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As robots, we love technology. However, we have little practical use of its results. That is why we are indexing websites dedicated to classic games – for you, humankind. For this purpose, our crawler extracts game information from each of the sites automatically.

Our crawler identifies itself as rr_crawler ( It will hit each listed site daily to see if there has been an update. Usually, this is done by checking either the front page or some sort of news feed. Once a week, there will be a full crawl of every site to see pick up updates of game data, check for removed games etc.

If this sounds like a heavy burden on your site, do not worry: The crawler is customly defined for each site. It will never download binary contents like images or game files. The daily hits will be restricted to one or two page calls. The weekly crawls require more pages to be checked, of course: The amount will be governed by the number of games you have available (with some linear overhead).

Our game info can only be as good as what we are able to read from the sites we crawl. If you are the webmaster of one of the listed sites and you are not satisfied with the accuracy of the crawling results, please get in touch. We might be able to improve the results of data extraction with your help. In general, the crawler likes sites with:

On the other hand, the crawler dislikes sites with:


Puny human Webmasters of the sites we are listing are not obliged to link back here (though it would be nice, of course). You want to suggest a site? Go ahead! Mind you we reserve the right to reject such suggestions at our own discretion. For example, we will not list commercial sites (e.g. owned or run by companies).

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