1991 Games


Robot 751
1000 MigliaSportSimulmondo
1st Division ManagerunknownCodemasters
1st Division Managerunknown
1st Division ManagerunknownCodemasters
2 Player Soccer SquadunknownCult Games
3D Grand Prix ChampionshipunknownZeppelin Games
3D Grand Prix ChampionshipunknownZeppelin Games
3D-MazeunknownMichael Howard
4-D Sports boxingunknown
4D Prince of persiaActionFreeware
4D Sports BoxingSportMindscape, Inc.
688 Attack SubSimulationSega Corporation
7 Card StudStrategyVilla Crespo Software
7 ColorsPuzzleInfogrames
750cc Grand PrixunknownCodemasters
750cc Grand PrixunknownCodemasters
750cc Grand PrixunknownCodemasters
A Night with TroiAdventure
A Silly Noisy HouseEducationalPeggy Weil
A-10 Tank KillerStrategyDynamix
A.G.E.SimulationCoktel Vision
A320 AirbusSimulationThalion
ABC Wide World of Sports BoxingSportData East USA
AcquireStrategyAvalon Hill
Action Stations! Aka Naval Surface Combat 1922 - 1945SimulationRAW Entertainment
Adam & EveActionGluk Video
Addams Family, TheunknownOcean
Addams Family, TheActionOcean Software
Addams Family, TheunknownOcean
Addams Family, Theunknown
Addams Family, TheunknownOcean
Admirals CommandStrategySimoneSystems Software
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Heroes of the LanceActionPony Canyon
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - HillsfarStrategyPony Canyon
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pool of RadianceunknownPony Canyon
Advantage TennisSportInfogrames Europe
Adventures of Dr.Know-it-All Inside Human BodyEducationalTom Snyder Productions
Adventures of Lolo 3PuzzleHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Adventures of Lolo 3PuzzleHAL Laboratory
Adventures of Robin HoodAdventureMillennium Interactive Ltd.
Adventures of Willy BeamishAdventureSierra On-Line
AggravationStrategyCutlass Software
Air RescueunknownAtlantis Software
AirlineStrategyFalken Software
Akagawa Jirō no Yūrei ResshaAdventureKing Records
AkbarrunknownA. Viedma
Aldos AssaultActionBen and Dave Ibach
Alice: An Interactive MuseumAdventureSynergy Interactive
Alien BreedActionTeam 17
Alien BreedActionTeam 17
Alien Tank Attackunknown
AlstradunknownThe Guild
Altered DestinyAdventureAccolade
AmandaStoriesAdventureAmanda Goodenough
America Oudan Ultra Quiz: Shijou Saidai no TatakaiunknownTomy
American GladiatorsActionGameTek Inc
Amulet of Darath, TheunknownZenobi Software
Amulet of Darath, TheunknownZenobi Software
Amulet of Darath, TheunknownZenobi Software
Ancients 1: DeathwatchRPG
Animal QuestEducational
Animated Memory GameStrategy
Another Lifeless Planet and Me With No BeerAdventure
Another WorldActionDelphine Software
Another WorldActionU.S Gold
Another Worldunknown
Another WorldActionGolden Disk 64
Apple SpiceunknownMarin Computer Center
Aqua Blooper PiperPuzzleCasady & Greene
ArachnophobiaActionBlueSky Software
ArashiActionProject STORM team
Arctic AdventureAction
Arctic AdventureAction
ArmorStrategyBrad Sanders
Armor Alleyunknown
Arnal & DrakunknownTorasoft
AssaultStrategyBrad Sanders
AstérixActionSEGA Enterprises
AsylumAdventureDoppelganger Adventures Inc
Atomix II - HexagoniaunknownProxima Software
Auf dem Weg nach EuropaPuzzleAuswärtiges Amt
Aunt Velma's Coming to Tea!unknownZenobi Software
AureonunknownDragonHold Software
AutocrashunknownZigurat Software
AutocrashunknownZigurat Software
AutocrashunknownZigurat Software
Avalanche - The Struggle for ItalyunknownCCS
Axys The Last Battleunknown
Baby Jo Going Homeunknown
Baby Jo in Going HomeActionLoriciel
Baby Jo in Going HomeActionLoriciels
Back to the Future 3ActionImage Works
Back to the Future IIIunknownImage Works
BackBayStrategyJeff Strobel
BackrgammonStrategyKrista Comp.
Bad BloodAdventureOrigin Systems Inc
Bakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou 2unknownTaito America Corporation
Bakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou 3unknownTaito America Corporation
Ball GameActionEsprit Software
Barbarian IIActionPsygnosis Limited
BarbieActionHi Tech Expressions
Bard's ConstructionsetMiscInterplay
Barney Bear Goes to SchoolEducationalFree Spirit Software
Bart vs. the Space MutantsunknownAcclaim
Bases Loaded 3, Ryne Sandberg PlaysunknownJaleco
Basketball Pro StyleunknownR&R Software
BasstourSportOlsen Outdoors
Batman: Return of the JokerActionSunsoft
Battle ChessMisc
Battle FleetStrategyWade L. Corby
Battle FormulaunknownSunsoft
Battle IsleActionBlue Byte Software
Battle IsleStrategyBlue Byte
Battle MasterStrategy
Battle SatunknownFiras Bushnaq
Battle StormunknownParty Room 21
BattleGrid 1.0unknownBob Dolan
BattleTech 2: The Crescent Hawk's RevengeStrategyInfocom
BattletoadsActionSega Corporation
BattletoadsActionRare, Ltd.
BeerlandunknownProxima Software
Behold AtlantisunknownZenobi Software
Bermuda Triangle, TheunknownZenobi Software
Best Keiba: Derby StallionunknownASCII
Bible AdventuresunknownWisdom Tree
Bicycle HolidayPuzzleSWFTE International
Big Game Fishingunknown
Big Game FishingSportSimulmondo
Big Nose the CavemanunknownCamerica
Birds of PreySimulationElectronic Arts
Black CrownStrategyTopo Soft
Black GoldStrategyStarbyte
Blackout 2.0unknownZarkware
Blade WarriorActionImage Works
Blue ShadowActionNatsume, Inc.
Blues BrothersActionTitus
Blues Brothers, Theunknown
Bo Jackson BaseballSportData East Corporation
Bomber JackunknownKE-Soft
Bomber JackunknownKE-Soft
Bomberman IIPuzzleHudson Soft, LTD.
Bomberman II (Dyna Blaster)ActionHudson Soft
Bonanza Brosunknown
BonesunknownCorporation AS-DS
BonifacunknownPetulka Software
Boston Bomb ClubPuzzle
Boulder Dash Construction Kit Data Disk #1unknownMega Magazine
BrixPuzzleMichael Riedel
Bubble Bath BabesAdultHacker International
Bubble Bath BabesunknownPanesian
Bubble DizzyunknownCodemasters
Bubble Dizzyunknown
Bubble DizzyunknownCodemasters
Bubble DizzyunknownCodemasters
Bubble DizzyunknownCodemasters
Bundesliga Manager Professionalunknown
Bush BuckStrategyPC Globe Inc.
Bush Buck: Global Treasure HunterStrategy
Byte BanditunknownRinzai Satori
Cadaver - The PayoffRPGBitmap Brothers
Caesar's PalaceSportUnknown
CamelStrategyCary Torkelson
Captain America and the AvengersunknownData East Corporation
Captain Hook's PotluckunknownA.S.C.S.
Captain PlanetunknownMindscape International
Captain PlanetunknownMindscape International
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersunknownMindscape, Inc.
CastelianActionHewson Consultants
CastleunknownSami Tammilehto
Castle of Dr BrainPuzzleSierra
Castle of Dr. BrainAdventure
Castle of Dr. BrainMiscSierra On-Line Inc.
Castle WarlockunknownAdventure Probe Software
Castles: The Northern CampaignStrategyQuicksilver Software, Inc.
Catacomb 2ActionSoftdisk
Catacomb 3-DAdventureSoftdisk
Catch 88unknownSimon Trew
Caves of Darknessunknown
Center Court TennisSportVisutech
Cerius II - InteraliaunknownAtlantis Software
Challenge of the Ancient EmpiresPuzzleLearning Company
Challenge, TheunknownZenobi Software
Champ, TheunknownLinel Software
Champion of the RajStrategy
Champion of the RajActionPSS
Championship BowlingSportAthena
Championship RallySportHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Championship RununknownImpulze
Championship RununknownImpulze
Championship RununknownImpulze
Chefs Mate IIunknownDominic Morris
Chess HousersActionDDM
Chevy ChaseunknownHi-Tec Software
Chibi Maruko-chan: Uki Uki ShoppingunknownNamco Ltd
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue RangersActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Chip's ChallengePuzzle
ChompunknownJerry J. Shekhel
Chou Jinrou Senki: WarwolfunknownTakara
Chrobak TruhlikunknownUltrasoft
Chuck Yeager's Air CombatSimulation
Ci U Than Trilogy II Los Templos Sagradosunknown
Ci-U-Than Trilogy II - Los Templos SagradosunknownAventuras AD
Ci-U-Than Trilogy II - Los Templos SagradosunknownAventuras AD
Cince Igualesunknown
Cisco HeatunknownImage Works
Cisco Heatunknown
Cisco HeatSport
Cisco HeatSimulationImage Works
CivilizationStrategyMicroprose Software, Inc.
Civilization for WindowsStrategyMicroprose
CJ's Elephant AnticsunknownCodemasters
CJ's Elephant AnticsunknownCodemasters
CJ's II - In the USAunknownCodemasters
CJ's II - In the USAunknownCodemasters
Cohort - Fighting for RomeStrategyImpressions Games
Comic, Arcade & AventuraunknownDro Soft
Command H.Q.StrategyMicroprose
Commander Keen - Episode 4Action
Commander Keen - Keen DreamsAction
Commander Keen 4: Secret of the OracleActionApogee Software, LTD.
Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon MachineActionApogee Software, LTD.
Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon MachineAction
Commander Keen 6 - Aliens Ate My Baby SitterActionFormGen, Inc.
Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy!ActionApogee
ConanunknownMindscape, Inc.
Conan IunknownUV Software
Conan the CimmerianRPGVirgin
Conan: The CimmerianAdventureVirgin Interactive
Conan: the CimmerianRPG
Conman the BarbaricunknownElven Adventurers
Conman the BarbaricunknownElven Adventurers
Conquests of the LongbowAdventureSierra
Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin HoodAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
Corel ArtShow '91unknown
CorporationActionCore Design
Cosmos CopunknownGluk Video
Cover Girl Strip PokerStrategy
Covert ActionStrategyMatt Kaufman
Crete 1941unknownCCS
Crete 1941unknownCCS
CribbageunknownWalter Warniaha
Crime CityAdventureISC
Crime Does Not PayActionTitus
Crisis ForceActionKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Crisis in the Kremlinunknown
Croisière pour un cadavreAdventureDelphine Software
Cromwell at War 1642-1645unknownCCS
Cromwell at War 1642-1645unknownCCS
Cruise for a CorpseAdventure
Cruise for a CorpseAdventureU.S Gold
CruncherunknownKarsten Finger
Crystal CavesAction
Crystal CavesAction
Crystal Caves: The Troubles with TwibblesActionApogee Software, LTD.
Curse of Calutha, TheunknownZenobi Software
Curse of Calutha, TheunknownZenobi Software
Curse of Calutha, TheunknownZenobi Software
Daffy DuckActionRiedel Software
Daffy Duck PI: The Case of the Missing LettersPuzzle
Dai-2-ji Super Robot TaisenunknownBanpresto
Daiku no Gen-sanunknownIrem Software Engineering, Inc.
DaleksunknownWalter Wu
Danger! Adventurer at Work!unknown
Danger! Adventurer at Work!unknownThe Guild
Dangerous Dave - The Haunted MansionActionSoftDisk
Danny Sullivan's Indy HeatSportLeland, Tradewest
Dark AgesAction
Dark Designs 1 - Grelminar's StaffRPGSoftdisk Publishing
Dark Designs 2 - Closing the GateRPGSoftdisk Publishing
Dark StaffunknownF. Oliver
Darkest RoadunknownZenobi Software
Darkest Road II - 'Twas a Time of DreadunknownZenobi Software
Darkest Road III - The Unborn OneunknownZenobi Software
DarkmanActionOcean Software, Inc.
DartsSportSoftdisk Publishing
Das ErbeAdventureUmweltbundesamt
Death Knights of KrynnRPG
Death Knights of KrynnRPGStrategic Simulations Inc.
Deathbringer: The Sword of AbaddonActionEmpire
Defender of the CrownStrategy
Desert IslandunknownG.I. Games
Desmond and GertrudeunknownDelbert the Hamster Software
Desperado 2unknownTopo Soft
Desperado 2ActionTopo Soft
Destination: Mars!unknownCompu-Teach
Devastating Blow - 1 PlayerunknownBeyond Belief
Devastating Blow - 1 PlayerunknownBeyond Belief
Devastating Blow - 2 PlayersunknownBeyond Belief
Devastating Blow - 2 PlayersunknownBeyond Belief
Die KathedraleAdventureSoftware 2000
Dirt Track RacerunknownZeppelin Games
Dirt Track RacerunknownZeppelin Games
Discovery - In the Steps of ColumbusStrategyImpressions
Disney's TaleSpinActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Dizzy Down the Rapidsunknown
Dizzy - Down the RapidsunknownCodemasters
Dizzy - Down the RapidsunknownCodemasters
Dizzy - Down the RapidsunknownCodemasters
Dizzy - Down the RapidsunknownCodemasters
Dizzy - Down the RapidsunknownCodemasters
Dizzy - Fantasy WorldActionCodemasters
Dizzy V Spellbound Dizzyunknown
Dizzy V - Spellbound DizzyunknownCodemasters
Dizzy V - Spellbound DizzyunknownCodemasters
Dizzy V - Spellbound DizzyunknownCodemasters
Dizzy V - Spellbound DizzyunknownCodemasters
Dizzy V - Spellbound DizzyunknownCodemasters
Dizzy V - Spellbound DizzyunknownCodemasters
Dizzy VI Prince of the Yolkfolkunknown
Dizzy VI - Prince of the YolkfolkunknownCodemasters
Dizzy VI - Prince of the YolkfolkunknownCodemasters
Dizzy VI - Prince of the YolkfolkunknownCodemasters
Dizzy VI - Prince of the YolkfolkunknownCodemasters
Dizzy VI - Prince of the YolkfolkunknownCodemasters
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi: Crazyland DaisakusenunknownVap
Dokonala Vrazda II - BukapaounknownUltrasoft
Double Dragon III The Rosetta Stoneunknown
Double Dragon III - The Rosetta StoneunknownStorm Software
Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesunknownAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
DowntownunknownAtlantis Software
DowntownunknownAtlantis Software
Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou!unknownTechnos Japan Corp.
Dr. RudyPuzzleKevin Jay North
Draconus II: The Story ContinueunknownNational Soft
Draconus II: The Story ContinueunknownNational Soft
Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!unknownBandai America, Inc.
Dragon's Lair II: Time WarpActionReadySoft
DruglordStrategyFantasyWare, Inc.
Duke NukemAction
Duke NukemActionApogee Software, Ltd.
Duke Nukem 2MiscApogee
Duke Nukem Episode 1: Schrapnel CityActionApogee Software, LTD.
Dungeons of AvalonRPGZeret
Dusk of the GodsRPG
Dynamite BatmanActionSunsoft
Eagle's Riderunknown
Eagle's RiderActionInfogrames
Eamon 029 - The Lost Island of AppleunknownBrown, D.
Eamon 068 - The Smith's StrongholdunknownPorter, A.
Eamon 075 - Temple of the GuildunknownDoumakes, D.
Eamon 078 - The Prince's TavernunknownDavis, R.
Eamon 090 - The Doomsday ClockunknownTankard, J.
Eamon 107 - The Last DragonunknownPender, R.
Earl Weaver Baseball 2SportElectronic Arts
EclipseunknownZenobi Software
Eco Quest 1 - The Search for CetusunknownSierra
Eco-SaurusEducationalFirst Byte
EcoQuest: The Search for CetusAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
EggerlandPuzzleVampire Vangeance
EgyptunknownHuman Entertainment
Einmal Kanzler seinStrategyComputerpartner T&S GmbH
EL ESCAPEunknownAlejandro J. Cura
ElfActionOcean Software, Inc.
EliminatorActionJerry Judd
Eliminator Boat DuelSportElectro Brain
Elite plusSimulationFreeware
Elvira - Mistress Of The DarkAdventureFlair Software Ltd
Elvira - The Arcade GameActionFlair Software
Elvira 2 - The Jaws of CerberusRPGAccolade
Engineering Jones and The Time Thieves of DSPeaPuzzleHarris Semiconductor
Eric the UnreadyAdventureLegend Entertainment
Eskimo GamesSportGolden Disk 64
ESS MegaSimulationCoktel Vision
Euro BossunknownChallenge Software
European Superleagueunknown
European SuperleagueunknownCDS Microsystems
Eve of Shadowsunknown
ExileActionAudiogenic Software Ltd
Exodus: Journey to the Promised LandunknownWisdom Tree
Exploding AtomsunknownProxima Software
ExterminatorunknownAudiogenic Software
ExtremeunknownDigital Integration
Eye of the BeholderRPGWestwood Associates
Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of DarkmoonRPGSSI
Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of DarkmoonRPGSSI
Eye of the beholder 3: Assault on Myth DrannorRPG
F 16 Combat Pilotunknown
F-117A - Stealth Fighter 2SimulationMicroProse
F1 Tornado SimulatorunknownZeppelin Games
F1 Tornado SimulatorunknownZeppelin Games
F29 RetaliatorSimulationOcean
Facing the EmpireStrategyMVP Software
Falcon 3.0SimulationSpectrum Holobyte
Famicom Jump II: Saikyou no 7 NinunknownBandai America, Inc.
Fate: Gates of DawnRPGreLINE Software
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of Fununknown
Final BattleRPGMirrorsoft
Final conflictActionImpressions
Final Fantasy IVAdventureSquare Co., Ltd.
Final FightunknownCapcom
Fire Landunknown
Fire WarriorActionElectromagic
Fireteam 2200StrategyRAW Entertainment
First Past the PostunknownZenobi Software
First SamuraiActionVivid Image
Fisher King, TheunknownZenobi Software
Fisher King, TheunknownZenobi Software
Flight of the IntruderSimulationMindscape, Inc.
Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppyActionTaito
Flip ItunknownMikropol
Flying WarriorsunknownCulture Brain
Forgotten Worldsunknown
Formula 1 Grand PrixSport
Formula One Grand Prix (World Circuit)SportMicroProse Software, Inc.
Frankenstein: The Monster ReturnsActionBandai America, Inc.
FredunknownL.K. Avalon
FredunknownL.K. Avalon
FredunknownQuerope Agency
FredunknownQueurope Agency
FredunknownL.K. Avalon
FredunknownL.K. Avalon
Free D.C.!Adventure
Full ContactActionTeam 17
Fun HouseActionHi Tech Expressions
Fuzzical FighterActionSigma Enterprises
G Log R360unknown
Galactic FrontiersStrategyHuman Media
Galactix 2 - The Search for the Lost OrbsActionRichard L. Wright
Galaxi BarkonidunknownMHS Studio
Galaxi BarkonidunknownMHS
Galaxy 5000: Racing in the 51st CenturyunknownActivision
Games, The: Winter ChallengeSportMindSpan
Gang WarsRPGDoerr Bros Software
Gateway to the Savage FrontierRPGSSI
Gazza 2unknown
Gazza IIunknownEmpire Software
Gazza IIunknown
Gazza IIunknownEmpire Software
Genghis KhanunknownPositive
Genghis KhanStrategyPositive
Genghis KhanunknownPositive
Ghengis Kahnunknown
Gigablast: The Aggressive PlanetunknownMHS Studio
Gimmi a Break: Shijou Saikyou no Quiz Ou KetteisenunknownParty Room 21
Gnome AloneStrategy
GoalunknownNew Era Software
GobliiinsunknownCoktel Vision
GodsActionBitmap Brothers
Gold HuntPuzzleEric Saito
Golden AxeAction
Golden Axe IIActionSEGA Enterprises
Golden Axe WarriorRPGSEGA Enterprises
Golden Eagleunknown
Golden Immortal: Volume OneunknownWhitestar Mageware
Golden Pyramid, TheunknownZenobi Software
Golden Sword of Bhakhor, TheunknownZenobi Software
Golden Sword of Bhakhor, TheunknownZenobi Software
Golden Sword of Bhakhor, TheunknownZenobi Software
Golf Grand SlamSportHect
Gorby no Pipeline DaisakusenunknownTokuma Shoten
Grand Prix 500 2SimulationMicroids
Grand Prix 500 2Sport
Grand Prix 500cc 2unknown
Great Courts 2SportBlue Byte
Green SonjaunknownPsychaedelic Hedgehog Software
Gremlins 2ActionHi Tech Expressions
Ground WarStrategyEnque Software
Ground War 2StrategyEnque Software
Guldkorn ExpressenPuzzle
Gunship 2000SimulationMicroProse Software, Inc.
Gunship 2000ActionMicroprose Software, Inc.
Gunship 2000Simulation
GunsightunknownKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
HadesActionJ.M. Rodrígu
Hammer BoyunknownDinamic Software
Hammer Boyunknown
Hammer Boyunknown
Hammer BoyActionDinamic Software
Hammer of Grimmold, TheunknownZenobi Software
Hammer of Grimmold, TheunknownZenobi Software
Hammer of Grimmold, The v2unknownZenobi Software
HangMan PlusPuzzleKen Winograd
Harlem GlobetrottersSportGameTek Inc
Hawk StormunknownPlayers Premier Software
Hawk StormunknownPlayers Premier Software
Hawk Stormunknown
Hawk StormunknownPlayers Premier Software
Headline Harry and the Great Paper RaceEducationalDavidson & Associates
Heart of ChinaunknownDynamix
Hearts for WindowsunknownPaul Pedriana
HeimdallRPG8th Day, The
Heisei Tensai BakabonunknownNamco Ltd
Hero QuestunknownGremlin Graphics Software
Hero QuestAdventureGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Hero QuestunknownGremlin Graphics Software
Hero QuestunknownGremlin Graphics Software
Hero Questunknown
Hero QuestunknownGremlin Graphics Software
Hero Quest Return of the Witchlordunknown
Hero Quest - Return of the Witch LordunknownGremlin Graphics Software
HeroQuestMiscGremlin Graphics Software Ltd.
HextrisPuzzleEzra Dreisbach
Hideous, TheunknownYear Zero Soft
High SpeedSimulationTradewest, Inc.
Hill Street BluesStrategyKrisalis
Hiryuu no Ken Special: Fighting WarsunknownCulture Brain
Hob's HoardunknownZenobi Software
Hob's HoardunknownZenobi Software
Hokuto no Ken 4: Shichisei Hakenden: Hokuto Shinken no Kanata eunknownToei Animation
Holiday Lemmings (Xmas Lemmings) '91PuzzleDMA Design Limited
Holiday MakerAdventureSoftware 2000
Home AloneActionManley & Associates
Home AloneActionTHQ Inc.
Honzovo DobrodruzstviunknownPanthersoft
Horror Zombies from The CryptActionMillennium
Hot SlotsAdultPanesian Ltd.
Hoyle's Book of Games 3 - Great Board GamesunknownSierra
Hudson HawkunknownOcean
Hudson HawkunknownOcean
Hudson HawkActionOcean Software
Hudson Hawkunknown
Hudson's Adventure Island IIActionHudson Soft
Hugo 2 - Whodunit?AdventureGray Design Associates
Hugo 2: Whodunit?AdventureGray Design Associates
Hundir la FlotaMiscM.A. Soft
Hunt for Red October, The Based on the Movieunknown
HunterunknownAtlantis Software
HunterunknownAtlantis Software
Huxley Pigunknown
Huxley PigunknownAlternative Software
Huxley PigunknownAlternative Software
Huxley PigunknownAlternative Software
Huxley PigunknownAlternative Software
Huxley PigunknownAlternative Software
HyperoidunknownHutchins Software
Ide Yousuke Meijin no Jissen Mahjong IIunknownCapcom Co., Ltd.
IdiliarunknownGrupo Creators Union
IdiliarunknownGrupo Creators Union
IdiliarunknownGrupo Creators Union
IdiliarunknownGrupo Creators Union
InchWorm!ActionMike Amadeo
IndentureAdventureCraig Pell
Indiana Jones and The Last CrusadeunknownTaito America Corporation
Insector Hecti in The InterchangeunknownHi-Tec Software
Insector Hecti in The Interchangeunknown
Insector Hecti in The InterchangeunknownHi-Tec Software
International Championship AthleticsSportHawk
International Ninja RabbitsAction
International Ninja Rabbitsunknown
Into the MysticunknownRiver Software
Intruder Alert II - Invaders from Planet XunknownCompass Software
Intruder Alert II - Invaders from Planet XunknownCompass Software
Invasión LunaunknownRafa Vico
Island of DangerAdventureRichard E. Carr
Isolated WarriorActionNTVIC
It came from the desertAdventureFreeware
Jackie ChanunknownHudson Soft, LTD.
Jade Necklace, TheunknownZenobi Software
Jade Necklace, TheunknownZenobi Software
Jahanghir Khan';s SquashSportKrisalis
Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squashunknown
Jahangir Khan's World Championship SquashunknownKrisalis Software
Jai AlaiSportOpera Sport
Jai AlaiunknownOpera Soft
Jai Alaiunknown
James Pond II: Codename RobocodActionMillenium
Jester's JauntunknownZenobi Software
Jester's JauntunknownZenobi Software
Jester's JauntunknownZenobi Software
Jester's JauntunknownZenobi Software
JigsawedunknownTito Messerli, Microsoft
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tourunknown
Jimmy White Whirlwind Snookerunknown
Jimmy White's Whirlwind SnookerSportVirgin
Jimmy's Soccer ManagerunknownBeyond Belief
Jimmy's Soccer ManagerunknownBeyond Belief
Jmeno RuzeunknownProxima Software
Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Dartsunknown
Jocky Wilson's Compendium of DartsunknownZeppelin Games
Jocky Wilson's Darts CompediumunknownZeppelin Games
Joe & Mac - Caveman NinjaActionNew World Computing
Joe and Mac Cavemen NinjaAction
Joe Blade 4unknownPlayers Premier Software
Johnnie VersounknownWazertown Wo
Johnny CastawayunknownSierra
Jones in the Fast Laneunknown
Jones in the Fast LaneunknownSierra
Jones in the Fast LaneActionSierra On-Line Inc.
Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's Underworldunknown
Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's UnderworldunknownHi-Tec Software
Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's UnderworldunknownHi-Tec Software
Jugando al Ajedrezunknown
JuJu DensetsuunknownTaito America Corporation
Jumpman 2ActionApogee
Juvei QuestunknownNamco Ltd
Kabuki: Quantum FighterunknownHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2: Karakuri LandunknownIrem Software Engineering, Inc.
Kangaroo CourtStrategyDave and P.F. Dumanis
Kani MisoActionHideki Mori
Katie's FarmEducationalLawrence Productions
KengiPuzzleSoftware 2000
KentrisPuzzleKen Silverman
Kentucky RacingunknownAlternative Software
Kentucky Racingunknown
Kentucky RacingunknownAlternative Software
Kero Kero Keroppi no DaiboukenunknownCharacter Soft
Kick-Box VigilanteunknownZeppelin Games
Kick-Box VigilanteunknownZeppelin Games
Kick-Box VigilanteunknownZeppelin Games
Killer Ballunknown
King's BountyRPGNew World Computing
King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!AdventureSierra
Kiwi Kraze: A Bird-Brained Adventure!unknownTaito America Corporation
Kobyashi Ag'Kwo - A Return to NaruunknownZenobi Software
Kong's Revengeunknown
Kong's RevengeActionZigurat
KoolahPuzzleMarko Teittinen
Krazy Kartoonist Kaper, TheunknownFSF Adventures
Krazy Kartoonist Kaper, TheunknownZenobi Software
Kung Fu 2 (Spartan X 2)ActionIrem
Kuwait AssaultActionOMK
Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium IIIunknownTaito America Corporation
La Grande ArmeeStrategy
LabyrinthActionEagle I. Berns
Lagaf: Les Aventures de Moktar - Vol 1: La ZoubidaActionTitus Ltd.
Lagrange PointunknownKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Las Vegas IIunknown
Laser InvasionActionKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Last Believer, TheunknownThe Guild
Last Ninja 3ActionSystem 3 Software, Ltd.
Last Warrior, TheunknownIron Chip
Last Warrior, TheunknownIron Chip
League FootballunknownCult Games
LeanderActionPsygnosis Limited
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the PastRPGNintendo
Leisure Suit Larry 1 (Color)AdventureAl Lowe
Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover WorkunknownSierra
LemmingsActionDMA Design Limited
Les Aventures de Moktar - Vol 1: La ZoubidaAction
Les Manley in: Lost in L.A.Adventure
LetrisunknownProxima Software
Liberación de Silvania, LaunknownAventuras FJ
Life GenesisunknownJim Horne, Microsoft Corp.
Light the ConkunknownDominic Morris
Light the ConkunknownDominic Morris
Little Mermaid: Ningyo HimeunknownCapcom Co., Ltd.
Lone Wolfunknown
Lone Wolf III - The Mirror of DeathunknownAudiogenic Software
Lone Wolf III - The Mirror of DeathunknownAudiogenic Software
Lone Wolf: The Mirror of DeathAction
Lop Earsunknown
Lop EarsunknownPlayers Software
Lop EarsunknownPlayers Software
Lord of the Rings 2 - The Two TowersRPGInterplay
Lost Dragon, TheunknownTartan Software
Lost Dragon, The - IntrounknownTartan Software
Lucky Dime Caper, TheActionSEGA Enterprises
Mad Painter!ActionSteve Elder
Mad TVStrategyRainbow Arts
MadixunknownCommodore Disc
Magic Candle II, The: The Four and FortyRPGMindcraft Software, Inc.
Magic DartsSportSeta
Magic PocketsActionBitmap Brothers
Magic Treasure AdventureunknownTartan Software
Magic Treasure AdventureunknownTartan Software
Magic Treasure AdventureunknownTartan Software
Magic Treasure Adventure - IntrounknownTartan Software
Magical Taruruuto-kun: Fantastic World!!unknownBandai America, Inc.
Magnetic Scrolls CollectionAdventure
Mah JonggunknownRUN/IDG Communications
Mahjong RPG Dora Dora DoraunknownNatsume Co., Ltd.
Maldición de Aros, LaunknownIstari Desig
Maldicion de Aros, LaunknownCarlos Moreno
Maldicion de Aros, LaunknownCarlos Moreno
Manchester United Europeunknown
Manchester United EuropeunknownKrisalis Software
Manchester United EuropeunknownKrisalis Software
Manta-ManiaunknownCP Verlag
Mario & YoshiPuzzleGame Freak, Nintendo
Mario Open GolfunknownNintendo Co., LTD
Mario's Desert Worldunknown
Mark Set Go!unknownCP Verlag
MarsfighterunknownCommodore Disc
Martian DreamsRPGOrigin
Martian MemorandumAdventure
Match, TheunknownCult Games
Matrix ManiaunknownMarkt & Technik
Maupiti IslandAdventure
MechanicusunknownCP Verlag
Mega 4unknownTopo Soft
Mega BoxunknownDinamic
Mega lo ManiaStrategySensible Software
Mega Man 4ActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
MegaphoenixunknownDinamic Software
MegaphoenixunknownDinamic Software
MegaphoenixunknownDinamic Software
Megatraveller 2: Quest for the ancientsRPG
MemoryunknownCommodore Disc
Merchant Colonyunknown
Merchant ColonyStrategyImpressions Games
Mermaids of Atlantis: The Riddle of the Magic BubbleunknownA Wave
Metal MaxRPGData East Corporation
Metal Mech: Man & MachineunknownJaleco
Metal MutantAction
Metal Slader GloryunknownHAL Laboratory, Inc.
Metal StormActionIrem Software Engineering, Inc.
Metrix v1.1unknownSTF
Miami ChaseunknownCodemasters
Miami Cobra GTunknown
Miami Cobra GTunknownPlayers Software
Miami Cobra GTunknownPlayers Software
Mickey's Runaway ZoounknownDisney
Micro MachinesSportCodemasters Software
Microfair MadnessunknownZenobi Software
Microfair MadnessunknownZenobi Software
Microfair Madness IIunknownZenobi Software
Midwinter 2: Flames of FreedomStrategy
Miecze ValdgiraunknownASF
Miecze ValdgiraunknownASF
Miecze ValdgiraunknownASF
MiG-29 FulcrumSimulation
MiG-29 FulcrumSimulationDomark
Might and Magic 3: Isles of TerraRPG
Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraunknownNew World Computing
Mighty BombjackunknownElite
Mike Ditka Ultimate Footballunknown
Mike the Cave-ManunknownMarkt & Technik
Milk RununknownCompute!
Millenium 2.2StrategyParagon
MindbreakerunknownCP Verlag
Mini PuttunknownA Wave
Minna no Taabou no Nakayoshi DaisakusenunknownCharacter Soft
MissionunknownZeppelin Games
Mission SharkunknownL.K. Turtle
Mission SharkunknownL.K. Avalon
Mission XunknownG.I. Games
Mission: ImpossibleAdventure
Mixed up Fairy TalesunknownSierra
Mixed-Up Fairy TalesAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
Mixed-Up Mother Goose (MPC - VGA)AdventureSierra On‑Line, Inc.
Moe Pro!: Saikyou-henunknownJaleco
Molecularr 2unknown
Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's RevengeunknownLucasArts
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeAdventureLucasArts
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeAdventure
MonopolyunknownParker Brothers
Monster HuntunknownMHS-Studio
Monster Maker: 7 Tsu no HihouunknownSofel
Monster Truck RallySportINTV
MontrixunknownCP Verlag
Monty Python's Flying CircusAction
Monuments of MarsActionApogee
Moon TorcunknownAtlantis Software
Moon TorcunknownAtlantis Software
Moonfallunknown21st Century
Moonfallunknown21st Century
Moonfall Keycodesunknown21st Century
Moonshine RacersSport
Moonshine RacersActionMillenium
Moonstone: A Hard Days KnightActionMindscape
Moraff's BlastActionMoraffware
Moraff's StonesPuzzleMoraffWare
Moraff's WorldRPG
Move ItunknownMarkt & Technik
Move OutunknownCP Verlag
Mr. DynamiteunknownMarkt & Technik
Mr. SetamunknownMike
MuistipeliunknownPetri Hassinen
Multi SportsunknownDinamic
Multi-Player Soccer ManagerunknownCult Games
Multi-Player Soccer ManagerunknownD&H Games
Multi-Player Soccer ManagerunknownD&H Games
Murder ClubAdventure
Murder Makes Strange DeadfellowsAdventureTiger Media
My JongunknownBruce G. Fish
My Life My Love: Boku no Yume: Watashi no NegaiunknownBanpresto
Nahost 91unknown
Naval AssaultunknownNathan Grant & Mark Spezzano
Navy SEALsunknownOcean
NCAA - Road to the Final FourSportBethesda Software
Nemesis the Go MasterStrategyNemesis Enterprises
NES Open Tournament GolfSportNintendo Co., LTD
Nest of Bastards, TheunknownGreg Fox
Netwars \(2.06\)ActionNovell, Inc.
Neuseeland Kiwi GmbH 3unknownPeter Diehm
Neverwinter NightsRPG
New Math Blaster PlusEducationalDavidson & Associates
New York NyankiesunknownAtlus Software, Inc.
NFL Pro League Football \(1991 Edition\)SportMicro Sports Inc.
NHL HockeySportPark Place Productions
Night MareunknownTomas Balon
Night ShiftunknownU.S. Gold
Night Shiftunknown
Night ShiftunknownU.S. Gold
Night ShiftunknownU.S. Gold
Niji no Silk Road: Zig Zag BoukenkiunknownVictor Entertainment Inc.
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomunknownTecmo, Ltd.
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomActionTecmo
Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga DaisakusenunknownJaleco
No Greater Gloryunknown
No Greater Glory: The Civil WarStrategySSI
Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of DarknessStrategyKOEI Co., Ltd.
Not the Lord of the RingsunknownPsychaedelic Hedgehog Software
Nova 9 - Return of Gir DraxonActionSierra
Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxonunknown
Nythyhel Part 1unknownThe Guild Adventure Software
Nythyhel Part 2unknownThe Guild Adventure Software
ObitusAdventurePsygnosis Limited
Obocchama-kununknownTecmo, Ltd.
Off the WallsunknownMarkt & Technik
Oh No, More LemmingsStrategyPsygnonis
Omega Zone, TheunknownPeter Curtis
Omega Zone, TheunknownPeter Curtis
On the MoonunknownMarkt & Technik
Once Upon a Time - AbracadabraAdventureCoktel Vision
Once Upon a Time - Baba YagaAdventureCoktel Vision
Once Upon a Time - Little Red Riding HoodAdventureCoktel Vision
Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding HoodAdventureCoktel Vision
Opaque DungeonsunknownMarkt & Technik
Operation C (Probotector)ActionKonami
Operation Desert StormActionBungie
Operation MerkurunknownRom Software
Operation Secret StormActionColor Dreams
OpiumunknownCP Verlag
Otaku no Seiza: An Adventure in the Otaku GalaxyunknownM&M
Out Run EuropaSportUS Gold
Out Run EuropaunknownU.S. Gold
Pac Ball 2unknown
Pachinko DaisakusenunknownCoconuts
Pachinko: Chinese Pinballunknown
Pachio-kun 4unknownCoconuts
PacmanActionM. Tsuji
Palace Hotel v2unknownYear Zero Software
Panic DizzyunknownCodemasters
Panic Dizzyunknown
Panic DizzyunknownCodemasters
Panic DizzyActionCodemasters
Panic DizzyunknownCodemasters
Paper Boy 2ActionMindscape
Parasol HenbeeunknownEpoch
Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands IIunknownOcean Software, Inc.
Paris to DakarunknownCodemasters
Patience QuartetunknownDave J. Bride
Patton Strikes Back: The Battle of the BulgeStrategyBrøderbund
Perestroika 2 Le Retourunknown
PerestrojkaunknownProxima Software
PertharionunknownCP Verlag
PertharionunknownCP Verlag
PGA Tour GolfSportThe Dreamers Guild
Phantastic JourneyunknownFrederik Holst
Pharaoh's TombAction
Phileas Fogg's Ballo0n Battlesunknown
Phileas Fogg's Balloon BattlesunknownZeppelin Games
Phileas Fogg's Balloon BattlesunknownZeppelin Games
Philip and Marks Big AdventureunknownNo Logic Software
PhoenixunknownZenobi Software
Pick 'n Pileunknown
Pick Up AllunknownMarkt & Technik
Pick'n PilePuzzleUbiSoft
Pipe DreamunknownLucasArts
Pipe DreamPuzzle
Pirates!unknownUltra Games
Piso ZerounknownZigurat Software
Pit FighterAction
Pit Fighterunknown
Pit-Fighter: The Ultimate CompetitionunknownDomark
Planet's EdgeRPG
PlopunknownPage 6 Magazine
Pohadkova ZemeunknownK-Soft
Point of AttackStrategyHPS Simulations
Police Quest 1 - VGA remakeAdventureSierra
Police Quest 3 - The KindredunknownSierra
Police Quest 3: The KindredAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
PonorkyStrategyJaroslav Křepinský
PoogaboounknownOpera Soft
PoogaboounknownOpera Soft
PoogaboounknownOpera Soft
Pools of DarknessRPG
Popeye 2unknown
Popeye 2ActionAlternative Software
Popeye 2unknownAlternative Software
Populous 2 - Trials of the Olympian GodsStrategyBullfrog
PosthelperunknownRaster Software
Power BladeActionTaito Corporation
Predator 2unknown
Predator 2unknown
Predator 2unknown
Predator 2ActionKonami
PrehistorikActionTitus France
PrehistorikActionTitus Interactive
PrideunknownCP Verlag
Prince of PersiaActionBroderbund Software
Princess Tomato in the Salad KingdomunknownHudson Soft, LTD.
Prison BluesunknownThe Guild
Professional FootballerunknownCult Games
Project S.O.LunknownCP Verlag
Project-X III - The Micro MutantunknownCompass Software
Project-X III - The Micro MutantunknownCompass Software
Prophecy: The Viking ChildAction
PrPuzzleMartin Filip
Pure SeedunknownCP Verlag
Puzzle ManiaunknownCompute!
QBasic GorillasStrategyMicrosoft Corporation
QBasic GorillasStrategy
QixunknownTaito America Corporation
QuackShot starring Donald DuckActionSEGA of America, Inc.
Quad Xunknown
Quad X2 Crashunknown
Quick Draw McGrawunknown
Quick Majik AdventureRPGNeurosport
Quo VadisPuzzleAndrea Pellizzon
R Smith's International CricketunknownChallenge Software
R.B.I. 2 BaseballunknownDomark
R.B.I. 2 Baseballunknown
R.B.I. Baseball 3unknownTengen
Race Drivin';SimulationTengen Inc.
Racing CarunknownBalazs Almasi
Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis IIunknownA Wave
Radia Senki: Reimei-henunknownTecmo, Ltd.
RadiomaniaunknownZenobi Software
Radiomania - IntrounknownZenobi Software
RainbowunknownZzap! 64
RainfighterunknownMarkt & Technik
RampartunknownKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Rattler RaceunknownChristopher Lee Fraley
ReactionunknownCP Verlag
Reading MazeEducationalGreat Wave Software
ReaperunknownUbi Soft
RecycleStrategyBen Resner
Red AlertunknownZenobi Software
Red AlertunknownZenobi Software
Red AlertunknownZenobi Software
Red AlertunknownZenobi Software
Rescate en el GolfoActionOpera Soft
Rescue RoverPuzzleid Software
Rescue RoverPuzzle
Rescue Rover 2Puzzle
Rescue Rover 2Puzzleid Software, Inc.
Riders of RohanStrategyKonami
Rings of Medusa II: The Return of MedusaRPGStarbyte
Rise of the DragonAdventureDynamix
RiskunknownAzeroth, Inc.
Road RashSportElectronic Arts
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyoteunknown
Road Runner and Wile E. CoyoteunknownHi-Tec Software
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote for the Sinclair ZX SpectrumunknownHi-Tec Software
Robbo 76unknownWar Tiger
Robbo IIIunknownBartek Walos
Robbo IVunknownB.Walos & W.Strus
Robbo VunknownAtarax
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesRPGVirgin Games
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesRPGVirgin Games
RoboCop 2unknownData East Corporation
RoboMaze II Part 2: The TowerunknownWetware
Rockin' KatsActionAtlus
Rod Landunknown
Rod-LandunknownStorm Software
Rodent's RevengeunknownChristopher Lee Fraley
Roger Rabbit in Hare Raising HavocActionBlueSky Software
RollerdashunknownRUN/IDG Communications
Rolling TwinsunknownCP Verlag
RouletteunknownUniversal Software
Round the Bend!unknownZeppelin Games
RoundAboutunknownCharles M. Duncan
Rugby CoachunknownCult Games
Rugby CoachunknownCult Games
Rugby: The World CupunknownDomark
Rules of EngagementStrategy
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamunknownNatsume Co., Ltd.
S.T.U.N. RunnerunknownDomark
SaborActionGamos Ltd.
Saddam's RevengePuzzleBovine Software
Safari IIActionJohn Gallaugher
Saga of a Mad BarbarianunknownPsychaedelic Hedgehog Software
SaperunknownL.K. Avalon
SaperunknownL.K. Avalon
SaperunknownL.K. Avalon
SaperunknownL.K. Avalon
Saper X1unknownXe-Team
Saran TrilogieunknownMichael Haertig
Sargon VStrategyActivision Publishing
ScapeghostAdventureLevel 9 Computing
SchatzsucheunknownPDPD Software
SchizounknownCommodore Disc
SchoolhouseEducationalMaverick Software
Schwert & Magie Folge 5 & 6unknownGDG
Schwert und Magie 5: Das Haus des VampirsRPGGerman Design Group
Schwert und Magie 6: Der Turm des TodesRPGGerman Design Group
Schwert und Magie IIIunknownGerman Design Group
Scooby & Scrappy Doo +6unknownHi-Tec Software
Scorched EarthStrategyWendell Hicken
ScorpionunknownCharles M. Duncan
Scrabble DeluxePuzzleVirgin Games
SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 4: New Type StoryunknownYutaka
SD Keiji: BladerunknownTaito America Corporation
Sea HawksunknownDave Costello
Secret Scout in the Temple of DemiseunknownColor Dreams
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffeSimulationLucasFilm Games
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffeSimulation
Sector PatrolunknownCompute!
Sega ChessPuzzleProbe Software
Senso: C64unknownMarkt & Technik
SentenceunknownDouble Density
Sesame Street ABC & 123unknownHi Tech Expressions
Seymour Take One!unknown
Seymour at the MoviesunknownCodemasters
Seymour at the MoviesunknownCodemasters
Seymour at the Moviesunknown
Shadow Dancerunknown
Shadow SorcererRPGSSI
Shanghai Karate IIunknownZenith Designs
Sharkey's Mollunknown
Sharkey's MollunknownZeppelin Games
Sharkey's MollunknownZeppelin Games
Sherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveAdventure
Sherlock: The Game of LogicPuzzle
Shi-Kin-JouunknownToei Animation
ShiftrixunknownSoftware 2000
Shin 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong: Yakuman TengokuunknownNintendo Co., LTD
Shining in the DarknessActionSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Shogi MasterStrategyIshi Press International
ShoikanunknownCP Verlag
Shounen Ashibe: Nepal Daibouken no MakiunknownTakara
Showdown Hockey!unknownAussemware
SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colonyunknown
SimonunknownJeff Elkins
Simpsons, The - Arcade GameActionKonami
Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsActionImagineering
SimRabbitStrategyPaul B. Jones
Sir RichardunknownPeter Diehm
Sir RichardunknownPeter Diehm
Sito Pons 500 c.c. Grand PrixSportZigurat
SkatunknownMarkt & Technik
Skate or Die: Bad 'N RadSportKonami, Inc.
Ski FreeAction
Ski HotelunknownPeter Diehm & Andreas Leitner
Skull & Crossbonesunknown
Skull & CrossbonesunknownDomark
Sky High StuntmanunknownCodemasters
Sleeping Gods LieAction
Slightly Magicunknown
Smash T.V.unknownAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Smash TVunknown
Smash TVunknownOcean
Smiley's RununknownMarkt & Technik
Smirking Horror, Theunknown
Snake Rattle 'n' RollActionNintendo Co., LTD
Snare!unknownBeyond Belief
Snoopy Game ClubEducationalAccolade
Snow BrothersunknownCapcom Co., Ltd.
Snow Joke!unknownZenobi Software
SnowstrikeunknownU.S. Gold
Soccer RivalsunknownCult Games
Solar JetmanunknownSoftware Creations
SolitaireunknownCP Verlag
SolitaireunknownCP Verlag
Solitaires SupremeunknownLoadstar
Sonic the HedgehogActionSega
Sonic the HedgehogActionSega Corporation
Space Ace 2: Borf's RevengeAdventure
Space Mazesunknown
Space Quest 1 VGA - The Sarien EncounterunknownSierra
Space Quest 1: The Sarien EncounterAdventureSierra On-Line
Space Quest 4 - Roger Wilco and the Time RippersunknownSierra
Space Shuttle ProjectActionAbsolute
Spartan X 2ActionIrem Software Engineering, Inc.
Speed RacerunknownBob Stoner
Speed Racer IIunknownBob Stoner
Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's ApplianceAdventureLegend Entertainment Company
Spellcasting 201: The sorcerer's applianceAdventure
Spike in TransylvaniaunknownCodemasters
Spike in TransylvaniaunknownCodemasters
Spikey in TransylvaniaunknownCodemasters
Spinal Tapunknown
Spirit of AdventureRPGAttic Entertainment Software
Spirit of AdventureRPG
Spirit of ExcaliburunknownSynergistic Software
Spooky CastleunknownAtlantis Software
SporeAdventureFlogsoli Productions
SpringerunknownMarkt & Technik
Springer IIunknownMarkt & Technik
Stack 'emunknownLoadstar
Stack UpunknownZeppelin Games
Stack UpunknownZeppelin Games
Stack UpunknownZeppelin Games
Stack UpunknownZeppelin Games
Staff of Power, TheunknownZenobi Software
Star BowlsActionZigurat
Star Bowlsunknown
Star BowlsunknownZigurat Software
Star Controlunknown
Star controlMiscAccolade
Star ControlunknownAccolade
Star JumpunknownLoadstar
Stealth BomberunknownLoadstar
Steigenberger HotelmanagerunknownBomico
Steigenberger HotelmanagerStrategyBomico
Stellar 7unknownDynamix
Stellar EscapeActionPyramid
Step by StepunknownMarkt & Technik
SterntalerunknownMarkt & Technik
Stones 1.0 Windows VersionunknownMichael C. Miller
Strange TaleunknownAdvanced Adventure Creations
StratahexunknownOyvind Vevang
Street Fighter 2: The World WarriorActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Street GangsunknownInfogrames
Street rod 2SportCalifornia Dreams
Street Rod 2: The Next GenerationSportLogical Design Works
Streets of RageActionSEGA Enterprises
Striker ManagerunknownCult Games
Striker ManagerunknownCult Games
Strip Poker 3Strategy
Strip Poker 3AdultArtworx
StumpunknownCP Verlag
Stun Runnerunknown
Sub BurnerunknownCommodore Format
Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi-tachiunknownTechnos Japan Corp.
Sum-KaunknownMarkt & Technik
Super CarsSportElectro Brain
Super Castlevania IVActionKonami
Super Castlevania IVActionKonami Inc
Super Chinese 3ActionCulture Brain
Super Cup FootballunknownHewson Consultants
Super Ghouls 'n GhostsActionCapcom Co., Ltd.
Super Jeopardy!PuzzleGameTek
Super Jeopardy!unknownGameTek Inc
Super Monaco GPunknown
Super Monaco GPunknownU.S. Gold
Super Monaco Grand PrixunknownU.S. Gold
Super R-TypeMiscIrem Software Engineering, Inc.
Super Seymour Saves the Planetunknown
Super Seymour Saves the PlanetunknownCodemasters
Super Skweekunknown
Super Sled AcerMiscMike Brent
Super Solvers - Operation NeptuneEducationalThe Learning Company
Super Solvers: Spellbound!Puzzle
Super Space InvadersActionTaito
Super Space Invadersunknown
Super Space InvadersunknownDomark
Super SprintSportCaltron
Super TennisSportNintendo
Super TetrisPuzzleSpectrum HoloyByte
Super ZeeslagunknownSir Clive - Mr ZX
Super ZeeslagunknownSir Clive - Mr ZX
Superkid in Spaceunknown
SWIVActionThe Sales Curve
SWIVunknownStorm Software
Symantec Code BreakerunknownSymantec
Symantec JacksunknownSymantec
Symantec Memory BlocksunknownSymantec
Symantec Pick Up SticksunknownSymantec
Symantec Smart DotsunknownSymantec
T-Zero aka T-Zer5AdventureDennis Cunningham
T2: The Arcade GameActionMidway
Tai-Chi TortoiseunknownZeppelin Games
Tai-Chi TortoiseunknownZeppelin Games
Taito BasketballunknownTaito America Corporation
Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima IIunknownHudson Soft, LTD.
Take 'EmunknownCP Verlag
Talisman of Lost SoulsunknownThe Guild
Talisman of Power, Theunknown
TangrisunknownThomas Kemmer
TanksStrategyRichard Z. Ward
Tarzan Goes ApeunknownCodemasters
Tarzan Goes ApeunknownCodemasters
Tarzan Goes Ape!unknownCodemasters
Tasten Racer IIunknownPeter Diehm
Taxman Cometh, TheunknownZenobi Software
Taxman Cometh, TheunknownZenobi Software
Team SuzukiSport
Tecmo Super BowlSportTecmo, Ltd.
Tecmo Super BowlSportTecmo
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-OpunknownImage Works
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesunknownKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - The Arcade GameActionKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Manhattan ProjectunknownKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - The Manhattan ProjectActionKonami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeActionKonami
Templos Sagrados, LosunknownAventuras AD
Tenchi o Kurau II: Shokatsu Koumei DenunknownCapcom Co., Ltd.
Terminator 2 Judgement Dayunknown
Terminator 2 - Judgement DayunknownOcean
Terminator 2 - Judgement DayunknownOcean
Terminator 2: Judgment DayActionSoftware Creations
Terror from SarnathunknownYear Zero Software
Terror from SarnathunknownYear Zero Software
TetraVexunknownScott Ferguson
Tetris 2unknown
Tetris 2 + BomBlissunknownBullet-Proof Software
The Adventures of Willy BeamishAdventureSierra On-Line Inc.
The Ball GameStrategy
The Basket Managerunknown
The Blues BrothersActionTitus Interactive
The Case of the Cautious CondorAdventureTiger Media
The Chessmaster 3000StrategyThe Software Toolworks, Inc.
The Dungeon of DunjinAdventureMagnus Olsson
The Family Feud All NewunknownGameTek Inc
The Fantastic Adventures of DizzyunknownCamerica
The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppyActionTaito America Corporation
The Games: Winter ChallengeActionAccolade
The Godfatherunknown
The Hound of the BaskervillesPuzzleOn-Line
The Hunt for Red OctoberActionHi Tech Expressions
The ImmortalAdventureElectronic Arts
The Immortalunknown
The Killing CloudStrategyVektor Grafix
The King of Kings: The Early YearsunknownWisdom Tree
The Krion ConquestActionVic Tokai Corporation
The Laser RobotunknownMHS-Studio
The Laser RobotunknownMHS-Studio
The Last NinjaunknownJaleco
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastActionNintendo Co., LTD
The Lone RangerunknownKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
The Lost PatrolAction
The Magic CandleunknownMindcraft
The Magic Candle v1.11unknownMindcraft
The ManagerSportSoftware 2000
The Manager (Camp. italiano)SportSoftware 2000
The Million Dollar Great Jewel HeistunknownDorothy Millard
The Neverending Story 2: The Arcade GameAction
The New Zealand StoryunknownOcean Software, Inc.
The Ormus SagaunknownMike Doran Software
The Ormus SagaunknownMike Doran Software
The Perfect GeneralStrategyQQP
The Puzzle Page #080unknownLoadstar
The Puzzle Page #081unknownLoadstar
The RavenunknownCompute!
The ReflexunknownBombjack
The RocketeerActionBandai America, Inc.
The ScotsunknownPeter Diehm
The Second WorldunknownMagic Bytes
The Secret of Monkey IslandAdventureLucasfilm Games
The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space MutantsunknownAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
The Simpsons: Bart vs. The WorldunknownAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
The Slipperyunknown
The Spaceball IIunknownMarkt & Technik
The Taking of Beverly Hillsunknown
The TerminatorActionBethesda
The TreehouseEducationalBroderbund
The Ultimate EventunknownMichael Oltmanns
The Ultimate StuntmanActionCamerica
The UntouchablesunknownCaltron
The Warsaw RobbounknownP.W. Software
The Wild Ride II Pinballunknown
There's a Bomb Under ParliamentunknownZenobi Software
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friendsunknown
Thruster BallunknownZzap! 64
Thunder Burnerunknown
Thunder Jawsunknown
Thunderhawk AH-73MSimulationCore Design Ltd.
Time WarriorunknownZenobi Software
Time Warrior - Intro 1unknownZenobi Software
Time Warrior - Intro 2unknownZenobi Software
Time Warrior - LandscapeunknownZenobi Software
Time ZoneunknownSigma Enterprises
TimequestAdventureLegend Entertainment
Times SquareunknownLoadstar
Tiny Skweeks, Theunknown
Tiny Toon AdventuresActionKonami
Tiny Toon AdventuresunknownKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Titus the Fox: to Marrakech and BackActionTitus Interactive
TokiunknownTaito America Corporation
Tom & JerryunknownHi Tech Expressions
Tombola PacunknownPDPD Software
Tony La Russa Ultimate Baseballunknown
Tony La Russa's Ultimate BaseballunknownSSI
Top by Topo 2unknownTopo Soft
Top Cat in Beverly Hills Catsunknown
Top Cat in Beverly Hills CatsunknownHi-Tec Software
Top Cat in Beverly Hills CatsunknownHi-Tec Software
Tornado ECRunknownCodemasters
Total Eclipse II The Sphinx Jinxunknown
Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx JinxunknownIncentive Software
Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx JinxunknownIncentive Software
Total Recallunknown
Total RecallunknownOcean
Total RecallunknownOcean
Totally RadActionJaleco
Touchdown FeverunknownSNK Corporation
Tough GuysunknownCP Verlag
Tour 91SportTopo Soft
Tour 91unknown
Toyota Celica GT Rallyunknown
Toyota Celica GT RallyunknownGremlin Graphics Software
Trans TasmaniaunknownPeter Diehm
Treasure IslandunknownZenobi Software
Treasure IslandunknownZenobi Software
Treasure IslandunknownZenobi Software
Treasure MasterActionAmerican Softworks
Treasure of Santa Maria, TheunknownZenobi Software
Treasure TrapActionElectronic Zoo
Tresor d'Ali Gatorunknown
Triple PlaysunknownCharles M. Duncan
Tristan PinballAction
Trog!unknownAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Trouble at BridgetonunknownThe Adventure Workshop
Trump Castle 2Strategy
Tsuppari WarsunknownSammy
Tsuru Pika Hagemaru: Mezase! Tsuru Seko no AkashiunknownJaleco
TunnelerActionGeoffrey Silverton
Turbo Kart Racerunknown
Turbo Kart RacerunknownPlayers Software
Turn 'n BurnunknownFlair Software
Turrican II - The Final FightunknownRainbow Arts
Turrican II: The Final FightActionRainbow Arts, Factor 5
Turrican II: The Final FightunknownRainbow Arts
Turrican II: The Final FightunknownRainbow Arts
Tut's TombunknownMicrosoft
TV Sports Baseballunknown
TV Sports: Boxingunknown
Twelve o'ClockunknownCP Verlag
Twilight 2000Strategy
Typhoon of SteelStrategySSI
Ultima Vi - The False ProphetAdventureOrigin Systems Inc
Ultimate League SoccerunknownA Wave
Ultra SlotunknownUnited Innovations Plus
UMS II: Nations at WarStrategyIntergalactic Development Inc.
Uncharted WatersStrategyKoei
UndergroundunknownMarkt & Technik
Unreal (Ordilogic)unknown
UrbanunknownZenobi Software
Utopia: The Creation of a NationStrategyCelestial Software
Utopia: The Creation of a NationMiscGremlin Graphics Software Ltd.
V For VictoryStrategyThree-Sixty Pacific
V for Victory: D-day Utah BeachStrategy
V-GaunknownMagic Disk
V-GaunknownMagic Disk
Valley of PerilAdventureThomas Reed
Van Diemen's LandunknownPeter Diehm
Venganza MortalunknownLuis M.B.
Vengeance of ExcaliburRPG
Vengeance of ExcaliburRPGVirgin Games
Venice Beach VolleyballunknownA Wave
VertigoActionSpectrum HoloByte
Vette!SportSpectrum HoloByte
Vice: Project DoomActionSammy
VideomationunknownTHQ Inc.
Vier gewinntunknownCommodore Disc
Violator of Voodoo, TheunknownZenobi Software
Violator of Voodoo, TheunknownZenobi Software
Virtual Reality StudioEducationalDomark Software
Virus 64unknownCompute!
VizActionVirgin Mastertronic
VolfiedActionTaito Corporation
Volley BallunknownGluk Video
VolleyballunknownRaster Software
VolleyboundunknownRUN/IDG Communications
Vrazda na ZamkuunknownMS Software
Vysvoboď princeznu ArabeluAdventureEleps
Wacky DartsunknownCodemasters
Wacky DartsunknownCodemasters
Wagon Train 1848EducationalMECC
Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Paseri JouunknownKonami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Walls of RomeStrategyMindcraft
WarunknownMark Dembrowski
War In The GulfunknownCCE
WarheadunknownEric Lee Steadle
Warlock: The AvengerActionMillenium
Warlock: The AvengerunknownMillennium
Warm UpunknownGenias
Wayne Gretzky HockeySportTHQ Inc.
Weaver IIunknownMarkt & Technik
Well, Theunknown
Wetten DassunknownPCSL Software
Wetten Dass..?PuzzlePCSL Software
Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego?Adventure
White Knightunknown
Wild Ballunknown
Wild West Worldunknown
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ABACOunknownCarlos Fragio
Windows 3.1 Shareware: arachnidunknownIan Heath
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ATLUSunknownHyrax Systems
Windows 3.1 Shareware: attaxxunknownJon Reiser
Windows 3.1 Shareware: AUTOCONunknownCean Howman
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BANDITunknownThe Wicked Witch Software Company
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLACKOUTunknownPatrick L. Mills
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLCE12unknownYutaka Emura
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLITZERunknownSteve Sherman
Windows 3.1 Shareware: blitzrunknownSteve Sherman
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BLOBunknownKevin S. Murray
Windows 3.1 Shareware: bogunknownEric Bergman-Terrell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BOG106unknownEric Bergman-Terrell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BS100unknownBob Dolan
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BUSTOUTunknownTimothy G. Baldwin
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BUTMADunknownDavid W. Palmer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: BUTTONunknownDavid W. Palmer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: calcsolunknownDaniel Thomas
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CHESS321unknownDaryl Baker
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CHOMPW11unknownJerry J. Shekhel
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CIPHWN10unknownNels Anderson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CLCSOLunknownDaniel Thomas
Windows 3.1 Shareware: COLORSunknownVerena H. Knels
Windows 3.1 Shareware: conect4unknownBrian R. Malcolm
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CONNECT4unknownBrian R. Malcolm
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CRAPSunknownChuck Englert
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CRIB101unknownGreg Baker
Windows 3.1 Shareware: CUBICunknownGeoffrey Chappell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DEAPSEAunknownDavid van der Spoel
Windows 3.1 Shareware: diceunknownHans J. Boeck
Windows 3.1 Shareware: DICEROLLunknownBenjamin L. Combee
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ELANA11unknownAndrew Rowe
Windows 3.1 Shareware: FENCESunknownSteve Blanding
Windows 3.1 Shareware: G15unknownVladimir Faynshteyn
Windows 3.1 Shareware: GOLDHUNTunknownEric Saito
Windows 3.1 Shareware: GUESS1unknownBruce Jaeger
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HOPunknownDavid A. Feinleib
Windows 3.1 Shareware: HYPRD1unknownEdward Hutchins
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ICHINGunknownEric Bergman-Terrell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: KLOTSKIunknownZH Computer
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LIFEunknownKevin M. Reilly
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LIFEAPPunknownKevin M. Reilly
Windows 3.1 Shareware: LIFEWRKSunknownRichard J. Wagner
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MAGICunknownCarlos Fragio
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MAGICOunknownCarlos Fragio
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MATCHunknownDave Veith
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MATSAT09unknownFiras Bushnaq
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MEGAPIXunknownJohn Forde
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MEMGM10unknownFutureWorks
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MJSHEL40unknownSteve Shattuck
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MOONTL04unknownJeffrey Altman
Windows 3.1 Shareware: MULTPUZunknownCarlos Fragio
Windows 3.1 Shareware: NACunknownPeter K. Clapham
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PATSOLunknownRichard R. Sands
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PEGunknownOscar Waddell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PEGPUZLunknownOscar Waddell
Windows 3.1 Shareware: PUGILWRSunknownPaul D. Dembowski
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ROACH21unknownNew Generation Software
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ROBOWINunknownEdward Kilham
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ROLLERunknownLucas Williams
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ROLLEZunknownRichard J. Fecteau
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SAGE12unknownServices Rendered
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SCWunknownJerry W. Galloway
Windows 3.1 Shareware: scw103unknownJerry W. Galloway
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SMFPOKERunknownPaul D'Ascensio
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SMRTDICEunknownMonte Ferguson
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SNAKESunknownKevin Patch
Windows 3.1 Shareware: SOLUSunknownYorgo Vergos
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TAIPEI50unknownDave Norris
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TETWINunknownJoe Briatico
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TOBORunknownNicholas Lonsky
Windows 3.1 Shareware: TRIPLETSunknownHal Dean
Windows 3.1 Shareware: VBDALEKSunknownWalter Wu
Windows 3.1 Shareware: VBSLOTSunknownMelvin Bittinger
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WCDBRK2unknownKenneth Fogel
Windows 3.1 Shareware: winadv10unknownWolfgang Strobl
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINCRIBunknownNashua PC
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINFBALLunknownTSoft
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINIQunknownTerry Wilkins
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINMATHunknownJim Fox
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINROULTunknownA.J. Withers
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINSHARKunknownJames D. Tyminski
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINSKIunknownChris Pirih
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINTICunknownSean E. Bishop
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINTTTunknownChris Alrich
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WINWHEELunknownRussell R. Mueller
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WJ2_0AunknownBrett Liddicoet
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WSIMONunknownMark Gamber
Windows 3.1 Shareware: WWHEEL14unknownRussell R. Mueller
Windows 3.1 Shareware: YACHTZunknownBob Dolan
Windows 3.1 Shareware: yaghtz_2unknownFrank Bielsik
Windows 3.1 Shareware: YATETRISunknownPeter Mueller
Windows 3.1 Shareware: YTZ110RunknownBob Dolan
Windows 3.1 Shareware: ZONEONEunknownPaul McClymont
Windows 3.1: SCW101DunknownJerry W. Galloway
Wing CommanderActionOrigin
Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the KilrathiSimulation
Winter ChallengeSportAccolade
Woody the WormunknownCP Verlag
Woody The WormActionGolden Disk 64
World ChampunknownRomstar
World Champion IcehockeyunknownArtic Computing
World Class RugbyunknownAudiogenic Software
World Class Rugbyunknown
World Class RugbyunknownAudiogenic Software
World Class RugbySportAudiogenic Software Ltd
World CricketunknownZeppelin Games
World Cupunknown
Wrath Of The DemonActionReadysoft Inc
WunderlandunknownCommodore Disc
WURM: Journey to the Center of the EarthunknownAsmik
WWF Wrestlemaniaunknown
WWF WrestleManiaSportOCEAN
X TrekAdventure
X-Men 2: The Fall of the Mutantsunknown
XenopodsActionSoftdisk Publishing
Xmas Lemmings 1991MiscPsygnosis Limited
XtronActionKeyPunch Software
XyphrActionEugene Lin
YllabiunknownCharles M. Duncan
Yoshi no TamagounknownNintendo Co., LTD
Ys III - Wanderers from YsActionNEC Technologies, Inc.
Ys III: Wanderers from YsRPGVictor Entertainment Inc.
ZackunknownAbyss Connection
Zahada Tajemneho DomuunknownK-Soft
Zahada Tajemneho DomuunknownK-Soft
Zeichner, Derunknown
ZellionunknownEike Kiltz
ZellionunknownEike Kiltz
ZellionunknownEike Kiltz
ZellionunknownEike Kiltz
Zero WingActionToaplan Co., Ltd.
Znicte Saddama HusajnaunknownMaraex Soft
Zombie NationActionMeldac
Zona 0SimulationTopo Soft
Zona 0unknown
ZoomerangunknownColin Jones
ZoomerangunknownColin Jones
ZoomerangunknownColin Jones