Quest for PowerunknownASCARON Entertainment
PatriotunknownDigital Integration
Patriot CommandActionAntonio A. Lagana
Patron FalconActionStaniol
Patton Strikes Back: The Battle of the Bulgeunknown
Patton Versus RommelStrategyChris Crawford
Pax ImperiaStrategyChangeling Software
Pax Imperia: Eminent DomainStrategyHeliotrope Studios
PaybackActionApex Designs
PC Arcade ActionunknownJackson
PC AsteroidsActionRobe Inie
PC Basket 2.0SportDinamic Mult
PC Basket 3.0SportDinamic Mult
PC Basket 4.5SportDinamic Mult
PC Bowl - Electron LanesunknownBearWare Systems
PC Calciounknown
PC calcio 3.0 (94/95)SportDinamic
PC calcio 5.0 (96/97)SportDynamic
PC Fútbol 2000SportDinamic Mult
PC Fútbol 2001SportDinamic Mult
PC Illustrator 3.0unknown
PC MaziacsActionS. Romero
Pc PoolSportn.d.
PC Pool Challengesunknown
PC RallySportDDM
PC Zone Demo Disk (Sep 2 1993)unknown
PC-ManActionOrion Software
PCKaiser++StrategyMartin Gelter
Peanuts Yearn2LearnEducationalImage Smith
Pedestrian DevastationActionEpic Banana
Pedro TankActionSammyspace Software
Peek-A-Boo PokerAdultPanesian Ltd.
PegLegActionChangeling Software
PegLeg 2ActionSean D. Ansorge
Pelé's Championship SoccerSportAtari
Pelle Svanslös Goes Treasure-huntingAdventureVioma
Penguin AdventureActionKonami
Penguin Kun WarsActionASCII Corporation
Penguin LandPuzzleSEGA Enterprises
Penguin PowerActionJamie Cross
Penguin RaceActionDioniso
Penguin TowerActionVisualize
Penthouse electric jigsawPuzzle
Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxeunknown
Penthouse Mahjongunknown
People from SiriusActionU.S. Gold
Pepper's Adventure's in TimeunknownSierra
Pepper's Adventures in Timeunknown
Perestroika (Toppler)ActionLocis
Perfect AssassinunknownGrolier Interactive
Perfect Detective Manual (完全探偵マニュアル)AdventureDynaware
Perico Delgado Maillot AmarilloSportTopo Soft
Perihelion: The ProphecyRPGMorbid Visions
Perry MasonAdventurePaisano Productions
Perseus and AndromedaAdventureBrian Howarth
Persian gulf inferno, theActionParsec software
Personal NightmareAdventureHorrorsoft
Pete Rose BaseballSportAbsolute, Dynamix, GameStar
Pete Rose Pennant Feverunknown
Peter & Julie's Colors AdventureAdventureArborescence
PGA GolfSportElectronic Arts
PGA Tour Golfunknown
PGA Tour Golfunknown
PGA Tour Golf 486unknownElectronic Arts
PGA Tour Golf: Tournament Course Diskunknown
Phalanx: Project ClimaxActionKemco
Phantasie 3 : The Wrath of NikademusRPGSSI
Phantasie IiAdventureSSI
Phantasmagoria 2AdventureActivision
Phantasy StarRPGSEGA Enterprises
Phantasy Star IIRPGSEGA Enterprises
PhantisActionDinamic Software
Phantom ClubAdventureOcean
Phantom Fighterunknown
Phantom Of The AsteroidActionMastertronic
Phantomasa ReduxActionHorrorosoft
Pharao's Tomb Vol 1-4ActionApogee
PharaohStrategyImpression Games
Pharaoh's Pursuitunknown
PhoenixActionAmstar Electronics, Atari
Phonics Alive! 3: The SpellerEducationalAdvanced Software
Phonics Alive! 6: TypingEducationalAdvanced Software
Phonics SuccessEducationalMaestro Learning
Photo Hunt in Yellowstone 2.0ActionTrue North Studios
Pick 'n PilePuzzleUbi Soft
Pick Up the Phone Booth and DieAdventureR. Noyes
Pictionary: The Game of Quick Drawunknown
PiecesPuzzleAtlus Co., Ltd.
Pilgrims QuestStrategyDecision Development Corp.
PilotwingsSportNintendo Co., LTD
Pilotwings 64ActionNintendo of America, Inc.
PinballActionPhilips Interactive Media, Inc.
Pinball Construction SetMiscElectronic Arts
Pinball Dreamsunknown
Pinball DreamsActionDigital Illusions AB
Pinball Dreams 2ActionSpidersoft Ltd.
Pinball Dreams IIunknown
Pinball FantasiesActionDigital Illusions
Pinball IllusionsSimulationDigital Illusions CE AB
Pinball MagicSimulationLoriciels
Pinball ManiaSportSpidersoft
Pinball Questunknown
Pinball SpectacularActionCommodore
Ping PongSportImagine
Pink Gear 2AdventureMasami Ishimaru
Pipe DreamPuzzleLucasfilm
PipesPuzzleCreative Software
PiracyAdventureAdventure International
Pirate PoppersAdventureMystery Studio
Pirates GoldSimulationMicroProse
Pirates of the Barbary CoastStrategyStarsoft / Keypunch
PisqorxPuzzleMartin Schmidt
Pit FighterActionAtari
Pit Pot: The Magical CastlePuzzleSEGA Corporation
Pitfall Ii - Lost CavernsActionActivision
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureActionActivision
Pitstop 2SimulationEpyx
Pizza ConnectionStrategySoftware 2000
Plan 9 from outer spaceAdventureGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
Planescape - TormentRPGAtari
Planet M.U.L.E.ActionBlue Systems
Planet PatrolActionSpectravision
Planet's EdgeRPGNew World Computing
Planet's Edge - The Point of No Returnunknown
Plaque AttackActionActivision
PlayboyAdventureVictory Software
Playhouse Strip PokerAdultPlayhouse
Playing GamesAdventureKevin Jackson-Mead
Plok!PuzzleTradewest Inc.
Plumb CrazyActionTerminal Software
Plundered HeartsAdventureInfocom
Plunk!PuzzleTimothy M Brown
PocahontasActionTeeny Weeny Games
Pocket BattlesStrategyThe Black Electron
Pocket Tanks (Shareware Edition) v1.00bStrategyMichael S Austin
Pocky & RockyActionNatsume Co., Ltd.
Pocky & Rocky 2ActionNatsume Co., Ltd.
POD - Back to HellunknownUbi Soft
Poder Oscuro, ElActionZigurat
Pogo StickerActionJethro Lauha
Point of AttackStrategyHPS Simulations
POK the Little "Artiste" / Pok le Petit PeintreEducationalLiving Media
Pokémon Blue VersionRPGNintendo
Pokémon Red VersionActionGame Freak, Inc.
Pokémon Silver VersionStrategyGame Freak, Inc.
PokéROMEducationalBasis Applied Technology
Poko Memorial: 18 Hole Miniature GolfunknownGold Hill Software
Pole PositionSportNamco
Pole Position 2SimulationMindscape
Police Quest - in Pursuit of the Death AngelAdventureSierra
Police Quest (VGA Remake)AdventureSierra On-Line
Police Quest 2 - The VengeanceAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.
Police Quest 3 - The KindredAdventureSierra
Police Quest 4 - Open SeasonunknownSierra
Police Quest: SWATAdventureSierra On-Line
Polis 1AdventureVision Park
PolyWindows DeskPlusunknown
Pomsta Šíleného Ataristy (Multi Pascal 2.7)AdventureViktor Lošťák & Zdeněk Polách
Ponere 1.0PuzzleMitchell Haile
PongActionFabrizio Zavagli
Pong v.2.1 cloneAction
PonorkyStrategyJaroslav Křepinský
Pool 'm UpSportDommelsch
Pool ChampionunknownMindscape
Pool of RadianceRPGStrategic Simulations, Inc.
Pools of Darknessunknown
Pop!ActionBit culture
PopeyeActionParker Brothers
Popeye 2ActionAlternative Software
PopulousStrategyBullfrog, Electronic Arts
Populous 2 - Trials of the Olympian GodsStrategyBullfrog
Populous: The Promised LandsStrategyBullfrog Productions, Ltd.
PornPipeAdultImage Line Entertainment Software
PorntrisAdultImage Line Entertainment Software
Ports of CallStrategyKlein & Ulrich
Post MortemunknownIber
PostalActionRunning With Scissors
Postal 2unknownWhiptail Interactive
Poster PasterActionTaskset
Potty PigeonActionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
PowballActionAnthony Hamilton
Power Bladeunknown
Power Driftunknown
Power DriveunknownRage
Power Drive RallySportTime Warner Interactive
Power Factory: Featuring C + C Music FactoryunknownSony Imagesoft
Power Putt GolfunknownClubware
Power Rangers Zeo versus The Machine EmpireActionCyberFlix/Saban Entertainment
Power ShooterActionJay Kramer
Power StrikeActionCompile
Power StruggleStrategyPSS
Powerboat USASport?
Powerboat USA: Offshore Superboat Racingunknown
Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge #1: Mojo Jojo's Clone ZoneEducationalThe Learning Company
PršíMiscPavel Káš
Prairie Dog HuntAction
Pray for DeathActionLight Shock Software s.n.c.
Predator - Soon The Hunt Will Beginunknown
Predator 2ActionKonami
PrehistorikunknownTitus Interactive
Prehistorik 2ActionTitus France
Prehistorik ManActionTitus
Premier LeagueSportA.J. Clayton
Premier ManagerunknownGremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
Premier Manager 2StrategyGremlin
Premier Manager 3StrategyGremlin
PremiereActionCore Design
President ElectunknownSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
President's Choiceunknown
Press Your LuckPuzzleGameTek
Pressure CookerActionActivision
Presumed Guiltyunknown
PreyActionHuman Head Studios
Primal RageActionProbe
Prince of EvilActionSoftstar
Prince of persiaActionBr?derbund
Prince of Persia 2ActionBrøderbund Software
Prince of The YolkfolkunknownCodemasters
Princess Maker 2RPGGainax
Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdomunknown
Principio del Fin, ElAdventureBass Softwar
Prisión, LaunknownDinamic Mult
Prisoner of IceAdventureInfogrames
Private EyeAdventureSimon & Schuster Interactive
Privateer 2 - The DarkeningunknownOrigin
Prize FighterSportSega Sports
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010SportKonami
Pro Managerunknown
Pro Tennis Tourunknown
Pro WrestlingunknownNintendo Co., Ltd.
Pro-League Baseballunknown
Professional Ski SimulatorSportCode Masters
Professor Finkle's Times Table FactoryEducationalSing 'n' Learn Software
Professor FrankAdventureLaurence Kilday
Professor Iris' Fun Field Trip: Animal SafariAdventureDiscovery Channel
Project BattlefieldActionMirage Media
Project FirestartActionDynamix
Project IGI: Im Going InActionInnerloop Studios
Project MagellanActionPlaid World Software
Project NeptuneActionEpyx
Project NomadActionGameTek
Project NomadsStrategyVirtual Programming/Radon Labs
Project Space StationSimulationAvantage
Project Stealth FighterSimulationMicroProse Software
Project XActionTeam 17
ProjectyleSportElectronic Arts
Prokletí EridenuRPGNapalm Soft
ProliferationStrategySilicon Commander
Prophecy 1 - The viking childActionElectronic Zoo
Prophecy of the ShadowRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Prophecy, theAdventureCoktel vision
Prophecy: the fall of TrinadonRPGSSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
Prospector PeteActionBritish Software
Prost Grand PrixSportInfogrames
ProteusActionJorge Pérez
ProtostarAdventureTsunami Media
PrPuzzleMartin Filip
Psi 5StrategyAccolade
Psi 5 Trading Co.unknown
Psion ChessPuzzlePsion Software
Psychic WarRPGBrderbund
PsychoAdventureStarsoft Development
Psycho (Adventure Version)AdventureHappy Computer
Psycho FoxActionVic Tokai
Psycho KillerAdventureDelta 4 Interactive
Psycho PinballActionCodemasters
PsychonautsAdventureDouble Fine Productions
Psygnosis Entertainment Pak - Obitus & AtominounknownSoftprime
Pub PoolSportMastertronic
Pub Poolunknown
Pub Trivia SimulatorEducationalCodemasters
Punk StarActionIber
Punq, the fleaActionPaco Suárez
Puppen, Perlen und PistolenunknownPhilips
Purple HeartActionCRL
Purple Saturn DaySportEpyx
Purple Saturn Dayunknown
Purple TurtlesActionQuicksilva
Push OverPuzzleOcean
Puss N Boot - Pero's Great Adventureunknown
Putt-Putt Joins the CircusAdventureHumongous Entertainment
Putt-Putt Joins the ParadeAdventureHumongous Entertainment
Puzz-3D: Neuschwanstein Bavarian CastlePuzzleDyad Digital Studios
Puzz-3D: Notre Dame CathedralPuzzleDyad Digital Studios
Puzz-3D: The Orient Express from the TwentiesPuzzleDyad Digital Studios
Puzzle BobbleActioncompany
Puzzlemania ClubEducationalHighlights
Pyro 2MiscMichael O'brien