Playstation Games


Robot 614
Alien Resurrectionunknownunknown
Clock Tower (PSX)Adventureunknown
Final Fantasy TacticsStrategySony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.1997
Grand Theft Autounknownunknown
Knockout Kings 2000unknownunknown
Legend of ManaActionSquare Co., Ltd.1999
Medal of Honorunknownunknown
Men in Black: The GameAdventureunknown
Men in Black: The Series – Crashdownunknownunknown
Metal Gear SolidActionKonami Inc1998
PaRappa the RapperActionSony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.1996
Prism LandActionMidas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.2000
Resident EvilAdventureunknown
Resident Evil 2Adventureunknown
Resident Evil 3: Nemesisunknownunknown
Silent Hillunknownunknown
Silent HillPuzzleKonami Inc1999
Simple 1500 Series Volume 55: The Dartsunknownunknown
Star Ocean: The Second StoryActionSony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.1998
The World is Not Enough (PS1)unknownunknown
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2unknownunknown
Twisted Metalunknownunknown
Valkyrie ProfileActionEnix Corporation1999
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offenseunknownunknown
World Championship Snookerunknownunknown